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How To Start CPA Marketing – {HOW I TURN $5 TO $100+/DAY WITH GOOGLE ADS}

February 22, 2020

Hi guys, welcome back to another video in today’s video. I’m going to show you how to start cpa marketing with Google Ads So guys if you are new to this channel in this channel, I’m talked about make money online affiliate marketing cpa marketing freelancing tips and trick so if you think this are topic that you are interested in You may consider clicking the subscribe button hit the bell notification so that you get notified each time. I drop a new video like this so that is In today’s video, you know as high as you know, i’ve been posting some cpa marketing free tips free tips so in today’s video i’m going to show you how you can run it with google ads in order to maximize your potential and in skies if you think may be useful try some free advertising and you see your offers are combating so It’s high time to enter into paid ads. So that is why google ads came into Be now so forget first thing to do is to create your account and that popular network that I’ve been talking about sense to you guys is Cpa clip so you have to go to CPA Once you come to CPA clip released on an account with them they do have issue with registration of account Of course So the next thing you wanna do is to sign into your account and pick up offer as you know I’ve always told you how to pick the right offer the right country to target the best offer as converting so to do that when I come to a lifestyle here click on offers click my office then the Country you want to choose is United States because they have your highest converting offer So we’re here to actually see the strangest in state. So all the types is the text of all mobile I prefer to leave it. All right, then category. I Usually I used to go its email submit So So these are the offers guys and the offer I found for you guys Remember, you can choose any offer spot. Here’s how you come The performance of an alpha as you can see here performance He says the payout how much you are going to be getting each time. Somebody power fungus He gives his email address So we came to this one 90 97 this one 1.3 cents. So based on performance as you can see This possible all files combatant most so it is good for you to pick up this offer because if you don’t know how to target these people you may end up being advertising to the wrong people you say I love Let me just copy them how we look at the page very well So they’ll have a better understanding of what we are promissory down and overloading teach So click back On strong And click the link again So we’re going to see right to open So it says arrow so probably this offer is out of So let’s try fashion over See So tracking ID Okay, guys, this is the job It’s not that the offline stuff is not working The Alpha is good But it’s just that as you can see the country we target is Us through this offer cannot operate in angel and I mean Manjeera currently right now. So of course this offer will not allow me to see I can’t even see it So that is that for that so you have no problem with that once you pick up the phone Make sure you are targeting your content right country. Of course I’m going to show you how to target that in your Google ads only are searching our ads So the next thing you want to do is after you pick up an offer is to create a landing page and guys I don’t want this video to take long So that’s why I want to a direct you to my previous And a 2-day videos which this video that I show you actually how you can make 300 dollars per day With answering questions with Cora simply a marketing So here I explained to you how you can create a free landing page without paying a time using weeks So you can go on watching this video. Make sure you take your time watching this vid video very well on how you can create CPA blip landing pages yes guys, so that is that with step 3 creating a landing page, so Step 4 is to create your AdWords account. So to create an AdWords account What you want to do is go to Google type in ad ad word dot go Budokan click on enter Other word that is refresh it I Know that so my network is doing that it’s used to So once you go to that side, you can create your account Pretty much is Lydia. So once you are inside your other account, of course Your own is not going to be looking like this because after lunch on arts as you can see, I have post the art scenes It’s been long that I run a September that I run some parts and f-stop ten does where you see, there’s no any Movement no clicks at from here as you can see October my arts stop on October so that is that about that. So once you are inside you are you will come here to where it says campaign Campaign. So to present you with this plus icon click it see create a new campaign or not campaign Create a new campaign. So once it should it will present you with this Cells. What do you want to say? What you want to track this lead website traffic or product brand awareness up promotion? You say create an hour without gold campaign Look it so you’re going to say such campaigns because you want to target people that are Searching for this particular offer or you can also do a display campaign What I usually will start camping. So if governor to say no Select what you want to know? Because you to ask you for your website and you don’t want that now So that is that so let’s wait for it Well here you name your campaign, you can’t even call it Union let me just call this one my name Yes, now the name of the campaign this one have no issue is not going to display two of us then and take this Display only live such Network Then location here is where our offer comes in remember our fact I get only People in the US if you target people in other country as you can see that I try to open the link It’s not opening my country. You’ll be wasting your money on us my cue I repeat don’t put another country apart from us. We only tie it in u.s. So click on add Then put on such United United States so you see United State continually Kingdom country, so Click on that so that is okay So we see the potential Google is going to get advertising or fall to about two hundred and sixty nine million people in the US So that’s a Stan. So the say people in or who show interest in the target application know People in or abullah in your targeted location. Yes Then Come down then say people in excluded location people in all who show interest Exclude application just like this one language English of course audience So just leave this one, too so budget budget you can start anything from Zero point twenty cents per click what this means. Is that okay? We are going to spend five dollars each Ste So you are spending five dollars. This one didn’t bidding was bidding simply means is that the amount you want to be spending? for each click somebody clicks on your ad For example, I come across your ad on in there and I click it each click I made Gogu charge that person that set and add a Particular amount that he said on his bidding. So in our case here we are not going to be using We are going to be using Manual CPC what manual CPC means? Click cost per click. That is what I just explained to you cost per click so you are got we are going to be charged based on who who actually Click on our ad yes, so don’t forget is very important. This one can do them. Later click on save and continue So here Ad group name this one too is not going to be shown to you. You can just call it a CPA CPA clip then you can name it your offer fashion over So that is that the bidding say 20 cent here and here This way you want to put what people are searching on Coco, for example he just caught a sham much just put Yeah, then put fashion over Know make sure you’re putting this – yes, then you’re gonna climb down Also Anything you think you can earn if you want to get suggestion? You can go to Google. If you don’t know how to put this just come here put that Offer the fashion over you see You see fashion Allah, give cut fashion over flip cut fashion over jeans fashion over Nigeria fashion over side So basically since we are trying to give them gift card so you can target Fashion over and fashion over free gift card. So come back to your advert account Put the same then say fashion over Free Gift Card Then you can also put fashion over gift card Fashionable fashion over flipped cut fashion off we but with this one I wear waters great So any terms almost such this on Coco? I’d ensure B to show on the top search result of that particular team Instead of all those blog posts that are ranking on the first page of Google will show our unforced before this blog post so click on save and continue So now we are into the actual step of creating the ad so the first thing you want to do is see a final URL remember that I should I ask you to go and Check on this video on how to create a landing page. So a declaration at the end of the creation of that landing page I showed how you can get your final URL so that final URL is what you are going to Put here out of us your final new addict So once you put your final URL there is going to show that but yeah You are right here. So it’s a pretty simple. I’ll tell I don’t want this video I really apologize that I could not show you how to create a landing page just as I don’t what I Don’t want the rest of my viewers to be seeing that I’m repeating wanting over and over as well. I didn’t do it here So you can just go to Daddy but cool a video make sure you Understand the video from A to Z on how I create that field landing page So that is that you just so now we are just going to use a random URL, let me just see let me just go to my website smart passive lifestyle con. I Can let me use it here Let me just copy it. So that is my cell phone. So if you just don’t know So just come here Put it yeah So you see as you can see you see the changes. So headline I want to write for Fashion and just have to light it fashion Gift card then heading to Now or you can see here get Get free fashion and WA Get free fashion OVA Gift card, hurry up. Now. You can also add something yet It will also show but I don’t want a picture with this one So you can see this is a new teenagers come out with it. So here you can just put something you can see free Free gift club or you can just put fashion over Sorry, yeah, my battery is drained down fashion over So this way you read the description if you want to if you want so just like the description of fashion over Here you are. Just click on save and continue. You still add. No save So that that guys we have created of it so a deal will be spending $1 and The estimated clicks will be chatting clicks – so guys just do the math You are spending one point eight dollars party and we are getting about 13 clicks And how much is the offer fashion over is? 1.73. So let’s just do the math 1.73 Oh point seven three times You are getting how many clicks button clicks Three times 13 so just is change two point four the long – your ad which is this one point eight and eight four Because you are going with a profit of 20 points sixty five dollars full cash Guys, so imagine, you know, I’m sorry Imagine you know, your daily project is five So if we say five nine five will be ojos It will be salt left five times 13, which is number of clips will be jetting party So let’s just close this one five dollars times 13 So it will be sister five trips so sister five clicks times seven point one point seven three Guys imagine you are going with $100 plus Patti Will chose an investment of $5 now – that $5? Al-quwain will still you are running in profit. So that is the advantage of scaling your Offer once you try the free offer, I have a bunch of tutorials here You can go and watch them Once you start seeing conversion with your office the next thing you do, you just come back again watch this mind My tutorial on how to set up an ad With your CPA offers using the landing page you’ve created with weeks. So once we do that Guys guys the sky is your limit as you can see congratulation is ready So that is just that guys. So guys that is just what I have for you guys in today’s video If you like this video, give me a thumbs up Make sure you subscribe to the channel if you are new to the channel So that you didn’t file each time and crappies for new new Ideas on how to promote your CPA of us, so guys see please


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