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How to Start Affiliate Marketing STEP by STEP for Beginners in 2020!

February 14, 2020

Hello and welcome to another episode of
#supercaliffunnelistic with me Christian Rauchenwald. Now, in our last episodes, we already
talked a little bit about affiliate marketing and the ways how you can
approach it and if there’s money in affiliate marketing. And today I want to focus on how to get
started in affiliate marketing if you are a beginner. And if you stay till the end of the video,
I’m also going to point out to you a training that you can access for free,
where more than 15 of ClickFunnels’, top affiliates share with you different
approaches and step by step guides on how to actually build your
affiliate income within 90 days. So let’s look at the different ways of how
to get started with affiliate marketing. Obviously each of us is different. Everyone has a different starting
scenario, starting conditions. Some of you may prefer to write. Others may prefer to just be active on
social media and others, again, may prefer or may like to actually
record and produce videos. Not only do we all differ in that we also
are all different in terms of how big our friends list are on social media, how many
social media accounts we have on which platforms and how many
followers do we have. So therefore, there is no
one path fits all solution. But there are different ways and depending
on the type of person you are and what you like and enjoy to do, there’s also one
that will suit you and we’ll help you get started real quick with
affiliate marketing. The first method is quite obvious since
you’re already watching this video, it actually is to start a YouTube channel. If you check my YouTube channel, you will
see that there’s a lot of videos that promote certain services by providing
reviews or comparisons with other services or similar services. Which again, then include an affiliate
link in the description of the video. So a YouTube channel is definitely one
way to go and it suits you if you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Although if you don’t feel comfortable
yet, you can still start with a YouTube channel and just start producing
one small video per day. And after one or two months, you will
start to feel very, very comfortable recording videos. And you will get the hang of it on how
to optimize your videos in terms of thumbnails and descriptions and so on. The beauty of YouTube is it
works for you while you sleep. To give you an example, over the last
couple of weeks, I’ve been busy on a bigger project, and so I really didn’t
dedicate that much time to YouTube itself. And although I’m not doing anything
actively, there’s between 100 and 200 people every day watching
one of our videos. So YouTube is a sure way to
success with affiliate marketing. And on top of that, as soon as your
channel hits 1000 subscribers and a certain amount of watch time, you can also
monetize your videos by putting ads in front of themselves, creating
another revenue stream. But it takes some time when you get
started and you upload your first video, even though it’s a perfect video with
perfect description, perfect thumbnail, almost nobody will find it. It will take some time before your videos
show up in Google’s and YouTube’s search algorithms and before you
get your first subscribers. So there’s a lot of upsides to YouTube if
you’re, for example, scared of talking to people in person. If you don’t like to write long blog
posts and it really gives you a lot of possibilities. However, there is one downside. You cannot update your videos, so once
you’ve uploaded a video, you cannot really modify it. You cannot use a video that already
ranks well and replace it with an updated version. You would have to upload a new video
and it would again have to fight for its ranking. You may be wondering what it
takes to start a YouTube channel. In fact, all you need is your mobile phone
with a decent camera, and you just take it, hold it like this and
start filming like that. You can even with the YouTube app, do
simple cutting of the video and upload it to YouTube so you don’t even need a
computer if that’s your medium of choice or your tool of choice to
start affiliate marketing. Now let’s talk about the second option
that I already mentioned before. It’s writing. You can start your own blog and therefore
also without talking to people and without stepping in front of a camera or recording
anything, reach millions or billions of people on the internet and tell them or
recommend them what they should buy and why they should buy it. Now, just like with YouTube, a blog is
also a longterm measure when you start writing eithr on your own WordPress blog
or on or on any other platform that allows you to publish. It will take some time before those posts
actually have a chance at ranking on Google and gain some traffic. And so you’ll have to be patient. It may take a couple of months before you
make your first couple of dollars from your own blog, but just like with YouTube,
your blog posts will stay online for very, very long time, and therefore have the
chance of generating new revenue everyday, even when you sleep, even if you’re
abanabandon affiliate marketing and start doing something else, those blog
posts ways still work for you. Now there’s a lot of things to know
about blogging in terms of search engine optimization and other things. But that’s beyond the scope of this
video, so I’m not going to go into it. In the end here the same thing
applies, like with your YouTube videos. If you’re scared to go in front of the
camera to start recording and you get used to it, and if you’re scared of writing or
you’re not sure how to write, so your blog post rank, just start writing and spend
a couple of minutes per day reading about search engine optimization. Look up the YOAST SEO plugin for WordPress
and how it works and their recommendations and their own blog, and you will soon
become a professional copywriter who knows how to write a blog
post to rank on Google. Now, another method to start out in
affiliate marketing that involves writing is email marketing. This obviously is not necessarily for all
of you beginners because it requires an email list. If you don’t have an email list
yet, you cannot market via email. But for all of you that somehow already
gained an email list, maybe you have a customer base because you’re
already an entrepreneur. Maybe you already collected
emails for some other reason. You can use email marketing
and what do I mean by that? You simply sign up for an auto responder,
like ActiveCampaign, AWeber, MailChimp, and so on, and you create an automated
email sequence that pretty much walks through a flow of emails. First of all, introducing you and talking
a little bit about your background, allowing people to identify themselves
with you, and then simply promoting products, but not like a newsletter that
shows sign up for this product and here’s the price. But point out problems and solutions. So point out why, if they have the
problem, that product is the solution and eventually you will see
results from that as well. And every time somebody new joins your
email list, they automatically get that whole sequence. And if you keep optimizing it by looking
at the opening rates of your emails, the click through rates and the conversion
rates, you will eventually have a perfect email campaign and all you have to worry
about then is getting new subscribers onto your list and your emails
will do the rest for you. Even if you’re using another medium, like
a blog or a YouTube channel to promote affiliate products. You should still consider setting up a
landing page where you capture the email address of the person who is interested
in the product before sending them to the affiliate offer. This way you will be able to send them
retargeting emails because they may not sign up today after clicking on
the link in the video description. But once they get two, three, four, five
emails pointing out the additional reasons why they should sign up,
they may eventually sign up. So even if you have an existing YouTube
channel or an existing blog or an existing other medium, adding email marketing in
addition to it, will simply improve the results of what you already have. Now we’ve covered some efforts that
require some kind of preparation or take some time before they
actually show results. There’s also another method out there
that’s easy for beginners and that doesn’t require like a huge
preparation or anything. It’s using your social media profiles
to market affiliate products. Now, the downside of this method, I’m
going to say it straight away, is that it’s not passive. The moment you stop marketing, you stop
being active, your revenue streams may also dry up. You will still receive your recurring
commissions, but you will not get new commissions if you stop putting in effort. That’s the one downside, but
it’s still the best way to start. If you’re looking for a way to make money
as soon as possible because you will see results much faster. What am I talking about? Simply use your Instagram, Facebook
profile, TikTok profile, or whichever other platform you are on and start
building a following by adding new people or following and unfollowing other people
depending on the platform you’re on to get people to follow you, and then every
day published content that promotes the affiliate offer. But again, not in a salesy way or not
by spamming people with messages with affiliate links, but by doing Facebook
or Instagram lives or videos on TikTok or whichever other social
media platform you’re using. Where you again, share how amazing the
software or the product is and why you use it and why others should use it too. In order to increase your results there,
you should consider offering bonuses. Something like, okay, for every person
that buys through my link, you will get a free one on one call with me, or
you get this, or you get that. Now I know it’s hard to come up with
proper bonuses and as said, it’s beyond the scope of this video. But I’m not going to
leave you hanging here. If you check the description down below,
there’s also linked to something called Bonusvault, which is a service that
provides you with a selected list of pre-created bonuses that you can simply
offer to people that sign up for your affiliate offers. So it saves you the time of creating your
own bonuses and thinking about what you could offer as a bonus, because all you
have to do is pretty much sign up, login, and you will see the bonuses available. And then you can think about which one
fits best to the affiliate offer you’re currently promoting. This is it. Now, the last thing for today, as
promised, the training, if you check the link in the description down below, so
you already figured it out, there are more links in the description down below,
there’s going to be one that points towards the affiliate training
that will help you get started. There you get access to tons of
recordings of successful affiliates. That will actually help you or teach you
how they did it and how they would do it again within 90 days. So they provide you with step-by-step
plans and with different step by step plans. So what I just outlined now,
the possible ways you can go. Those videos actually go way beyond, but
they’re also way longer than my video here and will teach you exactly
how you can get started. So all you have to do is check the link
in the description down below, access the free training, and watch the videos and
then pick one of the videos that suits you best and follow its
approach to the letter. And if you did everything right 90
days later, you should have at least an acceptable beginners
affiliate marketing income. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget, as always, if you took
anything positive away from the video, do me a favor. Hit the thumbs up button, hit the
subscribe button so you don’t miss out any future content. And with that, I wish you a successful
week and see you next week with another episode of #supercalifunnelistic. Until then, bye bye.

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