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How To Waste $476.19 on Amazon Prime Day…

October 10, 2019

– What is this?
(upbeat music) Why is there an egg on my table? Hey guys, this is Austin and welcome to a very peculiar episode
of Mystery Tech, this is– What, unprocess your food. A rapid egg cooker? What, you want me to
cook an egg right now? This is really the way that
Mystery Tech is gonna go today? Oh, it’s the Prime Day special! The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, it’s one-touch cooking in 360 watts. That’s a lotta watts, my friends. How much was this on Prime Day? – [Ken] 12 dollars.
– 12 dollars? A relative bargain. It seems pretty straightforward. We’re literally looking at a power button, so I guess as long as you don’t leave your eggs in too long it’s okay? Ah, this is a whole thing. I just thought I’d just put
it in here and hit the button. I didn’t realize I have
to actually like do stuff. So I’m going to pour the water in. All right, that’s not a
crazy amount of water. Next up, I want to attach the boiling handle and drop it on top. The scary part is going
to be poking a hole in the egg ’cause I feel like
I’m about to like break it. This is a bad idea, is this
really how you do this? (clicking)
Oh! Okay, I did it, I did it. This seems reasonable. I’m gonna spin it around so it looks a little bit nicer on camera. Um, all right, well this
is a really short cable, but I can fix that. What is it on, wait, I just plugged it in. That means it’s on already? Wait, wait, wait, no, no, it’s
not supposed to be on yet. I didn’t start my timer, wait. Okay, I’m gonna start a
timer for four minutes. Look, I am not responsible
for any injuries that may or may not occur due
to the use of this egg cooker. But, I mean, I think I did it right. There’s water in it. There’s a hole in the
egg in case it explodes, or whatever that does. There’s steam, it feels very warm. Actually, that’s super hot,
I shouldn’t touch that. This seems very reasonable. I see no reason why in three minutes and 32 seconds Ken will not enjoy a very soft-boiled egg that has been– It’s not poached, right,
that’s not what this is? That’s a different thing? We are done.
(timer beeping) Now, should I open it,
it should be okay, right? Ooh, that’s hot, okay. Ooh, that looks pretty boiled to me. Look, nothing caught on fire and there’s– Almost all our water was boiled off, too. I think we actually got the right amount. Hey, look at that. It actually is boiled and not liquid-y and droopy and making a mess. Whoah, what was that? The Opolar Laptop Cooler. Oh, wow, that. Okay. What are, wait, why? Okay, so this is going to
be an external laptop cooler because that always is a good idea. Step one, assemble the– Assem– Assmeble– Assmeble the laptop cooler
with the silicon shroud then push the cooler
toward the exhaust vent until the shroud completely covers it. That doesn’t look suspicious or anything. (flicking)
(laughing) Look, I don’t know why
they made it flesh-colored, but we’re just gonna move right past that. (laughing) They got a great deal on some
extra flesh-colored materials. Okay, so I’m guessing that’s gonna be it. This looks, no, there’s no way that’s– This is not okay. Okay, so with our Opolar
Laptop Cooler ready, let’s turn it on and see what happens. It’s a fan, it’s blowing air out this side and sucking it in from the laptop. The only problem with
things like this is that, well, that’s not how this works because there’s already heat being exhausted. Putting a suction on one end is not going to help the fan spin any faster. It’s just taking the hot
air that’s coming out of the laptop and making a
noise and exhausting it out. So if you wanna do this
with your laptop all day by all means, go waste money
on Amazon like Ken did, but I think it’s time to move to the next thing so I can let go of the flap. Oh my, why, why? (sighing) You bought a TV. What is this even? The Toshiba Fire TV. Um, can I ask how much of
our money you wasted on what I’m sure is going to be your new TV? Oh, 250, that’s actually not too bad. So if you can’t tell our unboxing space not really meant for
something that’s this big. So the deal with this is it’s actually going to have Fire TV built in. So not only do you have (bleep), but you’re also going to
be able to have access to Amazon Prime.
(sighing) This thing is so huge, dude.
(plastic crumpling) Uh, that, that’s broken. Oh wow, okay, so– Oh, look there’s even like
condensation inside of that. That’s not what you wanna see on your brand new TV even for 250 bucks. Man, that’s pretty bad. Well, I gotta say, we’ve
seen a lotta things on Mystery Tech, but this
is gonna be a new one. I don’t really think there’s a whole lot I can do about this one. Bose? This is not weird, this is not terrible. Did you get some reasonable stuff? So we’ve got the QC 25s as
well as the SoundLink Micro. How much was this? Oh, wow, 70 and 100 dollars? That’s actually a pretty solid deal. Man, I don’t know what to do
about things that are actually functioning and are
not total garbage town. This is a really new
bit of territory for me. Wait, why are these made for iPhone? They’ve got a 3.5 mm cable on
it, how is it made for iPhone? What? All right, so they come in a pretty nice-looking carrying case. Now, these are going
to be noise canceling, but unlike the higher-end
models they are not going to be Bluetooth so you are
going to need a 3.5 mm adapter. Wow, I like the way these feel though. So there’s a lot of
flexibility as far as you can rotate them, the headband
feels pretty good. Man, I gotta say, I
don’t spend a lotta time with Bose stuff, but their noise cancellation is so impressive. I mean, it absolutely just
sucks any kinda background out. I mean, I think this is an easy one. If you’re able to pick
these up for 100 bucks, I mean, that’s a no-brainer. Those are really, really nice. Just make sure you have
that noise cancellation on. Next up we have the SoundLink Micro. And I know this is actually a very popular Bluetooth speaker. One of the main features here is that not only is it supposed
to sound pretty decent, but, that’s kinda weird, but okay, we’re also going to be getting– It’s going to be not only waterproof, but also reasonably rugged.
(slow hip hop music) Okay. All right. I mean, for such a tiny
speaker, I’m really impressed with how loud that gets. And there’s actually a
fair bit of bass, too. I think a lotta times when
you get these small speakers they’ve got a good amount of bass, but it’s kinda overpowering everything, it’s not really that clear of a sound. But, I mean–
(hip hop music) For 70 bucks, this is a no-brainer. At 100 it’s a little
bit more questionable, but, still, that’s a lotta power in what’s a waterproof,
nice little chassis. I gotta say, Ken, this is
actually not garbage town. Good job. What is this? What, Ken, Ken, oh my god. So, I don’t know what
an Automaton Sweets is. So, first of all, you hold it. Second of all, you move
it, and then you make music with it and then you have a happy face. Never fails, Ken gets me all
excited with something cool and then he brings me right down to earth with some stupid crap that
I’m probably gonna hate. Oh, what, what is this? Why does it do that, I
don’t want it to do that. That’s not okay. (gadget squeaking) Okay, that’s kinda fun. (high-pitched squeaking) (laughing)
(gadget squeaking) (low-pitched squeaking) And that’s the hard out.


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