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October 8, 2019

Edwyn cell boss marketing here back with you in another video in this video I’m going to introduce you to a brand new book that we’re just published by Jim Edwards you may know him as the author and and face behind the book as a funnel scripts secrets software now he’s published a new book with simplified simplified formats plugin he’s get more leads sales subscribers fans accepted no copywriting experience required this is a book free book plus shipping you pay the shipping they will send you the book for free there is also an up solid to get it an audio format so I’ve just ordered my copy which I haven’t seen yet but it’s I’m sure it’s going to be good this thing is giving you a little bit and show you a little bit of the sales page here he goes into what what is copywriting secrets but it’s really a list of what it’s not here it’s not it’s not about traffic it’s not about product creation and so on and so on but it’s it does help you write ads emails you know Facebook ads whatever emails and letters the descriptions it’s not really a shortcut either it’s not a great rich quick thing it’s just a good solid way to produce some copy that is really good converting copy here’s a testimony from Bob Kerr who loved it and then he goes in and now Jim goes into some of the history on how he learned a new copyright new copywriting it we said so there it is I want you to take this video and go to the link right below this video and order your copy now do it now and get yours on the way because there’s a I sell apparently limited copies being sent right now so very good glad to talk with you so get your copy now thank you very much

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