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How To Sell On Amazon If You Live Outside The USA 🇺🇸 Jungle Scout

August 23, 2019

Hey Guys! It’s Lenny from Jungle Scout. Today I’m going to show you exactly how
you can sell on Amazon from anywhere in the world. To kick things off, lets look at this page
from Amazon, and I’ll drop the link below in the description too. If you scroll down you can see all the Amazon
marketplaces that are now operating and you can sell in. The US is by far the biggest, and where most
people choose to sell because there’s so much demand there. Germany and the UK are the next biggest and
you can definitely look into some other marketplaces as well. Going through this page is very useful to
familiarise yourself with some of the tax and regulation differences between the marketplaces. I started selling a couple of years back in
the US market, and I’m from Australia if the accent didn’t give it away. Now there were a few challenges and extra
considerations being outside of the US. Number one, receiving US dollar payments. You can nominate a bank from your own country
to receive payments from Amazon, however they’ll always send it in the currency of your country. So for me that was Australian dollars. Then to pay suppliers in China, I would have
to convert it back to US dollars and actually lose money in that double exchange rate, which
you don’t want. There were two solutions I found to help with
this. World First and Payoneer. Both allow you to receive payments in US dollars,
and then make payments to suppliers in US dollars as well, so I’d recommend checking
them both out. They both offer a variety of different currencies
so if you’re selling in another marketplace outside the US, they can help with that too. Payoneer even offers a debit card which you
can then use for your business expenses, subscriptions, etcetera. Number two, not being able to inspect shipments. If you’re based in the US, a lot of sellers
will get their shipments sent from China direct to their house, giving them the option of
inspecting the product before sending it the final distance to Amazon. Plus Amazon gives you discounted shipping
rates within the US which is nice. Being in Australia of course, or any other
country, doesn’t really make sense to do this, and would be super expensive. So there’s a couple of things you can do. First, don’t inspect your goods. I got a few samples from my first shipment
sent to me, and since then I’ve now built a great relationship with my supplier and
I know they’re always going to provide me with the best goods. The other option, if you’re a little bit
worried, is to get an inspection done in China. This is a good idea if it’s your first shipment
and a new supplier you’ve never dealt with. We’d recommend Asia Inspection. I haven’t used them personally but Greg
has and a few other people on the team, but there are others out there also. Just quickly guys, if you’re getting value
from this video, please give us a thumbs up below! We’d truly appreciate it! Alright, onto Number three, setting up a company. If you’re an American living and selling
in the US, then the easiest and best legal structure is a limited liability company,
or LLC. However for those of us outside the US, there
can be a few different options. Generally, the easiest is setting up a company
in your own country. There can be options to setup in the country
that you’re selling in, such as getting a LLC in the US, but that can be more complicated
and bring in potential tax issues, so it’s usually best sticking to your own country. Those are some considerations if you’re
from another country, looking to sell in the US. Now, if you want to start selling in one of
the European markets, then another consideration is VAT, which is the equivalent of sales tax
in the US. Basically if you’ve got inventory being
stored in Europe. Eg fulfilled by Amazon, then you’ll want
to register for VAT. VAT varies from country to country, e.g 20%
in the UK, 21% in Germany, but it’s always included in your retail price, so you need
to keep that in mind. In the US you would calculate your price like
this: Product and shipping cost per unit $5 Amazon fees $5 You want a profit margin of
$10, therefore you set your price at $20. You could get more detailed with your cost
breakdown, but this is just a rough estimation. In comparison, in the UK, the calculation
would be similar but you’d one more thing. VAT here is 20%, so you’d take Product & shipping
£5 Amazon fees £5 Profit margin £10 And now you add 20% or 20 times 0.2 which equals
4£ So you would set your sales price at 24£, to account for that extra 4£ to be paid to
the government. In terms of getting setup for VAT, it can
be fairly straight forward. First you need a VAT number. You can do this yourself but the easiest way
is to get a fiscal agent, to help you through this process. You also need an EORI number in order to import
to Europe. This is easy to apply for online and free. This is not legal advice by any means. We do have a detailed webinar that goes a
lot more in-depth, and you’ll find the link in the description below. My point here though, is that if you’re
thinking about selling in Europe, to not be put off by VAT because it’s definitely possible
to figure it out. So those are some considerations if you’re
thinking about selling on Amazon from a country outside of the US or in a country outside
of the marketplace you’re selling in! Thumbs up if you’ve enjoyed this video,
and please subscribe! Until next time guys, take care!


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