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Ini dia Bisnis Rumahan Tapi Untungnya Sangat Besar | Bisnis Modal Kecil

February 25, 2020

hello my boss … see you again with me on ssmifada channel channel that always provides inspirational content certainly also useful for you on this channel, I always inspire not just an ordinary tutorial, but also business inspiration business inspiration that I raised not from special items then sold, but I made use of it simple items, or used goods which is usually in the trash then I processed it to be a high-value item then worth it to sell to the market, boss this time I picked up a theme like the previous video if the previous video I raised the theme using material from PVC pipes at that time, I only used hand gestures and then there is writing even just a little and many questions in the comments column sorry maybe I can’t reply one by one however, I want to raise it again and I will give a more detailed tutorial or a more detailed explanation so you can easily understand … for example you want to make it at home or for example you want made a business, which uses pvc pipe material want to be a side business or your main business..bos this time i will try using pvc pipe..I will make decorative lights This is the PVC pipe that I use five inches like this which is often asked in comments, i.e. what brand of pvc pipe bang do you use? sorry i can’t mention the brand, because I’m not in endorse for this pvc pipe..bos any advice from me .. for example if you want to buy a PVC pipe, you can use any brand my advice is use pvc pipe the material is pretty thin … what’s the advantage? one … the price is usually the thinner material cheaper that’s the first advantage. then the second profit when you want to form a pvc pipe as you wish, the thinner is more flexible ok we immediately … execution for equipment like the one I use for those of you who still don’t know or those of you who haven’t watched it yet … please watch this video I explained in this video ,, boss … please watch I explain in detail and detail size … I use twenty seven centimeters then I use paper for example you want to use any paper ,, it’s OK This only works, to straighten the lines on the PVC pipe I’ve cut this then I will give an explanation for next process this is the size, give the rest two centimeters then the other one too two centimeters continue to use this paper ,, again if it’s measured like this then I will,, outline it with a model tilted or the line is a little sideways … boss like this because I will make lanterns whose model is tilted because the model is very good and cool for this line distance that’s a range … more or less two centimeters meters … boss then continue until circular like this..bos already finished in the line then you cut according to this line this is boss I cut it the model is like this yes then you provide matches like this this is the point to make it easier to form or bend, this pvc pipe..bos for example like this don’t overheat..the important thing is warm..bos after warm ,, then bend like this henceforth … all the same Over here, it’s finished bending then over here..bos ok boss … I finished bending it on the right and also the left I have bent right and left for further this is pressed like this..bos press bent press again … bent so on like this to facilitate At the bottom, use a mat like this … boss put it down here if for example, it’s not warm on this part then warmed up if it’s still not flexible like this boss … just press it if it’s still a bit loud, just warm it up a little for this part … it’s bent then bend next to it too ok boss … this is already in shape and the model is like this yes then after this, sanding here on the sandpaper … all of it and try The sanding is even … effortless at the moment already finished in the paint..not fade Here, boss … I have finished sandpaper when you sandpaper … try to be flat … boss so that the paint lasts … not easy to peel or not easily wear off and then I will paint it I use black matte paint for example you want to use other colors … free for example you want to use red, blue, purple, green, black, white paint any color … free the most important thing is according to your taste or preference this time I use black paint doff..bos I finished this..bos the model is like this … i use black matte paint then I will continue the next process this is often asked a lot in the comments column I will explain in more detail .. this is called plastic fiber this plastic fiber … usually used on the fence of the house continue to buy it … You look at building material stores … usually a lot and the motive is not just clear colors like this..bos the colors are many … and the colors are blue, red and also the motive there is a floral motif there are rectangular motifs, there are 3D motifs, and so forth you can choose according to your taste … boss and for the thickness … more or less around zero point twenty one mili..bos ok then for gluing on plastic fiber … I use solder and this solder is ordinary solder but at the edges I taper so it’s neater gluing on plastic fiber I do this locking the top and the bottom lock it first then just continue, in the middle when it’s glue or soldered then enter again like this..bos it’s finished installing for the plastic fiber … boss yes … already installed then the process of installing the lights in this section or where you can drop wires like this ok boss … I finished installing it like this the model then I just plug the lights … boss then just plug the lights I want to use yellow This wattage is low … only four watts ok boss … it’s done decorative lights made of pvc pipe the model is like this This model … I’ve made it like this it was in the previous video … it already was just this video … I explain in detail the manufacturing process because a lot of comments many ask .. the process of making it more details ,, what tools are needed and what materials are needed now I have explained in detail and detail..bos then I just need a decorative lighting test made of pvc pipe … hopefully cool but I’m sure … this will be cool..bos … for those of you who haven’t subscribed yet … please subscribe to the ssmifada channel and don’t forget activate the notification bell so as not to miss, every time there’s a new video from this very inspiring channel..bos ok let’s test it right away


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