#HowToEarnMoneyOnline #AffilliateMarketing – How To Promote Affiliate Links & Monetize Your Blog

October 9, 2019

how to promote affiliate links and monetize your blog affiliate marketing is one of the best ways bloggers can turn their content into profit stream and by joining a high paying affiliate program and maximizing the effectiveness of your affiliate links you will generate more revenue from every click to enter the world of affiliate marketing use affiliate links to your advantage and generate steady revenue from your blog in this guide you’ll learn how to acquire affiliate links use the best tactics for promoting your links and driving website traffic and become a successful affiliate marketing blogger affiliate links are exclusive URLs used to track the traffic sent from your website to the advertisers website each affiliate marketer has their own individualized URLs which contain specific identifiers such as a randomized series of numbers and letters your user name or other means of identification when a website visitor clicks your affiliate links a record is sent to the affiliate program to track your metrics such as clicks sales and commissions you will typically only earn a commission if the visitor makes a purchase but you may get paid for leads as well how to get affiliate links you must first join an affiliate program join an affiliate programs there are numerous affiliate programs available to publishers and website owners do your research and see which programs are aligned with your marketing goals content topics and interests a few of the top programs include click funnel affiliate Clickbank affiliate grant cardone a affiliate fiv er our affiliate aliexpress affiliate sh a reas a le affiliate and more log in to your affiliate dashboard and locate the links after you’ve been approved log in to your affiliate program to find your affiliate links using this dashboard you can select which of the advertisers text links or banners you’d like to promote on your website once you’ve selected the text link your exclusive affiliate links will be automatically generated for you to promote with embedded HTML or Lea itself before you paste the link you need to shorten the link go to bitly comm and paste your link to shorten them copy paste it to your content or website you can also use a wordpress plugin like first affiliates to cloak your affiliate links to look nicer on your site promote your affiliate links in these top places affiliate website reviews just as you were researching affiliate marketing programs to join you should deeply understand the companies that you’re promoting and the tools or products they offer your first focus should be on keyword research and including headings that best match the searches intent when researching the product you’re promoting to succeed in affiliate marketing you need people to click your links what do you need to do then is find places where you can share your affiliate links to get traffic keep in mind that the best way to promote affiliate products is typically through your own website all of these ideas are supplemental at best always check the Terms of Service for any site to make sure affiliate links aren’t against their rules before you post affiliate link on the Facebook page a facebook business page may not seem the right step for an affiliate marketer in the early stages of business but it’s perfect once you’ve built a website a small community a mailing list and a brand affiliate link on your facebook profile post your affiliate link on your Facebook profile if you stand by the offers you’re selling get friends and family to buy them affiliate on Facebook groups Facebook groups have a large number of members probably the best effective places you can market affiliate on Twitter hashtag conversations find some interesting hashtags and take part in the conversations and paste your link affiliate on Pinterest pins you can create some very interested followers just by promoting your offers in the right way on the site by creating great designs related to the affiliate link Instagram affiliate marketing you need a mobile device and a bit of graphic design talent to become an Instagram success hashtags and quirky images are critical here videos on YouTube make a better video and promote it and write on the description of the links your marketing videos on Vimeo any video that you host on YouTube you can host on Vimeo as well affiliate on LinkedIn LinkedIn is great for professionals and employers and it’s equally great for marketing professional tools LinkedIn groups finding some good groups can give you the ability to promote just about anything forums industry related forums are a great place to become a member of a community build a blog on your site make it short and just once every week to provide value to the link Facebook ads you can promote affiliate links and you have to comply with all of the other rules about images and copy offer free ebooks on your site by providing value to users and make them feel like they’re getting something out of you creating a mailing list you can provide content and affiliate offers to interested readers through your landing page follow the links in the description below if you want to start your affiliate marketing journey like share subscribe and click the bell icon notification and never miss our next video

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