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How To Set Up A Youtube channel in 2019

October 10, 2019

it is not too late to make a youtube
channel and increased brand awareness increase leads you can monetize your
channel sell advertising make affiliate income lots of opportunity with YouTube
if it’s done well and buy done well I do not mean spending a lot of money in this
video I’m going to show you how to create your YouTube account my name is
Lori Ballen and i’m a six-figure affiliate marketer i also own several businesses
all of which benefit from youtube so the first thing you’re gonna do is just go
over here to so just go on to
google and type in create a youtube channel and find this link here if you have a Google account you’re
gonna go ahead and sign in here if you don’t have a Google account you’re gonna
click create account okay first name last name email address
alright and you’ll need to confirm this email belongs to you you’re gonna click
Next then you have to verify that email and type in the code alright once your
channel is set up this is where everything really begins so I’m gonna be
taking this step by step showing you each of the items here but I want you to
go ahead and go to my channel and you can see here this channel doesn’t have
any content and now we’re gonna go over to customize Channel and this is where
everything’s going to begin we’re going to add our profile we’re going to add
our channel art we’re gonna add a channel description and we’re going to
upload a video and we’ll create a trailer so I’m going to take care of
that in the next video but you have step one of how to set up a YouTube channel

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