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It’s Time To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly | PPC Marketing

December 4, 2019

– Hi everyone. Today I wanted to talk
to you about websites and why they need to be mobile friendly. (upbeat music) So, to give you guys a bit of background, we are a lead generation agency based in the south of England and we essentially sell
leads to business owners. We don’t do retainer contracts or managing people’s advertising accounts or anything like that. We sell leads on a cost-per-lead basis and when you’re selling leads
on a cost-per-lead basis, and you’re generating them
from advertising spend, our margin and the way we make profit is the difference between
what we generate the lead for and what we sell them on for, so we’ve learned a lot over the years and one of the biggest things is that and you need to have
mobile friendly websites and most of our traffic is from the Facebook advertising network and we did some digging today and we found out that 88% of all Facebook users access
via their mobile phone. There’s not many people out there now that are doing it on their desktop. And it’s weird because as marketers, we have this kind of picture in our head, sorry, let me take a step back, most of the time we’re sending traffic to a landing page to
collect people’s details and at that point in time, they become a lead and it’s funny because we have this idea of marketers of what a desktop landing page looks like and it usually has the
form on the right-hand side and then there’s the headline and then there’s a features
and benefits below it and then there’s some trust
factors below that form. We’ve all seen that before if you’re a switched on marketer. But the problem is that that template that everyone sees and kind
spends time fine tuning is only applicable to 12%
of the Facebook audience and this needs to flipped on its head, we need to go back and
look at the mobile version of the landing page before we start looking at the desktop one and it’s weird and I still
catch myself doing it at times. So, it’s important. If you’re spending money on Facebook ads and generating leads through your website, it is important that you
check everything, okay? Because a lot of the
times people are saying that the Facebook ads’ costs are going up and you’ll start a campaign and you just don’t get any leads and you blame it on your ads or your offer or something like that but a lot of the times, when I help out my students or when I’m looking at our
own advertising campaigns when they’re bombing or
something’s going wrong, there’s something to do with the website and it not loading properly or rendering properly on mobile devices, so it’s one thing that you can check is whether or not your website or your landing pages et cetera are rendering properly on all devices. So, are they looking good on Android, are they looking good on iPhone X, are they looking good on iPhone 8, are they looking good on iPhone 7s? There’s people that have
still got old phones out there and you need to if you’re
spending a lot of money on media, then you need to be able to target and make sure that all devices are kind
of rendering properly and things are looking good and the way you can do that is just by going onto Google Chrome and there’s a little
kind of inspect element. We’ll show you how to
do that below the video or maybe inside this video and just how you can click that button and check which device you want to, you can check the device that
you want to have a look at, so it’s pretty easy to do. And it doesn’t take long at all. So, the tool we use to
build our landing pages and our websites is Unbounce. We’ll also put a link below
this video on Unbounce but that’s proved very good for us. It’s super fast load loads. It renders well on all devices and it’s just a very simple tool for us to be able to build beautiful
bespoke pages for our clients without having to have coding experience. It’s amazing, so I’d
recommend looking at it and one thing I just spoke
about there was load times. So, Unbounce is super fast. If you are again spending
money on Facebook ads and people are having to wait
four seconds for your page to load, people haven’t got
attention spans anymore, they’re likely to hit the back button and not even visit your website. So, that’s another thing
that you should be checking if you are running traffic. Have a look at how fast
your page is loading because it’s super important and a tool that we use to do that is just Google Pingdom Speed Test. You can put the URL of
your landing page in there, fire it and it’ll you in a few seconds about how fast your page is loading and whether you’ve got a problem or not. So, I hope that helps. If you are interested in
learning about lead generation and selling leads on
a cost-per-lead basis, again there’s a link below this video for a free case study
which shows you exactly how we do it and why we do it. I’ll speak to you soon. Bye.

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