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October 4, 2019

some of the more fun and overlooked
trails at the Whistler Bike Park are actually blue trails I’ve always really
enjoyed single track trails whether they be flowy or techy for this video I’m
gonna show you some of the cooler blue trails at the Whistler Bike Park
some of them you’ll definitely recognize but a few of them you may not recognize I’m
gonna start this video on some of the better-known ones like ninja cougar
because it is always a ton of fun Doing ninja cougar to karate monkey, samurai
pizza cat is usually one of my favorite warm-up laps oh yes all right that felt so good all right so
while ninja cougar was full of Berms karate monkey here, it still has some
sick berms but gets a little more technical worried this part would always drive version to
a living oh yeah those are so much fun ho chi
minh’s full of really fun brooms maybe we’ll check it out later we’re gonna try
our doubles club because there’s some fun tax implied wooden bridges this slide I guess I always thought
Devil’s club was a really cool trail it’s got quite a bit of wooden bridges
and I always loved those wooden features the best part of these blue trails is
that most riders can enjoy these you don’t have to ride a line or clown shoes
to have fun out here and then you got it what
so we’re gonna do now is water the night short
they’re pretty risky I crashed on those a little bit ago so I
don’t want to do crazy back here oh yeah oh wow this whole thing most
people just continue down a line at that point and you can’t really blame them a
lines pretty sweet those last few jumps are awesome it just means that Hornet
does not get written very much I’m now joining fellow NF rider J boysson he
used to race and now I think he just rides free ride we’re gonna ride ho chi
minh this trail has some really sweet berms okay oh good I couldn’t quite keep up to
you that was a bit all right I got to show
you guys a few of the trails on Creekside insomnia is really smooth with
a lot of berms and I quite enjoy it so many verbs in this one
we’re gonna do jokes but the birds are me Oh well one thing I like about some of
these trails is that they don’t get too wide like what you find on crank it up
or see more for example I really like keeping trails skinnier makes it feel a
little bit more like mountain biking it resembles the hand-built trails a little
bit more please Porter step near the bottom here I can merge onto
Earth circus here the earth circus starts at the same point that insomnia
starts at so it’s a nice long trail as well and it’s got a bit of a different
vibe to insomnia even though it’s just another blue flowy vermi trail I
especially like the upper part the most it’s pretty quick and really fun in
Creekside there’s also a trail called South Park which is big and wide kind of
like crank it up but without the jumps basically the highlight of this route
here is always crossing through the waterfalls on a hot day these feels so
refreshing but what I really want to show you is a
new one called Cirque du soil which is cool what I like about this one is that
it’s a little bit more natural-looking again I’m always in favor of a bike park
building skinnier more single track style trails that I’ll keep there more
natural flavor to it I’m not such a fan of the really wide machine build
manicured trails unless it’s something like a dirt merchant I mean there’s
definitely a place for that but even then I have to admit it’s not the most
mountain biking kind of feel of a trail I just don’t want to see every trail
become some machine built trail you know this trail is not very long and it just
merges back into South Park back in the Fitzsimmons zone I’m gonna show you
another cool line and it comes off a feline again it starts with funshine
Rolly drops in just smoke and mirrors these ones are somewhat more techie but
you can still blast through them really fast let’s do smoking me it’s always a blast
quick food full man it’s good to the dark right now alright let’s go straight into a bluesy
this one’s great as well blues iam is quite interesting because
it used to be totally different a number of years ago they’ve retired a lot of
these old ladder bridges and I really don’t understand why so this part of the
trail called blues game used to be called smokin ears used to be a lower
half of smoking years and it used to have all this stuff just have some more
wood features you can see some more over there as well I really don’t know what
I’m ready though this is this not the coolest thing I’m going backwards shell
goes the other way look at this I love this I love this trail because of this
the new bluesy em trail just kind of did a reroute around it all you’ve seen all
those cool ladder bridges on Devil’s club so you might think well yeah are
these any different in fact these old wooden features look like they got even
more interesting this trail looked like it used to have even more fun and
interesting skinnies and wood features with the ups and downs on some of these
bridges and and some of the skinnier parts I totally remember all this oh my
goodness that’s so unfortunate why do they have to let that die out honestly
the best stuff I find it really unfortunate and I don’t really know what
their decisions were but that doesn’t change the fact that I do still really
enjoy bluesy em as it is there’s some more rock and rock faces and that’s fun
too we’ve got Wednesday night delight it’s
like super mini Dwayne Johnson well that was a lot of fun our blue family crime so the family cross is just
a four cross track that always changes every year because it has to flow around
the slopestyle course which also has to get rebuilt every year there’s always
some really cool gaps to clear when it’s newly built and open to the public it
has the nicest berms in the park although it doesn’t last too long
because it is out in the Sun all day and it can get kind of dry and Haggard but
regardless it’s still a pretty cool track to do and when you’re sick of
doing a line and harder darkness down sometimes it’s nice just to do the
four-cross track all right so those would be the Whistler
blues hope you guys enjoyed the video I hope you guys have as much fun as I do
on those trails because there are always a lot of fun let me give a huge thanks
to all my patrons who are such a big help in this channel and helping me be a
full time youtuber and just going out on trips like to Whistler here and there
and everywhere else and gettin tons of footage for you guys make sure you guys
give a like and subscribe hope you’re excited see more

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