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February 26, 2020

hey what’s up everyone its Dennis here
back with another video and today I’m gonna be checking out card as they sing
three languages in here so I’m not sure what’s P or what Portuguese Spanish
Vietnamese anyways card is one of those k-pop group that found out a couple of
days ago and I really enjoyed their performances I really enjoyed their
music style and it’s a unique group because it’s a co-ed group you know two
guys and three girls and their latest music video red moon just drop that’s
pretty good as well if you haven’t seen their performances or their music video
I will link down below my reaction videos and that one so as always if
you’re new here make sure you hit subscribe and turn on notifications so
that you always be the first to see any of my new videos the video is from
rolling I’ll link the original video down below but this is kpop star sing in
three languages and this is for you know with cards so hopefully there’s an
English sub note subtitle please English no alright no subtitles but let’s just
check this out fingers crossed but it seemed it nummies that transom
elation okay that’s the title of this video
all right there is subtitle English ooh it’s a showed food krd so is that big
Matthew BM and that’s Joseph summon and many ways a BM yeah that’s BN Brazil
Mexico Vietnam Wow Joseph Chaser potato chip no is this like a mock backrest jiwu
that’s that a person saying there coconut chips beams just like hiding in
old food dick I you do know so what’s the challenge so they’re actually gonna
sing okay so right singing both Korean in their sign
language get it wrong then there’s no snacks rod nice I hope I get Spanish
Vietnamese is definitely hard I’ve checked out a couple of music videos
some turn and cut pronounce his name yeah their language is quite hard to
find but I’ll link it down below anyways I’m not greedy but this basically
karaoke right Portuguese right both teams have to sing in Vietnamese
Wow team Brazil and team Mexico and both of
them again this warm-up is their readlyn some the Redman song but the Sun elated
sings a career and then changes to a different language
damn my goal is not to curse let’s knock that’s hilarious nice it’s actually not bad Portuguese Brazil how bad that’s not bad not bad didn’t erase now we can see oh
my goodness Sansui Brazil and Portuguese the Vietnamese ones not not too bad just
for you resilient prints the Spanish one we
didn’t get anything wrong nice it’s actually not bad
definitely not bad or Spanish think minus 2 and minus 1 it’s Joseph and c11 that’s how it is for dancing guarana nachos tacos I love cilantro man I’m so
hungry now they should be a bank challenge in this one oh nice that looks
nice this one’s coconut could hear them cracking for sir it’s a noodle right Wow I think that’s instant noodles they’re
actual real fond again look dear candy never heard of beer Candida eating yeah now definitely gonna be supporting
card for sure considerable will try snacks for me no
it’s good I feel like SP 19 should do this sort of
thing I don’t know comment down below for those you’re big fans of SB 90 yeah okay krd that’s how to pronounce it alright comment down below guys what do
you guys think of card or should I say K are they how they perform dear I
honestly enjoyed this show you know singing different languages and their
songs I wish like more artists should check this out you know especially SP 19
maybe one day once you know they dominated the global charts so anyways
guys thank you so much for dropping by and hanging out me and watching this
video so if you enjoyed this video remember to give it a like I really
appreciate it and subscribe to my channel for more videos
alright i’ll see in the next one


  • Reply Dennis Chua February 24, 2020 at 10:16 pm

    Which language version of Red Moon sounded nice?

  • Reply XimerTracks - Sub To Me February 24, 2020 at 10:21 pm

    I like it! Please make More. Let's Be friends xd

  • Reply Nenita Haley February 25, 2020 at 12:00 am

    I wonder if you can react to Morissette Amon singing “Rise Up” on the Wish Bus 107.5 … She’s “Asia’s Phoenix” from the Philippines who can sing like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.. thanks mate, new Filipino subscriber from Perth, Australia ❤️👍🇵🇭🇦🇺

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