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Lectron Giveaway Drawing

October 16, 2019

yo what is going on guys how you doing
today we are gonna be doing the drawing for the electron each series carburetor
day so pretty exciting stuff just been trying to compile all these lists of
everyone that entered and man there’s a lot a lot of people that entered so I’ve
had my work cut out for me that’s for sure you guys can see him a little a
little fried today not that other kind of fried I was out in the Sun I got some
freaking bloodshot eyes and whatnot just out in the Sun that was it what’s going
on guys hey Todd Matthew what’d you guys do today you guys excited to see the giveaway
happen it’s a pretty big giveaway I think that’s probably the biggest one
I’ve ever done I’ve never really done anything quite that size so yeah that’s
like a $500 carburetor and then I think they were just released August 1st so if
you guys want to check those things out there over on the electron website they
just went live I was checking over there and they they updated the website so
they’re yeah they’re up on electron right now and you guys can go check them
out and I’m gonna be giving away one pretty soon here I’m gonna wait probably
a good five more minutes I’ll do it at like 6:10 so I’m still
trying to like get everything together here on the computer excuse me here for
a second there were like Oh holes like 4000 people that entered so yeah it was
it was crazy yeah so basically how we’re doing this giveaway is I have you guys
had you guys enter through the Prime website all you had to do was put in
your email address your name and that was it
it wasn’t anything like you know fundraiser or raffle or it was
completely free to enter and then I’m just gonna go through on here I have all
of I’m sure you guys hear all the names pulled up on a spreadsheet it goes all
the way down just a big list of names and then I’m gonna just draw random
number basically and I need close on my tabs out I got like 400 taps open right
now but yeah random number generator pick a random just gonna pick a random
name from that and ship you a $500 carburetor for
complete completely free so yeah you guys are are pretty lucky to to have the
hook-up on that pretty cool stuff and I love doing love doing giveaways as well
is it too late to enter yeah I shut it down right at six o’clock and so
unfortunately there’s no way you can enter but I will be doing lots more
giveaways from here on out that is for sure
is it hard to rebuild forks forks aren’t too bad kind of depends on what you’re
working on most Forks are you know smaller bikes
are gonna be single chamber and those are pretty dang easy to do whoever wins
is getting something good that’s right like to get I wish I had I wish I had
the hook-up on free-electron carburetors back in the day that’s pretty that’s
pretty wild most of these people have a four-stroke
I had say a lot of people he’s on this channel will have a two-stroke that’s
kind of the theme of the channel how was your girlfriend no she’s out here
cooking dinner for me right now so when she gets back at all I’ll have her jump
on the stream next cr250 video it’ll either be tomorrow or Tuesday I’m
working on one right now if you guys have been on Instagram you’ve seen I’ve
been posting some some cool little teasers back you know over on Instagram
and so you guys probably have an idea already what is coming for that video
but that’ll be up in a couple days a couple more minutes here we’re gonna do
the drawing I know wait till about 6:10 so about three more minutes come to
Scotland yeah that would be that would be cool I would love to do just like
just travel around and meet a bunch of you guys and go check out check out the
world what is your next bike build it’s gonna be a two-stroke that’s for sure
I’m having quite figured it out yet but it’s gonna be a two-stroke and I’ve got
a really interesting idea for it so you guys are you guys are in for it that’s
for sure just picked up an insta 360 I’ve heard about those cameras they look
pretty cool you might be seeing one of those on the channel I I’ve been
thinking about getting one I broken your pole please pull my name
for this carb and I wish I could just give all of you electron carburetors but
3000 or 4000 of you time 500 times 500 apiece I would be yeah I probably
wouldn’t have any money left do a 500 that that’s really what I want to do if
I’ve heard be cool I’ll be I’ll be doing one one day that’s for sure
as far as exactly what we’ll be doing I’m not really sure yet but I want to do
a 500 because I have a 125 I got a 250 and the next up is a 500
right you have the 125 and 250 it’s time to send it on 500 yep
what do you do with your bikes after restore them I typically just hang on to
him I honestly haven’t done a whole lot of bikes this cr250 taken me over a year
so far you know obviously with everything else accounted into it it’s I
then it’s taken Oh longer than I ever expected but all the other bikes I’ve
built I’ve just kept them the 125 I kind of went through I didn’t really do ton
to it but that was kind of a build and I built my 110 and I built a bunch other
bikes and then rode him for a while and then when I got sick of him I just
either sold them whole or parted them out so yeah that’s kind of what I’ve
been doing with them next video for the 250 that’s gonna be
in within the next two days for sure so yeah we both done on a bunch of new
parts for it and I think you guys will will like it going to visit Finland I really hope so
I’m got a lot of Finnish heritage out there and then I’ve never been there I
got a lot of family there give your girlfriend’s bike to full treatment
that’s what it’s going through right now we’re we’re working on it I want to meet
you yeah someday I’ll be doing going to a lot of a lot of tracks of the bikes
and be doing meetups around the u.s. and maybe around the world all right we are
at 6:10 so yeah we got a good amount of people in here let’s let’s go ahead and
do the drawing what you guys say a fuel injection or a carburetor fuel injection
always is so nice but if you’re gonna do a carburetor definitely electron is the
way to go all right guys time to bust out a giveaway I wish I could just like
had that electron here to show you guys but um let me for you guys that haven’t
seen those things let me pull one up real quick kind of show you what they
look like so yeah it looks like a carburetor basically but these things
essentially adjust based on your temperature altitude and they have a
little metering rod this thing right here I believe that’s the metering rod
and that controls or basically calculates how much fuel your engine is
gonna need and so these things are super handy I can’t wait to really test it out
and I’m gonna put more on 125 for sure – okay so we have basically how we’re
gonna do this is we have all the names with their email addresses on the
spreadsheet and it goes all the way down to three thousand seven hundred and
ninety so that’s the total amount of entries so we’re gonna do a we’re gonna
pick a random number between three thousand or
one and 3790 and whenever that number pops up it’s gonna correlate to one of
the numbers on the columns here and that’s exactly how I’m going to pick the
winner here and for you guys that were like creating extra email addresses and
entering twice this system that I have actually takes out all those duplicates
and then just takes you out of the contest completely and so for you guys
that were cheating around the system you guys got taken out unfortunately I
should have specified the rules but it’s kind of common sense like one entry per
person so here’s what we’re doing we’re gonna generate a number 760 let’s do it
two more times just to just to really be safe I suppose 3405 all right one last
time 24:12 I’m gonna go find 24 twelve over
here no way up here I am blown away how many guys entered this contest let us
give away let me see it was twenty four twelve right let me double check on that
yeah 24 12 so hopefully jordan Breer is watching this he has a 96 cr250 so yep
he’s got a tea stroke he’s got the right size bike he’s got a Honda so of course
I want to give it to him and even more because Honda’s are the way to go but
Jordan freer congratulations you are the winner of the electron carburetor so I
will be sending you an email and you are gonna be getting an electron carburetor
in the mail soon so congratulations Jordan that’s pretty cool
hopefully you’re on the stream let me know if you are yeah
so yeah pretty pumped ninety-six cr250 that thing’s gonna be ripping pretty
pumped for him so I’m gonna hang out here for good solid twenty more minutes
if you guys just want to want to hang out yeah some questions maybe I’ll get
hailey over here get her on the stream and yeah we’re just gonna hang out have
some fun and then in the next couple days you guys will see the next video up
on the on the tube so yeah throw some throw some questions my way by the way
what what kind of giveaways would you guys like to see like of course you guys
want cool stuff but what’s what kind of things do you guys want to want to see
for giveaways cuz I love doing them I love giving back and everything you guys
have helped me a lot so it’s a it’s my pleasure to really do the giveaways some
we call Jordan I know Jordan needs to get his bun on here and tell tell us
what he’s gonna be doing with a carburetor he better not be selling I’d
be pissed are you gonna build the XR 80 like you’re doing the cr250 yeah we’re
we’re kind of doing some cool stuff with it we’re not gonna tear the engine all
the way apart and that kind of thing but we are definitely gonna be doing you
know graphic sea cover just really freshening it up it’s already like not a
bad little bike but yeah it’s gonna be gonna be a cool little bike and it’s a
Hailey’s first dirt bike so she’s pretty pumped on it um discount code for
electron I’ll work on that I will I’ll see if I can get something set up for
that and I will relay that over to you guys if I can did yeah I did I did go to
wash Google we were hanging out there we showed up kind of late that line getting
into wash to Google it was like felt like 2 hours long and
yeah it kind of sucked so we we showed up a little bit late I wasn’t able to
like cruise the pits and stuff because we’re late but yeah we had a good time
out there mm-hmm seracote equipment giveaway that’s a good idea give away
some scoffs price pads yeah that’s another another good idea I
did the last giveaway I did do a little giveaway on those so maybe I’ll do more
of those exhaust giveaways that’s a good idea to you I think yeah I’ll have to
figure out exactly that’s kind of tough because there’s so many different bikes
and different combinations of exhaust so oh I could figure something out with
that electron code I don’t have a discount code for electron quite yet
free rims seracote giveaway hmm that’s an idea Tomek isn’t saying yeah that
race was freaking gnarly like he was coming from way back and past everyone
definitely like the best race I’ve seen in a long long time have it given away
most like where tarp where items like tires I I don’t know if
I did do a giveaway on a tire that’s kind of tough because the tire is so big
and trying to ship it like I want to do giveaways where anyone can enter like
you can be in Germany or Australia and I can I’m able to ship it to you a tire is
really tough to ship overseas so I try not to stick or try to do the big things
Daniel Miller thank you appreciate that man forgot to giveaways build the cr250
unfortunately it takes a long time to get parts back and to do a build right
there’s a lot of things that that really come into play and I wish I could build
a bike in a week but that’s kind of kind of crazy I mean it’s taking me over a
year so far of course I was sick most the time but yeah we’re we’re working on
it can’t wait for you to start feeling
better buddy thank you or us I’ll appreciate that right now I’m feeling
super good actually like things have been really really well lately and I’ve
been feeling pretty much back to normal why is our 50 build yeah we’re we’re
gonna be doing some stuff on that bike I’m trying to here’s kind of what I’m
trying to do right now is I’d like to do two builds at once right now we’re doing
the 250 and at little XR 80 and that way like when I have things I’m waiting on
for the 250 I work on the 80 and so kind of it keeps me busy and then so on the
next build I’m gonna be doing two bikes at once as well Oh
and so the YSR is probably gonna be one of them I really want to go ride that
thing and I mean I wish I had it all summer just go cruise it around but the
thing has like trainee problems or something you put it in a gear in it
just like starts grinding so it’s I definitely need some work but I I was
pissed because I missed out on one the other day one popped up on Craigslist
for 300 bucks and I was gonna go get it and use it for a parts bike I needed the
gas tank and the transmission stuff off of it and the guy sold it before I had a
chance to get it so it’s kind of pissed on that yeah so Jordan he had a 96-yard
if it he’s the winner the electron carb you guys missed it we did that like ten
minutes ago okay Lex 110 I’ll build and give away that would be cool wisey build
I’ve always wanted to do one of those too your channel is awesome thank you
thank you mouthing Matthew Kellog appreciate that yeah throw in some more
questions here and we’ll we will answer them hang out for another 10 or 10 or 12
minutes klx 110 for 160 bucks that’s cheap possible the recho retrofit a
push-button start on the 250 that might be kind of tough I would need to find
out how to get started on there and all the wiring and I’d need a battery Forks
are not back yet I sent them out to sgb and they they said it would be about two
weeks or so and that was that was last Friday when I sent about or some like
that so yeah we’ll be seeing him we’ll be seeing those Forks back within a few
weeks and then did the bike it was pretty much gonna be done after that how about wiring a headlight or
taillight on a bike that doesn’t come with one stock that is tough to do on
your own there’s some kiss out there that really make it easy trail tech
makes a kit so the problem with that is you need a different stator and the
stator controls how much output you’re getting and you’ll need a regulator
you’ll need four lights you probably don’t need a battery but there are some
kits out there where you can throw a headlight on there and and make it make
it work my camera angle I can’t wrangle bad Brayden price you need one for your
bike dude hit up electron they got some freaking good stuff I might be doing
giving with more giveaways on the electron stuff so we’ll see this one did
pretty good possible in powder coater wheel without
tearing it fully apart man that’s tough you would want to the thing is like with
wheels you kind of want to do different colors on them I think if you do the
spokes the hub and the rim all the same color and I don’t really think it looks
that great so yeah I wouldn’t recommend doing it and then also when you get that
powder in the spokes and then also there’s dirt trapped in the spokes
you’re gonna run into some issues there so I don’t I wouldn’t recommend it as
possible to do I’ve seen people do it but hmm the best idea
Bradon price yeah I did appreciate that man customer service is top-notch
electron yeah they’re really good there’s a bunch of guys that really know
what they’re doing over there and they’re very very helpful
ohana yz125 that’s cheap talking Spanish I don’t
really know a whole lot of Spanish oh man you guys are getting crazy on here
you telling me all the good deals you got make me jealous cuz I love good
deals like freaking getting bikes for making bikes for cheap do a QA yeah that
would be that’s a good idea I kind of like doing them on the live stream to do
them on an actual video that I upload that would be that’d be pretty cool too
it’s always fun chatting with you guys all right throw some more questions this
way maybe I’ll get hailey over here you want
to hang out for a little bit you don’t hang out for a little bit
people want to know about your sick ex ret all right no come hang out over here
oh this might be bright holy crap it’s bright out there I’m
gonna go sit over here I emailed them about a slight lighter spring yeah so
they have a lighter spring with the new electron card and those things make a
big difference it’s pretty easy to twist the throttle now Shh where are you from
I’m from Washington State like way up in the corner Spokane head porting that’s a
tricky one man I don’t really know a lot about porting there’s a certain science
to it and I don’t know I know a ton about it how’s work hailey I’m actually
on summer break right now so I’m not doing anything it’s nice just hang it
out right yeah fun stuff yeah she’s had a good summer so far took her to wash
new girl how’d you like that house good school yeah I wanna camp next yeah I
think what we’re gonna do is go out there and get a bunch of people get
somebody’s out there and just camp out for the for the weekend I would be a
good time yeah ask some questions throw some questions this way for hailey even
started this yorgi 50 yet I haven’t that’s coming soon I don’t even have
fluids in it yet so yeah well we’ll be firing it up soon lucky man that’s what people say yeah
she’s a good one it’s it’s cool and you have someone that is like into the same
stuff like she’s she was riding the jet ski today she was ripping on it on the
super jet and how was that fun really choppy so I wasn’t able to stand a lot
yeah I’m surprised how good you did you were ripping out there for like a half
hour yeah I never saw you crash at all no it was good I mean crash like
everyone else everyone else that was riding the skis they were like eating
crap all over fall off the ski and like just like swimming her out there for
like hours on end and Hailey hopped on it and she was just like ripping around
her knees for for a while and spit up it was pretty cool she’s just got the
natural talent for the dirt bikes and I think when do you think the 250 will be
done I’m thinking within a couple weeks you know I’m getting those tubes back
soon and then the rest of it is just bolt on and go really we’re yeah we’re
getting close thoughts on a 92 sierra 125 inspired me
to do a build those are those are good bikes I’m trying to think is 92 92 is
the woman with like two orange plastics I’m pretty sure but those are still
still pretty good bikes I had that’s like the older style I think it’s like
93 to 97 or like the hot the really hot bikes who won the giveaway that was
Jordan Jordan Breer I believe and he’s throwing it on a/c or 350 as well he’s
got that a 96 so pretty cool stuff things me ripping electron carbs at a
KTM 85 yeah so basically electron carbs they make plenty different sizes of them
and then they can build you a custom one as well that fits your bike and that’ll
work with your specific bike so yeah if you got a
question about what or if electron will fit your bike hit up electrons Allah
will have a good answer for you do a meet-up in western Washington yeah that
would be I’d be awesome maybe go out to like villopoto’s track out there and
forget what it’s called yeah I know he has a track out there meet up at airway
yeah when I want to be able to ride I’ll definitely be doing some meetups out
there I’d be super cool I know there’s a bunch of guys in in the Spokane area
that have bikes and watch the channel when will you be able to ride the 250
that’ll be what do you think couple weeks maybe a month or so it all it kind
of depends on blood counts so that we’re just waiting on things to recover with
that probably yeah hopefully yeah we drew the the winner about 20 minutes ago
so Jordan Jordan Brewer one do you race I race growing up don’t race anymore
actually haven’t haven’t ridden a dirt bike in like probably over a year I did
a little rip around the track in the 110 but that’s like that’s about it so yeah
I I don’t know maybe down the road I’ll do some some racing in and whatnot how
tall am I I am five nine how tall are you that’s why she has X already XR eating
everyone’s like why don’t you get her a 125 and I’m like cuz I need a stool yeah
guys she’s she’s small and also I gotta make sure she’s safe I would hate to
like get her a bike and then get her hurt on it too and she’s got a career to
you so she’s got to be safe yeah I need my wrists yeah yeah she’s gonna be a
hygienist in here you’re uh you’re getting close one more year school hopefully you’re feeling better yeah
right now I’m feeling feeling awesome right now do electron cards have a hard
snap back they they snap back pretty quick all that kind of depends on your
throttle if you have a sticky throttle obviously it’s not gonna like snap back
very quick there was a question up here what’s your main job my main job is
right here just doing YouTube build them bikes and if everything you see on on
youtube is my pretty much 100% all my income right there do you ever try a
trail riding at Tracy Carnegie California I’ve actually never been to
California with a bike I’ve been down to like San Diego and stuff but never
ridden in California you inspire me and hope you’re feeling
better thank you man much appreciated yeah full
time YouTube that’s that’s the life I love it
wouldn’t want to do anything else what pipe and silence are used on g50 so I
have a DPR pipe and a pro circuit silencer I’m really trying to get what
is it’s calvini trying to get its calvini on board because they have a
really cool cone pipe all hand welded and then they have a carbon silencer to
you so trying to get one of those before I finish up the build who any questions
for Haley mm-hmm do you do you like the heavy spring or light spring for
electron I like the light one I was like kind of a really light throttle
especially on it on a – sir if you got a freaking you got to hold that thing wide
open even at 250 I’m gonna have that thing
tape so and have a light spring in there do a how-to video on your sandblast
pressure washer conversion yeah I’m hoping to do one maybe down the road
I’ll be parting out more bikes like I haven’t part our bike and probably three
years so it’s really when you part out bikes is when you need that pressure
washer so if I do another bike part up I will do a quick video on that you want
to ride the 250 when it’s done well she was riding a jet ski today and that’s
800 that thing has some serious nuts to it so she definitely knows how to handle
some power coming to Australia I want to go to Austria there what about you yeah
you want to buy me a plane ticket down there sure okay we’ll go go mama
how long have we been together a little over a year yeah your income months yeah
so we’re uh we’re going strong interested in racing yeah I’ve thought
about it I keep getting people telling me to do it brings XRD on we’ll see
maybe when I am done to school you have it for now I need my body
we’ll get her all tuned up on the track and then she’ll show up and just wax
everyone and then she pulls her helmet off and it’s a chick like why mmm I’d be
funny does your girlfriend have a sister she’s got more than one sister hmm got a
ring yet hmm over there no there’s there’s a ring on there it’s just
invisible mm-hmm nice channel YouTube thank you man see
what else we got here make some dope Pitt bye Grayson videos
yeah as soon as I as soon as I get back on the bike we’ll be doing some your
wife is big motivation for my wife around the bike oh that’s cool isn’t it
yeah she’s fit it’s fun yeah she loves a good hobby wrenching on the bikes and
fix them up and and riding them Jim so yeah it’s a shared passion for sure how
did we meet Rick told that story a couple times but yeah at the lake yeah
I pulled up on the jet ski and she was like it’s old that’s all it took
guys get a jet ski ladies love or dirt bike but it’s better better with your if
you have a desk because you show up with your your shirt off and then they’re
like oh yeah you know except I was like super skinny when we met I was like
super skinny cuz I was obviously like sick and I couldn’t eat anything I was
like maybe 140 pounds or something 150 pounds and at first she was like who’s a
skinny little guy mm-hmm and then since we met I put on 40 pounds close to it
TNT moto thanks man really appreciate that it’s very
generous of you how did you start working on bikes that started back in
man back when I was a kid like 10 or 11 years old I’ve always had I will always
had to pay for my own bikes and always had to work on my own stuff so I had to
learn pretty quickly who won the carb it was Jordan brewer
he’s got a 250 he’s throwing it on so pretty stoked it’s going on the Honda
how old are you I am 26 Russell walked Junior thank you man that’s a super
dinner super nicely you do that we’re getting donations five bucks there 10
bucks there were you going to spend it on I
know that’s that’s a sore subject I’m not like I don’t find some new parts
some dirt bike parts yeah okay we’ll throw them on your bike okay all right
I’m two carat diamond engagement ring oh yeah that’s what I want do you care
shaped that’s pretty gnarly too two pair or two
– carrot you see guys I don’t know my rings you inspired me to build a bike
thank you good to see healthy and going strong Thanks
say putos kudos say putos no I don’t know what that means I think it might be
something bad yeah it’s probably like means like big
wiener mechs or in Spanish or something can’t wait to see this you are done bro
keep going one good Noah roots camp thank you thank you thank you
do you accept good parts to sell on your website unfortunately I don’t really
allow other people to sell on revive and all that’s kind of going away – I don’t
do a whole lot with parting on bikes anymore oh these are good here’s a good
question with your recovery what was the most challenging part outside of the
physical demands that’s with chemo mmm definitely mentally and that’s been the
hardest part like when you’re on drugs you’re all the chemo drugs mentally it’s
it’s really tough on you and when you get off of that stuff you have like I
mean when I was on it for eight months nine months something like that and
getting off of it there was a lot of things I struggled with like I would
randomly just be like wake up in the middle of the night and be pissed off
about nothing and that was the biggest challenge I would say is getting
mentally focused again on life and getting back to work – you was was tough
but I feel like right now I’m what six months five months clear of being on any
of that chemo stuff so that’s yeah right now my my head is doing really good and
then physically – um I’ve really really recovered well – putos means like gay
okay you thought it was something bad hmm any hobbies
yeah Amy’s hobbies I need hobbies other than bikes jet skis just being outside anything else what else we do like to
hike yeah travel anything like active yeah I like to work when I can start
yeah yeah she loves cleaning teeth when she’s in a in her practice you guys are
off the show up to her office and get your teeth clean yeah she’s good she
that I know that would be cool just like show kind of what your what your day is
like it’s a busy one yeah as you can tell she clean my teeth you’re about due
for your next cleaning I know looking a little yellow huh make sure you set coat
whatever ring you get her to Sarah got it what color would give you maybe the
band just the band but I need the diamond to be really shiny okay well do
uh will do a gray band and a gray circle band and then throw a big rock on top of
it what Jess keys you like I like stand-ups they’re so much fun
like weird out ripping today I actually haven’t ridden in a while so yeah I was
a blast out there and Bailey was ripping around to what camera do you film on
this is the camera right here Canon a DD stock lens got a rode mic on it yeah
that thing is my uh my little money maker all right we’re gonna jump out of
here in probably like two minutes we got a bailout go to a pool party I
know rough life huh no we’re actually gonna go like juicing we’re gonna go
party yeah juicing party so we’re just like juicing carrots and that kind of
thing trying to be healthy right now kind of
trying to recover and everything you know if you hadn’t have your child after
a dirt bike part what was what would his or her name be what do you think a dirt
bike part you tell me I think caliper is a cool name a caliper
it’s more like a dog name yeah what about axle that’s Morgan’s dog’s name I
know but axle Honda’s isn’t a biker or what about piston or a crank so what’s
something something weird chain sprocket it’s come here mass okay that’s a dogs
naturally equipped what about a main shaft bearing we’re gonna get into far
here rectifier gooseneck stator Frank clutch I don’t know there’s really no
man there’s really no names out there sprocket axle is like the only one that
really fits because there’s it kind of it’s already a name a little bit um tire
I’d have to go with my last name do you oh yeah tighter anyone okay drawing is
over yeah we picked a jet that’s a good one yeah still might like a dogs man jet
there’s a there’s kids named jet out there
jet Laurence hmm yeah that’s a good name maybe I’ll just name it cr250 oh oh my
gosh stud stud jug sparkplug I don’t know clevis glad that cleave it
off cotter pin you guys are killing me there was a good question up here I think I would jumped over it Nia teach
me how to film a DD use the ATV in your videos are so crisp compared to mine
a lot of it is just kind of learning how how to use the settings and stuff and
then also stabilization is huge so I use you know what I’m doing yeah camera yet
no they’re good the ones do you feel more pretty good too bad but a lot of a
lot of what I do I’ll show you guys here so I have this strap and so I love
shooting a lot of stuff freehand and so I’ll throw this you know thing around my
neck tighten it down and then I’ll hold pressure like with the camera and I’ll
be able to do like a really smooth motions just with the camera strap here
and so that’s huge I do have a gimbal as well I don’t really use it a ton and
then also I’ll do a lot of shots where I don’t know it’s like the framing I do is
I know it’s all like photography talk but if you learn how to frame stuff
right and then use the camera settings with like aperture and stuff you can
make things look really cool so anyways that’s kind of what I do with camera
work whoo one that was Jordan Breer
fingers are crossed for you buddy thank you yeah skid plate Nima sounds pretty
good make a riding edit that would be fun if
I could ride what was the first bike you learned to ride on I learned to ride on
a 79 X or 80 so yeah that was a first bike muffler bearing how do you say your last
name NEMA Lua yeah what’s your last name mandate oh I don’t see you diamond yet
Oh hmm wonder where I went
yeah why can’t you ride I am still kind of recovering from everything like with
the chemo and with cancer and all that so basically what’s going on is my blood
counts are kind of low right now and if I were to go out and crash under bike I
would have severe bruising and if I hit my head I could possibly bleed like
bleed out so yeah we’re working on it you guys are putting the pressure on
aren’t you keep it up you guys are crazy it’s funny
how much pressure people put on like when you’re dating and like oh when you
get married like we’re hanging out a family a day and people like when you
getting engaged when you get married people put so much pressure on it but I
don’t really care I’ll do it whenever I want right that’s right yep but I’m not
gonna lie I’m not gonna wait like frickin 10 years like some people
propose you’re on a jet ski shirtless guys throw some ideas out
there how I should propose yeah but you can’t really I already have it I already
have a good idea but obviously I’m not gonna say make Oney Malloy yeah throw
some really funny like ideas out there just so like just the tickle my brain a
little bit diamonds aren’t that much more than bike parts Black Friday deals
like yeah powder coater ring bring her skydiving put it on a sparkplug box in
the box what other IDs you got hi who’s this
hello doc see if our 450 our I can’t hope you’re doing good thank you yeah
we’re gonna jump off the stream and I said like said that like 10 minutes ago
but hmm yeah well we’ll go like three more questions and then we’ll will
balance out we got a kind of peace out of here
do the stoppie kiss every freestyle couple does yeah
until I like flip over frontward and land on it cuz I can’t do stoppies very
good how can I enter the giveaway giveaway closed already but we will be
doing more giveaways that’s for sure I go out riding with her and then in the
middle of the trail stop for a break a bad idea except thing is like when we
rep you know when you’re riding you’re obviously gonna be in gear gonna be
dirty you want to look good when you get proposed to right that’s kind of a yeah
kind of a thing you know something to think about got my disc this week thank you let me
know how they work for ya put a ring on dirtbike part then tell you to work on
it until she finds it that’s pretty funny
that would be that’d be funny in the video huh how can I get my City Council
to approve a dirtbike track an urban neighbourhood best chance that that
would be go buy an electric bike and say hey my bike doesn’t make any noise I
only ride when it’s not dusty and yeah that’s pretty much it
I just walk on the beach barefoot fall behind underneath and then when she
turns around wondering where you went hey sounds pretty good that’s pretty
good huh yeah I don’t know I’m I’m the type that just like goes all out
and like comes up with crazy ideas and I don’t know I don’t even know I don’t
know if it’ll work or not go through all the effort and you’re like nope I’m just
kidding you look sad there if I’m not sad
thinking you’re just thinking yeah in the air do a backflip on the cr250
shirtless and I can barely even ride a bike hmm
your channel is awesome Congrats I have some friends in Brazil that learned with
you keep your amazing job thank you thank you thank you candlelight dinner
flashed natives cameras getting married soon man guys a good restaurant
of course I want to get married I’m getting freakin old put the bike reveal
TG put TG oh yeah I kind of get what you’re saying there yep we did the
drawing already kx125 kx250 what her bike reveal in there put the
ring yeah that’s not not a bad idea huh who won Jordan Breer
Jordan Breer won the electron how old am I am 26 gonna be 27 this year that’s
frickin crazy to think about God my head’s gonna frickin fall off alright
one more question then we’re out this has been 50 minutes long I was gonna
keep it 230 but that’s alright well not that soon yeah it’ll honestly
it’ll be within two years before you know before married I think right
except you would want to get married tomorrow if you could yeah yeah when you
know you know Noah coots cam thank you man through another five bucks dude you
are freaking you’re on top of it tonight I appreciate that man we are the same
age my dog farted cool that’s awesome hmm all right time for dinner okay
she’s telling me time for dinner all right one more one real good question
hold up throw someone throw a good one in there um throw the ring on our
forehead no I don’t know about that that’s a little little crazy dream bill
that’s a good question dream build hmm dream builds house yeah
throat build a house for a bike man that’s tough kind of what I’m thinking
right now is uh I would build the 500 throw a 500 motor in a brand new serie
for 50 or like CRF 250 like the new chassis that would be super cool I
really want to do that and then uh just go all out with it like I’m doing the
250 throw custom comb pipe bunch of carbon fiber
on it Carbon tank carbon everything just throw
like $50,000 at it that’s what that’s what I would want to do there’s coatings
all over the place but still keep it like a nice clean look that’s kind of
what I go with my build so that would be that would be the dream build honestly
I’d really can’t think of anything else that would that would be better than
that all right guys time to eat some dinner so I’m gonna let you guys go and
then keep an eye out for the next video we’re gonna be throwing that up
hopefully tomorrow at the latest that’ll be Tuesday so keep your eye out for that
and I will see you guys in that video so take care everyone good night


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