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How To Sell On Amazon FBA For Beginners | The Complete Tutorial 2018 | Jungle Scout

September 11, 2019

Hey guys, my name’s
Lenny from Jungle Scout. Today I’m going to be talking to you about exactly how to sell
private label products on Amazon. Firstly why would you
want to sell on Amazon? Number one is their marketplace. They have millions of customers with credit cards ready to purchase. Number two is their distribution. You can actually send
your products to Amazon. They will store it in their warehouses then ship it out to
customers, handle the returns, the customer service,
all of the fulfillment. That means you’ve got a
physical products business that you can manage completely remote. You don’t need to fill your
garage full of inventory, and you’ve got a very scalable business. As an example, we launched these bamboo marshmallow sticks 19 months ago as part of a public case study. They were extremely
successful selling well over $50,000 worth of profit
in the first 14 months. Today I’ll share with you
some of the best insights from that case study. So what am I gonna cover in this video? Number one how to find a
profitable product to sell, how to source a supplier
to make your product, how to set up an account
on Amazon and a listing, how to ship your product to Amazon. And, then number five, how
to optimize your listing and get more sales. (cool electronic music) So first you need to
find a product to sell. Now product ideas can come from anywhere. They can come when you’re
over at your mates house, when you’re out doing shopping. The best thing to do is to create a long list of product
ideas, let’s say 50, and then you can narrow
it down from there. The approach that we recommend is to find products that are already selling well, and that we can verify
selling that same product perhaps with a slight modification and then adding your logo
and your brand to it. We don’t recommend going
after, you know, products that you think might sell
well, or that you would just like to sell. You’re starting a business. So you don’t want to make
a big business decision based off of a hunch. You want to go off the numbers. Here at Jungle Scout, we offer a number of free an paid tools to
assist with product research. But, I’m gonna go through
a few free strategies. What you’re looking for is a
product that has high demand or sales and low competition or reviews. To do that, let’s start with
your list of 50 product ideas. Now let’s go to Let’s do a search for your first product. We’re going to analyze the top 10 listings under that keyword. So in terms of the competition,
ideally what we’d like to see is that eight out
of the top 10 results have less than 100 reviews. It’s okay if there’s a
couple of listings that have maybe 500 reviews. 1,000 is probably a little bit too much. We gauge competition by
the number of reviews that a listing has because
that’s how customers make their purchasing decisions. Reviews take awhile to accumulate, so if you’re going up against listings that have thousands of
reviews, it’s going to take you a very long time and a lot of money in order to compete with those listings. To check the sales, open up the listing, go down to the product details section. Now you’ll see that Amazon
gives every single product in its catalog a rank. It’s called a Best Seller Rank. This is called a parent category, and this one’s called a subcategory. Copy the number from the parent category, paste it into our free
sales estimator tool, and it will give you an
estimate for the monthly sales of that listing. Now go ahead and do that
for the top 10 listings under that product. Now there’s a couple of
thing we’re looking for here. As a combined total, we’d like to see at least 3,000 sales per month. Why? Because if you average that
out, that’s about 300 sales per listing, and if you can
get 300 sales per month, that’s about 10 sales per
day which is a good number to shoot for. Anything less than that, the sales are starting to get pretty low,
and there’s not much demand for that product. The other thing that we want to check is the depth of the market. Now what I mean by that
is how well those sales are spread out. If there’s 3,000 sales combined,
but the top two listings have, you know, 2,500 of those sales that means the sales aren’t
very well spread out. That means that unless
you’re in the top one or two position, you’re not gonna
get many sales at all. So what we want to see is that the sales are fairly well distributed
amongst that top 10. The next consideration
in your product research is seasonality. You might look at Christmas
tree lights in November and think wow this is
an amazing opportunity. They sell 6,000 units per month, and it is a great opportunity
that is until January first when there’s no more sales. So you want to identify
if a product is seasonal and only sells at
certain times of the year or whether it sells
all throughout the year which is what we’re after. A great tool to do this is Google trends. Type in the product that
you’re wanting to look at, and it’ll give you a nice little graph that shows you the search
volume for that product. Now it does show you the
Google search traffic as opposed to the Amazon search traffic, so it’s not 100% correct. But, it will give you a really good idea. If you see consistent spikes every year, that means it probably is a seasonal item. A little bit of seasonality is okay, but you want to verify
that there is search data all throughout the year. Just quickly if you’re enjoying this video and finding it helpful,
please give us a big thumbs up below, really appreciate it. Now I know I’m racing
through this really fast. There’s a lot to cover when
it comes to selling on Amazon. And, what I’m doing here is
giving you the big overview. There are a lot more micro details, but we’ll go through
those in other videos. What you’ll see in the description below is that I’ve given
timestamps for everything I’m talking about, so you can come back and rewatch any section that you like. There’s also gonna be links
to more detailed videos that cover all the micro
details that I don’t have time to cover in this video. Otherwise it would go for hours. I hope you’re still with me. Let’s get back to it. So now we’ve analyzed the
top 10 results of a product. We’ve looked at the competition levels, and we’ve also looked at the sales for it. And, it looks okay. The next step is to verify those sales which means checking
those numbers over time, so that you can be
confident that those sales are consistent. Again, you wouldn’t want to make a big business decision and purchase a lot of product thinking that it’s going to make a lot of sales when
it might have just been one fluke day. So all that involves is
doing that exact same process with the free estimator tool and doing if for a period of time. I’d recommend at least one or two weeks. Write down the estimates
for each of those days and then see what the average is. See how much it changes. If it’s showing 4,000
sales per month today, but then it evens out to about 2,000 for the next five days, then
that’s more likely to be the consistent sales that
that product is getting. I just want to quickly show
you one of our paid tools. Now you don’t need this
tool, however it does make the process a lot faster. It’s called the Product
Tracker which is part of our Jungle Scout web app. Let me show you an example. Let’s say you were interested
in the baby hooded towel niche, and let’s say I want to track the number of sales that
this first product has got. I come over to the listing. I can copy the URL, come
back to the web app, and now I can paste this
URL into the Product Tracker and click add. So as I mentioned, you want to track the sales over time, and
I’ll show you the process of finding the estimated
sales which you can come in and repeat every single day. Or, you could use a tool
like the Product Tracker that does it automatically for you. So let’s open this one up here. Now in addition to doing
this automatically, the Product Tracker can
actually go a step further then the sales estimates,
and it can actually get you real sales data. We do this by tracking
the inventory levels which are here in blue. So the difference in
inventory is how many sales that happened for that particular day. So those are the big advantages of using the Product Tracker. You get real sales data, and
it does the whole process automatically for you. You can view your data
anywhere between seven days or up to 60 days. So you’ll see in this example here, that we’ve got a lot
of the black bars here which represent the real sales data. So because this product’s been
tracked for such a long time, we’ve got a lot of data there. We can be very confident
in the average sales which is 46 per day. There are lots of other
advantages to using our web app, but that’s just a glimpse. If you’d like to find
out more, you can head to our website at
to learn more about it. You see the hardest thing about starting an Amazon business is, well,
starting an Amazon business. When it comes to a later
stage, you’ve got an invoice from a supplier, and you’re ready to make that first payment, it can be really hard to actually pull the plug and do it. That is why this product research process is so important. The more you can verify the sales now, the easier it will be
when you finally have to pull out your credit card
and make that first payment. One more note on product
research, it’s hard. It wouldn’t be product
research if there wasn’t some point where you’re
pulling out your hair, wanting to give up, or it’s been hours, and you’re frustrated. We’re not saying it’s easy. It will take a lot of time,
but this is the hardest part. If you can spend the time here and find a really solid product,
it will make your life a whole lot easier down the track. (cool electronic music) Now you’ve got a product
in mind, it’s time to find a supplier. There are a few places you can go such as,,
and Alibaba is by far the biggest marketplace. Here you can type in the
product that you’re looking for. I’d recommend searching by manufacturers because often they’ll list
several of the same item. Tick the gold supplier box. This narrows down your results to what’s usually a better list. So you want to contact 10
to 15 different suppliers. You can use the template that
we’ve got down here below. Go into the description to get a link to download that one yourself. Now you want to ask
them different questions like do you offer sample,
how much is it for a sample to this post code or to
the US, how much is it for 500 pieces, how much
is it for 1,000 pieces, can I make a first order
of only 200 pieces, and how much for that? And, then if there’s
anything specific you want changed with that product, can you make this product to this specification, can you make it this size
or out of this material? You want to ask all
these questions together when you first reach out to a supplier so that you’re not going
backwards and forwards via email. Now evaluate their replies. Do they have good
English or communication, did they answer all of your questions, or did they just give
you a generic answer? Write down all the
prices they’ve given you. Some things to note,
suppliers will often ask to continue the conversation
on Skype or email. This is totally normal. Expect to pay anywhere from
$50 to $100 US for a sample. I know this sounds like a
lot, but it’s just the cost of doing business. Now you wanna aim to get at
least two to three samples from different suppliers. This way you can compare the quality and see which one you like best. The sooner you get these samples, the sooner you can move forward. When you’re happy with the
sample and the supplier, go ahead and tell them
that you’d like to place your first order. Now you can negotiate your payment terms. Often you can negotiate
paying 30% upfront, and then 70% before they ship the product. Or, sometimes it might be
50 upfront and 50 after. In terms of payment
methods, Paypal is fine for samples. For larger orders, it’s
going to incur a 5% fee. So you want to stay away from Paypal. TT is common which is
basically a bank transfer. You can also pay via Alibaba. And, some suppliers will even include something called trade assurance which is really nice to get because that insures your shipment in
case anything goes wrong. Try to go for this option if you can. We recommend staying away
from Western Union though because there’s no real means of recourse if anything goes wrong. Production will typically take anywhere from two to six weeks. However, there’s a number of
things that you can be doing simultaneously during this period. (cool electronic music) Firstly setting up an Amazon account. You have two options. You’ve got a professional account which is 39.99 a month, or you have an individual account that doesn’t have a monthly fee, but you pay $1 per sale. So if you’re serious
about building a business on Amazon, you’re much better off going with a professional seller account as it works out a lot
cheaper once your sales start to get up there,
and you’ve got access to a lot more additional tools. So click start selling,
then follow the prompts to finish setting up your account. (cool electronic music) Once you’ve set up your
Seller Central account, come up to catalog, add
products in order to create your first listing. Scroll down a bit, you’ll
see list a new product, and you’ll notice that
Amazon wants you to search for your product name. If you type it in here, it will find existing listings. Now this isn’t what you want to do. This is more for wholesaling
or retail arbitrage where you want to sell
somebody else’s product. But, what we’re talking about here is the private label model where you sell your own branded product. So you want to come down to
create a new product listing. Head down and find the
most relevant category for your product. Hit select. Now you’ll be asked to
fill out basic information about your product. So here you can put in the product name, the manufacturer name is your brand name. That can be that same as your brand name, or it can be different, but
his is totally up to you. You can also create the
manufacturer part number. Remember you’re getting this
product manufactured in China, and so you can actually
decide what the part number is as well as the name of the manufacturer. This specific product
has a package quantity and a unit count. Not all products will have this. These are just specifications
that are specific to this product. One tip on creating your brand name. What I’d suggest is creating a brand name that’s fairly universal. Lenny’s Party Supplies
is a very specific niche and only really relevant
to party supplies. Whereas just Lenny’s Products
is a much broader name that you can sell a lot of
different products underneath. The advantage of this is that you can look at profitable products from
many different markets, and you can sell them all
under the same brand name. Finally you’ll be asked
to enter a product ID, a unique identifier for this product which is a UPC code. This is a barcode that is
unique to every single product. Now the official place
to purchase UPC barcodes is called GS One. They do tend to be a
little more expensive, however they are the
preferred place of purchase from Amazon. However, there may be a way that you can actually use another third party company that sells UPC codes
at a much cheaper rate. However, this can get a
little bit complicated, and it has been changing
quite a bit lately. So I’m gonna link to a video
in the description below that explains this in more detail. Once you’ve completed this data, the only other thing that
you have to do right now is set your price, and
then you can come down to save and finish. Your listing will be created. Once your listing has been created, come over to inventory, manage inventory, and you’ll see your
listing displayed below. Shortly after it’s been created, you’ll be able to come
over to this menu here, and click print item labels. Click print again. Now this gives you what is
called the FN SKU barcode. This is the one that
Amazon requires you to have on your product packaging. You don’t need the UPC barcode
that we talked about before. This is the only barcode you need on your product packaging. Now that you’ve got the FN SKU barcode, send that to your supplier. They can either stick
that onto your packaging, or they can print it
directly onto the packaging which is what we recommend. Now in terms of the
packaging, we recommend getting it customized. This sets your product further
apart from the competition. The sooner you can get
this done, the better because it will take a
couple of weeks for them to produce it. So ask your supplier for the
different packaging options that come with your product. Select the one that you like the most, and then ask them for a template. Now you wanna receive a file
type such as .ai or .eps. To get your design made, you
can go somewhere like Fiverr or 99designs. You could also use these
websites to get your logo done as well. One little tip here, don’t get too hung up on your logo, just get it done. These are the most
important things to have on your packaging. Your brand name, the product
name, a photo of the product, where it was made such as made in China, and then just make sure
that there’s nothing else that you’re legally
required to put on there based on the type of product that it is. When you have the final
design, send it through to your supplier. They might ask you to purchase
a large quantity upfront such as 3,000 or 5,000 pieces. This is fine as it brings the price down, and they’ll just hold
onto those extra ones until you make later orders. Product photography is
another thing you can do while you wait. You could seek out a local photographer, or there are lots of online photographers that specialize in product photography. Keep in mind your main image needs to be against a white backdrop,
take up at least 85% of the image, and have
no extra props or text or logos on that photo. For your other images, try
showing some different angles of your product, show it being used by different people,
maybe also include a photo of it with its packaging which you can do at a later date when you
do have the packaging. You can upload up to nine
images on your listing, so you want to use them all up. But, at the beginning, at
least get four or five there to start with. Write a detailed title, bullet
points, and description. Take your time there
because this is what is going to sell your product. Also include your main
keywords wherever you can because this will help your listing rank. As production comes to
an end, you’ll also need to create a shipment in Amazon. (cool electronic music) Now I’m in Amazon Seller Central, and I’m just setting
up a new shipping plan. So firstly you can choose to either create a new plan or add an existing plan. Adding to an existing shipping plan means maybe you’ve got two
products, you want to send them both in at the same time. When it comes to sending
in the second product, you just click add to an
existing shipping plan, and it gives you the ability to choose the shipping plan that
you’ve already set up. Otherwise, just create
a new shipping plan. The ship from address
here is where you put in your supplier’s address. So just ask your supplier
for what their address is, or it should have it on the
invoice or on their website. Now if you’re just sending
in the one type of product, you want a case-packed product. I’ll show you the little
demonstration over here. Individual products is if
you know you’re sending in a whole heap of different
SKUs in only one box. Otherwise, if it’s just the one product, and you’re sending in everything the same, then go with case-packed products. Continue. On this page, you now need to enter the quantity of units that
you’re gonna be sending. If you don’t know how many
units are sent per case or per carton, ask your supplier. Now this doesn’t have
to be the exact number of units per case and number
of cases as you can create the box configurations later on. The most important thing
is that the total number of units is correct. You can modify this later,
but it only allows you to change it by a few units less or more. Amazon wants you to
confirm that you’re aware of any storage fees. Now for some products,
you might have to give more information is it’s
in a restricted category or something like that. But, for the most part, you shouldn’t need to take any further action. Click continue. Again in most cases, you should be able to click continue. Now here you get to choose
whether you’re going to apply the FN SKU barcodes
or whether Amazon is going to do it. Notice if I select Amazon, it shows me that it’s going to cost 20 cents per unit. So usually you can get
your supplier to do this. So I would just make that merchant. If you haven’t got the labels already, you’ve got the option
to download them here. However, you can do that straight from your inventory screen as well. Click continue. Now you can give a name to
your shipment over here. And, if you can confirm
that all these details are correct, hit approve shipment. Come over to work on shipment. You do have to create a shipping plan in order to see where Amazon is going to send the product. So in order to be able
to tell your supplier or freight forwarder exactly where to ship your products, you do need
to create this shipping plan first. Now copy the address that Amazon gives you and send that to your freight
forwarder or supplier. Okay now you can review
your shipment contents. Select your shipping method,
and then you can select your carrier if it is
here, or just hit other. Just select whether it’s
everything in one box or multiple boxes. Usually it would be multiple boxes. Now you can set up multiple
box configurations. So if you’ve got different box sizes, you can set that up here. Make sure that your total
adds up to the correct amount. And, then you can confirm that one. If you’ve changed the number
of boxes you’ve got here, do make sure you print
your box labels again. This will give you the
PDF which you can send to your supplier or freight forwarder. Once you’ve done that,
hit complete shipment. And, you’ll be done. Now you can ask your
supplier to send you photos of the shipment and the product. If you’re worried about
the quality, you can hire a third party inspection
company to check your products before they leave the factory. It’s a much better idea to do that now than when it reaches the
US because by that point, there’s not much that can be done. One company you can use is called For shipping, you can get your
supplier to organize this, or you can contact a freight
forwarder and organize this yourself. Some people send their
shipments to their house first in the US in order to inspect them. And, then use a reshipping
service that Amazon offers to get it that final
distance to their warehouses. You don’t have to do
this though, and you can just send direct to Amazon. Freightos is a website that you can use to collect lots of different
freight forwarder quotes. And, Flexport is a
freight forwarder that is very popular and will help
you every step along the way making sure everything’s done correctly. Now that you’ve got a listing set up, and your shipment has arrived to Amazon, you’re ready to make sales. (cool electronic music) When you first start out,
there are two things you need, sales and reviews. This is gonna give you
the momentum you need to get ranked on the most
popular search terms, get found by customers,
and ultimately make sales. The way customers find products on Amazon is by typing into the
search bar the product that they’re looking
for, selecting a listing that they like, and then
purchasing from there. So your goal is to make
sure that your listing appears when they type in
the name of your product. So if you’re selling this
product for instance, the baby hooded towel,
you would probably want to be ranked under the
keyword baby hooded towel. So when a customer types this search term into Amazon, they see your listing up here in the top results. Some of the other keywords
you might want to rank for might be hooded baby towel
even hooded baby towels for boys, girl, set. So you see by ranking or
appearing on these search term pages is how customers discover
you and how you get sales. A brand new listing like
yours is probably gonna be on page 20 or 50 and never
get seen by the customers. The only way to start climbing the ranks and eventually appear on
page one which is where most of the sales happen
is by getting sales. So that’s why sales is one
of the most important things to get at the start. Once you’ve got that
visibility, how do you then make customers purchase your listing and not someone else’s? This is where reviews come in. Customers purchase from listings that have high numbers of
reviews that they trust. So that’s why it’s really important for you to get sales and reviews
when you first start out. Let’s talk about sales. When you first launch your product, it’s a really good strategy to offer what’s called a giveaway promotion. This is where you offer 50% or more off a number of your units just to get those sales happening at the start. You can host this on deal websites where customers come to
get discounted products. The one that we recommend
is called Jump Send. Using the baby hooded
towels as an example, you’ll see that a lot of
these listings are priced between 15 to $20. So if we come across to Jump Send, if you look at baby
hooded towels, you’ll see that people are offering
quite steep discounts anywhere from 50% off all
the way up to even 90% off for these same products. So by offering this steep discount, you almost guarantee
that you’re going to get a lot of sales. Certainly a lot more than
just leaving your product at full price. This does mean you’re
likely going to lose money on these sales at the beginning. But, it’s important that
you have this budget in place because, as I
mentioned, you do need these initial sales in order to get your listing launched and
ranked for some keywords so that you can being to
get natural, organic sales. Using Jump Send allows you to
control how many coupon codes you give out per day. So just as a bit of a
guideline, a good strategy might be giving away anywhere
between 50 to 80% off for your product depending on what it is, and then giveaway somewhere
between five to 10 products per day, anywhere between
one to maybe two weeks. Let me show you how to set it up. So we’re over in Seller Central right now. If you haven’t set up a promotion before, you’ll need to come over to
manage product selection. From here, come to
create product selection. This is where you decide what products you want to be affected by that promotion. Over here, you can select
ASIN list and create product selection. For the product selection
name, put in whatever you want. This is just for your internal use only. Now you want to paste in the ASIN or ASINs that you want to be
affected by your promotion. Once you’ve done that, hit submit. And, you’ve now successfully created the product selection. You can now come to create
a promotion, percentage off. Okay so buyer purchases, by default it’s at least this quantity of items. That’s the one that we normally recommend. You can also choose at
least amount in dollars or for every quantity of items purchased. So this determines how the
promotion is triggered. So we’ll leave it at
this for this example. Purchased items, you click
here, and it shows you all your product selections. This is where you select
the product selection you’ve just created. Buyer gets percentage off,
so now’s where you set the discount amount that
your customers will receive off your product. So let’s say 30% for this example. Applies to purchased
items, or you can choose qualifying item, but we prefer purchased. Now step two, scheduling. So keep in mind that an Amazon promotion needs to start at least
four hours into the future. It will not be active before that. Now setting your end
date is very important. Before you do this, come
across to Jump Send. This is the time that
you’ve set on Jump Send that you would like the promotion to end. It’s really important that you use this date and time when
you’re setting the end date and time over on Amazon. The reason for this is back on Jump Send in step two, and it’s related
to inventory protection. By default, customers
can purchase any quantity of your items in order to combat that, we’ve put in place a limit order quantity. So this means that the
customer can only purchase up to the number that you set. However, this limit only
applies until the end date stated here on Jump Send. That’s why it’s really
important you make sure that your promotion ends at the same time or even before the end date on Jump Send. Okay so next is internal description. Again just put in something
for your own internal use. On to step three, so we
highly recommend single use. You also see that by default
that checks one redemption per customer. So this combination
means that this customer can only use this particular code once. So after this step, you’ve
got claim code combinability. We prefer exclusive. What that means is that this code cannot be used in conjunction
with any other codes. I’ll show you customized messaging. We want to make sure the
detail page display text is unchecked which it is by default, but I just want to show you just in case Amazon changes this in the future. You want this to be
unchecked because otherwise your promotion will be
public on your listing for anyone to see and anyone to use that promotion. So we definitely want that unchecked. Once you’ve finished, come down to review. It’s important to check over
all of your details here. Once you’ve done that, hit submit. Your promotion has now
been successfully created. The next step is to
create the coupon codes. So go to view or modify your promotion, and then manage claim codes. Again, the name can be
anything you want it to be. You set the number of
codes that you would like. In this case, we’ll make
it 20 and hit create. You’ll see is shows in progress here, but normally it only takes
a couple of minutes or less. If I refresh now, You’ll see
that they’re ready to download. So if we download those,
it will create a zip file. If you open the zip file,
you’ll get a text document which has all of the codes. From here, you just
simply copy all of them, come back to Jump Send, paste them in. And, you’re ready to go. Please do keep in mind
though that the promotion will not start for four hours. So if you approve any
customers before that time, the code will not work for them. So please keep that in mind. Otherwise, hit next, and
you’re all set to go. Amazon also have an advertising platform called PPC or pay per
click where your listing can be displayed above all the others. It’s really easy to set up. All you do is select the
keywords that you’d like to be displayed under and how
much you’re willing to pay in order to be shown under that keyword. When you’re first starting
out, and your listing is appearing on page
20, you can actually pay to get your listing shown on page one and get that exposure in
front of all the customers. When you start out, there
are two types of campaigns I would recommend setting up. The first is an automatic campaign. So firstly, from Seller
Central, go to advertising, campaign manager, and then
down to create campaing. Give your campaign a name
and your daily budget of how much you’d like to spend. So for this example, let’s
say we just want to spend $20 a day starting from today. And, here’s where you
choose automatic or manual. So start with automatic
and click continue. Now you can select the
product, give it a name, and then come down and
select a default bid. So that might be $1. Now that doesn’t mean that
you’re going to pay $1 every time someone clicks on your add. That just means that’s the maximum amount you’re willing to pay. So if the previous person
only bids 30 cents, then your bid might be 31 cents. So $1 is a fairly high bid. If you’re starting out and you want to be a bit more conservative,
maybe make it about 50 cents or 70 cents. But, after a few days,
if you’re not getting many impressions or views,
then the reason might be because your default bid is too low and other people are
bidding higher than you and therefore your ad isn’t showing. So if this is the case, after a few days, I’d recommend upping your
bid a little bit more. But, to keep it simple,
make your default bid somewhere between 50 cents
to a dollar, click save and finish, and your
campaign will start to run. Automatic campaigns are really great to set up at the start
for a number of reasons. One is that they’re really easy to set up and don’t take much time. Number two is that they begin
to collect data for you. At the start, you don’t know what keywords people are clicking on in
order to find your listing. With an automatic campaign,
Amazon will display your listing on the keywords that it
believes is the most relevant. After running this campaign
for at least a week, you can actually download
a report that shows all the keywords that Amazon
has been displaying you for. You can take that
information, select the best performing keywords, and then put them into your own manual
campaign where you have a little bit more control
over how much you spend on each one. We have more in depth
webinars and tutorials on PPC, but just setting up an automatic campaign is the easiest step to take
when you first start out. The other important
thing to do is to set up automated email campaigns. This sends follow up
emails to all the customers that purchase from you on Amazon. This provides great customer service, and it also encourages customers
to leave reviews as well. So it increases the
likelihood that you’re going to get reviews from all
the sales that you get. While not all of your
customers are going to leave you a review. A certain number will. And, having automated email campaigns, it’ll certainly increase the
likelihood of this happening. Now our app Jump Send
that I recommended earlier to help you set up promotional giveaways can also be used to
set up email campaigns. I’m inside Jump Send right now. So I’ll show you how to set one up. So first just come over here
to add new email campaign. You have a number of different
template options here ranging from a blank template which you do completely yourself, or you’ve got three of our pre made templates. You’ll see over here there’s
a number of messages. So that’s how many emails
will be sent out in each one. For this example, let’s
click on two review requests. When you have your
products synced correctly, you’ll see all of your
products listed up here. In this example, they’re not connected. But, we can show you how to
do that in another video. So up here you can name your campaign. Now let’s take a look at the messages. So if you come down here,
you’ll see that we are in the first message. You can edit each
individual message or email by clicking between these tabs. You can change the name
of each email or message. By default, each message will be paused. When we’ve finished editing the message, we can activate it. But for now, we’ll leave it paused. So if we come down here,
we’ll see this email template is already all set up and good to go. One of the coolest things
about these email templates, are auto fill tags. So auto fill tags will essentially
download this information from your Amazon order. So in this case, it will
grab the buyer’s first name and automatically insert that there. The same here with the product name and then also with the order link for that particular customer. So that means you don’t need
to do anything to this email, and it’s ready to go except
come down here can change your name. You’re welcome to edit this
email however you don’t need to. So up here, you’ve got your
basic formatting settings, bold, italics, size, font, justification. If you want to add any
additional auto fill tags, or if you’re editing a blank
email, this is where you do it. So these are all the options
you have for auto fill tags. If you want to add an
attachment to the email such as a PDF or perhaps
an ebook, you can do that right down here. And, that will send out every
time this particular email sends out. If you’d like to send a
test to see how the email will look, you can click
on the send test here. And, that will send a
test email to yourself. You can also come down
here and click preview, and this will also give you
an idea of what the customer will see when they receive the email. So at the top here, you can set the timing of when the email goes out
as well as the conditions of when you want it to go out. So essentially here are
the different options if you want it to go out one day, two day, three days, all the way
up to 15 days or more. And, down here you can
decide whether you want the email to go out after
the order has been confirmed, has been shipped, or delivered. Of course, you’ve got the subject here that you can change as well. So then when you’re happy with your email, come down here, save the
changes, turn this email on, go through into the next
emails and rinse and repeat. Now here’s an example of what you’ll see when your Amazon account
is correctly synced with Jump Send. You’ll see all of your
products listed up here, and you can toggle on and off the ones that you want to be sending
this particular campaign for. Once you’ve selected it,
just come down and click save product selection. Now back to the email campaigns page. You’ll see a summary
of all your campaigns. You’ll see here whether it’s
been enabled or disabled. So come back here and double
check that the campaign you’ve just set up is enabled. You’ll also see the individual
statuses of your emails here. So make sure that they’re active
so that they’re going out. A really cool feature that we have up here is our blacklist or
negative feedback feature. So basically if you have this turned on, it will automatically stop
sending email campaigns to anyone who’s left you negative feedback of three stars or less. So we generally recommend
you have that on. It’s a really neat little feature. The next thing I want to show you is over here in the view stats tab. This one gives you a
summary of all the emails that are currently pending
and then also of the ones that have already been sent out. To break it down further,
come into pending emails over here. And, now you’ll see exactly
which emails for which orders are pending and what
their current status is. There is a little bit of
a delay between an order being created on Amazon,
and then us being able to send out an email because we do need to wait for that information
to come from Amazon. That is why you’ll sometimes see this message here waiting
for info from Amazon. The other thing you can do on this page is if you ever for whatever
reason have a customer that you no longer want to send emails to, you can come to this pending emails page, and then search for their
order number of customer name, find that email. And, then you have the
option of deleting it before it gets sent out. The final tab over here is sent emails. Click here, and then you’ll see which emails have already
been sent out and to who. So that’s how you get
your first email campaign set up and those emails being sent out automatically to all your customers. For awhile at the start,
your PPC campaigns and your promotional giveaways
are going to cost you money. They’re probably not going
to be very profitable, but it’s very important
that you allow this budget at the start for marketing in order to kickstart your listing. The longterm effects is
that you’re going to start ranking higher and higher
for a lot of the keywords that people are searching
for to find your product. Once you start ranking for
a lot of different keywords, and you start building up your reviews, you’re going to start getting
a lot more natural sales. By that, I mean you won’t
be spending any money to get those sales. People will just find you
listing by typing it in on Amazon. Some people hesitate to
run promotional giveaways at the start or PPC
campaigns because they lose a bit of money. The result of this is that they get stuck on page 20 or 30 where
there’s no visibility, and they don’t get any sales. So it’s very important to
have this marketing budget to kickstart your listing. So we’ve covered how to find your product, how to source it, how
to send it into Amazon, set up your listing, optimize
that listing, and get sales. That covers how to launch
a product on Amazon. In order to scale your
business, you just rinse and repeat that process by
launching more and more products. I hope that breaks down
the process for you, and you’re excited to start
your own business on Amazon. If you’d like any further information on any of the topics
I’ve talked about today, visit our website at We’ve got a heap of content there that goes into even more detail. Thanks for watching today.


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