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September 7, 2019

What is up Ninjas! Today we’re gonna
take it all the way back and we’re gonna Break it down what the heck is Amazon
FBA what are all these success stories That I’m hearing about how can I
actually use Amazon FBA to leave my Nine-to-five job behind we are gonna go
from a very high level and give you a Full introduction how to conquer Amazon
FBA as a complete beginner from A to Z So don’t even think about going anywhere! All right ninjas a let’s get started if
you’re brand new to the channel welcome We are gonna dive right in if you
already are part of the ninja family you Know that I am zero fluff so we’re gonna
get right into it so I just wanna go Over very very quickly exactly what this
video is gonna include who this video is For who this video is gonna help so if
you’re already an Amazon seller this Video is not for you this is not gonna
be one hour one of our advanced tutorials that we release completely for
free on our YouTube channel this is going to be for people who have never
actually heard about Amazon FBA you heard about Amazon everyone’s heard
about Amazon but you’ve kind of seen some success or you’ve seen people out
there who are making you know a killing selling on Amazon FBA and you want to
learn more so we’re gonna go through from a very high level an introduction
of every single part of Amazon FBA and whether or not it’s right for you and if
you can make it make it work for yourself and leave the old nine to five
grind behind you forever so why did you start a private label on Amazon a
private label guys just literally means that you are personally branding a
products to be your brand just like Nike is a brand of shoes adidas is a brand of
shoes right you could start a brand called ninja shoes and that would be
your private label and you’d make a little logo on it and it would be your
little growing flourishing baby right and so why would you actually start
Amazon FBA first of all guys the marketplace for any of us who are in
e-commerce they do we know that it cost money and it takes a lot of effort to
drive traffic to our stores whether it’s Shopify whether we’re trying to get
people to our brick-and-mortar businesses whatever it is the hardest
part for the most part is marketing and getting people actually in the door and
interested in your products so why is Amazon so incredible because Amazon has
millions and millions and millions of eyes and people who are incredibly brand
loyal to Amazon who browse Amazon for their everyday products every single day
so Amazon brings you that traffic completely you know organically where
otherwise you always have to pay for that traffic via some other advertising
means whether it’s Facebook advertising or whatever so distribution is another
huge one one of the most difficult parts about running a physical product
business online is I don’t personally want to be running to the UPS Store
every single day and actually fulfilling you know hundreds or thousands of these
packages and actually putting them in cardboard boxes and taping them up and
sending them out and putting dress on and just doing all that that’s
very laborious to me and that’s not what I want to be doing the point of all this
to me is that you can actually scale this real huge business without
physically being there so the distribution is handled for you
Amazon FBA stands for fulfillment by Amazon which means that they handle all
of the food filming all you have to do is get your products from your
manufacturer to an Amazon FBA warehouse and they take care of the rest they ship
it out once you get an order on Amazon they then they literally do everything
for you and then just give you your portion of the money after they take
their fees and things like that is truly incredible so you can sell physical
products and manage it remotely so you can live the digital nomad life this
means that you don’t have to be anywhere specifically it’s not like a normal 9 to
5 job where you have to go to the same office building every single day the
whole beauty of it is that you can literally manage this huge scalable
business from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet and that was
something that was super super attractive to me you can scale this
business when you sell if they fulfill if I don’t have me by this guy’s is that
if you sell one a day Amazon will fulfill that if you sell a hundred a day
Amazon will fulfill that if you sell a thousand a day Amazon will fulfill that
they basically have infinite scalability as far as fulfillment because they have
these unbelievably huge and complex warehouses and so you really don’t have
to worry about being able to handle things as you scale up which is a huge
concern if you are kind of a you know more mom-and-pop ecommerce shop where if
you get 10 hours a day you know it takes you maybe two hours to fulfill all that
but if you get a hundred hour one hundred orders a day sometimes it’s not
feasible to actually fulfill package go to the you know UPS or wherever you’re
shipping it from and shipping those out all by yourself it just takes up all of
your time at Amazon just allows you to do this completely seamlessly in the
background all you to do is get your products to Amazon choose the right
products that actually start flying off the shelves and I’ve seen this happen so
many times with my own personal brands and with all of my students brands as
well it’s unbelievable the amount of scalability that amazon offers you just
kind of in the background so what’s covered in this exact video part one we
are going to go over a very you know introductory level kind of tutorial on
how to find a profitable product right what the heck is jungle scout what is
viral launch what are the software’s that people are actually using to find
these product and how are you identifying a product
that’s going to do well and make you a lot of profit versus a product that is
not going to do well and it’s going to be a waste of your time and money um
part two we’re gonna talk about how to source a product and what I mean by
source for people who are brand new is you know how do I it let’s say that I
want to sell you know a garlic press or a basketball how do I find a
manufacturer that said that actually creates and makes these products at a
price that I can ship it all the way to an amazon FBA warehouse from China
wherever my manufacturer is located at a price that I’ll still be able to sell it
for profit right so how do we find those world-class high quality manufacturers
and you know what websites are we using how what are the negotiation tactics
kind of what is this you know very introductory level of how the heck do I
find a manufacturer once I locate or kind of find that profitable product
that I’m going to decide to sell part three is how do we set up our Amazon
account and listing right because this is not the same website as
amazon for sellers right if you are a third party seller selling on Amazon and
you actually use a website called seller central and so I’ll teach you guys you
know exactly kind of how to do that it’s it seems a little bit overwhelming at
first but I promise it’s not at all and then we’re gonna talk about how to
actually ship your product into Amazon and this means like literally how are we
going to get it from our manufacturer in China you know all the way to an Amazon
FBA warehouse and amazon has warehouses in a lot of different states right
there’s a bunch in California and in larger states they have multiple we’re
gonna talk about you know how to create a shipping plan from a very basic
perspective and how to actually get our products from China all the way into an
Amazon FBA warehouse and then part five is going to be how to optimize your
listing and get more sales right so you see one listing on Amazon you say
yourself wow that’s beautiful the images are done really well I’m the sales copy
right the writing the little bullet points all look very appetizing it’s
kind of what I want to see it’s making me decide to actually convert and buy
this product and you see another product listing and it looks like crap you know
they’re not doing any type of nice photos that aren’t HD right their
product isn’t their product title isn’t particularly appetizing and it’s just
not it’s just done poorly right so we’re gonna talk about how to optimize that to
really increase your conversions and actually be able to sell more products
and then part six and final part is going to be how to set up
Amazon PPC and for those of you who are super brand new PV C stands for
pay-per-click which means that how are we gonna actually advertise our products
on Amazon Amazon has its own in-house advertising platform where you can
literally you know choose words related to your products you can pay for clicks
for those words and if people you know see your advertisement click through it
and buy and you’re doing that at a profitable level then you are going to
sell a ton more products and you’re gonna do so profitably so let’s kick it
off guys let’s get into part one how the heck do we find a product that is going
to make us a ton of money alright guys so how the heck do we find a profitable
product there’s a ton of different ways there’s a ton of different softwares I’m
gonna cut through all of that noise and show you exactly the only two or three
ways that you need to be thinking about how to do product research yes there are
a ton more advanced methods yes do I go for that very in-depth from start to
finish all of the different tactics and
strategies and super advanced ways to do product research in my course absolutely
we’re gonna go through just an introductory level right now so you can
get an idea of how the heck you actually find profitable products right so Amazon
actually lists all of the products millions multiple millions of different
products in lists by categories and they say they show you all of the bestsellers
all of the new releases all of the movers and shakers all of the most wish
for right so you have a ton of data and all you have to do is go to
slash and bestseller /zg b.s and so what this does guys is it allows you to go
through all of these different categories right and you can see
subcategories within this categories for example patio lawn and garden has all of
these different subcategories these it’s impossible to you know categorize
multiple millions of different products into ten different categories and so how
Amazon does it or however many there are how Amazon does it is they have
categories and then they have subcategories and then within
subcategories you know they have additional subcategories so in mowers
and outdoor power tools they have lawn mowers and tractors string trimmers all
these different things and what you’re able to do guys is once you have these
you can see that these are literally the best-selling products in this
subcategory you can use software the two main software suites that I personally
use to to get the data you’re about to see are called a jungle scout and called
a viral launch and so jungle scout and viral launch and we have
discounts for both of these softwares guys they make product research so much
easier because going through and trying to get this data on your own would be
very very difficult so what we can see here is that you know some of these
products like for example this son Joe pressure washer does almost three
million dollars thirty days right so they are doing you know close to 100
thousand dollars every single day in sales per month for this specific
product but what we see here is they have a ton of reviews so in a nutshell
from a very basic perspective guess what we’re looking for are easy to make
products that have a lot of revenue and that have very few reviews and the
reason that we care about reviews guys is because it’s very difficult to get
reviews especially positive ones and so the more reviews a product or a product
niche or category has the more difficult it is for us to enter as a new seller or
a new competitor into that market so what we’re looking for is high revenue
and low reviews and so how do we do that and so we can look through all of these
bestsellers you know forever we can look I like to start at the back and look
forward you know start from 81 through 100 and I would look at all of these or
if the reviews are all still too high I might go into you know another
subcategory so now we’re for subcategories deep and we see that if we
go to the back here we’re gonna see a lot of different products here with 16
reviews 6 reviews right these are the types of products that we could
potentially get into and and so that’s just one basic way using bestseller
bestseller category lists bestseller subcategory lists if you want to you
actually use a paid software it makes it a little bit easier so this is viral
launched so viral launch and jungle Scott are the two that I actually use
and so what this does guys is it allows you to choose categories and so I’ve
been selling on Amazon for you know two or three years now I have a lot of
experience I kind of know what sells well what doesn’t sell well I know you
know the types of products to look for which I go over really in-depth but
these are some of my favorite in the course these are some of my favorite
categories that I like to look at just because I know they’re generally cheaper
to actually source and manufacture and get into the USA they don’t break as
often and they don’t have you know electrical issues and things like that
that cause returns right so they have a lot of kind of variables that make it
good to actually choose that market and you know become a new sell
in that market so what we can do is we can choose the categories here we can
set the monthly revenue that we’re looking for to 20,000 or higher and we
can set them the maximum review count to 51 or lower so what this means is once
we actually press view filter results we’re only going to see products and
let’s say 15,000 we’re only going to see products that have 15,000 or more
monthly revenue that have 51 or less average reviews so this means that we
are now only going to see results and this is all done behind the scenes guys
so this means that we’re now looking at products that own that have 15,000 or
more monthly revenue that have less than 51 average reviews we see we see 39
reviews for this product and it’s a mechanical keyless deadbolt right so we
can potentially try to find a mechanical keyless deadbolt from a manufacturer in
China which we’re gonna go over very shortly how to actually do that but this
takes so much of the effort out of it guys cuz one of the biggest problems
that people tell me is Kevin I just don’t know where to start for product
research and you know if you join the right course if you join my course it
doesn’t have to be mine someone else’s that you trust there’s so many ways to
do product research and the people who you know have proven that they’re
successful with Amazon FBA can teach you so much so don’t let yourself get
overwhelmed there’s always ways to do product research right but this is one
of the best ways using one of these two services that I’m gonna have in the
description we will have discounts for both of these services for you guys to
take a look at I’ve been using viral launch a lot recently their incredible
service they show you you know popular results and this means that a lot of
different people are looking at it a lot of different people are potentially
sourcing it so it might be want you want to stay away from because it might soon
be saturated from other sellers and so I like to just look through these right
there’s a ton of different pages here you can get way more in depth with the
advanced filters which we’re not gonna talk about right now but there’s some
really clever ways that we go over obviously in-depth in the course of how
to even further refine these you know we see 3d printers here we see anti anvil
marks sliding glass doors right open signs there’s just an unbelievable
amount of products that sell on Amazon it’s very hard to conceptualize the
actual scale of Amazon as a business until you become a seller there’s just
an almost unfathomable unfathomable of products then people always tell me
ask me Kevin you know is Amazon FBA saturated should I get involved in it is
it too late the answer is an unequivocal no it is absolutely not too late there’s
basically infinite products Amazon is only becoming bigger and bigger every
single day and they’re just an unbelievable beast right so we can sell
open signs all different types of things and it’s very easy it organizes that for
you it shows you how many reviews it shows you monthly revenue 36,000 month a
month with almost 20,000 in profit so that’s a great way to do it
we’re gonna look at a couple examples of products that I just recently found
using the exact same tactics that I was talking about before so these are called
a nebulizer machine so if we run the Chrome extension right what we were
looking at before is the actual web app so this is how you actually get these
filtered results we can look at categories we can say okay only show me
products that have 15,000 or more monthly revenue and 51 or less reviews
the Chrome extension can actually show you statistics of any search on Amazon
right so you can look at literally any product on Amazon and the Chrome
extension actually gives you the most up-to-date results so what we see here
is a high demand with low competition we see a bunch of different people here
doing one hundred and fifty thousand dollars a month with 70 reviews right
doing 67 thousand dollars a month a month with 30 reviews all of these
different ridiculously high revenue you know a bunch of different sellers right
it’s not dominated by one seller it has a good purchase price you don’t
generally want to sell anything less than about $15 on amazon FBA just
because of the amazon fees and things like that just from my experience you
don’t want to go below 15 so this is a great kind of impulse buy range we see a
ton of revenue we see very low reviews and we see a good opportunity score so
this might be one that we would be interested in actually taking a look at
right so that is kind of how you do product research we’ll take a look at
one more that I just recently found just to show you guys is how much money there
is to be made on Amazon and how many opportunities just literally come every
single day when people you know new fads or new diets come up or you know people
need test strips for blood ketones it’s just it’s just an unbelievable beast and
it’s very hard to understand it until you kind of get involved and we see this
one you know doing two hundred thirty seven thousand dollars a month so almost
a quarter a month with only 59 reviews so I
generally like to look excuse me for products that have less than 100 reviews
just because it’s a lot easier to kind of get involved as a new seller if all
of the people in a niche or in a product selling the product have a thousand
reviews or 500 reviews are five thousand reviews it’s almost impossible to enter
that specific niche because think about it from a buyer perspective like
yourself if you see two products one that has 5000 five-star reviews and one
that has 5 reviews which one are you gonna pick right it’s a very easy choice
and so reviews are one of the most important things about becoming a new
and actually successful Amazon FBA seller so that is product research guys
that is part 1 part 2 is Alibaba right so one the first thing that we looked at
here was nebulizer machine so if we actually just go ahead and copy this
come over into Alibaba and just search nebulizer machines we will see that
there’s a lot of things that come up right some of the some of these are
probably legitimately exactly the same some of which even like images and that
we see them they’re selling for $52 here you know 35 dollars 50 dollars right so
between 35 and 50 and we see that they’re selling here for you know
between $1 and $20 or up to $10 right so they’re selling for you know 10 times
less well five you know five times less ten times less even more than ten times
less for the exact same product so this is how you make money on Amazon FBA guys
so if you buy a product for you know between one and twenty let’s say you buy
it for five dollars and you’re selling it for fifty the exact same product on
Amazon obviously you have a forty five dollar margin and yes there are other
fees right there’s the cost of goods sold for the product they’re shipping
you know there’s there’s a couple other little fees but besides that guys it’s
really it’s just pretty much built in profit so if you find the right product
that you can source for cheap and sell for a lot that that’s how the magic is
made that’s how the money is made that’s just how it works that’s the beauty of
Amazon and so Alibaba you know there’s there are some tricks of how to find the
best suppliers right gold suppliers suppliers that have been around the
longest that generally have the highest quality that will give you the best
price there’s a ton of different tricks of how to
you know negotiate and get the very cheapest prices for the best quality
we’re just getting basically doing an introduction to what Alibaba is right
showing you guys that pretty much every product that you sell that you see on
Amazon for the most part is coming from a manufacturer in China yes there are
american-made products for sure but for the most part guys most of the products
that you’re seeing on Amazon are coming from China so we see these for 265 but
we see the same products for you know 40 30 50 you know that’s just kind of how
it works guys that’s that’s how ecommerce works the people who are
organizing this and finding the product sourcing them making sure the quality is
there shipping them from China to America you know waiting for it to get
there they’re making a huge amount of profit because they organize all that
logistics and that’s kind of what being a me ecommerce seller is especially when
you’re completely mobile what you’re doing is organizing all the
different moving parts and then getting the final you know beautiful high
quality products into Amazon ready to be sold to your customer so that is part
two guys it’s pretty simple you just go to Alibaba calm yes there are some
tricks to me you really maximize your profit but where it’s going on an
introduction here this is how you source this is how you find your manufacturer
this is how you get your product alright guys so once we actually find that
profitable product once we find our manufacturer to sell that products how
do we actually sign up for an Amazon seller account and get started right so
if we just google search selling on Amazon and I always like to do it like
this guys instead of giving you a direct link because Amazon and everyone changes
this stuff but googling it will always be the same so we just literally just
click on how to sell on Amazon and we click start selling and so I’m signed in
to my account and so it’s going to just immediately take me to my account guys
but it’s very easy all you have to do is click the start selling button you want
to choose a professional plan it does charge you $39.99 per month but Amazon
will refund all of those $39.99 payments until your inventory actually arrives
from your manufacturer and you’re ready to start selling so don’t worry sign up
for the professional plan the individual plan is free but it charges you a per
unit fee I mean just starting with a professional plan early and paying that
four dollars a month which Amazon will again reef
on you is just worth it in the end I generally recommend that people set up
an LLC and I teach you exactly how to set up the best LLC right in the no
sales tape no sales tax or state tax states and you know for the cheapest in
the course we’re not gonna go into that right now because again this is a very
introductory level but all you do is just create your seller central account
to get started and then you are basically ready to go guys so I’m gonna
show you how to actually add a product as well so once we’re inside of stellar
central we are literally in the inventory manage inventory section right
here and all we have to do guys is click on add a product and so once we’re in
here guys we’re going to list a new product and this basically is if you
want to sell someone else’s product that already exists in Amazon’s catalogue if
you are creating a brand new private label product all you to do is click on
create a new product listing and let’s say for example that we want to just
take one of the products that we use blood ketone test strips right here and
then we can literally just copy and paste that in here find category and we
can just use you know one of these ones that Amazon is suggesting and then guys
we literally just fill this out and you know you don’t have to reinvent the
wheel here they’ve already kind of you know the ones that are up here at the
top but you know these are sponsored results but how I like to create product
listings is kind of just looking at the ones that are organically ranked first
and you know taking some creative consulting from them and so obviously
it’s gonna be different here but we are gonna do plug blood ketone test strips
we you know we like precise ketone measurement for diabetics and low carb
ketosis weight management so these are kind of the keywords and you know you’ll
learn more as you start to get more involved in its on FBA why people make
titles how they make them they do it for keywords they do it for ranking for
these keywords people some people might type in low carb ketosis weight
management into Amazon and that’s how they’re actually searching for this
product some people might type in you know
ketone measurement for diabetes some people might type in best for
ketogenic some people might type in diabetic diets you know these are all
types of keywords that that these people have you know
hopefully tested and proven that these are the keywords that are most often
searched for their specific products and most often result in sales for their
specific product and so all we have to do guys is we make a title here you know
we’re gonna call these ketones for life is gonna be our brand name you know this
could be anything you want guys our manufacturer we can split the same thing
our unit count is just gonna be one our unit count type is going to be count and
all we have to do then is do our UPC and our UPC guys is our universal product
code and you can literally get these four incredibly cheap you can literally
get a hundred of 300 UPC in numbers bar codes for any marketplace worldwide if
you want to go for UPC Amazon numbers for $4.99 you can get 10,000 UPC codes
we can see that there’s you know almost 1,200 sold as of 2018 amazon has briefly
hinted that they might transition over to what’s called gs1 barcodes just for
complete transparency everything i do always for you guys is completely
transparent amazon may or may not in the near future mandate what’s called gs1
barcodes which are like $700 a year or if you know they’re significantly more
expensive than just buying them from nationwide barcodes or buying them off
ebay but as of right now you are still able to make amazon listings using these
type of barcodes you do not need to use GS one if they ever fall if Amazon ever
forces you to use GS one which are the much more expensive barcodes then I will
you know make an update to this video and I will make sure to inform you guys
immediately as well and you know if you do ever decide to join the ninja family
this is gonna be a shameless plug for my course you’ll always be up to like the
very most up to date knowledge on Amazon I’m constantly constantly updating my
course I’m constantly informing you know all of the ninja family members in our
private Facebook group of any updates that Amazon comes up with just so we’re
always you know one two three you know five steps ahead of all the other Amazon
sellers out there and I think that’s one of the main reasons that
we’ve had so many more success stories than any other courses out there for
Amazon FBA so that in a nutshell guys is how you actually make your product
listing and then basically all you have to do is come in put the price right
forty nine ninety seven quantity is one right and then once you fill out all of
these data you know once you actually purchase your UPC code you just paste
one of them in here you’d save and finish and that is basically it that is
how you set up and find your amazon seller account and that is how you make
your first product listing very briefly talk about how to actually send a
shipment from your manufacturer in China after you’ve made your product listing
and getting it to an FBA warehouse in the USA and ready to be sold so let’s
assume that this is our product right it’s out of stock we’re actually waiting
for a shipment of this product to arrive right now so all we do is click in here
and by the way we’re in the inventory manage inventory section I always want
to show you from the beginning just so nobody’s lost at all and so we click
here next to this out of stock product and we’re gonna go to action and we are
going to go to send a / replenish inventory so if even if this is a
brand-new product listing or if you’re replenishing inventory it’s the same
button here and it’s basically as simple as that all we have to do is go in here
and click send replenish inventory and follow the on-screen steps and Amazon
teaches us exactly what we need to do to actually get that Amazon shipment from
our manufacturer in China all the way into an Amazon FBA warehouse ready to be
sold for a huge profit inside of the u.s. once we have our product super
quality’s super nice super ready to be sold directly in the Amazon FBA
warehouse ready for all the beautiful Amazon customers to buy it and make us a
ton of profit how do we actually launch that product successfully so we’re gonna
go over this very basically guys how product launches work on Amazon are
actually not as hard as people think the reason that people fail at Amazon
launches so often it’s because people are cheap and don’t understand how to
launch on Amazon so we’re gonna talk about it very briefly here this is just
another example of you know a t-shirt press is another product that we’ve
looked at that we’ve looked at selling and so we’re gonna talk about exactly
what this means so these are the products that are currently on page one
these are the 30 products right here and so if we
organize these by sales and we see we see that most of these are doing pretty
well and we’re gonna take a look at one that’s doing you know rather well 110
thousand dollars per month with 713 sales per month and so if we bring up a
handy dandy calculator really quick there’s 713 sales per month and so if we
divide 713 by 30 we get a average of you know they’re selling about 23 of these
units every single day and so to get on to page 1 what we would need to do is
give away at least one more unit and they’re currently selling per day and we
need to do that for a series of days right so the days that it kind of
depends on the market but it’s between 3 and 7 days and so you how you actually
allocate and how you plan ahead for product launches is and the way Amazon’s
algorithm works guys is it ranks products you know from Amazon’s
perspective they want to sell as many prices they can’t cuz Amazon makes money
when products sell and so how they choose which products to show on page 1
and being on page 1 is the difference between being successful and not being
successful you have to be on page 1 right the difference between being on
page 1 and being on page 2 is literally hundreds of thousands of dollars or
pretty much zero dollars just think about it from your own perspective again
if you’re an Amazon seller buyer and you want to go buy a you know a t-shirt
press if you see one with positive reviews on page one at a reasonable
price you’re gonna buy it you’re not gonna scroll the page through to most
people are definitely not gonna scroll the page two or three or any page beyond
one they’re just gonna buy that’s just how it works and so you have to get to
page one and so launching does cost money to get to page one but you have to
do it it’s just the nature of the business it’s the nature of the game you
have to kind of lose a little bit up front so you can make it to page one so
you can start to get those real organic sales and so you can sustain your
position on page one and just literally continue to make more and more money
while you take a nap while you drink a Corona while you’re out on the beach in
Thailand that’s just how it works guys and so if you’re not willing to lose a
little bit of money up front this might not be the business for you because you
have to it’s just kind of a name it’s just a part of the business the name of
the game and so if we’re gonna sell if we need to give away and
I’ll explain what I mean by giveaway in a second if we need to give away you
know 25 a day for three days right man I don’t know why I’ll get here but we need
to give away you know 75 units if we’re gonna give away 25 a day for you know
the maximum 7 days we need to give away 175 units so we want to budget this in
when we’re actually purchasing our units up front guys to you know say how many
units we want to buy how many units we’re gonna need to give away during our
launch to actually get to page 1 right and we’re gonna have to plan out how we
reviews and things like that which we talked about in depth in the Amazon FBA
ninja masterclass another shameless plug for the course it’s the best course 8 is
the I promise out in the game and so this is what we’re gonna do guys what
we’re gonna do is we are going to give away you know between 75 and 100 75
products every day we’re gonna give away 25 and you might be asking yourself how
are we gonna give away these products and that is a good question the way that
we do that is with promotion so in seller central again you guys will get
super familiar with this if you want to have more free videos on my youtube
channel explaining exactly how to get started on Amazon seller central you
know what are the things that you’re going to be using what are the things
you can ignore where are the most kind of common sections that you’re gonna be
spending your time and so make sure you check out that video and all my other
free videos guys I tried so hard to give away content for free as much as I
possibly can I give away you know more advanced content that 99% of the other
people out there are making people pay for right so my content and I hear this
so often is you know more in-depth it’s more detailed it gives you more kind of
pragmatic immediately implementable data than what other people are selling in
their courses and I do that for free guys and so you know just imagine what’s
in the Amazon FBA minute record on me um and so how we do this is we set up a
promotion and so if we want to giveaway items if we want to do a percentage off
the best way to do it is kind of with the percentage off there are services
like zon jump and like viral launch which I will again include in the
description I’m very deep discounts if you don’t want to do any of this
yourself if you want another part of a company to handle getting you to page
one you can just do that you can pay for it it’s the easiest way by far but it is
important to understand how it works so once you kind of understand that you
need to get way more units than the current people
on page one are selling a day for between three and seven days that’s how
you get to page one if you want to let somebody else handle it
zon jump and viral launch again both in the description with very deep discounts
for you know the Amazon FBA ninja family so if you want to just let somebody else
handle it go ahead if you want to learn it for yourself you come into
advertising promotions at U Creek and you create percentage off promotions and
that is how the cookie crumbles to get to page one that is how you sustain that
page one rank and that is how you start to generate a ton of organic sales and
really see the true magic and scale of Amazon bringing you millions of
customers out there in the world completely both free the last but not
least step that most people are not using you know correctly and definitely
not utilizing enough is Amazon PPC as we can see here you know I’ve spent $40,000
on PPC for this particular account and we’ve gotten a hundred and fifty two
thousand dollars back in sales so it’s a very very profitable way to you know
spend spend money on advertising within Amazon and make back a ton more than
you’re spending and there’s an indirect benefit of PPC on Amazon and that a lot
of people don’t realize when you make a sale on Amazon PPC let’s say for a
keyword like scratch off map Amazon recognizes okay somebody out there in
the world some customer you typed in scratch off map saw your ad and bought
your product Amazon says their algorithm says okay that means that the word
scrapped off map is related to this product and they give you organic rank
and you start to rank organically for that term more and more and more every
time you make PPC sales and so you’re not only making way more additional
profit but you are actually you know starting to organically rank for all
these other keywords which means that you’re getting those you know free sales
that a lot of other people are not getting because they’re not using PVC
and so I always have PPC on on all of my accounts on the you know the whole
purpose of PPC is just iterating it again and again and again until you
actually start to get you know more and more profitable so never turn PPC off
just constantly be iterating improving making it better and making it more
profitable and before I forget guys I want to give a huge shout-out to our
daily $100 PayPal giveaway I want to give back
to you guys I’m so grateful for all of you guys subscribing everybody who’s
commenting everybody who’s watching the video so if you guys are enjoying this
my free content I’m working so hard to put this out for you guys I want to give
back to you and just give back to all the people who are supporting me and so
our winner is Eric we thought that your comment was awesome so we wanted to
shoot a $100 immediate PayPal payment to your PayPal so keep the comments coming
guys every single video that released every single day we’re gonna be choosing
a brand new winner so make sure that you leave those comments make sure that
you’re subscribing make sure that you’re enjoying these videos because I’m
enjoying it I’m enjoying the journey I’m just so grateful for all of you guys and
so I wanted to give back a little bit so let’s get into actually how PPC works
very quickly so this is one of our one of our campaigns right looks like we set
six thousand dollars here spent six thousand and we’ve made about thirty six
thousand back and so if we actually open this up let’s let’s talk about very
briefly how PPC works and PPC you know is one of the most complicated parts of
Amazon but once you understand it it’s literally just a goldmine guys I don’t
know how to describe it so what we can see here is that we’re spending you know
about five hundred dollars in PPC for about thirty two hundred dollars of
sales spending about five thousand dollars in PPC costs for about thirty
thousand dollars in sales and so you’re literally just printing money these are
sales that you would not have otherwise had and your organically ranking for
these keywords on you know so you’re getting those free sales when people
type in you know scratch off map for example they’ll see your product just
ranking naturally and they’ll click through it and you won’t have to pay for
those sales and so you know if you want a very detailed tutorial on how to do
PPC then it join at the Amazon FBA ninja master class but if you want a free
tutorial on how to do PPC take a look at my youtube channel smash the subscribe
button in his face turn on a little notification bells so you can stay up to
date on all of the brand new Kevin David that lifestyle ninja content because I’m
really working so incredibly hard for you guys I promise
trying to release the best data trying to give you guys all of the tools and
all of the weapons to destroy your nine-to-five job to leave it behind you
forever and so you can live
free life that everyone is meant to guys and so I hope you enjoyed this video if
you have any questions make sure you leave them in the comment if you want to
be entered to win our next daily 100 dollar PayPal giveaway make sure you
smash the subscribe button make sure you leave a comment guys and we will see you
on the next


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