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How To Sell On eBay | How To Get Free Electronics To Resell (2019)

September 10, 2019

this Saturday it’s an awesome day we are
out here at the Ike Hamilton expo center for Ouachita green recycling day
basically what it is is um they’ve taken over this parking lot put it in
different stations you can drop off your paint over there you can drop off your
cardboard and plastics back over here and we’re hanging out at the electronic
station my dad’s talked to the guy who’s running
the place and we’ve been given full permission if there’s any electronics
that we see valuable we can pick them up so far I’ve got a couple Sony receivers
a couple dvd/vhs combo just VHS is a a PC backup and then so far we’ve got four
flat-screen TVs and I got this tub but I’m gonna be feeling slat full of power
cords which think about j-bone helping the environment things are starting to stack up out here
we got here about 9:10 it is 10:22 right now so within about an
hour and 15 minutes that’s how much we’ve got looks like one two three four
five six seven eight there’s five TVs here three TVs over
there I’ve got a couple VHS DVD combos and same thing with the receivers and
the power cords friendly very respectful and we are very thankful that they have
let us be a part of it so yeah it’s pretty sweet basically we can just set
it up over here we’ve got plenty of time I can look up all this stuff do my
research on my phone and find out how valuable it is because there is no
guarantee if it works so only the high priced items will we be taking home it
has definitely been stacking up we got some TV mounts over here we got all the
power cords in there tons of VCRs DVD players receivers and then we got like
16 17 flat screen TVs maybe almost 20 now the event ends at 1 o’clock so a
couple more out and be honest we’re already thinking about we’re gonna start
loading up here in a minute okay we made it back home I didn’t get
any video of us loading up the TVs because it was pretty hectic but after
it was all said and done we came home with 21 flat-screen TVs I would tell you
how many VCRs and power cords we got but you’ll just have to watch the next video
so now all we need to do is break down the TVs test out the electronics and I’m
gonna show you how you can get free electronics to resell so really quick before I show you all
the ways I get free electronics I just want to show you if you’ve never
considered breaking down TVs and selling the TV parts out of them here’s just a
few quick examples of some of the TV boards we’re going to be pulling out of
this haul this is a Vizio 55-inch power supply board and as you can see it’s
sold pre-owned for $99.95 and this is definitely more of the high-end TV parts
as we move on this is the Vizio 55-inch mainboard which sold for $64.50 that
comes from the same TV as before and this is a Samsung 58 inch mainboard
price is significantly lower $42.50 but still very good profits you can pull out
of some of these flat-screen TVs and this is the stand this for that Samsung
58 inch and so even the stand with the screws or even without the screws they
still sell for great value this one went for $49.99 and just one more example
this came off of a 50-inch insignia TV these are just the foot peg stands or
whatever you call them when they sold for thirty six dollars and ninety four
cents one thing you need to know though when you’re shipping TV boards is you do
need to use anti-static bubble wrap that way it doesn’t short out any circuitry
in the board so how I came across this recycling event is simply on Facebook if
you just do some research for recycling or one of the keywords I saw being used
locally here is household hazardous materials you can either Google search
or search on Facebook recycling center local recycling whatever your town
and the word recycling and you’ll probably come across something and just
get to know the people let them know what you do and ask them if there’s any
recycling events that go on and if you could participate and maybe pick up any
electronics that people are throwing away that you’re gonna restore refurbish
give a good purpose for it if it’s not you fixing that TV you’re gonna take the
parts out sell what’s good in it and then recycle the rest of it properly
another way I like to find free items is asking your local thrift stores if they
have any electronics they throw away if they don’t mind setting them aside for
you once again if you just get to know them let them know what you do you never
know who might be willing to help you out you can leave them a plastic tub
maybe even a list of things you’re interested in and let them know every
week you’ll come by and pick it up even if this doesn’t help you get stuff for
free stuff that thrift stores are not willing to put out because they don’t
know how to test properly they’ll sell to you at a very discounted price and
another way you can get free items but I’m really not sure if you’re willing to
go this far is dumpster diving this is something I kind of don’t really
recommend you can get into legal trouble if you’re on like corporate property l
if you’re on anybody’s property without permission it can be a risky thing so be
careful if you want to try this I do know plenty of people do it they like to
go like after Black Friday behind malls and check those dumpsters and you can
find some pretty crazy things so there you go give it a thumbs up if you
enjoyed the video also hit the subscribe and notification bell so you don’t miss
out on the next video when we test the VCRs find out which ones are working get
them on eBay and make some flippin profit if you’ve never sold on eBay
before you’re thinking about trying to check out some of my other videos like
how to buy it list sell and ship it there are also step-by-step tutorials
and a series on how to get more sales and if you need some shipping supplies
check out my affiliate links down in the description and until I see y’all next
time keep flipping


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