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ImagesBazaar Business Model | Case Study | How Sandeep Maheshwari Earns | Annual Revenue | Hindi

September 29, 2019

Subscribe intellectual indies, press the bell icon and never miss any update Hello friends, my name is sahil khanna and you are watching intellectual indies and a youtube sensation Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari They have their own business named image bazaar NOw how much do they earn today we are going to calculate this and will understand what is it Let me tell you these calculations are based on some assumptions not accurate We are not predicting anything. How do they work. SO before going on the topic. Let’s talk abou the man behind it. Right since childhood, he knew he is business minded His first business model was started at the age of 13 His father bought him a bike and he realised.t Whenever my friends needed my bike he used to take 50rs from them for the bike Old mopet They used to use the bike for the whole day 50rs/day and petrol price, that petrol is on them With time And he recovered the mopet Cost and this business went successful , I say Many companies have copied his business model the bike, car that we take on rent It was he who started it. Then when he grew up He was interested in modelling. When he went to become one, he saw the struggle and identified a need Model used to spend on photoshoot and company needed photos for their business But these two were not connected so he created a platform where Models or any photographer Full photoshoot will be uploaded on their site. and there will be a certain price and pictures will be paid. and will take a small commission Suppose i am a photographer I did a photoshoot Let’s say my overall budget was 1 lakh. It’s just a assumption, in real it’s above 10 lakh Suppose it was 10 lakh I uploaded the pictures on the imagebazaar website. with a certain price. When those pictures will be sold, company will take a specific amount of commission I couldn’t find the percentage of commission Because their price is fixed. According to my research On their website, prices are same. prices according to the dimentions 10%discounts on every purchase I won’t dive deep into this, coming to the point Let’s check the traffic of their website. This is their yearly traffic Suppose Only 2% people are converted It must be more than 2% Because you can have a look at this chart as well. Direct=30%, search=50% and through some links. Now people won’t search sandeep maheshwari company right Only those who need it All the printing agencies, suppose I want to add an editorial page in a newspaper. and i created a marketing scheme and want to get it print by tomorrow. Can i do the photoshoot? NO and if i try to arrange one then it’ll be costly So for this we can use stock images From there i purchase the image and then get it printed So this was a win-win situation Profitable deal for the both parties So this business model is everlasting Just some hardwork in the beginning and they have the first mover advantage, they are many websites international websites too, that give photos But contains internatonal models. Talking about indian models so biggest Library is image bazaar Now back to topic, consider 2% conversion conversion can be 5-6% but as a digital marketer i am assuming 2% conversion rate. around 1.5 lakh, average price is: 3200-32000rs For calculation take 10k We’ll divide 10k by 2%, our final value is 30 crore Revenue of 30 crore. Now let’s check the expenses According to me, We don’t need much employees Suppose 50 employees and 20k salary each 10 lakh Annual: 1.2 crore Marketing cost: 2 crore and let’s say 80 lakh on other things Just for calculation total expense of 4 crore Where revenue is of 30 crore Here we have to spend approx 4 core So profit is near about 26 crore This is roughly calculation not accurate Maybe more than or less than this But according to previous records Their revenue is close to 30 crore, it’s possible Their expenses are more or Maybe does charity They are running youtube channel, all expenses are under this company If you have seen, there are around 5-6 cameras Cost of those cameras Editing cost Internet cost, setup and the passes, calls He spends on these areas too and his monetisation is off If he turned it on, he can earn so much But he is a great person. Okay friends, video ends here This was alll about image bazaar The great man and he has done so much for people I really want to meet him once I’ve applied many times too but never got the chance Maybe some day Okay friends, Bye goodnight goodafternoon goodmorning whenever you are watching this video.


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    As per my information. I watched one of the old interview of SM where he said we pay 50% royalty on the photos selected for sale.

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