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iPhone XR glass replacement

March 24, 2020

Hello everyone, welcome to HowFixit
In this video, I going to show you how to replace the glass on the iPhone XR. In this case, the rear glass of the iphone
xr broken and as you can see, the camera glass broken too. I recommend buying glass together with the
frame and camera glass in the kit. As you can see, the camera frame is already
installed on the rear glass and welded from the factory, and therefore this will really
simplify the repair process. I left a link to this glass of the iphone
xr in the description. Yes, this glass is a copy of the original
glass, because there are no original glasses on sale. If you compare by color, the glasses do not
differ, even when comparing one to one. If on your iphone xr the glass on the case
is broken, but the glass on the camera is preserved, then you can replace the glass
without disassembly the phone. I left link to replace the glass without disassembling
here and in the description. And so, the goal of this video is show you
how to replace glass with your own hands even at home, without using special equipment. Let’s move on to the list of necessary tools
for repairing iPhone XR: The first and most important tool is a set
of screwdrivers, you will need 4 types of screwdrivers: Tri-Wing — 0,8mm, Pentalobe
— 0,8mm, Phillips – 1mm, Standoff — 1.5mm. Plastic mediator
Tweezers Plastic opening tool
Suction cup for removing display Glue B-7000
Adhesive tape for restore water protection Adhesive silicon tape for the battery For all these tools and spare parts, I left
links in the description under the video. And the last very important auxiliary tool
without which I do not start any complicated repairs, is a magnetic mat. Using it, you can step-by-step to lay out
each screws, and, due to its magnetic base, these screws and metal parts will remain in
place. All this important when all screws are different
sizes like in iPhone XR and is very important when you reassemble it back. Disassembly Before you start disassembly, do not forget
to turn off the iPhone and remove the tray with a SIM card. Remove the 2 screws near the charging port
and lets begin to open the case. To open the case, you need to heat up the
surface of the display, even an ordinary hair dryer will be enough for this. Warm up the lower part of the display especially
well, from here we begin to open the case. Fix the suction cup on the bottom of the display
and pull the ring up until a small gap appears between the display and the iPhone case. Next, push mediator inside and begin to unstick
the iPhone case from the display. In the iPhone XR, it’s not always easy to
open the case, if you can’t push the mediator, try using a thin plastic card. Also, do not strongly push the mediator inside
the phone, so as not to damage the internal elements and cables. Turn the display to the right side, that is,
open the case like a book. You can fix the suction cup in the middle
of the display and use it as a support. The first what you do when open an iPhone
is to disconnect the battery cable from the main board. The display removed, it will no longer be
needed, so put it away and go directly to the removal of all parts from the iPhone XR. Let’s start the disassembly from the bottom
of the iPhone. In the process of disassembling the smartphone,
there is nothing complicated, the main thing is to lay out all the removed parts and screws
in order, so as not to get confused during the reassembly. The speaker in the iPhone XR is glued to the
bottom of the case and if you want to keep the factory adhesive tape and reuse it when
reassembling, heat up with a hairdryer and at the same time unstick the speaker. In my case, it didn’t peel off perfectly,
but even this can be reused. Lets move on and go to the motherboard When the motherboard no longer holds a cable
with a charging connector, you can remove it The cable is glued to the case, so use the hairdryer
again. The smartphone’s battery is glued to the
case with silicone tapes, so take the tweezers and unstick the edge of the tape. Now pull the tape way from the battery. Yes, often these silicone tapes tear and remain
under the battery, but there is nothing critical, I will remove it later. Next step is removal of the Face-ID module. Be careful with the cables of the Face-ID
module, they are glued to the case and they need to be peeled off. Take a plastic tool and carefully, prying
from the bottom, begin to peel off the cables. You can additionally warm with a hairdryer,
then it will be even easier to separate from the case. All the
main parts already removed from the case, it remains to remove the wireless charging
module and the flash diffuser. This cable is also glued, so it is very carefully peeled off with a non-sharp
tool. The flash diffuser is located under this metal
bracket and its hold by these four metal mounts. So, use tweezers, to carefully bend these
metal mounts and remove the bracket. The flash diffuser is glued to the case, so
take a hair dryer, warm the surface and carefully remove it. The wireless charging module is glued to the
case only along the edge, so you need to unstick it only around. Now I’m showing you how to remove the camera’s
frame. Take any metal and flat tool, for example,
you can take a flat screwdriver, and starting from the corner of the frame, pry the bottom. The inside of the frame, which is welded to
the rear case, will begin to crack. Glass replacement Let’s begin to remove broken glass from the
back housing. If you use a regular hair dryer, turn on the
hottest mode. I recommend you find a heat gun that works
up to 350 degrees Celsius because removing a broken glass with an ordinary hair dryer
will be quite difficult. Before you start removing the glass, I recommend
using glasses to protect your eyes. It is very important. In the process of repair, on this step you
should be careful not to get small parts of the glass in your eyes. As you can see, the glass on these cases is
broken in different ways and on the yellow iPhone XR it is possible to pry the glass
with tweezers and peel it off. In the case of the red back housing, more
complicated. You can’t pry with tweezers, so you need to
break the glass. To do this, I use an ordinary plastic cover
and stick a double-sided tape on top to hold it better. Warm the glass surface and press until a gap
appears. Pry the glass with tweezers and begins to
peel off the glass. Removing glass from the case will take some
time. The glass near the frame is most easily peeled
off, but be careful, the frame is plastic and can be easily damaged. There are places where it is easier to cut
off the glue if the temperature of your hair dryer is not enough. Again, I repeat, at a temperature of 350 degrees
Celsius, the glass is much easier to peel off. Take isopropyl alcohol and clean the back
housing from old glue. Now It’s time to glue the glass to the back housing. Also glue the frame of the camera in places
where the frame was welded to the back housing. Now you need to give a 30 minutes to harden
glue. Put something heavy on the case, or you can
use special clamps. While the glue hardens, you have time to relax
a bit, have a cup of coffee, and begin reassembling. Reassembling Reassembling process requires attention because
if you make a mistake, then something may not work correctly, you will have to disassemble
everything back and look for the problem, so be careful and screw everything into the
right place. Almost everything is assembled, it remains
to stick the battery. It needs to be glued and for gluing I will
use the same silicone adhesive tapes that were removed from under the battery when disassembling. These silicone tape glued to the battery,
but most important, before gluing, make sure that you glue them on the right side. The iPhone is
assembled and before gluing the case, you need to test it. For test just connect the display, first connect
the three cables from the display and lastly the battery cable. iPhone turned on and it is already good news. Enter the password code, lock the phone again
and check the Face ID module. Everything is fine, Face ID works and this
is the most important, in my opinion. Let’s check the camera right away. Everything is fine with the camera, it focuses,
the front camera also works. Also check all the other functions and if
everything is fine, go to the gluing of the case. Before attaching a new adhesive tape, make
sure that you glue it the right side on the back housing. This sticker restore protection against water
and dust, but you should understand, this is not a factory sealed assembly and it doesn’t
provide 100% protection against water and, of course, this phone should not be use for
underwater photo shots. Press the sticker to the case, so it sticks
better. Well, on this step the repair finished, you
were on How-Fixit and see you guys next time.


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