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Key Performance Indicators: How to Make Client KPI Changes Work for Your Agency

February 23, 2020

Their marketing strategy changes
especially as they evolve in performance marketing. This is a short roadmap of
what the changes in the KPIs were. This is all about getting personal. Now
through the communication, when all the KPIs were changing, which I’ll show you
in a second, because we had such a great relationship, he’d just jump on the call
with me and straightaway say, “G, listen up, up this is about to change. I’m giving
you a heads up.” Okay. The changing KPIs. Even when we’re working on a CPO model,
which is basically like a CPA model. They’re still constantly changing,
because you can’t just assume you know their marketing strategy. We know our
marketing strategy, but their marketing strategy changes, especially as they
evolve in performance marketing. This is a short roadmap of what the changes in
the KPIs were, and this was insane. And this was on, I would say, say every other
week, we would have to tackle another thing. Every other week. So basically
working with AppsFlyer, we had to make sure that the primary attribution was
true, which means that we were the first ones to bring the attribution. We had to
work on increasing payouts, decreasing payouts, and we had to work on the CR,
which is their click to install rate. I mean, this was a lot of changes.
Now, the thing is that changes aren’t a problem, and if you know
how to adjust and how to do it properly and work with your point of contact
correctly, then you actually have a competitive advantage because other
people are going to pull out the game because they can’t keep up. So just to go
back to an example of the changing KPIs. When they brought in the condition
of click to install had to be between 0.1% to 0.2% this was
a huge problem. 50% of the agencies basically got cut because they weren’t
able to do this, and their method, which was the incorrect method is they were
trying to optimise really quickly to get to the CR, but they needed results
immediately, and in order to get results immediately, what we did is we actually
shut down a few of the countries. So three geos of Latin America in one day we
shut down. That did reduce our revenue in the short-term, but it kept our
partnership in the long-term, and because they saw the immediate results of CR
improving, they said, “Okay guys, you’re good, we’re going to cut all the other
companies” and they kept us on board.

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