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How To Save A Dying Facebook Ad | Ad Fatigue

November 18, 2019

– Hi, everyone, I want
to talk to you today about how you can save
a dying ad on Facebook. So what we see within our agency, we’ve delivered over a million leads in the last couple of years, to very different businesses,
mainly via Facebook, is that ads die and they fatigue and your cost per lead starts going off. This is almost inevitable, we’ve seen some of our ads
have, you know, run for months, the same ad and get, you know, amazing Cost for lead
for a very long time. But a lot of the times they die off, they die off within a couple of weeks. And the question we get a lot of the time is what do you do when this happens? There’s no kind of magic answer. There’s no, I guess magic pill that you can take that will
enable you to immediately get everything back
down using the same ad. In fact, it’s not really
part of our strategy to revive that dying ad. The part of our strategy
is to write new ads and new hooks consistently and upload them into the advertising accounts. Because there’s no point you
know, if you’re advertising to an audience that’s
maybe half a million people are interested in that
specific product or service. You can show your ads to those half a million people relatively quickly. And especially if you’ve
got a decent budget, and if the same same ad, then the hook, the offer the image, it’s
gonna eventually die out. People are gonna be sick of seeing that same thing over and over again. So it’s not really about
reviving that dying add because it’s just gonna naturally die out. What you have to do is
understand your customer avatar, you’ve got to spend
that time understanding what the hooks are, what kind of copy and ads relate to the potential client. And you have to understand
themselves better than they do. And that’s difficult to do. And that’s only gonna
take time and effort. And once you have a good understanding of how to run those ads,
then you need to be able to be producing new ads into
that advertising account at least weekly if you can, new
hooks, new images, new copy, you need to be consistently
testing new creatives because creatives are King
at the end of the day. And I’ve often said that you
can mess with your targeting, you can mess with fancy bid tactics and you can put a big coupon and you can mess with your funnel and try different kinds of copies. And you can use quizzes and
all this kind of cool stuff. But at the end of the day,
if you can write a good ad, that trumps everything else. And the way to revive a
dying ad is to write more ads and write better ads and
understand the customer better. And if you can do this
on a consistent basis, you’ll never have a problem
with your cost per lead. It just takes time to think
outside of the box a little bit and be creative with what you’re trying to write in your copy. So I hope that helps guys. As I said, it’s no magic bullet, it’s probably not what you wanna hear. But from someone that runs an agency, that sold a lot of ads. This is the one thing that we know that we should be doing consistently and it’s a big part of what
we do on a weekly basis. So I hope you enjoyed this video if you wanna learn more about how to build a pay-per-click agency I’ve got a case study below this video. Enjoy, catch you later, bye.


  • Reply July 25, 2019 at 11:15 am

    Great video! The Promo team recently wrote a blog about combatting ad fatigue that could be helpful to people looking for another resource related to this topic. Check it out here:
    Hope it helps and happy reading!

  • Reply russell johnson August 27, 2019 at 1:40 am

    Thanks for this! When refreshing creatives, do you edit the current ad set with new creatives OR duplicate it with the new creatives? How many creatives do you recommend per ad set? Cheers!

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