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LEGO Speed Champions Audi Sport Quattro S1 review! 76897

February 25, 2020

hey everyone in this video I have just the
very last of the early 2020 lego speed champions sets this is the 1985 out a
sport Quattro s1 from the amazing ridiculous also rather tragic Group B
era of World Rally racing as a fan of rally cars in general and the 80s and
late 70s and early 90s ones in particular I’m glad that this set just
exists at all but I’m not gonna let that sway me too much in evaluating this as a
set because it is not perfect but it is pretty good folks who know what this car
looks like or we’re familiar with this car will look at this and immediately
see it and not have too many problems with it I think just generally speaking
cars from that era were very boxy especially with their fender extensions
the body kit work and even the aerodynamic work was often very very
boxy very very squared off which is just perfect for Lego right because Lego
loves to do stuff that is boxy I mean of course nowadays we have more and more
more and more smaller and smaller rounded pieces and ways of getting
things at interesting angles but ultimately when it comes down to it the
basic Lego piece is a brick or a plate and this makes good use of those while
still bringing in plenty of interesting building techniques my personal favorite
part of the build is just the front end and how the Aero work was done for the
center of it and also for the sides with the 2×2
wedge plate with the 2 by 2 tile over it and also the 1 by 2 45 degree cut off
curved piece the yellow part that comes in from the top just all of that looks
very nice and the night time driving lights on the front are also removable I
mean those are not intended to always be there they wouldn’t always be on the
real car if they’re just bringing a daytime event but these will just pop
off as entire sub assemblies I do wish that the surrounds were done with in
black I think that would have been a little bit more
appropriate for this but pull those off as well that’s the little stud
underneath come on there we go and I feel like that just shows off the brand
a lot better you know it just looks more recognizable to me personally as usual
it’s the speed champions car and a racing car at that so it has a lot of
stickers but I feel like there weren’t too many for for this vehicle
you know vehicle needs a lot but the hood there is is a print and is one of
three major pieces that are exclusive to this set that are done as prints so
that’s always nice to get the other two were real surprises to me so easy
stickers sticker stickers sticker stickers sticker stickers sticker
stickers stickers what all that right there that right there is a print and
they did one for this side and they did one for this side as well kind of
shocking don’t mind it though don’t mind it one bit could easily have been done
little sticker I don’t know exactly why they chose that because there’s no as
far as I could tell her there’s no overlap with with other pieces where
stickers could get in the way or anything but hey I’ll take it don’t mind
it at all but yeah yeah there are plenty of other stickers but I really feel like
they were appropriate as always I do strongly recommend that you wait until
at least most of your assembly is done before you start to apply stickers on
sets like this so that you can plan things out and really get things to line
up the way that you want to minimize gaps between different colors between
different stickers that represent the graphics that should be continuous from
one end to another and things continue to look pretty good around the back I
like the simple attachment of the single exhaust outlet down there you can angle
that just a little bit I think it looks a little bit better angled up but there
you can see how it’s attached pretty smart and pretty simple this does use a
specialized chassis piece but you don’t add it on as kind of the inner floor
until you a bunch of just regular plate wise
building that’s interesting is it’s it’s like the the specialized chassis pieces
is an add-on it goes on top of a bunch of other stuff I don’t know I don’t even
know if it was necessarily necessary to use that but they did mostly to get easy
connections on to the sides and also to set up the spacing for the interior of
this I mean we’re all it’s looking pretty good the things that I personally
like the least are the lack of a beat pillar and an a pillar and we feel like
the the real car had very obvious a and B pillars you know they were they’re
white stood out and they kind of gave it a shapes that really has distinguished
it from other cars more so than the rest of the boxy bodywork so I think stickers
for those could have been useful or they could have also done just some building
especially for the B pillars think the the B pillars would have been easy to
put in relatively easy to to depict in some way a pillars probably would have
just required stickers no I would have been okay with that they would’ve been
optional anyway now focus in on the little driver there I’ll show you the
figure up closer in a couple minutes but he fits and the the roof comes all the
way down like it’s supposed to it does not have the problem that some
other sets from this series have but he has a different awkward problem yeah the
steering wheel is offset a little bit they all have that issue with this
current series but the left arm has to be all the way down in order to provide
clearance you can see it right there for the windscreen piece that comes right up
to his chest to his left chest into his left shoulder that’s just a little bit
awkward but it does work and you can put two figures in there technically you
just need to make sure that their outermost arms are angled all the way
down and for the driver the right arm needs to be up pretty
or just again to to provide clearance or I guess I could be down as well if you
moved the gear shift or ebrake leaver out of the way those are not necessarily
the best depictions of those things especially with what appears to be the
ebrake ebrake leaver being way way down there
probably should have been raised up a little bit for one of these although
that said I haven’t looked at the interior of one of these 80s cars in a
long time eighties rally cars you know nowadays everything is as close as
possible to the wheel and you know in many cases on the wheel but still yeah
the basics are there but it is pretty basic you know no stickers no prints or
anything for the interior and it’s a strange seating position oh yeah the
person also has to be leaned forward to have clearance from back here but it
does work though the driver figure looks a little bit basic with no printing for
the helmet no printing on the arms no printing on the legs or anything but
that torso print I feel just makes up for it I mean this is from the 80s the
outfits weren’t so complex then yes they are today teams didn’t tend to have as
many sponsors that would get branding on all the things and so I’m just happy
with this I just like that torso it’s not too crazy it’s not too simple a
little bit more detail would have been nice but I think that this is just fine
for what it’s trying to be and that totally makes sense as an alternate face
for a group B racer I mean I could just imagine this person driving like that
the entire time I am a little bit disappointed that they didn’t include a
co-driver figure though because they could have used that face for a
co-driver and then the face for the the driver or even something a little bit
more more aggressive and serious and confident but for a single figure I
think they did well just you know could have come with two and I almost failed
to mention that they include a hairpiece for this figure always very much
appreciated and looks pretty appropriate just fits on there well does cover up
the alternate face so that is good finally here are the leftover pieces as
well as the extra set of wheel covers and a look at the spent sticker sheet so
you can see just how much sticker application action was required to
complete this set looking at value the value proposition for these single car
speed champions sets is not really debated all that much anymore the two
car sets are a little bit of a different story but these are all twenty dollars
us each and you’re either okay with that or you’re not across the board pretty
much you know the previous ones this the six Ted wide ones were twenty dollars
excuse me were fifteen dollars per car for a much much smaller thing you know
there was it wasn’t just a matter of two studs of width these are significantly
larger overall so of course the price had to go up it only makes sense the
price tomorrow here is fine I personally MP at peace with this price I was at
peace with the fifteen dollar price for the smaller ones it just it just works
for me based on what I’m used to for kind of volume of stuff and also level
of complexity for that price it would be great if it was cheaper always of course
Lego is expensive and pretty much always of course you know you pay for you pay
for the quality you pay for the brand name you also pay for licensing for non
original things like this and contrary to popular belief those license fees are
generally spread across the entire product range and individual products
are priced based on what the company thinks that they can get or or what
their budget is set for at each product size level and it’s all done in advance
of the sets even be being designed but regardless Lego is expensive this is
$20 I’m personally ok with it maybe I’m a
little bit desensitized by the fact that the previous ones were 15 and these are
so much larger so I’m okay with it being 20 but relative to other ways that I can
spend $20 on Lego I think this works out just fine
and I mean personally I would love to see them do like all the 80s rally cars
at at this point and even some of the 70s ones because I do need a Stratus as
well I obviously blockier designs lend themselves extremely well to being
rendered in Lego form this one could have been a little bit better but
overall it’s pretty cool very happy that they made it
I personally am guessing that it was Volkswagens idea Volkswagen Group’s idea
to make this set in particular as opposed to the idea of some super petrol
head over at Lego just a guess because you know how d-did recently do a
marketing campaign were they kind of tied back to the legacy and the origin
of the Quattro sub brand you know they’re trying to try extract some of
the value from from the old stuff for the petrol heads out there and like look
we still have Quattro it’s still the same thing it’s not but it’s kind you
know the soul of it is there so I think that’s where this brought this project
came from just a guess but I don’t care I’m just love the fact that it exists
the more rally cars they can do the happier I will be because I love rally
cars and yeah I think it they could take it all through the late 70s all through
the 80s into the early 90s even and I wouldn’t mind if they just kept on going
so I’m happy I hope you’re happy with my coverage of this set let me know if
you’re not I guess check out the build if you want to I’ve got the pure build
which is in real time I’ve got the speed build
if you don’t want to just sit there and listen to the parts being put together
it’s kind of a you know the pure builds or something to just throw on in the
background not to necessarily focus on but either way I’ve got you covered
check out one of those if you’d like to and I’ll talk to you in very soon


  • Reply Markusewitz February 20, 2020 at 1:34 pm

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  • Reply Steven Van Trigt February 20, 2020 at 1:42 pm

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  • Reply ๆฅŠไปฒ February 20, 2020 at 1:47 pm

    This set is so good, but the new 8 studs speed champions make my older speed champions look like jokes.

  • Reply Jordan February 20, 2020 at 1:51 pm

    One of my favorite cars of all time. What a beautiful set.

  • Reply Pino Catozzo February 20, 2020 at 1:52 pm

    Next step for Lego is to make bigger scale mf so that, next to the car, the driver does not look like a kid.

  • Reply Peter Simpson February 20, 2020 at 1:53 pm

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  • Reply Petr Stuchlรฝ February 20, 2020 at 3:07 pm

    weirdly, I didn't expect to see the A and B pillars on the lego version. You are right they were obvious on the real thing, but just in general, knowing how lego windscreens go, I think this is fair game and I wouldn't knock any points down for the way it looks. The C pillar/rear window section offsets that for being constructed and for not relying on printed bricks or stickers to represent the shape of the side window against the C pillar. That was a pleasant surprise for me which I didn't see coming just by looking at the thumbnail.

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  • Reply 3Dsjk February 20, 2020 at 6:40 pm

    A tweak I would make is to try to move the seats and driver figures and controls back one stud inside the cockpit, along with building in a white B-pillar. In the real cars the driver and co-driver sit very far back for better weight distribution, almost comically so today, so I think the change would work well with this build.

  • Reply Ed Stephens February 20, 2020 at 7:20 pm

    I'm not a car person but I wonder if they'll ever do the Bricklin. Maybe it would be to obvious a fit.

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    Just finished building this one and the Nissan, great sets to me! The bigger cars feel more like you have something in your hands. I compared them to my Speed Champion Camaro, and then you can actually see the size difference.. But I'm personally ok with that choice from Lego. Thank you Jang!

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    I actually did some add-ons and replacements for this set. I notice the black 6 x 8 piece with a 4 x 6 stud cutout below the specialized chassis piece has a bar attachment on it, so i thought 'what if i build a centre differential below the chassis' so i went ahead and replace some pieces with more secure ones and as i have finished developing it, the centre differential was like leveled with the ground clearance of the car and it still works (just because it's not a "4WD" without the centre differential built in, or else it would act like a front engine-front wheel drive), the roof and windshield pieces is originally only connected with 2 studs on the front of the cockpit so i replaced a 1 x 4 2-stud and a 2 x 2 2-stud plates with the old 1 x 4 and 2 x 2 plates to make the roof and windshield pieces stay on strong, in the cockpit: i lowered the car seats down by 1 brick thick just to have some "more space" with the minifigures and i replaced the antenna piece with a microphone piece and a black 1 x 1 stud with hole build on the cockpit and i placed a light gray 1 x 1 tile underneath the "E-brake" piece, and last of all: underneath the bonnet is a 2 x 4 light gray brick that i decided to build a V4 engine underneath the bonnet to replace that "waste of space" brick to give it some realistic features of this vehicle. Now I hope that information is helpful to you, Jang and try do some modifications as i did this year with another same exact set and one you have time, do a comparison with both of the two. : )

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    i really hope they continue the group B lineage. an austin metro 6R4 or even the toyota celica TCT would be awesome

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    YES, Celica, RS200, VOLVO, Lancia, bring'em all on!!!!

  • Reply Jett Stotts February 23, 2020 at 1:04 am

    would LOVE a group B lego series

  • Reply Jayne Sixx February 23, 2020 at 11:05 am

    That is good to know you can put another minifig in there. I love collecting the Lego cars, I love 70's and 80's cars.

  • Reply TJ Bricks February 23, 2020 at 11:16 pm

    The Quattro looks cool saw the real thing on top Gear a while ago

  • Reply Dragos Pahontu February 24, 2020 at 6:03 am

    I didn't have the vents just above quattro, idk where I used them.

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