I Think It is About Time ,Just Do It !!

November 5, 2019

I say just do it I say just do it you
know when you were a child every day was new wonderment of life some of you had
happy joyous childhoods others of you had childhoods that were only in your
dreams a fantasy world maybe your childhood wasn’t very happy but every
day you dreamed for a better childhood every day you dreamed for happiness in
your life as the years ago the troubles of the world come upon you and you start
looking down down down and by the time you reach your older age you don’t have
much joy in your life because the troubles of the world compacted on your
shoulders this is how it is for many people this is how life is but I’m
saying just do it alright alright what are we supposed to do you ask I’m here
to tell you you’re supposed to have joy in your heart and do the things that
make you happy in this world is going to be people there’s going to be naysayers
who put you down don’t let them steal your joy live each day in the moment of
your life live each day in happiness and maybe every once in a while be a child
again whether you reminisce about your happy childhood or maybe you think about
the childhood that you wish you had says you’re too old to be a kid and who says
you can’t play in the rain I think I always like doing as a kid is playing in
the rain I hold my head up high and I would let the rain fall you know what
this is maybe a silly demonstration but this is what I’m doing today I’m just
doing it I’m standing in the rain letting the rain fall on me
and I don’t have a care in the world yeah you know in life we’re supposed to
look up not look down and that’s what I’m doing today in a practical way I’m
trying to show you how looking up changes your hosts perspective on life
you know this world everybody’s on their iPads and on their phones always looking
down but the Lord tells us to look up and that’s what I wanted to do today
even if it is pouring rain looking up it’s where you find happiness are you
looking up today and light or are you looking down upon yourself looking up
changes your whole perspective in life oh it’s rather silly for a 49 year old
to be standing out in the rain but who says who wrote the books on the rules of
how we’re supposed to act I say I think it’s great standing out in the rain
every once in a while and having fun so what are the things that you enjoy in
life what are the things that bring you happiness today I’m gonna share with you
mine and I say just do it so what are the keys to happiness you know
if I had the answer I would be a very wealthy woman it seems like since the
dawn of time people have been asking that question people would search for
happiness lots of ways but it seems like happiness is something they don’t
achieve so I’m gonna share with you only what I know how I achieved
happiness there really is no cookie cutter answer to this question
I found this squash out in the garden and an animal must have got at it and so
it’s not good anymore so my chickens get to eat it they like to pick at it my happiness comes from chickens a lot
of you like to sow and read a lot of you like to do volunteer work in helping
others that brings you great happiness so what is the key to happiness I think
it’s finding the things that you enjoy doing and doing them with your whole
heart I think it is finding things in your life that bring you joy and just
exploring those things everybody’s different I think sometimes we get too
worried about what the world is doing and what the world is saying all of the
negativity in the news we forget about our own happiness I think happiness
should be spread among people I don’t think you should just keep your
happiness all to yourself how do you share happiness with other
people well it’s really easy the depression is contagious but not only is
depression contagious happiness is – happiness is contagious
you know when you’re around positive people you tend to feel positive and
when you’re around negative people it kind of puts you in a sour mood but what
is the number one key to happiness what is the number one key it’s so simple
it’s contentment being content with what you have is a number one key to
happiness in your life now being contentment doesn’t mean that you don’t
strive to have a better life or strive to be more intelligent or strive to
learn wisdom or strive in the talent that you have we all strive for these
goals but being content with what we have at
brings great happiness a lot of people are discontent today a lot of people see
what other people have and they wish they had that then they forget about the
blessings that they do have in life being happy is something that is deep
within you and being happy sometimes is a choice people often say to me well
you’re so bubbly and you’re so happy I am that is my nature not everybody was
born with a happiness in their heart some people are more reserved and some
people are more melancholy that’s just the way that they are but that doesn’t
mean they’re not happy it’s just the way that they are my grandma Grubb she was
not a bubbly person she was a very stern woman she was very sober minded and her
face didn’t smile a whole lot but she was still content and she was
very happy how do I know she was happy took great pride in what she was doing
her cooking she took great pride in it she took great pride in her housekeeping
skills and she shared her wisdom with me she loved me dearly she told me so many
times she was very reserved but I sat at her foot so to speak and I really wanted
to learn I loved my grandma grib and I’m gonna be reading her diary more
somewhere somewhere along the line I got lost I’ve said this before to you
and I’ll probably say it again but don’t we always focus sometimes in her life I
mean I’m not the only one don’t sometimes we lose focus on really who we
are in life I kind of did that I think it’s because I want to be liked by
everybody I still do I mean that’s something that’s in me I understand that
I’m not liked by everybody and I understand that that’s an impossible
dream because if you’re liked by everybody that means you really don’t
stand up for what you believe you just pretty much humdrum to what everybody
else believes you know like the politicians you know the ones on this
side and this side and they promise everything you can’t promise everything
in life but I wanted to be I don’t know want it to be something that the younger
generation would like as well let’s face it the older generation is what watches
my videos not all there’s quite a few of you young girls no I don’t think there’s
any young guys that watch me but there are some girls that are under the age of
30 that actually watch me and I am so inspired by you
there’s something very old-fashioned about you in your heart and in your soul
but I wanted the Millennials to want to watch my videos because let’s face it
the Millennials are what takes over the social media right but I realized I’m
just an old-fashioned girl that’s what makes me happy and if I make videos that
don’t really portray me then I’m not being content now am I you know it’s
quality not the quantity and somehow I have to keep that in my mind so the
secret to happiness is is to know your heart and to know your soul and to know
what makes you happy the secret to my happiness is I know the Lord I am a
Christian and I don’t ever deny my faith or ever make light of my faith but I
want to share my life with all of you and I know that so many of you
enjoy my videos I took a deep thought a couple weeks ago really analyzed my life
I really analyzed my channel analyzed what makes me happy truly what makes me
happy and it’s the same as it was when I was 20 years old I’m an old soul I was
born an old soul I was born enjoying the old-fashioned ways of living when I was
a little girl when I was 2 3 4 10 I loved picking flowers and I would
pretend I’m cooking with them mama would get so upset with me because my mom
liked things just so she didn’t like any mess she didn’t like anything out of her
little comfort zone and she would get so upset with me because there I would be
secretly picking some flowers than having a wooden spoon and pretending I
was cooking this is how I’ve always been I’ve been an old soul when you look up it’s a whole nother
world up there when you look up there’s so much that we’re missing in life what
is the last time you looked up the birds of the air the trees the clouds the sky
the raindrops falling on your face you know that songs written about that
when’s the last time you looked up maybe you can’t look up today maybe your
circumstances you can’t walk in the rain so I’m gonna do it for you today here
you go cuz your chance to look up let me know what you see are you ready to look
up are you ready to have your life at a different perspective it’s been brought to my attention that
YouTube is having a glitch of some sort and a lot of my subscribers are saying
they’ve been unsubscribed in the last couple days just look under the video
right now to see if it’s still subscribed and you give me a thumbs up a
thumbs up is really important in these days if you have a YouTube channel

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