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Jijaji Chhat Per Hai – Ep 535 – Full Episode – 29th January 2020

February 9, 2020

Ms. Elaichi! Ms. Elaichi! Ms. Elaichi! Ms. Elaichi! Ms. Elaichi! What are you doing here? Where are the hooligans?
– Hey, keep quiet. They may hear us. They’re here. They’re hiding there.. Ms. Elaichi, I am not here
to play hide and seek. Let me find them out.
I’ll beat you black and blue. I’ll smash their heads. Have you gone mad! They have guns. If they shoot you,
then your will be smashed. I am not scared.
You don’t worry. I’ll handle them. – No. If you
go out, then they’ll kill you. I won’t let you go anywhere.
– Oh, okay. Please calm down. Ms. Elaichi.
– Yes. I think they’ve escaped. No.
A gorgeous woman like me.. I mean to say, they won’t spare
a beautiful girl like me. They must be waiting
and if we go out then they’ll catch us.
Oh, my God! I am so scared! Mr. Pancham. Pancham. Oh, ma’am. He asked you to wait
for some time. He’ll be here in five minutes.
– Okay.. Thank you. – Sit. Ms. Elaichi, please don’t worry,
I am with you. Okay? Please. Where is Pancham? Ma’am, please call him up. I can’t wait for too long. Okay, fine.
I am calling him up. Oh, my God!
Sorry.. Put it in silent mode.
– Yes. Done. Who is calling?
– Ms. Sargam is calling. Sargam! Don’t answer her call.
– Why? Sargam may get worried
and may tell dad about it. If dad gets to know,
then he may have a heart attack. Hello.
– Hello. Pancham, where are you?
I am waiting from so long. Yes, Ms. Sargam. I..
I’ll talk to you later. I’ll call you back.
– Okay.. Okay..
Bye. Mister, please wait
for some more time. He’ll be here in ten minutes. My hands have become
so cold. Look. What happened?
– Give me warmth. – Oh. Is it better?
– Yes. Don’t worry..
Please. I am feeling so cold.
– Oh. Please don’t worry. I am scared too. Oh, please. Ms. Elaichi,
I am with you. Please. Hey Pintu,
it’s good that you’ve come. Come on, knead the flour.
I need to make Phulkas. Ma’am. – Yes. – Is there
any problem in your hands? God has given you hands,
use them. I can’t knead properly. Pintu, you need to be very
humble to admit your weakness. No problem.
I’ll knead the flour. Meanwhile, you just
prepare the salad. Ma’am, it may hurt you. It depends on you,
whether you get hurt not. Stop giving excuses and making
people do your work. If you want to have salad,
then prepare it yourself. Y-You’re absolutely
right, Pintu. No problem.
Do one thing. Here, taste the Paneer Curry
and tell me how it is.
You love it, right? Here.
Yes. How is it?
Is everything okay? Everything?
Everything is wrong in it. It looks like you’ve prepared
it for the first time. My future Sister-in-law. It’s a very good thing
to be straight forward. But sometimes we should
make people feel good, right? Why?
Am I your wife? Am I appointed
to make you feel good? What’s bad is bad. What’s wrong in it? Tell me.
– No.. Don’t ask that. No.. Tell me
what’s wrong. No, you can’t take it.
– Tell me, Pintu. Listen. Does it look
like Paneer Curry? It looks like you’ve painted
rubber in white colour and boiled it.
It tastes so bad that I am feeling like
pouring it on your head. I’ve never had such a bad curry.
Anything is better than this. Even the dog will reject it. People lose both health
and mind by having your food. When you fry Dal for dinner people can’t hold their burps
because of its smell. It’s just that no one tells
and everyone is bearing it. I gathered courage
and told you. Ma’am, I honestly told
everything, whatever I felt. Ms. Elaichi, please relax.
Look. I think we’re sitting here
from a very long time and we should make a move now.
The hooligans must have gone. They would go
only if they were here. What do you mean? I mean, they would go
if they were cowards. These hooligans
are very brave. They won’t leave
without showing their work. They have a pistol.
Oh, my God! But, Ms. Elaichi.. But we can’t stay
scared here the entire time. We need to face
them some time or the other. We need to
step out, right? I know you have
the personality of a hero. But they are
villains of real life. And they have a pistol. Everything will be
over if a shot is fired. What will I tell Ms. Pintu
should something happen to you. At an age where she should
be wearing colourful clothes.. how awful she would
look in a white Sari. Ms. Elaichi.. Nothing
will happen to me. Were you
born bullet proof that nothing
will happen to you? Mr. Murari.
– Yes. Pintu talked to me in
a way which felt insulting. Pintu insulted you? She’s not
even married yet. She’s influenced
by Chatanki so soon? Tell me
what happened? Mr. Murari.
– Yes. I’ve already considered
Pintu as my sister-in-law. So,
I’ll tell you from the start. Okay. Day before yesterday, I
asked Pintu to taste my cooking. Okay.
– So, Pintu tasted it.. and told it to my
face that it isn’t good. She told you
the food isn’t good? Yes.
– Oh, God! This is bad. Now tell me, where
you want to hide her corpse? Mr. Murari,
what do you think of me! Will I kill her for criticizing
my food? My luck is bad. I was just joking. Okay,
she said whatever she wanted. But let me tell you,
your cooking is very tasty. Look how bulky I am
because of your cooking. All this is your love. What are you saying? I made a
cottage cheese dish today. I ate it,
I loved it. But Pintu
didn’t like it at all. Is it? Not just that. She told me that even
dogs wouldn’t eat my cooking. I cook so bad that you’re
all just tolerating. She told me much more
and then she hugged me. I don’t
understand till now.. If she insulted me
or showed her affinity. What kind of
affinity is this? If I show
such affinity towards you you will
chase me to thrash me. And make me an outsider. Mr. Murari, forget it,
now tell me what do I do? First of all,
don’t think so much. She’s insulting you
to your face. Call Chatanki tomorrow
and tell him how his would be wife
is creating havoc over here. Call him. Let’s do this. Listen, we’ll escape
quietly through that corner. No one
will know anything but we must leave
silently, Ms. Elaichi. No I can’t take
such a risk, Mr. Pancham. Because I feel my
heart rate is very high. And because of
the sound of my heart beat they would know
we’re here somewhere. Please.. No.. Listen, I can’t listen
to your heart beat at all. That’s the
biggest problem. What? Nothing. I am just too scared.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
Please.. Don’t worry,
Ms. Elaichi. I am here with you.
I’ll let nothing happen to you. Really?
– Yes, absolutely. That’s because
you’re my boss’s daughter. And it’s my duty to.. am feeling
cold and sweaty at once. Oh, God!
I am feeling dizzy. Blackness
is setting in.. – What! It’s getting dark. It’s
getting dark.. – What? Ms. Elaichi.. Oh, God! Ma’am, it’s night already. When will your..
– Find out where he is. Just shut up. Wait for some time. You are getting
paid to wait. He will be here,
wait a while. Sister.. You called for me? Did you prepare
something specially for me? Did you see that? I know this
person is always hungry. Brother-in-law! I am not talking
to you, do not interrupt. Be quiet.
– Then talk to her. He says he’s talking.. Brother Chatanki, I need to
say something important to you. Sister,
your mood seems low. Tell me if
Brother-in-law scolded you. I’ll break his face!
You always mock others! Shut up. Brother
Chatanki. – Yes. Your brother-in-law
didn’t do or say anything. But your
would be wife told a lot. Ms. Pintu? What did
Ms. Pintu tell you? Brother Chatanki, I made
a dish out of cottage cheese. Yes. Ms. Pintu told on
my face that it isn’t good. And it had no flavour. Sister, isn’t this
what you were looking for? Ms. Pintu
is so transparent. I mean.. Listen to what
happened next as well. Yes. She also told
me that even dogs won’t eat
the food I prepared. And she also
told that I cook so bad that all are tolerating
so that I don’t feel bad. Is this affinity
shown towards me? Sister,
this is straight up insulting. Yes. But,
I just don’t understand why Ms. Pintu told so.
She’s so straightforward.. Yes. Of course she’s straightforward.
How can she say this? I am the one
exaggerating. My luck is bad. Sister. Don’t you cry.
How dare Pintu insulted you. How dare Pintu insult you! She should’ve yelled
at brother-in-law. She could’ve thrown
sandals at him. But at any cost,
I can’t tolerate if anyone insults my sister. If I don’t make her to
plead forgiveness to you you can change my name. Karu, find a different
name for your brother. – Okay. I’m telling you, nothing is more
important to me than my sister. I’ll go and ask
her right away. I’ll be back right away. Hey, Ms. Pintu! Elaichi! Sanju! You regained consciousness,
Ms. Elaichi. Where are we? Ms. Elaichi,
we have reached home. Hi, Sargam. Thank you. Ma’am, your fiance seems to be more in
love with someone else. Just shut up. Okay? Take your fare and
get lost from here. I don’t believe you. I have been waiting like
an idiot over here for you and you were
doing time pass with her! You should’ve
informed me earlier. I’d have gone for
shopping alone. That’s not true.
You’re getting me wrong. The thing is, Ms. Elaichi..
– Of course, Ms. Elaichi! What? Well, some rowdies
were eve teasing her. So, I had gone to her rescue,
Ms. Sargam. I had called you, right? You should’ve
informed me then. I wouldn’t have waited for
you on the streets like this. Listen,
you are getting it all wrong. I deliberately didn’t tell you
because if I had done that you in turn would’ve told
Mr. Murari about it. If he had come to know,
there were chances of him
getting a heart attack. That’s why I didn’t tell you. And I am sorry. I’ll definitely
accompany you tomorrow. I don’t want to go
anywhere with you. Listen..
Ms. Sargam.. God! She is being so rude. I mean, one on side,
Elaichi is saying her things. And on the other,
she is saying her own things. I am stuck between these two. Ms. Pintu. – Mr. Chatanki, what
brings you here in the night? Ms. Pintu,
did you tell my sister that the food she
cooks is not tasty? That even dogs won’t smell it. I relish her food. Does it mean that I
am worse than a dog? What are you trying to say? Hey.. Listen to me.. Listen, Ms. Pintu, stop crying.
Else, I, too, will start crying. I am telling you.
I can’t bear to see you cry. What are you doing?
Why are you crying? Mr. Chatanki, we haven’t even
got married and your sister has already started to complain
against me to you. Ms. Pintu, what are you saying? My sister loves me a lot.
Don’t say such things. She might love you,
but despises me. No, Ms. Pintu,
what are you saying? She loves even you a lot. Otherwise, she wouldn’t
have given you her bracelets. What are you saying? Mr. Chatanki. – Yes.
– Shall I tell you something? Go ahead. Please don’t mind. Your sister
and brother-in-law neither love me nor you. Mr. Murari keeps looking for
opportunities to curse you. He keeps cursing you as if
you are his sworn enemy. Hey, that’s not true. My brother-in-law does
that just for fun. He doesn’t really mean it.
Not at all. You are wrong. Today, he was
saying that you are disgusting and shouldn’t be kept at home. That he will kick you out of
this house after our marriage. That he can’t
tolerate you anymore. That he can’t take care
of your future generation also. You know, he said all this. Really? – Yes. Then my sister would’ve
taken him to task. That’s what I am telling you. She didn’t say even a word. But my blood was boiling
hearing such disgusting things about my soon-to-be husband. I was feeling like puncturing
Mr. Murari’s balloon like belly. But,
I didn’t say anything to him. I vented out all my
anger on Ms. Karuna. But it was her duty
to take your side. But no, she chose
her husband over you. Ms. Pintu,
I won’t spare my sister now. I am telling you.
I’m dangerous. No, Mr. Chatanki, listen.
– Yes. Don’t tell her that
I told you all this. I didn’t insult her
without reason. In fact they were talking ill of you.
So, in anger I blurted out all that. Otherwise,
I respect Ms. Karuna a lot. Ms. Pintu, don’t you worry. I will go and clear
all misunderstanding with my sister and
brother-in-law right away. You please help me
relieve my stress. I swear.. Pintu! Hey!
What’s all this going on here? Nothing as such.
You came and saved me. You came at the perfect time! I was cooking up something.
You came and ruined it. Right, pal.
I’d got scared. I thought that you must be..
– What did you think? I mean, I hope you understood. You seem to be enjoying it! Anything is possible..
Anything! – Come on! Hi, Sargam. Haven’t you slept yet? I thought
you must have got tired by waiting in the rickshaw
all day. No, I am fine.
Thank you. But you don’t seem
to be fine at all. Look, even the glow on your face
has vanished. What’s the matter? I think the water here
isn’t suiting you. I think I know what is not
suiting me. – That’s great! You should stay away
from that thing. You know what?
I’m actually trying my best. By the way, I’m not going
to stay here permanently. And let’s be very honest,
Elaichi.. – No.. I am against honesty.
Still, you go ahead. Elaichi, I’m not kidding!
– Cool down. What happened?
Tell me. Whatever happened today was
done by you purposely, right? Come on! I admit
that I am very pretty. But it doesn’t mean that I’ll
ask the goons to eve-tease me. I am not speaking about that.
You knew that your ex-boyfriend is accompanying me for shopping. Despite that,
you staged this drama. I admit that I’m the drama queen of this area. But I’d really landed up
in trouble today. May God bless Pancham
for arriving at the right time! If not, the moment the boys
here spot a pretty girl they start stalking
and eve-teasing her. I don’t think so. Because even I’ve been
to the market many times. No one ever eve-teased me. Seriously!
No one eve-teased you! That means, the boys here think
that you are not pretty at all? Sorry. I’ll tell you what.
You go sleep. Let me go eat something.
Good night! I’ve had enough of her! Hello, Dad..


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