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October 12, 2019

Focus whoo-hoo. Welcome to the extremely
messy room of Avery. Yes. We are in my bedroom yet
again, and I have a package. I’m very excited. But I’m also very nervous to open it
up slide it open it down here because contrary to popular belief. I do actually live in a
house with other people. I don’t know. This is one of those things
that’s kind of hey Cat. Stabilization on this
camera is really good. I’m very proud of this camera. Okay, I’m so nervous. And I’m so excited. I why am I nervous? I don’t know. I feel like this is a big step. What’s inside this box is a
big deal by opening this box. I submit myself as a furry forever. Guess that wasn’t really up for debate. I think that’s pretty much cemented as is
so truly the first time I’m opening this as well. Oh, wow. Looks like we do have a
little cover letter down here. This is actually the weather the first
nose I think this is really nice. He saw that one video with the custom
stuffed animal creature thingy the entire time I mostly just sitting there being
like these are the noises I make when I’m excited to open something up
complimentary comb also appreciate it. I feel as if I’m putting shall
we sit down and talk about this? I really feel like I’m
putting myself out there. I don’t know. I’m so nervous. If you ever be at school and somebody’s
like sitting next to and they strike up this conversation about how stupid furries
are doesn’t bother me as much as when those people are talking
about gay people and stuff. Like that’s a lot more personal life. I don’t know. I am very excited obviously, but. First of all, let’s open this minor
standing is that this has magnets in its head. Look at that I could add that
the right tail collection. That’s awesome. Talk about gay. Holy moly. Oh my gosh. If you know me, please
stop watching the video. Don’t try this at home. You could suffocate in
a plastic bag like this. Oh my goodness star secret nice. So, um, I have something I can’t forget. Okay, why don’t we practice this later? I will never be used to this. Oh, wow. I am unaware of my own sighs monitor
display off what’s happening? But whatever. This is quite the strange experience. I have no idea what’s going on. You know what let’s not ruin the illusion. Shall we let is this unsettling to any of
you you can hear me pretty well, so that’s surprising actually. The feeling that I’ve seen Adam Savage
talking about with cosplay as a way to disconnect from reality. I can feel it because it feels like I’m
not the same person which is weird and I realized and me saying that it makes me
sound like a complete dummied our Seeker was nice enough to include. Are you ready? Are you ready for this Kara tawfik
onto the top of my head here. Oh, man. I can’t wait to take an 80
megapixel photo of this. Oh my gosh struggle is real. Okay, I think that looks good Avery you
somehow found yourself away to look even more ridiculous. So this is how I plan. Most of my upcoming videos to look like
I hope you are looking forward to it. Yeah. This is a very strange shot Avery. Why aren’t you showing your face? Well, trust me you’d be disappointed
not as disappointed in it as I am. Aha, I found it first try. How did this happen Avery well, I think
I got a message on Twitter basically said something along the lines of like hey, do
you want me to make you a fursuit head? And that was from our Seeker? Okay. Hi. This is Avery house the framing
look I’m not quite sure. Obviously, I was flattered that sort of
stuff has happened before and typically I try to discourage it because I find in
the past, you know, like you had you might remember that video called a fursuit tail
from the Faroe Islands the person who made that tail citria, I believe
that’s how you say their name. They worked so hard on it and it got like
a thousand views and I don’t think anybody bought the tail because of that video
and I felt really bad ever since then. What if Snapchat spectacles were
actually just for going on Snapchat? Hello? Yes, Me Avery this what this is comes
as it is this what this is come too. What was I saying do I typically try to
discourage that even though it’s very nice and I obviously really appreciate it
Star Seeker was like no I’ll do it. I’ll do it for free. That’s right Star Seeker. Offered to make me this for
no money, which is ridiculous. The idea that this video is going to
provide enough exposure in order to compensate that like that. No, I’m not no, but the thought is incredibly nice
and I mean, I appreciate it and incredible amount because it would have taken
me a very long time to go out and and commission something like this. I don’t. Anybody to think that free
fursuit heads or something? We owe this light went out. Oh my lights have gone out
like the one time I need them. I don’t want somebody to think that free
fursuit heads are given out because it’s sort of a meme where people say like, hey,
I’ll give you exposure make this for me for free. I think people don’t necessarily realize
what making one of these entails. I mean, it’s a lot of work. It has lot of materials and stuff. It would be hypocritical of me to be like,
oh, yeah don’t go around saying that to people and then when I get offered
something like that be like, oh sure so, Fact that they were willing to
give this to you for free as. Extremely kind of weird interesting. I feel very strange. But at the same time I feel a
lot better than I typically do. I don’t know. I mean, I got a lot of good videos coming
soon probably because of this you may remember a picture of me
from many many years ago. It’s little Avery wearing Google Glass
ever since Google Glass came out. I wanted a pair because. Incredibly awesome. But you see they are fifteen hundred
dollars, which is more than this camera, which is it’s a completely ridiculous cost
not to mention that the way they log on you the way you link your Google account
requires a Google+ account and Google Plus is shutting down soon. So but where am I going with this? Well, I found a broken Google Glass and I
bought it and I’m going to make a video in which I try to get it working. I’m extremely excited stay tuned for that
if you’re interested in also more stuff related to this directly. So huge thanks to Star Seeker. They got a Twitter. They got a YouTube. I’ll include links. Thank you so much for making this check
them out because they do they’re pretty good at what they do evidently. Well.


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