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How to Screen Print T Shirt Neck Tags and Remove Sewn in Labels

February 8, 2020

Today we’re going to show you how to
screen print custom neck tags and remove the the sewn in tags that came with them
coming up welcome back everybody if you’re new to
the channel be sure to subscribe I have my screen ready to go and I’m doing
sizes small through 2xl and I have them set up in a way towards where I can use
the same screen however what I’m going to do is I’m going to end up flipping
the screen around so that way I can use basically take full advantage of the
screen and all the real estate that screen has that way we’re not wasting
product emulsion film and all that so let’s go ahead and dive right into this
tutorial but before I do that let me show you the screen real quick so as you
can see I have a couple of my sizes here a couple down below on the inside of the
screen you can see that I do have some tape over some of the the neck labels
the reason why is as I’m printing and eat tends to go over these labels you
kind of want to be able to see how you’re setting up your next label and by
taping it that is going to allow you to be able to remove that tape and you’ll
be able to see where you’re placing your screen I have them Center marks here and
that will help me align each one of these up and there’s a couple different
ways that you could set these up but I’ll show you how I like to set it up
for smaller runs and bigger runs we would do it a little differently
now explain that here in a moment and before we get on press I want to show
you guys something we do have our shirts turned inside out reason being is I do
tend to like to flip them inside out and then load them up onto the press and
print the tag upside down normally how you would screen print your t-shirts
however you can print them right-side up and not even flip them inside out you
can just load the shirts straight up with the back portion of the tag
everything right side up and print it that way I find that it’s easier using
this method here because we’re able to get the shirts on nice and straight
we’ve even seen customers of ours and bring shirts in that are from custom ink
and they’re slightly crooked and the reason is they’re using that method
where they’re just loading the shirt up instead of flipping them inside out and
loading them like you normally would with a screen print so let’s go ahead
and get this screen setup on press and we’ll load it up with some ink I’ll show
you what ink I am using okay so the first thing I am going to do is I am
going to set my face up to do the small prints and this is one of the reasons I
like to do it upside down I can have the color hang off here and I know that I
have this distance here from the caller to where the printed tag is you don’t
want it too far down but one of the issues that can come up as if it’s too
close to the collar you’re not going to get a good print because your squeegee
is just going to kind of ramp off of that color so I’m just setting
everything up and I use clear scotch tape in this instance just to make
things a little easier make life a little easier when setting all these
tags up instead of doing it afterwards so we have everything all set up now the
ink color that I am going to use is a grey and I like to use grey for even
black and white runs reason being is if you happen to press the ink down a
little too firmly you do not want it showing through the backside of your
t-shirt that won’t look good at all so I tend to use a grey this is just a custom
grey that I mixed up it was a spot process cool grey and this is the same
grey that I use for a spot process printing but I also like to use it for
my neck tags as well clicking the load and a little bit of ink here
well bit up just below the tag I got my squeegee ready to go it is a four inch
squeegee I’m gonna go ahead and load a shirt on and show you how I go about
doing this all right I got my small shirt ready to go and I’m going to load
this thing straight back and I’m just centering it hopefully I’m not in the
way too much I am just centering it up on to the pallet I’m going to pull it
straight back I want to make sure that our tag is fairly center with our center
line here sometimes they do sell these tags in a little walking so you can’t
always rely on that 100% and I’m going to let my collar hang off just a little
bit and kind of push that tag down I’m going to flatten everything out now keep
in mind that you do want to make sure that this tag here doesn’t end up
falling down into your print one of the advantages to actually printing your
shirt this way if we’re doing a larger run we would do it towards where the art
is right side up or right reading however you want to word it and then we
can take that tag and we just push it back and tack it on to the pallet but
for the sake of this smaller run we’re going to take the shirt and just load it
on straight and like I said we I personally like to do it this way
because I get better results getting things just absolutely straight like
they should be and just push that tag out the way
generally I would recommend doing a test print first but we’re just going to go
ahead and run with it I’m going to use a full print so I’m going to flood it up
and you don’t want to press too too hard just want to press just enough to get
that ain’t to clear your screen and there’s our
first hit it’s looking pretty good however I think I’m going to hit it one
more time you don’t have to absolutely do a solid solid print on your you’re
inside neck tags but in this case I’m going to hit it again see if we can’t
fill in some of this knit here this is a all style shirt that we are printing on
so it tends to be a little more open of a knit so to speak so that’s
looking pretty good looks like we get hit it just a little bit more right
there and I think I’m going to use just a little more pressure just to make sure
I clear my screen and there we go that looks pretty great all of our
details are still here let’s go ahead and toss this on the conveyor dryer and
we’re going to do another demonstration so we’re going to do this one more time
again we’re loading it up making sure it’s nice and straight and we’re just
going to lean it off the edge here we’re gonna pull this tag just back just a
little bit make sure it’s out of the way now I’m going to bring my screen down
I’m going to flood it again you don’t want to press too hard otherwise it can
go through your shirt and shove on the back side and that is a pretty
acceptable screen print for a tag however I kind of want to fill some of
this knit up just a little bit so I’m going to go ahead and do it again a lot
of times we do end up printing shirts with just one hit and it just kind of
being a light print so you don’t always have to completely fill this knit in but
in this case I’m going to just because it’s all style and it has just a little
bit rougher of a t-shirt texture so to speak okay there we go that looks pretty good
all of our details are still there it looks like we might have a little bit of
lint underneath our screen so I think I’m gonna hit one more time just to fill
that tea in a little bit do that without losing some of our
details here and that looks pretty awesome so we’re going to take this and
put on the conveyor dryer and then I’ll show you guys how to remove this tag
here the original tag that’s sewn in without ruining your shirt and I’m going
to cure this just like I would any other shirt print side facing up just want to
make sure that you have enough clearance from your element to your t-shirts that
way you don’t burn anything okay now that we have some shirts printed off
here the next thing we need to do is remove this tag and you want to be
careful because if you cut it improperly what’s going to end up happening is you
will end up cutting the seam right here so what I like to do is fold the tag up
just slightly and get it close and kind of angle the scissors back a little bit
you just want to make sure not to cut in inside of your t-shirt and so I’ll
follow that closely just cut it completely off we could trim
that little corner up just a touch and this is a little bit of a tedious
process however once you get going it’s not as bad and now when you flip the
color around you can’t see that there was an actual tag in there now if you
fold it back sure you can but you guys have noticed if you go to any Walmart
Target anything like that if you take a look at shirts that have a printed tag
on the inside you can take it off the hanger and fold it back and you’ll
actually still see that tag in the shirt so that’s how you go about screen
printing a tag and removing it and as you guys can see by not going too
heavy-handed on the print you don’t see any print here on the backside now I’m
gonna show you guys how to go about setting up the next tag and making sure
you don’t print your previous tag on your next shirt now that we have all of
our small taken care of now it’s time to move over to the next print so I’m just
going to loosen up the screen here and this is why it’s a good idea to have an
open head screen printing press and what I mean by
that is you don’t have those sidebars that clamp onto the screen otherwise you
wouldn’t be able to do this we’re going to line up my center marks here clamp
everything down now I can pull up my tape you want to be sure to use tape
that’s not going to leave behind a lot of tack otherwise that can cause some
issues and I can just pull this right up and I’m ready to go with this print I
already have my Center mark taped off now a good idea would be to tape off the
back of this print if you are just using a standard pallet by doing so you’re
gonna make sure that nothing from this previous print is going to get onto the
inside of your shirt even though if you did a little bit it’s not going to be as
big of a deal because these are going on the inside of a shirt but you just want
to make sure that you’re not printing in places you don’t want a friend in this
case because I am just using a sleep pallet here my print my other small
print is off over here to the side but I think I’m going to tape it off anyways
just for demonstration sake so I can take my tape
put it right over this print here now we don’t have to worry about
anything thanks for tuning in I really appreciate it and I hope this was
helpful I’m going to get back at it because we have the rest of these shirts
do tag prints on until next time we’ll see you guys later


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