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I Tested The RAREST Paint Colors To Ever Exist…

February 28, 2020

Hey. What’s up? How’s it going? I don’t know. I don’t know what to do with my hands on the intros, so I’m like Heh heh heh heh! So recently I was one of five million people to have watched this video about all the crazy and extreme ways that oil paints used to be made. And I didn’t know this but apparently, they would crush up literally thousands and thousands of shellfish to get a certain color, or they would use straight-up poison to make colors, and there was even one paint that was made using, and I am not kidding, this is real, crushed-up mummies. You heard me right. (Whispers): Mummies! And now, of course, in present day we have synthetic paint, which is good because now we don’t have paint made out of literal poison! But at the same time it kind of sucks because the color shades themselves, even though they could be made synthetically with all the colors we have, those shade paint colors just don’t exist. Like, you can’t just walk into a store and ask for Paris green, and when I say Paris green, I’m sure a majority of you, including myself, have no idea what color that even is because it’s lost in time. Until today. Until today, because ladies and gentlemen, I have found an artist/eBay seller who has literally worked with and/or swatched and/or has made these lost colors. But not only has he worked with them, he actually color matches the real thing to synthetic versions. So basically he like, mixes his own version of the paint, and he color matches to a tee. And so for the first time in my life and maybe your life, we’re gonna see what these color shades actually look like and I am such a history buff, hahaha! I’m so excited. And the super long YouTube intro wouldn’t be complete without these. *Music* And yeah with that being said, let’s watch and work with and paint with some paint colors that no longer exist. Every time I use oil paint from now on, I’m gonna try to use gloves. So as you can see the package has been split open, and the only reason I did that is to make sure no paint has exploded inside because this paint came all the way from a mysterious land called Canada. Ooh! Okay, so this very first paint that we’re gonna be testing out was originally called Paris Green/ Emerald Green. Now, this paint was an absolute favorite of Monet, of Van Gogh. It was also very popular in wallpaper in the late 1800s/early 1900s. At one point, it was very in demand for its green color because what made this paint green was arsenic. Which if you don’t know, arsenic is a very, very dangerous poison. So yeah, let’s swatch this baby, see what she looked like at one point. Okay, so I guess I’ll just plop some on right here – *Gasps* Oh wow. Wow, this is some really good oil paint. Like, right off the bat, the artist made some really nice oil paint. This color is like kind of similar to the gloves that I’m using except it has definitely has much more of a warm tone to it. Like, it has some yellow in it. Wow, this is a beautiful paint. Oh my gosh! You know, usually with oil paints, they’re very like, deep in color, they’re very rich. And to be honest this is kind of like, this color reminds me of something that you would get in acrylic paint. So I’m gonna thin it out a little bit and we’ll see what it looks like super thinned out. Oh, it’s pretty! *Gasps* Oh wow. It’s super pretty! It’s still very opaque. Yeah, this is definitely one of those colors that I absolutely cannot see, just like regular oil paints, coming in anymore. Okay, now on to the deuce. Now, I actually went to Hobby Lobby. I spent a long time, literally about an hour just opening up colors, looking at them, examining them. Obviously it’s not like a Sephora so I can’t just like, go in there and like, start swatching everything. The first colors that I found hopefully that are very very similar, uh, is Master’s Touch Lake Green. Oh – Uh, yeah, it looks like it’s gonna be a little bit too blue. Darn it! Hmm. Yeah, it’s definitely looking a little bit too cool-toned. Pretty color though. *Buzzing noise* The next one that I found was actually acrylic and I happened to find this Light Emerald Green, and if you remember, this color is literally called Emerald Green Hue, and we’ll see what the modern-day Emerald Green Hue looks like compared to the original. Oh! Very similar. Oh, yeah. This one’s a little bit too yellow. Ooh! Very very similar, just not as cool-toned. The closest that you could probably get to getting this exact color is getting Light Emerald Green and adding a little bit more of a blue tone to it. Okay, so this next one, I am very, very, very excited for. Now, this is a color I think everybody has maybe heard of but not that many people have ever had the pleasure of actually seeing it, including myself. Now, this color is called, for the sake of this video, Tyrian Purple/Red. It’s also known as the more famous color Royal Purple. Now this color was actually not necessarily a pigment, but it was more or less a dye for clothes. See, back in the day, purple was a very hard pigment to get ahold of so only the rich had this purple dye because it was very very difficult. And the reason that this dye was so sought-after is because it was made using the mucus of literally thousands and thousands of snails. But yeah, Crayola has their own version of Royal Purple, but it’s not the true, true Royal Purple. Okay, so here it goes. This is the true color of Royal Purple. Oh! It’s like super dark, oh my god. It’s like almost black. Oh my god. I was not expecting that. Ooh, it’s still very very dark. Oh my goodness. Wow! This is an incredible – oh my goodness! Guys. It’s almost like, turning into a pink. This would be really great for like, a sunset or like, like instead of using pure black you use this beautiful rich purple. Oh, I bet that would be absolutely killer! Wow, even just messing around, this is probably gonna be like my new favorite color. Now for the dupe of this one, I have a feeling this one’s absolutely just not gonna be duped at all because with modern purples, they’re either too blue, they’re too light and we have like, the true synthetic purple now so, I don’t know if we’re gonna be able to get this one. The color we’re gonna be trying out is Dioxide Purple which, it looks like a true, true beautiful purple. Oh! That’s not cute. Trying to keep it cute today. Yeah, nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. This is like a true purple. It’s a beautiful color, but it doesn’t have like that red, browny, natural tint to it. It looks like a synthetic purple. The next color will be Violet and this color has some red tone to it. Yep. Nope. This one is literally the exact same color as this one. Nope. Nope, nope, nope. And there are so many colors of purple and red but none of them even close to this, and I feel like this color kind of matches this better than this, you know what I’m sayin? Huh, interesting. Alright, so next up we have the grand finale, and this one is called Mummy Brown. And this color is called Mummy Brown because literally, back in the day they would break into these mummy tombs and grind the mummies up into paint. Which, I mean, thank God we have the mummy-free version here. And from what I was told, I briefly got to talk to the artist who recreated these colors. This is the color that pretty much interested him the most, like he was very curious to try it. In fact, talking to him, he is currently in the works of publishing a whole entire book on this. If you’re watching it from the future, I will link his book down below, you know, try and help out a fellow artist. But the thing was, ladies and gentlemen, that makes this the grand finale: Mummy Brown wasn’t just famous for the color of brown that it gave off. Oh, no, ladies and gentlemen: it’s because the crushed up mummies would actually have a texture to the paint! This, so this paint that I’m unfolding right now, was made the exact same way as Mummy Brown but instead of you know, a thousand year old mummy, it’s made with leather. So basically the, the artist dehydrates leather to the point of like, mummification. *60s Batman music* Grinds it up into a powder, and people like myself who really enjoy history will be able to experience Mummy Brown with no mummies. All right, so… Wow, it’s very very dark. Oh wow, this is definitely like a deep… it’s kind of like a yellow ochre but brown. Like, very interesting. And the reason Mummy Brown became so famous is because it was known for being like, one of the best skin tones that you could use at the time for oil paint. Wow. I can definitely see why this was so popular, I mean, all you have to do is maybe add a little bit of blue here and there and you get like, pretty much the perfect skin tone. So we’re outside because when I bought this on eBay, I had noticed that it said there was some toxicity to the drawing formula and I don’t have the best ventilation for like, toxic chemicals. So here it is, Mummy Brown. Whoo, I can smell the chemicals in it. It’s not coming out! It’s a little thick. Wow, the leather just does something to it. It like, gives it such an interesting texture. This would be great for like, glazing afterwards or just like, adding in a little bit extra brown for some skin tones. Man, this is crazy. This is kind of like watercolor but with oil paint. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s really interesting, it’s very transparent. Wow, that’s absolutely brilliant and very universal. And because this is so specialty, I don’t think I’m gonna use it for my oil painting because I have the other Mummy Brown so, yeah. Wow, just beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! And so yeah, the color that I bought that I think is gonna be literally identical is Raw Umber. And Raw Umber is actually one of my favorite colors when it comes to like, yellow skin tones, yellowish hair, working with portraits. I love Raw Umber. Yup. Yup, yup, yup. I knew it. I frickin knew it. This one’s a little bit more neutral and this one’s a little bit more warm tone, but I mean, this one’s very very dupable. And I actually bought this like, 12 paint set Master’s Touch because I feel like Raw Umber might even work for this. I can’t get it out. *Imitates whining* Alright, so this was Raw Umber and this is Burnt Umber. There is a difference. Mm-hmm. Oh yeah. This one’s a little bit more red toned. See, it’s very very very similar. VERY similar. *Ding* Okay, well with that being said, you guys ready to make a painting? *Music* Oh. Here she is! Now this might come as a surprise to some of you but there is ZERO black used in this painting. In fact, the only colors I used were these ones right here. And I only use Tyrian Purple instead of black, that’s how dark it was. In all the shadows and yellows and everything that you’re seeing, they were only made using the eBay paint. And it’s just absolutely incredible. And if you had to ask me which one was my favorite out of all of these, I’m definitely gonna say Tyrian Red/Purple. You know, I don’t think I’ll ever find an oil paint this perfect ever again in my life. And I just want to say that I’m sad that they don’t sell these beautiful paint colors anymore and it sucks that they had to suffer because of their past, but honestly, like, I am so happy I got to work with these paints. It was such an awesome opportunity, and yeah with that being said, I’m super happy with how it turned out and I will see you guys next video. Bye! *End music*


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