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How to Start a Digital Download Etsy Shop

February 9, 2020

Hi everyone, this is Anne with Graphic Design
How T,o and today I’m going to tell you how to start a digital download shop on Etsy. There are a few things that you’ll need to
know or need to have ready to get started, so I’m going to give you those things and
then we’ll jump right in. First, you’ll need an account with Etsy, and
I’ll go over with you how to create an account. Listings right now cost about 20 cents per
listing, and they’re good for four months…but if you use my referral link, which I’ll leave
in the description below, you’ll get 40 free listings. And so will I…so we both win! And the second thing you’ll need is a name
for your shop, and it’s good to have one ready before you get started. It just kind of shortens up the process. So you want something that’s really catchy,
easy to spell, easy to pronounce, and a lot of times those names are already taken. So if you just add the word ‘shop’ or maybe
‘creative’ after it, that can make it a lot more unique. It’s a good idea to have one item – one digital
download item – already ready to sell before you get started with the process. It can be a printable, a PDF, there are a
lot…there are just tons of different things out there to sell on Etsy. I actually already have a video about, I think,
“12 things you can sell on Etsy.” I’ll link that in the description below, too. The last thing you’ll need is your bank account
information so that Etsy can pay you if you actually sell something. Alright, so that’s it. Let’s get started. Okay, first we’re going to create a shop. Now you’ll want to click that referral link
to get the 40 free listings, but if you already have a shop created, I’m going to leave a
link in the description that you can click on and just skip to the part where you actually
are selling your digital downloads. Okay, so let’s go to and then you’ll
scroll all the way down to the bottom and go to “Sell on Etsy.” Next you’ll click “Open your Etsy Shop.” And here you’ll have to enter an email address. We’ll click Continue. Then you’ll put in your first name and a password. Once you do that, you’re registered but you
haven’t actually opened a shop yet. Up here under notifications, you’ll see that
you have one and they’ll just say ‘This is your first notification.’ But this is where your notifications will
be if you sell something, or if somebody ‘likes’ your product. Okay, so let’s click on Open your Etsy shop. And this is where we start setting up the
shop. We’ll name the shop, we’ll list a product
and then you can insert your banking information. So we’ll go through all of that. We’re going to start at Shop Preferences. Shop language – English, enter your country
and currency. You can click on whichever one applies to
you. And save and continue. Now you’ll enter your shop name. So I’m going to put ‘demo’ and we’ll check
the availability. That one is not available. So I’m going to put ‘democreative’ and see
if that’s available. Yes, so we will save and continue. And this is where we’ll be stocking our shop. So next we’ll click Add a Listing. And first you’ll see 10 spots where you can
add photos. You don’t have to use 10 photos, but it’s
a good idea. The thing I’m going to be selling today on
Etsy is St. Pat’s icons, which I made in illustrator and are just clip art for anyone to use. So I am going to add a photo. I’ll choose a photo with all four of the clip
art images, and we’ll open that. Because this image is not 2000 pixels wide,
it’s giving me an error message. And the thing is, it’s okay to upload images
that are smaller than that. They’re just telling you that 2000 pixels
is going to look the best. Now I’m not going to add all of the other
photos in here but Etsy does a good job of giving you some ideas of what kinds of photos
to put in your listings. The first picture that you upload is going
to be your thumbnail image that people will see when they scroll through a lot of different
listings. So to make that look as good as possible,
you can click here and adjust that thumbnail to fill the space a little more, you can move
it around a little bit. And we’ll save that. And I do want to mention that it’s a good
idea to have your own little logo on here and maybe some branding items so that when
people see this, and they’re out there looking at a lot of listings…if you build up a following,
they’ll know that’s your image and they might be more apt to buy it. Okay, moving down. We’ve got Listing Details. So for title, we want to just describe the
image. So I’m going to put St Patrick’s Day Clipart. After you put the most obvious description
in, you can put more ideas and just make sure it’s relevant to what the image is. So I’ll put St Pat’s hat, clover, shamrock
shamrock with heart, St. Patty’s Day, horseshoe clip art, and green
St. Patrick’s Day decor. Actually, that put us over the 140 character
limit, maybe we can just get rid of the word ‘day.’ And now we have two characters left, which
is fine. Now we’ll fill out the information about this
listing. Who made it? You’ll usually put ‘I did’ unless you have
a team of people, just whatever makes sense. Just fill this out correctly, of course. What is it? This one is a supply or tool to make things. So I’m guessing someone might use this clip
art in a greeting card or something else they’re making, they’re not just going to print that
off exactly like it is. So I’ll say a supply or tool to make things. When did you make it? This year. And then the category I’m going to put in
‘clip art.’ And when I typed this, Etsy gives us some
options and we can choose which one this best applies to, I think it’s probably clip art
and image files. So then Etsy automatically puts it in all
of these different categories. I would say this item would really fall under
all four of these. And then the subject, I couldn’t really find
anything in here that really applies to this clip art. So I’m going to leave it blank. Length and width doesn’t really apply because
we’re not selling physical products. So I usually leave this blank too. And then our primary color is green. I don’t know if yellow really counts as a
secondary, so I want to leave that off. And if our image applies to an occasion, we
can choose that here. It doesn’t really, so I’m going to leave that. And then holiday, we do have the option of
putting St. Patrick’s Day here. Okay, renewal options. As I mentioned before, each of your listings
lasts for four months or until it gets sold. I always have mine set to automatic renewal,
which means that after the end of four months, it’ll just renew itself automatically. I don’t have to manually go in and do it. But whichever way is comfortable for you. That’s what I choose. Automatic just makes it easier for me. And the type of product is a digital product. Okay, now in the Description section. First I want to say the type of product, so
I’m going to say it’s an instant download. And I’ll have some teaser text. Usually next, I’ll say what you get, and since
this is clipart, I’m going to give them 4 PNG files with transparent background, and
they’ll be 300 dpi. I also have a lot of text that I add on every
listing. I talk about instant downloads and how they
work with Etsy, and I let the buyer know how to use the files. I also have Terms of Use. So I tell them they can use it for personal
use, and they can also create physical products to sell, but they cannot put it on print on
demand web sites or anything like that. And I also let them know about my return policy. Let’s move on to production partners. Usually you won’t have a production partner,
but if you think that you might, go ahead and click this link and it’ll let you know
if this is something that’s required for you. Section – you can add categories to your
shop. This lets your buyers easily find what they’re
looking for. So we’ll go ahead and add a section. I’m going to call it St. Patrick’s Day, because
I plan on making a lot of St. Patrick’s Day clipart and then we’ll add tags. So the tags will be anything that someone
could search for to be able to find your product. So one of those is probably going to be St.
Patrick’s Day. We’ll put shamrock, clover, St. Patrick’s
Day hat and horseshoe. With Etsy, you get 13 tags. And I really recommend filling out all the
tags because each of those tags is an opportunity for your product to be found. So we’ll add these. There’s also a character limit here. So if it’s too long, it just won’t add, and
there’ll be a little warning that comes up. And then for materials, you can add what you
use to create it. So I put Adobe Illustrator and we’ll say PNG. We’ll add those, I’ll put the price at $3. And I’ll add five to my shop. If you have a SKU, you can enter it right
here. And that’s something that is just for your
personal use. Buyers can’t see them. But that way, if you have a spreadsheet with
all your products, it would make it really easy to find it. Allow restock requests – I usually don’t
do this because I never run out of products because they’re digital, but this is where
you can choose restock requests if you want to. And then personalized information. If you’re making custom digital downloads,
you can turn that on here. You can enter instructions for buyers. For example, you could say, ‘Please enter
the name you want on your digital download’ (if you offer that). You can force them to enter something before
they’re able to buy it here. And you can also put a character limit in…so
if this is something where if they put 10 words, it’s going to look really squished,
you can limit the characters on that here. And this section over here is what the buyer
is going to see before they purchase. And then finally, you have your digital file
section. So let’s upload a file. And I’ve got four PNG files
that I’m going to add to my listing. Open those. These are obviously not high-res because they’re
just for the demo. Of course, this will probably take a little
more time, because yours will be probably a megabyte or more. So I have all my digital files uploaded. And we’ll say Save and Continue. Next, you’ll repeat the process we just went
through by adding other listings if you have them, and then we’ll save and continue. And now you’ll enter your information for
your bank. I’ll put United States here, you’ll enter
your bank account information. Right now, I didn’t put real bank information
in, so it’s not letting me get past this point. But after that, you’ll set up billing, which
will be a very similar process. And then that’s it. It’s as easy as that to start a digital download
shop on Etsy. Now what you can do is go up to ‘You’ and
view your profile. And then you can edit this, you can put your
logo here, you can go to your shop manager to edit things about your store. And it’s not letting me get to my shop manager
because I haven’t actually opened the store. But you can edit a lot of things about your
site. This is an example of someone who’s done a
really good job of branding their shop. They’ve got a banner here, they’ve got a little
piece of clip art as their shop owner image. This is where you could put your logo if you
wanted to. So once you have your shop opened, go ahead
and customize your storefront so it looks really nice and will be inviting for buyers. All right, I hope this video has been helpful
for you to launch your own shop on Etsy selling digital downloads. If you liked this video, please click the
‘like’ button and I’ll see you next week with another graphic design video. Thank you!!!


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    This is the video I was looking for! Thank you so much! I am a graphic designer as well and this hopefully will be good for more passive income. I do have a RedBubble and TeePublic shop.

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