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How To Write a Blog Post (Step by Step For Beginners)

February 12, 2020

in this video I’m going to show you how
to write a blog post from start to finish you’re going to learn the exact
same techniques that we used to write the blog posts on our brand new fitness
website and you can see the traffic starts from that Fitness website just
above me the pageviews have been growing steadily and we’ve had over a hundred
and seventy thousand page views to our blog in the last eight months and you
can see that just one of these blog posts has had over 47,000 page views so
I’m going to show you the exact formula that we use to write blog posts like
this alright so in this video I’m going to show you my process for how I would
write a blog post step by step let’s say for example that I’m considering writing
an article about quiet keyboards or silent keyboards now the first thing
that I would do so step number one in the whole process is to make sure that
you have done a good job with your keyword research and keyword selection
you have to make sure that the keyword difficulty of your keyword matches the
strength of your domain if your domain is fairly new if your blog is fairly new
then you will want to choose a keyword with the keyword difficulty of maximum
seven according to age rafts the lower the better in this example as you can
see this top result quiet mechanical keyboard has got a keyword difficulty of
two so that looks pretty good because as you can see my domain has got
a domain rank of 17 according to age rafts and if we look at the other
websites that are ranking on page one for quiet mechanical keyboard so just by
opening this option here when I look at them in detail
I will notice that this D our domain rank or a lot of other sites is quite
low there is a website with 21 so I can easily compete with them
there is another website with domain rank of just
also I can easily compete with them as well so this tells me that I’ve got a
really good chance of being ranked on page one if there are other weak sites
on this same page besides that aircrafts is actually quite
good in determining keyword difficulty and they’re telling me that it’s too so
this is a tick for me and quiet mechanical keyboard seems like a really
excellent keyword for me to go for besides they’ve also got four point one
thousand in search volume just for the main keyword and also that means that
they’ll get lots of keyword searches for related keywords such as silent
mechanical keyboard and so on so as a general guideline make sure that for a
new website you are targeting keyword difficulty under seven according to age
revs and also that on the front page ideally you want to see at least some
domains where domain rank is approximately same as yours a little bit
higher is okay but you’d want to see some that are hopefully lower than your
current domain rank as well if you currently have zero domain rank that’s
cool too just make sure that on the front page there are some sites that
have domain rank of 20 22 23 or less step number two is to determine the
required length for your blog post should you be writing 500 words should
you be writing two thousand words or five thousand words how do you know well
the way to find out is to look how long the content is for other sites that are
ranking on page one and write an article that is longer than most of your other
competitors in order to calculate the length of each of these blog posts you
simply open each one in a new tab and calculate how many words there is you
can use a Chrome extension such as word counter this one here to easily
calculate the length of the posts if you select all of these content on the blog
post and then right-click and then use this extension can these words it’ll
tell you how many words there are this one we can see is 1689 words I have
analyzed all of these articles and I know that I need to write approximately
2,000 words because that seems to be the longest article that all of my
competitors have written so I’m going to be aiming for 2,000 words with these
a blogpost step 3 in writing your blog post is to write a blog post title or
some people also call it the headline to do that usually I take this keyword
that’s going to be the main keyword that I’m looking to target and I look at the
Google results page one to see what kind of titles my competitors have used and
then I try to create something that is at least as good as the titles that my
competitors have put out there after reviewing the titles or the headlines on
page one that my competitors have I noticed that a lot of them have put in
best into the title so I’m going to do something similar as well if I jump back
into a través I can see that quiet mechanical keyboard best quiet
mechanical keyboard related terms best quite mechanical keyboard also has a
good amount of search volume so for now I’m going to go with best quiet
mechanical keyboard and I’m going to put ultimate guide in the brackets to make
sure that people know that this is a high quality high authority resource
that will really help them and that will help me get more clicks when people see
my blog post title in Google search results generally by looking at the
titles of the top ten results of your competitors you can figure out what kind
of titles the people are using and why they might be using them and your job is
to just make sure that yours is as good or hopefully better catch your title but
that you also have your main keyword in the title this is very important because
this is going to help you actually rank in Google because Google needs that in
the title to understand what your article is primarily about step forward
is to include some subtopics so that we can start building the outline of the
article to do that head over into the keyword research tool of your choice and
take this main keyword quite mechanical keyboard and enter that and choose an
option that will allow you to pull out all of the related terms for that so
here we are getting some suggestions quite mechanical keyboard switches best
quiet mechanical keyboard best case this one is quiet mechanical
gaming keyboard so this sounds like a potential subtopic because there could
be gaming keyboards working keyboards etc so let’s copy and paste that let’s
open a simple notepad document just like this and let’s start building this
outline so I’m going to copy and paste that then let’s take a look at this
quiet mechanical keyboard for work so let’s place that in what else do we have
so another one that has caught my attention is quiet mechanical keyboard
for office it’s kind of the same for work and office is almost the same thing
so what I would probably do is change that into quite mechanical keyboard for
work and office and the reason guys just so that you understand the reason why we
are doing this why we are starting to build a list of these subtopics is that
we our main article is going to be on quiet mechanical keyboards but what we
want to have is we want to have some subheadings within our article and
that’s going to allow us to capture all of these long-tailed traffic that has
got all of these variations some people will be searching for quite mechanical
keyboard for work for office for other things and we want to capture them all
for gaming etc and we want to capture all of that into our blog post so that
we can get those visitors step 5 is to also get some additional subheadings for
our blog post and I do that by typing into Google the actual search term and
then scrolling all the way down and Google will always give you this option
here searches related to quiet mechanical keyboards so these are the
keyword terms that are topically related to the search that you’re trying to rank
for but this is the stuff that generally the keyword research tools will not give
you so it’s a way for you to get additional related keyword search terms
and Google things that they’re relevant so it’s probably a good idea for you to
include them so based on that it’s probably a good idea for us to include
these three mechanical keyboards so I’m going
copy and paste the whole lot in here and then do all the editing here so let’s
include this Matias quiet Pro this mechanical keyboard this mechanical
keyboard this one is kind of redundant because we already talking about it
silent keyboard Amazon I’m not going to include it it’s just not a very targeted
search because we’re not an Amazon website this cherry MX silent keyboard
sounds like a good one to review and Logitech G five one three mechanical
keyboard also sounds like a pretty good one to include into our radical step six
is to conduct some competitive research to see what kind of information they
have included into their blog posts so that can also give you some ideas for
what to include into your subparagraphs and subheadings into your article so if
I look at the number one result for quiet mechanical keyboard it’s this
website quiet home lab by the way this seems like a pretty awesome niche for
quiet homes I think that it would be getting pretty good traffic this website
anyway when I look at the way that they’ve written their article I can see
that they have an introduction here so this is a complete buying guide and then
they’ve also included some information on lifespan size and layout so these are
the criteria that they’re going to be talking about when they’re reviewing
each of these mechanical keyboards and then I can see that this is the actual
list of keyboards that they have included into their article now of
course as you will probably notice each one of these is actually an Amazon link
and it’s an affiliate link so as thousands of people come to this page
whenever they click through and buy something through this link the owner of
this website quite home lab will be making pretty cool commissions so this
website quite home lab is ranking number one so probably they have done something
right and I can borrow some ideas from their article now I want to stress you
don’t want to copy anything from their site do not copy and paste any content I
would also warn you against using the exact same headings because it’ll be
very obvious that you have actually copied it from this website and that’s
just not cool it can upset the website owner
and also the people who will be coming to your website will probably see that
these two sites have got the exact same headings so I personally what I would do
is I would just create a subheading that kind of follows the same format but I
would say why quiet mechanical keyboards and then I would say criteria we’ve used
and then I would actually talk about each of the criteria but slightly
differently so my criteria would be quality and reputation which they don’t
have here see then my other criteria would be noise levels they do talk about
noise but if one of them is matching that’s fine I mean that’s a very logical
thing and then I’ll talk about price and value for I would give each one a value
for money score and then I would actually create subheadings for these
keyboards that we have gotten from Google suggestions right and after I
have I have written all of these I would see how many more words I need to write
to get to the 2,000 word mark now you could also look at all of these other
websites and check which exact keywords they have written about so for example
quiet home lab I can see that they’ve written about the Biostar keyboard this
one here so potentially I might want to consider including it in my review then
perhaps I might go into this high consumption and have a look at how have
they laid out their article maybe I can get some ideas from there as well and
maybe I can get some models that I want to write about from there as well if I’m
sure after I have written everything else so hopefully this is making sense
you’re basically just doing your research as if you were doing you know a
university assignment or doing an assignment for work you just need to do
your research and lay out the plan for your article because it’s going to make
the actual process of writing the article so much smoother and so much
quicker if you have a really good plan upfront step number seven is to write
the introduction let’s get moving with writing the actual article the main task
of the introduction is to hook the reader in you want to make sure that you
make them excited to read the rest of the article and you also want to insert
your main one or two main keywords at this
very start ideally into the first sentence of the introduction so that
Google actually knows what your article is about
all right I’ve paused the video and I have actually written the introduction
it does not have to be long a couple of hundred words even 100 or 200 words are
completely fine for the first bit of the introduction you can pause the video and
read what I have written but the key things that I want to highlight for you
here is that I have put in the main keyword at the very start of this
article you can see I’ve got quiet mechanical keyboard I’ve actually got
best quiet mechanical keyboards I’m hitting two different key words quite
mechanical keyboard and best quiet mechanical keyboard and also I’ve in my
case this is 100% true you might need to find a slightly different angle but I
personally I have actually been looking for a quiet mechanical keyboard so what
I’ve written is I’ve spent ages looking for the best quite mechanical keyboard
it’s super hard there are lots of options prices vary so much and I’ve
decided to write this ultimate guide to help you you might need to use a
slightly different angle but your job is to hook in the the reader right there
and then and you also want to make sure that you mention your one or two main
keywords at the very start of your article okay so that’s the intro done
look at this we’ve already got a hundred words we only need to write two thousand
levels this was super quick and easy so let’s continue now all we have to do is
follow the outline that we have previously created so our step eight is
to write the actual article we just go through and we fill out the bits of the
outline that we’ve created in the previous steps so the first thing that
we want to do is to write about why quiet mechanical keyboards so literally
just copy and paste that in I want to make these heading two and then I want
to write a little bit about what is so good about mechanical keyboards and why
you need a quiet one in order for you to write about it you need to research
about it unless you already know what it is so type that into Google and read up
on what are quiet mechanical keyboards you will be able to find lots of
references for any topic after you have written the so
and you’ve got a good understanding of it go back and write this part of your
blogpost okay so pause the video again another
five or ten minutes and I’ve written another 150 words so this is coming
together super fast and you can see that basically I did a little bit of basic
research and I’ve written this I’m not going to read this for you but again
I’ve included a couple of the key word the main keyword a couple of times you
can pause the video and you can read this if you want to see what I have
actually written then essentially what I would do is insert all of these as
headings I can use subheadings as well so for example I can make criteria have
used as heading to then write a little bit about the actual criteria that we
have used because quality and reputation are subtopic of criteria we’ve used when
I copy and paste that I might make it an actual heading three so then I’ll write
a little bit about quality and reputation why it’s it’s an important
criteria noise levels why it’s an important criteria so let’s make that
heading three and so on and then just write a little bit in your own words
about each of these kind of criteria and topics and subtopics then you will want
to jump into the first keyword that you’re going to review it so if it’s
going to be matias quiet prior mechanical keyboard then we’re going to
make these heading two and then simply head over to google once again and read
about matias quiet pro mechanical keyboard alright so you can go into here
for example into the source and you’ll want to read and learn a little bit
about that read other reviews and then write about say two or three hundred
words in your own words about the matias quiet pro mechanical keyboard then you
will go back and you’ll do the same thing for chair EG 83,000 same thing for
logitech and before you know it you will have an amazing high quality blog post
watch this word count you want to have at least two thousand because this is
what your competitors have okay if your competitors
blog posts are shorter maybe a thousand words each then you only need to write
about a thousand or twelve hundred words step nine in writing a high quality blog
post to insert links to Authority websites
this is actually going to help your blogpost
look more authoritative in the eyes of Google because the internet was built to
provide high quality information and by linking out to other high quality
websites from your blog post you will be positioning your page as a highly
researched page that is backing up all of its claims by linking to high
authority sources for example I might consider linking mechanical keyboards to
some kind of a resource that explains what a mechanical keyboard actually is
so I might type in something like mechanical keyboard wiki and then I can
see that there is actually a Wikipedia article talking about keyboards and
mechanical keyboards so you can see here at the top I’ve got a link that actually
includes the reference to mechanical switch keyboard so I’m going to take
this whole link and I’m going to copy it and I’m going to highlight these
mechanical keyboards and then type in insert edit link paste that in here and
under link options I always open external links in a new tab because I
don’t want the user to actually leave my page if they click on it
and there we go I’ve got my first link to a high authority website I recommend
for you to have three to five links to high authority websites from within your
blog post step number 10 when you’re writing a blog post is to include links
to other blog posts on your website what this will do is it will allow the users
that are reading your article to also read some other articles from your blog
and this will mean that your bounce rate for your article as well as for your
website overall will go down and people will stay on your website longer click
on more of your ads buy more of your affiliate products and so on generally
what I do at this stage is I look at my blog and I think what kind of articles
are relevant to the article that I’m writing and here I might want to create
a link to how to drive traffic to your blog free and fast so let’s copy the
hyperlink to this and then I will find a good place to insert it in the body of
my article so here in the very first sentence where I’m saying
that I can use for work am i typing while I’m working on my blog alright
this is not actually stuffing up the flow of the article too much but then I
will highlight my blog and I will insert this in here so that if people want to
learn more about my blog and what I do and how I Drive traffic they can click
onto this link so there we go we’ve got our first internal link I recommend to
include at least five possibly ten twenty internal links depending how much
other relevant content you have you can’t have too many internal links as
long as they don’t disrupt the flow of your article when you have a lot of
internal links on your article this will just give the reader of your article a
lot of opportunities to explore more content from your website and this is
good for you you’ll make more money this way you’ll get a lot more pageviews and
you will sell more of your affiliate products build a bigger list etc one
bonus step that I want to tell you about is using Yoast SEO this is a free
plug-in and I use it on all of my websites because it is free first of all
and secondly because it’s actually really helpful in making sure that you
have done a lot of the other small on-page SEO if you expand these SEO
analysis then once you’ve pasted it in the main key phrase that you are
targeting in here Yoast SEO will actually tell you whether you have done
all of the things that you need to do so for example whether you’ve included a
key phrase and introduction see we’ve got that so it says well done key phrase
length is it good enough or not is the key phrase density good enough or not so
these are all of the things that we’ve done correctly now it’s saying that
there are some things where we could have an improvement or that we’ve done
incorrectly and if you click on each of them it will actually explain to you how
to fix it now your stays here is outside the scope of this article or this video
because in this video were actually focusing on the process of writing your
blog post but if you do want to learn more about SEO and getting traffic to
your website then make sure that you check the links in the description below
I’ve got links to some of my best videos that will take
through step by step how to do all of that now I’d love to hear from you guys
have you ever written a blog post before is this the first blog post you are
writing drop me a comment below this video in the comment section and let me
know if this is the very first blog post e writing say yes this is the very first
one no I have written blog post before I want to know your experience thank you
so much for watching see in the next video


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