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I tried to make WALMART Steaks taste like a MILLION Dollars!

February 13, 2020

After going through many different
supermarkets and different chain stores and finding some crazy things out there
man let me tell you something guys you got to be careful with what you buy. Be
reasonable with yourself you don’t have steaks every day, make sure you buy it
from somewhere good. Take it back. Where did you get that Walmart? Exactly. After taking them out of the packaging this is what they
look like. They are not prime USDA choice or select.
They are basically nothing. That is how they were graded on the supermarket. And
I would not normally buy this. But hey this is today’s experiment. As you
can see they have zero marbling. They are 1 inch thick New York Strip.
And as I mentioned before, always start with a good steak. We are already in bad
shape but hey we’re gonna try to make this taste amazing. And I’m gonna be
cooking at 4 different ways to find out which way is best whenever you’re
getting bad steaks like this. For my first steak we’re gonna be making a
marinade. As you know marinade adds flavor to your steak, and by masking the
real flavor might just turn out amazing. Remember exact amount and ingredients
always on the description down below for you. With my pastel and mortar I
threw in a little bit of black pepper ground it to powder and added onions,
garlic and smashed everything into a paste. Then I threw in a little bit of
salt, red wine vinegar and finish it off with Worcestershire sauce.
Now all there’s left to do is to mix it well in my marinade is done. This smells
amazing and I hope it makes my cheap steak taste like a million bucks.
Now with all marinades you must give it enough time to penetrate. Usually
anywhere between two hours to four hours and some even overnight. But if there’s
one thing to speed it up that’s to vacuum pack it, that opens up the pores of
the meat so the marinade can penetrate deeply into the meat faster and that’s
exactly what I’m about to do. After vacuum packing up you just got to leave
it alone for about 20 minutes. That is equal to letting it sit on your
refrigerator for about 4 hours. Once that was done all there’s left to do
is to remove it and get it ready for the grill. Talking about that, I’m shooting
for an internal temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Once that’s done we
are ready to give it a try and let you know how it tastes. So let’s do it! Alright Angel, we got this one, marinated. You ready to
try it? Here okay. Oh I think I broke my jaw. Oh my God. You gotta chew for a while,
it don’t taste good. In conclusion no. That was horrible let’s
go to the next one. Now on to our next steak. And for that I’ll be using a rub. I
started off with black pepper, granulated garlic, smoked paprika, turmeric, chipotle
chili and onion powder. Now there’s left to do is mix it well in my rub is ready.
As you know I’m a big fan of not adding salt into your rub, always salt the
steak before. With that being said I started by seasoning my steak with salt
make sure you get both sides including the edges. But now that we have it all
coated up all there’s left to do is to cook it and just like the previous one
I’m shooting for an internal temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit. So let’s do it! This thing’s yellow you know that right. It is yellow. Alright give it a try. Cheers everybody. Hmm. Well whatever
season you put… Season is not bad. I like it, the seasoning. The seasoning makes it taste really really fantastic and obviously cooking it to a perfect doneness
will help. I would like to try this rub on a good steak. On a good steak yeah. No. Not my favorite. You gotta chew forever. For our next steak we’re gonna be doing something that I know works very well
and that is to use an amazing compound butter. I have a complete video on how to
make this butter. It is the best butter I’ve ever tasted and if you have not
seen that video make sure you check it out. It has so many ingredients but at
the same time none of them are expensive and this butter just takes your steak to
a whole different level and I’m gonna be using it to baste my steak with it. So
after slicing it I just let it melt nice and slow and it was ready for basting.
For the steak I kept a pretty simple with salt freshly ground black pepper
and garlic powder. But now that we have everything ready I can’t wait to try
this butter with this cheap steak. And like always I’m shooting for an internal
temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit. So let’s do it! Alright my nephew what do you think? Does that
look good to you? No. No it does not. He saw where the steak come from. With
that being said let’s give it a try yea I’m excited this is different method. Cheers
buddy. Cheers. Still hard, but the flavor, mmm Are you going for seconds? Oh it hurts to swallow.
The flavor is amazing though like it’s there. Yeah. that’s there the flavor is
there. The flavor is nice it is a wonderful hmm
flavor that remains in your mouth but the tenderness is just not there
everybody. Flavorful yes tender no. No, tender is gone. All right
let’s go for another one. For my final steak we’re gonna be doing something
that all the restaurants do. They use a very cheap steak and make an amazing
sauce to go along with it. A lot of times it doesn’t even matter how the steak
tastes because the sauce is so good. And we’re gonna test if that theory is
really true. So I started by seasoning my steak with salt, freshly ground black
pepper and garlic powder. I’m gonna be making a pan sauce. It is easy to do and
these are all the ingredients I’m gonna be using for it. Remember exact amount
and ingredients always on the description down below for you. We have a
good quality red wine, flour, garlic, shallots, butter and heavy cream. I’m
gonna be putting all these ingredients together
right after I pin sear the steak. And to keep everything identical I will also be
shooting at an internal temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit. But now I say for
the very last time it is enough talking and it is time to
make an amazing steak. So let’s do it! All right let’s try with the sauce. Mmm
Well I like that. Is such a nice flavor, but then you remember you gotta still bite
a little bit you know what I mean. Yea, still gotta chew. That’s why I made the sauce so we can you know
scoop it up mmm. I’m gonna say something right now.
Mmm. That that is no wonder, no wonder what that restaurants always use sauces
because you can make such a terrible steak taste so good,
as long as you got a decent sauce. Wow. I agree a sauce will mask everything everybody. It
will mask a terrible steak and taste good. In the end the problem is you
gotta keep chewing you know what I mean. Yeah I mean but that was kind of
expected though. But yeah cuz it’s not the steak is not a good quality as you
guys know but the sauce makes up for it and covers that up a hundred percent ah. Yeah First of all, most important thing, you
gotta buy good steaks all right. Yeah. Yeah if you want to have a good steak
experience you have to start off with the good stuff.
Number two; I would say if which one was your favorite out of all of them that
created an amazing flavor? The sauce bro. The sauce, I agree 100%. The sauce did its
job. It changed the profile of the flavor completely. The only problem with the one
with the sauce was that you had to chew it to it in the end right. You would eat it
it you have an amazing flavor of the sauce and then the sauce is gone and then it’s like chewing gum you know I mean. You know when you put chewing gum
and you have like that amazing flavor on your mouth and then there’s no sugar
left on the chewing gum. I like what you said that the chef’s that do you know
yeah a fancy restaurant all they are trying to do is mask the flavor. You know how many chefs are gonna hate on us right now. They’re gonna go what is this kid saying. If you’re a chef, if you’re a chef. No be carful. And be making them sauces, I know what you doin’ you can’t fool me anymore. I’m watching you. Now if you’re cooking in the grill and you want to grill the steak, which one
was your absolute favorite? Oh the baste one the one were you baste it in butter.
The baste in the butter, I agree. Basting it with the butter it is absolutely the
top one my favorite one as well. The second favor will probably be the
one with the seasoning for me. And the one that I would never do it again it’s
marinating the steak. Marinade is more for us something that kind of like a
skirt steak, it would have a nice marinade Korean barbecue.
Korean barbecue you know sliced up really fine but doing something like a
steak and just marinating a steak I don’t think it’s a good idea. Yea it kind of messes it up a little bit. Anyway guys
this is our recommendation if you’re gonna buy a bad steak first of all don’t
buy it. Yeah. All right buy a good steak. Because you’re not gonna eat
steak every single day whenever you’re gonna eat it enjoy that steak. That’s why
I like to get good amazing steak. Even though it looks like we steak every
single day we don’t eat steak every single day. I wish. I wish we ate steak every single day. I
hope it was informative to you. Make amazing sauces learn how to make sauces.
And if you are going to put it on the grill do a nice basting because that
does wonders to your steak. That one was pretty good I’m not gonna lie but is not as good as the sauce. And the most important thing I forgot to say cook your steak right. Don’t overcook
your steak because if you overcook your steak
you are already 80% losing. Yeah. And look there’s a lot of preference involved
when it comes to how you cook your steak just make sure you get it down exactly
how you enjoy. Exactly. For us that’s in the like 125, 135 range. 135 max so we know you know be accurate, use a thermometer alright. Use the Meater. I use the Meater, we use the Meater stick it in all the time. And with time
you learn also the temperature just by touching it like professional chefs. But
at the same time nothing is as a accurate as a thermometer. That’s right. Anyway guys, these are
the results I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you do enjoyed this video make
sure you give it a thumbs up. If you’re not a subscriber be sure to subscribe
for future videos. Remember if you’re interested in anything I use everything
is always on the description down below. Even the sauce. Thank you so much for
watching and we’ll see you guys on the next one. Yep the sauce is definitely
better. The sauce is in there. Look look at that I see it from here! We out everybody, take care bye bye.


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