How To Win At Affiliate Marketing – EVERY TIME!

October 9, 2019

Hi guys this is Oberon! So today let’s talk
about putting together an affiliate offer around your product which is going
to make it an absolute no-brainer for people to buy from you. But before
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we’re your sort of people. So let’s talk about how you can make sure that
people buy from you over another affiliate okay, because presumably you’re
not going to be the only one selling your particular program. So how do you
stand out in the marketplace? Well this is one way of doing it and it’s
giving bonuses if you like that’s the big buzzword of the minutes ‘bonuses’
‘let’s do a bonus about it’ you just built a package of things based
around this particular product which make it an absolute done deal that somebody
would buy from you. Now this could include a Facebook group, support, resources,
check lists – people love this sort of stuff
but the way that you really really do it properly is to think about your product. Okay, think about a problem that is going to pop up once somebody starts using the
thing, okay? So for example if you if you’re we go back to the ice cream analogy, okay, somebody is gonna come into your ice cream shop and start eating
their ice cream – what’s gonna happen well they’re gonna get messy – so you might
want to say ‘With every order we do you a nice little moist towelette’ you
know like the airlines do, lemon scented towelette or you could maybe put
together a ‘how to avoid brain freeze’ these sorts of things so think
about your customer okay they start using your product, your service, your
‘thing’ what secondary problems are they now
gonna have? Most of the time it’s gonna be things like well they don’t know how
to use the product out the box for example – if it’s software there’s gonna
be a learning curve so you might want to think about trying to cut down that
learning curve. Put together a free course on how to – a QuickStart guide
how to get going with this thing with clickfunnels (it’s a funnel software that
I use), a good resource that always wins is if they are marketing to a
specific niche you might want to put together a pre-built funnel for that
particular niche. So for example if you are marketing
clickfunnels to – I don’t know – dog grooming parlors, you might want to then have a
prebuilt funnel that people can download and they can start using it and it
advertises the dog services and captures emails and it’s already
ready to go, so all they’ve got to do is go ‘click!’, fill out their bits and
start using it – rather than spending six weeks trying to build this damn thing.
Makes it a no-brainer because you are going to be one of quite a few
affiliates, so you need to make sure that you stand out – so this is one of the
absolute best ways I know of doing it because people like the fact that they’re going to get something that nobody else has got, they’re going
to get something that works for them – so start thinking about your particular
product that you’ve already picked. Start thinking about the people that you
already know are going to be using it, what problems are they gonna have. I mean
for example – when I’m thinking about my customers I know like you, like me, no
time, no money so if I can come to come up with something around this product
that cuts down the time and cuts down the cost you can guarantee that that’s
going to be a winner with my guys because I know what
problems they’re going to run into and it always learning curve. We don’t have
time to sit and learn a whole new system so I need to cut that learning curve
down for people. They probably won’t have the money they need to start
so I need to make sure that I’ve got resources in place to make sure that
they either get it for free, or very low cost or whatever – so those are the things
that I start building around because I know my person, I know my product and I’m
in the process of smooshing them together so the money falls out. So you
need to make sure that you’re thinking about these things. Now practically you
might wonder ‘well how is that going to work when I don’t control the cart when
somebody goes and buys this thing? I’m not able to add that on to their cart!’ I
you know I can’t physically – unless you want to hack Clickfunnels (which I
strongly suggest you don’t) you’re not gonna be able to you know have your
thing in the cart. So you’re gonna have to start thinking
about the ways that you could deliver this. So for example, with Clickfunnels
they give me a list of email addresses of people have bought my product so I
can then have them on a special email list. I can say ‘thanks for buying the
Clickfunnels products, here’s the bonuses that I promised you, here’s the link to join whatever, here’s the resource to download, here’s whatever it
is’ or you can always say to them ‘As soon as you’ve bought this item, make sure you
email me a copy of your receipt and I will make sure you get your stuff!’ you
know and the best email address or what have you you can do it that way little
bit more clunky, because it involves an extra step from them but sometimes I
think Clickfunnels is one of the only programs I know where they give you the
details of the people who have bought which product, so you can then do it from
that. Sometimes they don’t even tell you you just show up as a commission or what
have you, so as long as you’ve got access to that you can make it work
that way. I do that with Zapier; it’s all zapped across to to my email
list and then it that sends them on with the tag and it sends them onto a
specific list which then sends out all the stuff which is cool. It’s an
automation – that’s my thing – so there are ways and means about doing
it but you need to make sure that you’re you’re building this. When
you’re starting to pick your product, is this something that you are going to be
able to build a whole kind of suite of things around or offer other things;
software, tools, checklist, resources, training, whatever. For example, if you are
in one of the MLM kind of things, where you wanted to
build a team, you could say ‘Right, well if you get into
my team, if you join under me I’m already really good at Facebook Ads, for example. I will give you all the Facebook Ads that I’ve used, so you can copy them, so you can use them to be a bit of a no-brainer. Work to
your own skills as well. So just a recap this is what we’ve done – we are talking
about making sure that you’ve got an offer that you can build around this
product so whether or not that’s a training, whether or not that’s a
checklist, a resource, a tool – software tools are always a winner – so think about the
product and then think ‘Right well if I download this thing or if I
start using this thing today, what problems am I going to run into straight
away? Am I going to be able to use this straight away, is there something that
would make my life a lot easier, cut down the learning curve, get me into
profit quicker or get me the result I want even quicker?’ and then build it, add
it in and then work out how you’re going to make sure how you’re going to get
that to the person that the orders through your link. That is one of the
killer ways of making sure that you stand out from every other affiliate on
the planet because nobody else is gonna have the same bonuses that you do (unless
of course you’ve just copied them to somebody else, which is naughty naughty!)
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finding the people finding the product smooshing them together and waiting for the money to drop out! I will see you on the next video, have an awesome day – bye
bye now!

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