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How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Using Clickbank FREE (No Money Without Website) 2020

February 10, 2020

How To Start Affiliate Marketing For
Beginners Using Clickbank For Free. Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website and
With No Money Step-By-Step Tutorial. In this video I will cover some other
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6 – 7 figures income!” Stick on to this video until the end and
please give your like comment share and subscribe to my channel! hey guys today’s video I want to show
you how can do affiliate marketing using Clickbank products without a website let’s say for example you don’t have any
money for a website which I understand there are other ways that you can go
about making money with affiliate marketing so the first thing I would
highly suggest you do is to start a youtube channel just like I’ve done here
okay on your youtube channel you’re gonna post videos pretty much every day
if you can if you can’t do it every day then go ahead and give it maybe like two
or three times a week just really try and push for frequency the more you do
it the better your chances are of hitting that viral video and getting
seen by more and more people okay so it’s all numbers game the more you do it
also the better you’ll get at it alright so that’s first YouTube and the way that
works is you’d pick a niche that you want to get involved in so if you’re in
health you would do maybe a health journey YouTube channel where you are
you know documenting your journey losing weight or maybe a friend’s journey or
something like that otherwise if you are already fit and you can help people to
become fit by showing them different exercises maybe giving them some kind of
health tips for different foods that they should be eating something like
that in other every niche there’s different possibilities so just you know
decide on whatever news you want to be involved in and then make those videos
as often as you can and in the description I’ll show you here
one of my videos so in the description of each video pause this you’re gonna
have these affiliate links alright and when someone clicks on those links
decides to buy you’re gonna get your commission you don’t have to have a
website to do this alright it’s pretty easy to do is pretty free yeah this is
completely free you can also use anyone any affiliate offer over on Clickbank so
you got a Clickbank com and depending on which niche you decide
to get into they have a different product available for you in those
niches so health betting as-seen-on-tv languages and so on and so forth it’s
there for you so it doesn’t really matter whatever you get into there’s
probably gonna be a product available for you
additionally if you can’t find the product that you would want to promote
you can go to and type in your your niche
all right niche and then plus affiliate program okay
and that’s gonna bring up different affiliate programs based on whatever
niche that you decided to get into okay so that is one way YouTube the other way
you could do it is with banner ads you can use somebody else’s website you just
need to get a banner made you can go to buy sell ads calm to find those
placements if you want to have someone make a banner for you you could use
fiber and fiber comms really cheap place where free the answer is you know where
freelancers are and you can use their services to get different things done
you know they have a wide variety of different jobs that they can perform for
you so that’s so you get your banner may for whatever it is that
you’re promoting and sometimes these these offers will have a JV page or
affiliate page and that affiliate page will give you different banners
different images different creatives that you can use so you don’t have to go
out and buy anything get or get anything made so once you have your banner you
come to buy sell ads calm you’ll login you’ll go to their marketplace and
you’ll find a website that has well this depends on your budget now because this
is gonna be a paid if the if the website has low
impressions okay this one 1.85 million that’s a lot of impressions if you go
down to 185 K impressions now it’s obviously gonna be cheaper because
there’s less people coming through there you can find a 720 by 180 banner and 180
something like that so you have a you know the banner on the top of most
websites and there’s one at the bottom as well that’s basically the one that
you really want if you can’t get that one I wouldn’t suggest going about doing
the banner ads okay and this is why it’s a good idea to have your own website
alright alright so once you decided on which website you want to advertise on
just very simply just go in there and buy it
most of these are clicks per or cost per impressions so you’ll get maybe five
you’ll have to pay five dollars for every thousand impressions something
like that as seems to be the norm for buy so let’s calm alright and the last
thing we will talk about is hora you can go to Cora answer people’s questions for
them and inside your answers you can just throw in some affiliate links I’m
pretty sure that is that is definitely possible to view okay so this one links
out to blog other people’s will link out to other
ones okay so I mean that’s one way to do it right there but the best way to do it
is to go ahead and get yourself a YouTube channel make videos every single
day and put your affiliate links inside of the description it’s completely free
it doesn’t cost you any money it’s free and you don’t need to have a
website so that’s that’s all fine and juicy and stuff you just get yourself a
nice little product over here on Clickbank and then make your videos now
it’s gonna take a while because earn traffic the free traffic or earn traffic
is it’s the long game as as they’re starting to say nowadays
you have to be willing to wait for that payoff okay so I’m making all this
videos right now probably not going to see any returns not anything big you
know I’ve gotten a couple thousand dollars through affiliate marketing
without a website this year so that’s great but some people that might be
longer some people might be shorter I’ve heard stories of people making eight
thousand ten thousand dollars in their first month with affiliate marketing on
YouTube they just have to get a viral video and you know people will you have
to find those people to click that links I believe marketing it’s gonna be all
about getting people to take the next step so if you like the video give it a
like if you didn’t like it you can just like it that’s cool too subscribe to the
channel if you’d like to see more and I’ll see you guys in future videos peace you you

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