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Legendary Marketer and The Cold Hard Truth (make money online)

February 23, 2020

all righty guys in this video I’m going
to show you about my number one recommended business and show you some
proof of my earnings with it and I’m also going to tell you some truth about
online marketing or making money online that most people are not going to tell
you so you want to stick around and hear this alright so stick around and get
ready and I’m going to get you started on it here right now all righty guys welcome back to the
video right here at the outset guys let me tell you this at the outset here I
know that most of you are probably not going to stick around and watch this
whole video through and that’s unfortunate because you’re gonna miss
out on some truth I’m going to hit you straight between your eyes with some
hard truth about making money online that most people or most other marketers
are not going to tell you okay so you want to stick around for this whole
video and I’ve got two foundational things that’s required of you for you to
succeed in making money online whether that’s with Clickbank or jvzoo or any
kind of affiliate marketing or e-commerce marketing that you want to do
these two foundational truths will help you succeed so you want to stick around
I’m going to get to those a little bit first of all here I’m going to share
with you about my number one recommended business that you see there at the top
of your screen or you will hear shortly and you know you guys have heard me say
that before go down there and click where it says mentor with keV receive my
recommended business I’m going to talk to you about that I’m going to show you
some of my earnings that I made in fact yesterday I made a hundred and twenty
dollars just yesterday in this business – I want to show you guys – okay all
righty well let’s go ahead and get started on this here first so you want
to sit back and kind of stick around because you’re gonna hear some things
that you’re probably not gonna hear from any other marketer online all right so
first of all we’re going to come over here to our opera browser as usual and
we’re loading up here the legendary marketer homepage as you
can see up here in the address bar it’s legendary marketer com legendary
marketer is my number one recommended business
it is the business that I promote the most in fact it’s the only one that I
promote all the time okay now this business
legendary marketer business itself is a marketing education as you can see here
it’s an online marketing education platform you can start any business that
you want in affiliate marketing e-commerce whatever online but if you
don’t know how to market it you’re probably not going to be very successful
in it marketing is something that’s a different ballgame from getting the
platform or starting deciding to start your business and in having what you
want to do or the whatever is Clickbank or whatever once you find out how to
make the money what you guys see on my channel I’m showing you all kinds of
ways to make money all the time but if you don’t know how to market it you’re
probably not going to be successful with it
okay so legendary marketer provides a marketing education for any business
online marketing business that you want to start whether it’s ecommerce
affiliate marketing or whatever okay now this is the product that I promote the
most all right and you can see right here this is our homepage you can see
right here here’s a video with Dave sharp he’s the owner and CEO legendary
marketer Dave sharp and a little bit about him he is a former heroin addict
okay and that’s one of the reasons that I decided to join legendary marketer a
year or a year and a half ago or so okay because I’m a former drug addict myself
I’m not proud to admit that but that is the case unfortunately I had a bad crack
addiction and I was able to come out of that back in
1899 so it’s been what about 21 years now that I’ve been clean from it dave
sharpe is a former heroin addict himself who got himself out of that and now he’s
made over 200 million dollars let me say that again I said he’s made over 200
million dollars in online marketing how many heroin addicts or drug addicts
do you know and that you you may know that can do that not many in fact of all
the heroin addicts that I know every single one of them are dead today
okay so this is one thing that I find pretty amazing that’s one of the things
that drew me to legendary marketer because this man could do this and
completely change his life all the way around from poor and down-and-out to
successful that’s one thing that got me to but I also believe in this platform
because of the education that they provide which is very incredible in fact
I’ve heard it said by many other people that are involved in legendary marker
that legendary marketer is the equivalent of a university master’s
degree in online marketing except for a my new cost I can guarantee you that if
you were to go to your university ends and sign up in a class to learn or get a
masters degree in online marketing I’ll tell you you’re going to pay over a
hundred thousand dollars or maybe even more for that education with legendary
marketer you get the same education for next basically compared to college
education it’s a pittance basically alrighty so what is legendary marketer
here let’s see here it’s talks about our mission is to help people start an
online business or grow an existing business using online and cutting-edge
marketing strategies since we help people earn the necessary personal
business and mark skills to thrive with confidence in an
ever-changing and highly competitive online marketplace and says we do this
by providing robust digital courses personalized virtual coaching which you
do get a personal coach I’ll show you who my coach is here a little bit when I
show you my back office and so on and so forth and highly dynamic and supportive
live mastermind events here only if you can see that there right there Matt
highly supportive and dynamic and supportive mastermind events and here’s
a little bit about Dave Sharpe himself here he’s leading the charge as CEO of
legendary markers Dave Sharpe David Sharpe a nine year digital marketing vet
who has founded three multi-million dollar companies from scratch generated
over a quarter billion dollars in sales online and educated over 500,000
entrepreneurs worldwide he’s been featured on
and was quoted by Forbes magazine as one of the masterminds of the online
marketing industry he’s actually to date this was this was a long time or
actually about a year ago but he’s he’s over 200 million dollars that he’s made
today they have a blog of course you know a nice thing about legend markers
is they have every week on Thursdays I believe it is they have
question-and-answer session with top markers involved in legendary marker
that is free to join and sign up for it’s like a webinar every Thursday of
every week starting in the eight o’clock at night I believe it is or 7 o’clock
something like that and also they have every day that called wake up calls
every day at 10 o’clock in the morning that you can get involved in and with
other marketers in legendary marker and they’ll also share with you their
knowledge and take questions as well if you have questions or whatnot anybody
that has any questions they will be glad to help you
answer them now this is all on top of a personal coach that that people get when
they join legendary marketer and then here are some of the success stories
some of the testimonies of other people that’s been involved with legendary
marketer and the you guys have heard me talk about the 15 day online business
builder challenge that you can get involved with that’s where you guys hear
me say you know you can get your business set up in about 15 days or less
and have a chance to make up to $4,000 in one day that’s all true so you have
if you were to sign up for business challenge it cost just you know you’re
gonna pay more for a cup of Starbucks cappuccino coffee if you would for the
business builder challenge in just seven dollars to get started with it and get
your business set up now this doesn’t necessarily mean a business with
legendary marker like what I’m in but into but it can be any affiliate
marketing business or any e-commerce business okay now so that’s a little bit
about that you guys can come over here to a legendary marketer comm and check
this out for yourself now let me show you a little bit about
my in my back office a little bit about what the back office looks like and you
see currently I’m logged into my account here and which I can verify here for you
I’ll just show you the my profile here and as you see that’s my name and my
email address right there phone number and my address and stuff
right there as well so you know that this is my back office here okay now the
you see currently we’re on the challenge page here this is the 15 day challenge
right here and you see each day has a lock by it and you get a coach as you
can see over here at the top right my advisor this is my personal coach right
here Andy Benson this guy himself is a six-figure marketer in legendary
marketer and on Marketing and I’ve got his phone number
here you see I can call him and anytime I need to whenever I have a question and
I can also have his email address and I can email him as well too and so each
day as you go through the business challenge they will unlock each day for
you and you see you have certain assignments that you go through for each
day that you go through and you can mark it complete down here and then continue
over to the next day and as you do that each day your coach will unlock the next
day for you and you can go through that until by the end of the fifteenth day
down here you’ll have your business of your choice up and running in online
able to make money because you will have been guided and you have education in
that process to help you succeed all righty now let’s go ahead and come over
here and I want to show you here’s some of the products that I have in and what
I’ve signed up I’m in the pro I’m a pro affiliate with legendary marker and
these are some of the products that I have access to these business blueprint
sees our affiliate marketing this is taught by a seven-figure marketer here
digital products such as e-commerce this is taught by six and seven figure
marketers here how to do it how to go on and do it how to set up for it and
everything you need to do to get set up and including how to market this – how
to drive traffic whether it’s free or paid traffic to your business all right
now let’s come over here I’m going to click on affiliates and you can see over
here as an affiliate you can see some of the tools here’s the funnels you see the
business challenge funnel right here that’s the one you guys see me market on
YouTube here under mentor with Capcom and also down here you show us your
leads and members but what I want to do is show you my Commission’s that I’ve
made so far right here and since I’ve been in
and you can see it right here let me drag myself out of the way here briefly
so you can see here I can’t I can’t raise the screen up any farther because
I don’t want to show the people that that have bought into the program here
but you can see this is what I made yesterday right here you can see I made
a hundred and twenty one dollars just yesterday alone total for the whole time
that I’ve been with legendary markers a hundred and eighty-nine almost two
hundred dollars guys now let me tell you I told you that I was gonna hit you with
some hard truths right between your eyes that 189 dollars or almost two hundred
dollars how long do you think it took me to get that well I’ll tell you 19 months
two weeks in a few days right – today I’ve been doing this for 19 months guys
I’ve been building this business for 19 months and it’s taken me to get that now
not all of that a little portion of that came back in August of last year okay
but the most of it came here just in January in February of this year all
right so that’s taken me 19 months guys to get to that but you know some people
will succeed quicker than others in this you know there’s others who who succeed
much quicker in this than I do I mean maybe I’m a slower learner or whatever
but it doesn’t matter the point is is they I will succeed it’s just like they
did and let me show you some of the the leaderboard if I click over here on the
left you see the leaderboard here let me drag myself back out of the way here the
leaderboard right here is some of these guys right here and that you can see
these guys here are have been with legendary marketer for a while now okay
now let me click on the rank here you can see there are two diamond affiliates
here with legendary markers you guys may know these guys Jay Brown
and Nathan Lucas these guys have made over a 1 million dollars with legendary
marketer to date now they’ve been doing it for quite a while they’ve been doing
a 3 to 5 years to get to this point these guys are platinum affiliates these
guys are gold affiliates and so on and so forth on down okay so the and you can
see what the leaderboard is here and it says click to rank for definitions or
rank the definitions a bronze member is someone who’s made over a hundred that’s
for me I just got moved up into the bronze as you can see right up here
where my mouse is because I’m hit that hundred and twenty-one dollars yesterday
so hurt someone who’s made over a thousand gold was someone who’s made
over ten thousand platinum is someone who’s made over a hundred thousand and
diamond is someone who’s made a million dollars or more in commissions and you
see there’s two people here in the diamond area these guys have made over a
million dollars with legendary marketer all right so guys there’s some proof
there that this works now let me hit you with the solid truth that I was going to
hit you with now I’m gonna tell you guys that what I’m going to share with you
here is the foundation to everything else that you’re you’re going to do in
your online marketing okay it’s the foundation for learning even before
learning marketing how to market it’s one thing to have the business plan but
it’s another thing to learn how to market but there’s something else that
you’re going to need two important foundational things and I’m going to
show those to you here right now guys these are the two things right here
that you need to succeed in online marketing or for that matter any
business even if it’s a brick and mortar business out there you need this right
here number one consistent persistent work day in
day-out with creativity and learning you’re always going to be learning I’m
always learning I try to learn something new every single day that will help me
move my business forward every single day constantly hitting it every day even
if I just do one thing nolo saying is if you’re not doing something you’re going
backwards if you’re not doing something for your business you’re going backwards
even if it’s one thing per day baby steps remember it’s baby steps to
get to your goal your goal was to make one a million dollars let’s just say I
mean it could be maybe your goal is only to make a thousand dollars whatever
whenever your goal is it starts with baby steps you know the old saying to is
a journey of a thousand miles begins with what one step alright it so each
day you put in the work every day to and keep working at it and keep working at
it and keep working at it and keep learning and keep being creative and
you’re in how you’re doing it you know guys I can show you 30 million ways to
Sunday to make money how to make money online which I do on this channel I show
you all kinds of ways to make money and every single one of them are legitimate
and they do work I don’t put bullshit on my channel guys
it’s just not there if it doesn’t work and I can’t see it working in my own
mind I won’t share it with you it’s not going to be on my channel alright they
all work but there’s something that it takes from you it requires something
from you just like any online money-making endeavor requires these two
things from you right here I can lead you to the water but I can’t make you
drink right same old saying about the horse you remember that so consistent
persistent work day in and day out and this one here number two is probably the
one that’s the most important one of all you need this type of commitment right
here I’ll make it happen or I’ll die trying
whichever comes for no matter how long it takes are you
willing to be committed for one year five years ten years fifteen years no
matter how long it takes are you willing to see it through until you reach
whatever financial goal that you want to reach you see the thing is guys is that
people will start a business they’ll start an online business even if it’s
one of the Clickbank ways that I show you guys on my channel how to make money
and they may start it and if they don’t see results in let’s just say two weeks
what do they do they say it’s a scam and they give up and they move on to the
next shiny object they see this next thing come up say well here let’s try
this way this Way’s been making these people thousands of dollars so they get
on that and they try that and if it doesn’t work out for two weeks or a
month or maybe even two months they give up they give up and they say it’s a scam
when it’s not a scam it just takes work and hard work it takes hard work to be
successful guys you see I knew this when I got into legendary marketer I knew
back in July the third my very first video that you see on my channel if you
scroll clear to the bottom of my channel and you see my first video that’s the
day that I started marketing legendary marketer I already knew it was going to
take long see how I knew that because I had some experience in the past with
blogging selling Amazon products I got it to work it took me quite a while to
get some some sales in it but I did get it to work but then I gave up with it I
got bored with it and gave up that was the wrong thing to do sometimes I kicked
myself in the butt ticket she was about to just stuck with it where I’d be at
today that was my own fault see I knew getting into this that it was going to
be a long time it was going to take a lot of hard work in a long time
so I made that come but I’m gonna do this and I’m gonna make
it happen and I’m going to be successful or I’m gonna die trying and I don’t care
how long it takes that’s the type of commitment that you need you need to be
constantly being learning about your business learning how to market getting
the marketing education and there’s no better place guys to get that marketing
education then right here on legendary marketer all righty
get the education get the business plan that you want choose the niche that you
want to market in get the education on how to market it successfully and then
make up your mind that you’re not going to give up no matter if it takes you the
rest of your life you’re not going to give up you’re gonna stay with it and
keep doing it until you succeed quitters never win and winners never quit which
one are you going to be all righty guys well that’s what I had to show you today
I hope it wasn’t too much hitting you between the eyes with all that truth but
it is the truth and on this channel that’s all I give you is truth under no
lies or bullshit coming on my channel okay well guys that’s what I want to
show you reach me make sure you reach down there and click mentor with keV
come on over if you can make that commitment that you’ll do it without
giving up and come on over and get involved with legendary marketer get set
up let them help you start your business online and help you learn to stay
committed and to get that type of commitment and to get you the education
that you need to succeed in it okay guys it’s working for me I see it happening
it’s working for many others as if I’d showed you and many others out there
that weren’t even on that let the leaderboards there so come over
click mentor with capcom come on over check out the the business builder
challenge at the end of my funnel for signing up on my list you get a free
money making method will show you how to make up to $1,000 per month and then
check out the legendary marketer business at the back of my funnel and
come on over and get signed up and make your commitment today for your
online success in business and make yourself free with time freedom and
financial freedom in your life alrighty guys guys I’m gonna let you go with that
and I’ll see you again here in a couple of days on the next exciting video you
guys take care have an awesome day today


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