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Let me explain what happened

December 5, 2019

Good morning everyone! Today I’m starting off my day at Ivan’s place. I was actually staying with Amy, but I’m here now. She made some BOMB potatoes for me for breakfast. IVAN: Potatoes are so good. JOAN: Yeah~ IVAN: What are you doing for the rest of the day? JOAN: I’m here to see JRE because he’s coming to get a makeover from Ivan. IVAN: Oh yeah~ JOAN: And I’m gonna hang out with Amy. Do you want to hang out with us, or do you have work? IVAN: I have work later at 7:00. JOAN: Oh, 7:00? JOAN: You might be able to. IVAN: Yeah, or after? JOAN: Oh yeah? IVAN: *murmuring* JOAN: Okay, maybe. So we’re just waiting for JRE. IVAN: I want to chat with Amy, I haven’t like really like talked to her before. JOAN: Who? IVAN: Amy. JOAN: I know! I was telling… I was telling her.. the three of us should hang out. IVAN: Yeah, yeah, I really want to- cuz she does more style and stuff, right? JOAN: Style. I want to know like how it works, and what goes on here and like stuff JOAN: He looks so tired. IVAN: Yeah, we went out last night. JOAN: I didn’t. They did. IVAN: Yeah, tired. It was fun, so, it was all good. JOAN: Yeah, that’s what matters~ IVAN: Yeah. Today I also changed my Twitter and Instagram photo. It’s been a year well, not Instagram, but for Twitter, it’s been a year. Yay, Ivan made me green tea. IVAN: Made as in I put the tea into water… Thank you~ IVAN: You’re welcome. This morning, Amy’s dog like saved my life. She woke me up at 5:30. And I was like, oh ok. And I was checking my phone and I realized that two of my joanday vlogs went up, so I accidentally scheduled JOAN: 290 IVAN: Oh my god. JOAN: and 289 on the same day at the same time and I was panicking I’m so stressed out I took- I privated one, and then I’m gonna- I re-uploaded it for- and scheduled it for tomorrow, but like It’s been like so stressful to upload and stuff-
IVAN: Everyday. JOAN: No, usually I’m used to it But I kind of changed up my schedule because usually I would divide the two like one I would film the video at the airport and Separate it because you know there’s a time difference in America IVAN: Yeah. JOAN: I don’t know it gets confusing but- It does gets confusing cuz then it overlaps- sometimes it overlaps Right, and i’m trying my best to Edit and upload it on time, and I was like you know JOAN: I’m gonna be a good Youtuber and finish up this- IVAN: She’s really good. No but like, I messed up. IVAN: I started vlogging at KCON for (the) first day. I was at – like – the vlog is literally like “Hi I’m going to KCON” in the car and then like no more and like that’s it. IVAN: The moment I got there, like everything’s like that’s it. JOAN: Oh that’s so funny. No, you can do it. It’s just KCON gets really busy. Even my KCON vlogs is just like IVAN: Short?
JOAN: Yeah. No, they’re not short because I introduce JOAN: new YouTubers. IVAN: Okay. JOAN: but it’s still like not JOAN: My routine. IVAN: Yeah, yeah, yeah. JOAN: Yeah, yeah, yeah. IVAN: It’s a lot. Like you don’t- like I guess people don’t see like how crazy- how hectic it gets. But like It’s just- cuz then like with our schedules too, we have to be in certain places. JOAN: Right. It’s like, oh we need to like rest too – and sit down and like compose ourselves. JOAN: Right. And people like Eddy if his panel is at 1:00 he needs to leave by 12:00 because he gets stopped so much. IVAN: Yeah, it was really crazy. People were screaming.
JOAN: Yeah, so he needed like a bodyguard at one point. It was like yes, I, Eddy, the idol. Yeah, I think they should have gotten him a ___ or bodyguard. JOAN: Him and JuNCurryAhn they both had like people assisting them the whole time. That’s good, that’s good, cuz I was like- JOAN: But we were like walking freely.
IVAN: We were walking and then we were just like dashing and putting our head down. JOAN: It was so fun
IVAN: Yeah it was really, really good so – I’m glad it was nothing too crazy I told him he should come. IVAN: I, yeah, she was like you really need to come, and I was like okay, I’ll talk to ___ then because I- JOAN: I know you did it on the spot when I told you. IVAN: Yeah, yeah, cuz then- before I wasn’t like I wasn’t going to, cuz like I get anxious a little bit sometimes. But then I was like okay. JOAN: It was fun though, right? IVAN: If Joan’s going. JOAN: Meow Meow~ Hi, Meow Meow Oh my gosh, she’s so cute. Oh my god~♥ She’s so graceful~ JOAN: The star of your videos actually. IVAN: Seriously. JOAN: Just kidding. IVAN: I got a gift from my fan like, not like a fan but like – JOAN: Subscriber?
IVAN: Yeah, yeah they gave me a gift and then I’m like- J: For meow meow? IVAN: Yeah it was in a Lush bag. I was like oh cool, like you got me skincare. And then he was like – it’s for your cat. And I was like oh thank you – no thank you so much. JOAN: We’re waiting for JRE and – he’s just picking all the makeup that he is going to use on his face. IVAN: I don’t know what I’m going to do actually. I want to do like a smoky, like, makeup eye. JOAN: Ooohh, can you- can you do gold freckles on him?
IVAN: Okay.
JOAN: That would look so pretty. Yeah, oh my gosh. Wow look at this collection. JOAN: Sunny wanted to try this. IVAN: Yeah, okay, bring it to Korea or something. JOAN: We’re Jreamers because JRE is here. IVAN: Oh it’s a video – I was like posing. JOAN: Posing. JRE: Why are we saying this? JOAN: I know. I’m the biggest jigglypuff out there JRE: Jigglypuff
IVAN: Jigglypuff JOAN: I started Jigglypuff You started ______ I made Jigglypuff happen. I busted out my camera and started taking pictures of all of them. IVAN: Yeah~ JRE: Jigglypuffs. JOAN: Jigglypuffs. (echoes jigglypuff)
(starts chanting jigglypuff) You guys should make a music video, I think that would be- JRE: A music video out of Jigglypuffs? JOAN: No, no like – your guys’s new song ? Jitsy JOAN: Cuz you guys are Jake. JRE: Yeah. JOAN: Yeah. JRE: Yeah, JRE, Ivan, and Gotoe JOAN: Who’s maknae? I think you’re maknae. JRE: You’re the youngest? Yeah. JOAN: Are you the youngest? So he’s visual and maknae. JRE: I’m 26. IVAN: 26? Yeah, I’m the youngest. JRE: And vocalist! JOAN: Rapper/leader. IVAN: Rapper~ JOAN: And then Go-toe’s the dancer. Make sense? and 4-D. I was like oh my god. JRE: 4-D? JOAN: That’s Jisoo! Yeah. JRE: Basically. JOAN: Basically. Alright. JOAN: Are you excited? JRE: Yeah! JOAN: Exo? You’re gonna turn into an Exo member. JRE: Oh wow that’s- JOAN: He said he wants to go for an Exo look. JRE: That’s- that’s- I don’t know. Would you go out like with full makeup, or are you going to remove it? I’ll see how I feel when I- when it’s all complete. If i’m feeling myself- Okay I’m now with Amy~ Why did I do that? Cut that out! AMY: Cut that out. JOAN: No it’s going up. AMY: Hello~ I want them to know the true you because ‘vagabond youth’ Amy is very- it’s too cool. She’s too cool. But yeah, we’re going to Reformation and then we’re gonna head back home and play with Comey for a bit. What’s going on? JOAN: This is the website? AMY: Yeah, ok so basically, this Reformation is different you- Look at- you swipe, and then whatever you want to try on you Just click the size and then write your name and it’ll get a dressing room and you don’t have to shop on the floor here. So it’s super different. AMY: Yeah. JOAN: What’s the point of coming to the store then? AMY: I know. To try on everything. Hi Comes- Oh, she’s so cute. I used to have a roommate. JOAN: Me? AMY: I miss having a roommate. Yeah. JOAN: Me or Comey? You, dummy. Just kidding, she’s my unnie. I can’t say that. No, it’s okay. Alright. We’re back home now. Amy has totally fell down. She is exhausted. A full day of- Your head is censoring my vagina. Alright, and Comey is here. Comey was waiting for us. She’s so weird, you guys should subscribe to her. I hope you guys enjoyed watching Here’s the shout out of the day for those of you guys who translated and transcribed my vlog. And I will see you in tomorrow’s. Have a joanday, bye!


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