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Lead Delivery Problems | Pay Per Lead Model

February 14, 2020

(upbeat music) – Hi everyone, today I
wanted to talk to you about a big objection that people have before they come in our program. For those of you who
don’t know what we do, I own two businesses, one is a pay-per-lead agency. We deliver leads to clients
on a pay-per-lead basis. They might order 100 leads from us at 50 bucks a lead and then we deliver the
leads for 25 or less and the difference is our profit margin. It’s a very simple,
elegant business model. I also have another business where we teach people how to do that, to move from retainer contracts and lower-value clients to working with the bigger clients with deeper pockets and more
appetite for lead volume. So I had some experience here and I also know that a lot of
people when they’re thinking about joining us have this question. What happens if a client orders 100 leads and pays us upfront for those leads, which most of the time they do, what happens if I can’t deliver the leads? Or what happens if they’re
paying 50 bucks a lead, they cut a check for five grand and it costs me six grand
to deliver those leads? That’s one grand loss. And yeah, sometimes very
rarely this might happen. This is a high-risk, high-reward, higher-risk, higher-reward game but there’s ways we mitigate this risk which I’m gonna talk about in a second. The first thing is that
within our program, we give you our funnels that we use within my own agency and these, I’ve seen so
many people holding up their little plaque of their ClickFunnels plaque of a million dollars through
their funnel or whatever, we’re actually well over eight figures for paid traffic and
value that have been put through these funnels
when you take into account how much we’re being paid per lead. Actually well over eight figures. So these funnels have had a
lot of traffic pointed at them and they convert so within our program, we give these to you so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. So that mitigates whether or
not the funnel’s gonna work and generate high-quality leads issue. The second thing is that we
teach multiple ad networks. Everyone knows what’s
going on with Facebook, it can be expensive, can have
you ad account shut down, it’s a bit of a nightmare with everything that’s going
on with Cambridge Analytica and all those scandals. It sucks getting hit hard and we saw the writing on
the wall a few years ago and we’ve diversified to YouTube, Twitter, Google Display Network and different ad platforms that are gonna help you
mitigate this risk as well so you don’t have all
your eggs in one basket. The next one is you can
begin with a hybrid model and this is what we recommend for new students with zero experience within a new industry. We would say you need to
negotiate a hybrid deal. So we have ways to reach out to a client and we have a sales script for this where we teach our students to be able to get the client to cover the ad spend. They use our funnel
templates to build the funnel for the client on their
behalf and we say Mr. Client, how about you stump up five grand worth of ad spend, we’ll deliver the leads and we just get paid on a backend when one of the leads converts
into a customer for you. That might not sound that attractive but it can be very attractive. It’s worked out very well for us and we still do it toady but the beauty of this model is that you’re learning
on other people’s dime. You’re learning on other people’s money and it means that once you
have the funnel dialed in and the ads working, the ad networks working, you’re able to go to other
clients in their industry. You’re able to go to their competitors. And that’s when a pay-per-lead business will absolutely blow up. Last one, niche within a niche. Take some of the big lead gen verticals. It could be life insurance, for example, so it’d be crazy to start
trying to do lead generation saying writing an ad and building a funnel that says get the cheapest
life insurance quote from $9 a month. Click here and we’ll
compare the market for you and send you the best deal. It’s not really gonna work unless you have that kind of ad copy in Google search. It’s too big, too competitive, the lead costs are gonna be expensive and you’re gonna lose money frankly. It’s just too big. You don’t need to enter
these markets at that level. So what we teach you is
to go into a sub-niche. Is there a different part of the market or segment of the market that is more receptive to the ad copy if you speak to them directly? Is there a slightly different
life insurance product which not many people know about that has a better hook? We have multiple people
in our group doing, Well, yeah, probably multiple
now doing six figures a month in income protection insurance which you don’t see advertised as much. There’s lots of different
ways that you can enter into these markets where you don’t have to
compete with the big boys and that’s what we teach
you within the program. And there’s another couple things that will help you along the way but the main thing is
that it’s very, very rare for you to be able to enter a new market if you follow our
processes and our training and not be able to deliver
the leads for them. In fact, I can probably count on one hand the number of times that
we haven’t been able to deliver the leads,
including our students. I hope you enjoyed this video. As I said, if you’re new to this, to my videos and my content, then we’ll have a case study on how to grow a massive
pay-per-lead agency. How to do everything from land the clients all the way through to writing the ad copy and the creatives and
delivering the leads. It’s all within the free case study. It’s below this video. Enjoy, speak soon.


  • Reply UpLevel Green February 11, 2020 at 7:53 pm

    Helpful info, thanks Dan

  • Reply Shannon Pizano February 12, 2020 at 10:52 am

    Thanks Dan.
    That was one of the biggest things holding me back from forking over 5k+ and joining your program. I think it's a legit concern to come from a retainer model to a pay per lead model and worrying about not being able to generate those leads for a client.

    Especially when you ask for the money up front from the client. The last thing you want is to not being able to deliver the leads and the client requesting a full refund.

    Good video.. will be open to joining your course very soon.

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