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I CHALLENGE YOU to MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY Best Creative Camera Tips and Tricks

November 7, 2019

Ahoj! This is Zdenka. OK, concentrate…. Don’t move. OK, move. Don’t breathe. Zdenka keep your mouth shut. Gotcha. Another creative camera challenge time is here today. We are gonna be covering macro photography. What lens do you need for your mirrorless, DSLR, smartphone. Do you actually need to buy
extra lens? What equipment do we need? What are the settings? What are the
techniques? How do we do this? Let’s do this. and if you are new here welcome my name
is Dan Cannella I create photo and video tutorials stick reviews and creative
camera challenges like this one so if that’s something you’re interested in
you might consider clicking that subscribe button and as always we cannot
forget to look at last month’s submissions from you the last task was
fall and you were supposed to show beautiful fall colors in your images I
get so many submissions I got so overhelmed today we’re all beautiful
thank you so much you guys are awesome you’re rock and I’m starting to get to
know you which is even more awesome I love it so let’s look at some top ones
in a random order first photo here is from David Peter Bennett sun is shining
through the woods I can feel the photo I grew up in mountains and this is what I
see when I think of home photo number two is from Steven and Blackwood a
residential golden street covered with leaves another photo here is from Ashley
fantastic view on the river I like the Browns there and how it all
twists and turns next curvy photo here is from David this
time curved road who gives many colorful trees photo number 5 is from Randall
pack I love the rocks with the leaves in the foreground and the waterfall in the
back beautiful photo number 6 is from our which name I cannot pronounce
unfortunately I’m sorry the name is displayed over the photo cat
in a full background I’m loving the colors the greens and
golden orange really nicely done Jim Hamilton submitted this really nice
photo of Creek in the woods very nicely captured photo number 8 is from Danielle
loving the road a walkway covered with leaves very nice food
bepah Mikula submitted this photo taken in golden nature i really like
everything about it last two photos are here the number ten is from edward and
the shot is featuring beautiful fall waterfalls last photo today is again
from Peppa Mikula it is beautifully captured full scene with soft fog in the
background thank you so much again for submitting I have posted names of
everyone in a video description below alright the things you need for this
round macro photography challenge camera it doesn’t matter which camera you have
it can be mirrorless DSLR smartphone any camera right now I’m going to start with
a camera like this and I have here nifty 50 50 millimeter lens f 1.8 and I also
have here macro expansion tube so when I pair those two together this is what I
use actually when I shoot weddings this is how I take the wedding ring photos
and other jewelry and I use this setup with my DSLR which is Canon 5d Mark 3
but if you want to put it on Canon and 50 or canon m6 mark 2 you can do two
things you can pair it with a vote trucks speed booster or adapter both
speed booster and adapter will work they will just give you different result the
focal length will be different the view will be a little bit different and just
for comparison I’m going to show you how the results will look like so you get
the feel of it here are samples with evil truck speed booster and the macro
setup and here are photos with the adapter and the macro setup and since I
prefer adapter in this case because I can get much closer let me just work it
together like this and just to let you know everything I’m talking about in
today’s video is linked in video description below so you don’t have to
take your notes you can just enjoy this video now it’s time to talk about camera
set and let’s start with shutter speed it is
highly suggested to use very fast shutter speed in fact most of the
photographers suggest to start at 250th of a second one 250th of a second it
will all depend on which camera you are using how your hands are steady what the
conditions are I know that on this one I’m 6 mark 2 I had actually my settings
1 125th of a second and the photos were fine they were crispy clear so I had no
issue just to try a little bit slower shutter speed so I highly suggest to
maybe start at 1 250th of a second and you can slowly work down and see how
much actually you can handle so you’re still happy with the results when it
comes to the aperture macro lens has a very shallow depth of field that means
that you will see loto bokeh in the image in fact they will see so much
bokeh that he will be dreaming about it for next two nights basically everything
will be very blurry and very tiny piece of the photo will be sharp now I found
this jewelry somewhere laying around in the house and so let me grab that and
let me show you some samples with different aperture values so you
understand exactly what I’m talking about
the first photo here is taken away the lowest aperture number the widest I can
do here and you can tell that there’s a lot of bokeh in the photo and just very
tiny area is sharp let me increase it to f9 and here in this photo you can see
that much bigger area is now sharp and the rest is blurry now let me go to the
maximum the highest number possible and here is the photo again everything is
pretty much sharp so it is up to you to decide what aperture you want to use how
much sharpness in a photo you want how much sharpness of an object you want so
you might have to really go actually with the aperture pretty high now the
higher you’re gonna go with the aperture the more light you will need if you are
shooting outdoors on a bright sunny day it’s not a problem if you are shooting
indoors you might need a lot of light or you
grab yourself a flash and he might actually like the results if you’re
gonna be using just a little bit of flash and mix it with the ambient light
the best thing for the flash though is to use some kind of a diffuser if you
don’t have a diffuser there is a quick hack just grab a piece of paper and have
it in front of your flash and if you need both hands what you can do you can
just cut a hole in the paper stick it on your lens and you are set
you have your diffuser to take the actual photo forget the out-of-focus it
will go absolutely crazy on you just turn it to manual and if you like turn
the focus peaking on as well and all you have to do is just little tiny movements
forward and backwards like this it might look like you’re drunk but that’s how
you take macro photos you will see that area you want sharp and you snap the
photo let’s talk about taking macro photos with your smartphone now you can
do that as well for sure I’m going to reach to my favorite filter set it’s
actually very affordable further set it’s actually very cheap so here is
macro lens included in that filter set and there’s this little clip I just
mount that micro lens on it once it’s done I clip it to my phone and voila I
am ready to take the photos macro photos in my smartphone now you can absolutely
take the photo inches automatic modes in a regular app on your phone or if you
have the option to shoot in a pro mode like I have then you can just use the
settings I was showing you before and take the shot that way so here are some
sample photos I took with my smartphone samsung galaxy s 10 plus and the macro
lens I was showing you and when they take macro shots don’t be afraid to play
with different angles go up and down all around play with different compositions
try different backgrounds you can add even a drop of water because that’s
actually magnifying glass on its own just
be very creative the possibilities are endless
walk around in circles literally be very creative and if you don’t have a macro
lens then I’ve seen this hack online but I don’t suggest it I’m going to show it
to you but again I don’t suggest it so all you have to do to turn any lens into
micro lenses detach it from your camera turn it around and this place it very
closely to your camera and that way you will turn any lens into micro lens now
the reason I don’t I don’t recommend this do you remember the story where
actually when I scratched my sensor I was changing lens outdoors and sand gut
and obviously and scratch my sensor that came I was probably about a one-month
old it’s one of my DSLRs so if you are gonna do this do this in a room where
there’s absolutely no desk it’s kind of like a vacuum and also when you’re
getting close video lens to these compartments right here that can be
damaged it can be scratched so you have to be extremely careful again I don’t
suggest it but wanted to show it to you anyways your turn now you have until
November 30th 2019 to take any macro photos with any camera it can be insects
objects jewelry patterns anything you like to submit them simply upload them
to Facebook group zeti creative camera challenge or upload them to your
Instagram account and use hashtags ID challenge 10 the instructions again are
written in the video description below don’t forget to mention what camera and
lens you are using what camera settings you were having at the time you took the
photo and I’m so looking forward to seeing your work thank you very much in
advance the best photos will be featured in the next round of creative camera
challenge and again all the gear I was talking about is listed in a video
description below so feel free to check it out well hit the thumbs up button if
you liked today’s video subscribe to all future videos like this if you have any
questions comments or simply want to say hello you can do so in a comment section
below I read it all and I’ll try to respond and I will see everybody in the
next video ciao ah hey


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