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Lavorare in un MUSEO: al MoMA di New York con Elena

February 11, 2020

This is a MoMa bag which is the museum of modern art in new york and this bag is from elena Elena that an Italian girl raised in the province of Udine born in 1993 who is currently doing an internship right here at the museum of modern art in new york moma which is one of the most important museums in the world not only me and i will ask many questions about what it means his work and also what it means to work in the artistic field cultural but above all also of the questions you shared and so here is the interview is yours So here we are in new york at moma with Elena who has just finished working hello everyone hello gay thanks a lot for having me here! thanks to you also thanks precisely because today is Friday afternoon and so we are we are melted cooked but in spite of everything we are here and we can do it then what we are talking about today first of all I wanted to ask you some questions about your path so what you are doing is also explaining what it means how you got there naturally what I always say that in this case we don’t have the magic formula for but clearly nothing Elena will share the super premier perhaps explains that her experience is then above all we have questions that you have sent through the instagram page god daniel chin and therefore not three choices that I will do let’s start that first question in short, in general your academic and professional path I did the scientific high school studied international and diplomatic sciences because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I knew I would have liked to work internationally and / or abroad during the triennial or I did an internship in Athens at the Aliano Institute of Culture and before I did an exchange university in turkey in istanbul after graduation i worked for a period in an art gallery in italy for an opera and ballet festival always in Italy I decided to continue my studies with a double master in paris I did two more internship experiences paris one in an agency of creatives who dealt with installations and digital art in general in france and abroad and another is an art prize contemporary called pulsar the open art kites I ended up applying for an internship wonderful in new york was my first experience here in new york at american friends stops if basically the american friends of the orsay museum I was with them for a year and I returned to Italy just in time to work on a project that has me very involved a personal project that deals with female poetry poetry then written by female authors and then I applied to come here to the moma so I’m here at September I worked for a little over a month in this wonderful museum and that’s how we found ourselves explaining first of all your current job title but above all in practice it manages to give us some indication of what your intership is at the moment to my interest within the development department which falls under external affairs developments are found raising so fundraising in a nutshell all those relationships to the outside whose purpose is the collection of funds from sponsor through sponsorships foundations e therefore, through the membership that we all know, there is not only with spotify the membership with hulu etc. there are also membership in large institutions such as moma but many others for which you pay a tot per year and depending on how much you pay you receive different benefits what I do and within the sector development Research specifically on potential donors my title is internet weekend international funding simply event reports and any type of exchange between the museum and donors residing outside the united states the very interesting thing that that explains to me there is that in Italy this works a little differently not ie it explained to me that institutions cultural arts in Italy and tend to rely less on private donors, almost for nothing because of culture philanthropy in america extremely present in europe perhaps a little more present in the united kingdom but not a great deal in other countries where these membership programs are not very developed in italy there are some quite developed i know that the peggy guggenheim foundation at a very large number great of wenders but because there is also a little bit of the American mentality however, being part of the large umbrella of the Guggenheim foundation together with the bilbao guggenheim is that of new york in italy many museums are funded by the state which is not the case here in america obviously often to man for example the private museum as regards international funding instead things are a bit more you move in the sense that the research work is very linear absorbed real no more ter sometimes even without human interactions because I have no one to call or send mail is just a deepening job and seeking international fan information instead is a bit more dynamic in the sense that assists two wonderful coworkers in managing relationships creating events executions and then also logistical assistance for events designed for this audience international I understand that the a musan institution is as big as moma is almost like a company organization level ie there are warnings there are men it is a company it is absolutely a company obviously there is an aspect educational curatorial which is very important there are goals cheap to achieve there is the pressure to have to reach them because there is no public funds that enters in any case that what you can actually to realize events in terms of public paul runs at the museum exhibits new acquisitions regarding artwork etc. it entirely depends from achieving these goals or not then we understand something more about your role specifically is clearly I guess roles vary a lot based on the type of organization in which we are to work according to the country, etc., however they are some of the professional figures in the cultural artistic field there are two paths that can be I started the curatorial one, therefore very marked by the study and research on art history or artists in other words, specific periods or movements, etc. and one managerial one so unless you have studied art history you want to become gods The curators conservatives etc. the only possible option is to take the path managerial that what undertaken within which there is a myriad of impossible positions ranging from marketing communication finance management customer relations management there is public relations organization of events so the positions are really many the positive thing in my opinion that if it is not a route experience knowledge in the artistic field does not mean that we cannot work indeed in the art sector there are many managerial positions within which many soft skills acquired perhaps in other sectors or through other study paths can be applied I stop immediately because the next question I wanted to ask you is precisely this for working in the artistic field cultural what are the three basic skills that cannot be missed according to you, first of all you need a great passion those who work in the art sector, as we all know, do not do it for money, they do it because they really do passionate and truly believes in what is making number 2 determination and resilience I would say because the art sector is a very sector difficult there are many doors which is very difficult open and who very often want to stay closed we will be told many times no we will be discouraged by friends, acquaintances, relatives, etc. we must not listen to them I am of the idea that if there is actually passion the motivation the desire to work hard to get there where we want to go I don’t see why not we must then find ourselves in the position of being able to achieve what is our dream this is my experience set I have often heard myself say but how do you think of eat in the art of paying bills pay the rent of settle down I have never listened too much to these suggestions because if there is actually passion and determination you can go on and the third is probably do a lot in networking so give a lot of weight to interpersonal relationships and have the keenness understand who actually it can be important for our growth and our professional evolution this means getting in touch with people we may know directly we may know perhaps through third parties but when we have an interest in an organization an institution a museum a profession my advice is to personally always contact the people who work within that organization who have a certain type of role for know them make contact because the world of art is very small and also know the disappointments worldwide incredible and it is extremely important be connect so have a lot of connection to the worst we can what can happen the person can ignore himself can answer us no I don’t have time for to talk to you or can put us in contact with the person you think is most appropriate or in the best case, answers yes of course let’s have a coffee and I’ll tell you what my experience is and from there a relationship can be born many there was talk of maybe mentorship nasa e so even a simple chat a message sent on linkedin a bit at random they can open doors to incredible opportunities that we never imagined I would pass on the questions that came from a test then the three questions we have chosen the first is but how did you find an united states internship I found the announcement for the level position as assistant to the American friends of the orsay museum on a beautiful site which is called profiles kultur this is the french version there is an anti italian version prof the culture any sector or discipline within the world of the art of culture is therefore present if you are looking for a job in Italy in the artistic sector cultural I would first look at that site linkedin has never been too helpful in finding work in this second question how is the work environment in this sector it is obvious that the people who are perhaps available who come to meet us we can find them in this sector as we can find them in others it is equally the people who are not very available and that maybe they don’t want to help us a lot in grow in learning new things or in carrying out Our tests are in this as in other sectors like as we talked about this sector a little closed a little waterproof so sometimes you can have the impression that it is difficult to enter however also found many wonderful people who were looking forward to share their experience their knowledge of put me in contact with people who knew and who perhaps worked in other institutions and it is nice to be surrounded by people who share our same passion it is something that I have noticed in this in this sector in general who really works there passionate and cares the American dream still exists According to Messi and if I said no, I think the 8 million people like JOL who would arrive kill because the american dream exists and everyone is chasing it as i always say in new york it is a place where there are a lot of opportunities there is a lot of money there is the possibility of actually to put aside a lot you also have to work very hard because there is a lot of competition one thing I love Of may that was one of the reasons why we speak of American dream in a dream French is because the The attitude of the Americans is different if they have a dream if they want to achieve something you and they do it and there are no saints who keep there are not limits the The judges limits that they see are those imposed by their own mind therefore in the moment in which I decide to do something because what I want because what I like and dedicate myself one hundred percent to achieve this goal then an approach to the objectives never ever achieves it to projects that is a little different in Europe and it was also one of the reasons why I liked the idea of ​​moving to America from paris where I lived the environment in general as somewhat oppressive many ideas many dreams and I kept hearing myself say impossible but it is so difficult to enter these great museums maybe you have to do something else or this idea hama where he will find the money to surround optimists there are always people who they highlight the negative aspects or that they simply see the challenges without thinking too much what are the resources that are above all our experience our knowledge the people around us our motivation first and foremost is where we should focus perhaps the Americans are a few steps ahead of us on this on this point they are not afraid to launch themselves therefore my encouragement and also to others to carry on these dreams and this motivation because the most beautiful thing in the world wake up and feel happy to go to work then things sometimes happen sometimes they don’t happen I had applied to bocconi was not taken because I hadn’t prepared very well for the topic I had applied at the louis vuitton foundation in paris I was not taken I am very happy that things went that way because those have not opened other doors and these other doors have brought me to where I am today and I am extremely happy where I’m from today point blank questions I’m ready an advice for those who are at the end of high school even if you don’t know specifically what you want to do think of some elements that perhaps you would like to find in your future position found a course of study that can respond in a positive way to these aspects what advice you would give is that halfway through your university career I find that an internship experience is very important because it is the only thing that actually makes us understand what it means to work in a position in a company or in that sector as long as we study we can have an idea we can imagine things and then maybe in reality what we imagine does not correspond to reality I found it extremely useful to do the internship at the Italian cultural institute during my triennial because it was the reconfirmation that this was actually what I wanted to do in life maybe even do an internship to understand what will be undertaken by us is absolutely desired now a tip for those who are at the end of a path university pay for those who are about to approach notorious world of work for the first time you do networking ie this in my opinion the most important thing because for example at moma I have found that for an opening position there are at least a thousand candidates who apply for the open one in now not all places are in the same way as the moma since the internet in short linkedin etcetera while before maybe 10 15 people of that area they applied for a position today to the idea that the pool of people who can apply for that position is increased level overall so it’s difficult standout emerge especially when there are so many candidates applying so I find that the network professional is something extremely useful to cultivate to which to dedicate as much time in energies and energies if not more than writing bed cover work on the curriculum are often the reports that we develop and the value we transmit to the people we meet in our work path the most important things even the things that allow us to find the next job seems networking doesn’t simply mean go to the opening of an art gallery or attend an event have a coffee see you for lunch it also means writing a message on linkedin to that person writing to this is my path I have these doubts in this moment I would like to occupy a role similar to yours in the future or work in an organization similar to the one you are working for You can share feedback or what has been your experience but also simply on linkedin writing e-mails I often wrote people via apple on linkedin proposing to hear us on the phone but to simply get to know each other exchange opinions experiences understand a little what was their working context what is the culture of the organization they work for not necessarily with the purpose of being hired because it would be a bit like saying maybe not appropriate to write and I saw that you work I want them job chander manages to get me in absolutely not do not do it, however, in my opinion it is necessary in this sector as in many others be forward-looking and try to understand where we can see each other in several years and try to work on how to say the whole context in order to facilitate between conditions So here are so many ways to network another thing I always say is that already only if you do the university if you have attended the university it doesn’t matter where where you are but only that network already Professors out contest all the various university associations other activities even extracurricular extracurricular university that you can pay come to lecture guests there are really many other questions point-blank of course, these are the last ones what do you want to do when you grow up to 18 years old and 18 years old I didn’t know exactly what but I knew I would have liked to do that I would have liked to work internationally in the sector I was not very sure about the art of culture, which was still a little shy, so it was all very blurry at twenty on the contrary, fan excuse, however, then triana and post renal I realized that I actually wanted to work in the artistic sector cultural level international position was not clear to me now what he wants to do when he grows up then now i am very happy with what i am doing i found my small size a sector that I love I love working in the fundraising sector because I find that bring together two aspects that are very important for me on the one hand to take care of relationships with people they define me to people for themselves as they say here in america so exchange is very important to me on the other hand there is a whole aspect of strategic the king and management which is a bit a bit by predisposition I like to define things to think what are the objectives to be reached how to achieve them it is also the result of my academic and professional career what to do in the future for many years my dream was to be at moma so now that I’m here I’m a little unprepared about As it was as I felt when the communication arrived, you were taken to the moment of crisis and now and above all what happens next there was talk of a moment of crisis reactions cost cruises such as advertising where after the cruise in the tank and I imagine myself a bit like that maybe in December when this internship ended other than the name really above and beyond that is all expectations all we can think of about this museum as one of the most beautiful in the world for not only the collection but also the culture of the organization is indeed so if not more so my best wish for the future is to find a position a little closer to home that makes me just as happy happy excited to wake up every morning and go to work to carry out projects I’m working on I feel I have learned more in two months here than Years 1 months of experiences in other Dwarfs organizations in other countries are really taking a lot of steps forward and there is a lot to learn and to take back to ensure that we too in Italy a moment cc resume e we keep up with all the tourist visitors we have and welcome every year and resources and the beauties that our country has and for those who maybe they have a few more questions for elena or for those who have some curiosity about your experience but also about what he is experiencing now you can leave us some contact on linkedin elena tuan instagram facebook as I said I find that in my experience there have been many very kind people who took the time to respond to my questions to share their experience and personally what I try to do myself and therefore I am very happy with receive all your questions Contact me and I will try to do my best in responding Elena thank you very much thanks to the lawyers and thank you very much to all of us, we will hear from you soon and hope you have all this interview

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