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September 11, 2019

hey what’s going on guys it’s John here
with non stop affiliate and in this video I’m gonna show you how you can
start earning an extra three hundred dollars per week straight from your
computer now you’re not gonna need any website or big investment all you gonna
need is your computer some Wi-Fi and a headset so a headset meaning just a
little headphones that have the mic in it so you can use any of your Apple
headphones if you have some of those or if you don’t have a headset you know all
you need is just a earphones with a mic attached then just check them out on
Amazon they’re only an extra five or ten bucks so not a big investment now a real
quick if you’re brand new to my channel this channel is all about learning new
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alright now let’s jump straight into this the website we’re gonna be going
over to is called live ops so just head over to Google and inside here you’re
gonna be typing live ops there it is right there it’s gonna be the first
website that you see cool up go ahead and click on that one and so what live
ops is is basically an online call center so obviously you know a lot of
big companies need people to handle their calls and their customer services
and you can honestly start doing that straight from your home before you had
to go out to an office and you know go and go work for a company somewhere now
you can be doing this straight from home a lot of more bigger companies are
looking to hire people that are working from home or they want to work from home
so they don’t have to pay all those extra building fees or you know labor
fees or any of that extra stuff you can they can just hire people from home and
that’s exactly what this is right here it’s just basically companies hiring
what do customer service work straight from their home so all you have to do is
come over to lie Bob’s click on become an agent after that you can scroll down
here to see exactly how much you can be earning so if you can as you can see
right here if you want to work about 20 hours you can earn up to an extra two
hundred dollars if you want to work twenty-five hours about a little about
two hundred and fifty and thirty hours for about three hundred dollars per week
so definitely a great opportunity to start earning some extra income if you
just have some spare time laying around you know if you don’t have a lot of
income coming in you’re looking for other ways to earn some income
definitely check out LiveOps now the cool part about this is let me go show
you exactly how it works first you’re gonna have to go to opportunities and go
down and click on inbound sales and so the way this is gonna work is you’re
gonna be getting live calls daily live calls every single day it might be at
you know random times throughout the day they’re gonna try to schedule you as
best as possible but the clouds are gonna vary from different time different
times of the day and when people call you you’re gonna be working with them to
sell products sell sell products for companies that work with live ups so
these people that are calling they’re already gonna be interested inside of
the product they’re already gonna be interested in the product all you’re
gonna have to do is give them some more details give them some information and
help them make an educated decision on their buying now of course LiveOps is
gonna give you the education you need on these products you know you’re not going
to just start answering random questions that you know nothing about they’re
gonna train you they’re gonna show you exactly what those products are how they
work so when somebody gives you a call you’re gonna be able to answer their
question and hopefully help them make a sale because as you start racking up
more sales the cool part about it is that live ops it’s gonna start hiring
your earnings you’re gonna start getting bigger payouts which is really cool
because the more you know about it or you know the more you practice it you’re
gonna start getting better and better at it meaning you’re gonna eventually be
able to make some bigger income from it and again they’re gonna train you on all
these products right here they’re gonna train you on what they are how they work
so when you get a call from somebody you’re gonna be able to answer their
questions and help them make an educated decision now like I mentioned you do
need a headset and your computer at all times basically because whenever
they call you’re gonna want to have your computer in front of you so you can have
all your information ready and you’re going to want to have your headset
available so you can speak clearly and they could understand you clearly
through your microphone so you do want to make sure you pick up your headset if
you don’t have one or pick up a pair of headphones with a mic on it if you don’t
have one and make sure you have your computer and Wi-Fi at all times during
the average that you’re working because again they’re they are gonna work with
your scheduling so once you get connected to live ops you’re going to
talk to them you know fill out your application and they’re gonna work out
your schedule so hopefully you’re always able to answer the calls whenever
somebody calls because again when somebody calls and you’re able to
convince them to make a sale on a product you’re gonna start earning
bigger income so just go ahead and check out this information if you want some
more net once you’re at the bottom you can see where it says see open
opportunities go ahead and click on that and you’ll see the open opportunities
available right now so for example this one right here all you have to do is
click on it you can read some of the requirements and some of the details of
the position you’re not gonna need to have any skills or special training for
it most of the time they’re gonna train you on exactly what you need to know so
once you read over this and you’re ready to apply it just go ahead and click on
apply online right here once you do that you’re gonna get taken over to the
application process where they’re gonna ask you basic information like name
gender birthdate things like that so again guys are super cool opportunity
very easy to use you can do it straight from your home all you need your
microphone laptop and some Wi-Fi guys now of course you’re not gonna get rich
using LiveOps or you know you’re not gonna be earning some huge income it’s
just a cool little height hustle that you can use to start earning some extra
income online you know if you do have some extra time maybe you’re working a
part-time at work and you have the rest of the day off and you want to use it to
earn some extra income definitely check out LiveOps if you do want to earn a
full time income online again guys just click on the first link inside of my
description and I’ll send over to you my number one recommended income stream
online so definitely check that out and that’s it for this video guys if you
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