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Loser Amazon FBA Products | DO NOT Sell These Products!

October 12, 2019

The biggest loser products to sell on Amazon
FBA in 2019 will be revealed in today’s video. What is going on everybody? Welcome back to my channel. It’s been a super long time since I’ve done
one of these videos where I reveal to you the top loser products to sell on Amazon FBA
that will cause you to lose a ton of money. Now, I know these products are loser products. And I call them “loser products” for a reason
and that’s because they will drain your wallet. I know these products are loser products because
I do a lot of 1 on 1 coaching with members who find me on YouTube, on Facebook, on Instagram,
whatever it is. And they ask me, “Tamara, may you please analyze
my product ideas and tell me why I should sell or not sell these products?” After doing this throughout the whole year
in 2019, I came down to 5 to 6 products that are the biggest, most repetitive products
that I get asked when selling on Amazon FBA. I can assure you that nobody that I came across
selling on Amazon FBA have actually made it out making a really good profit by selling
these loser products. And I want to reveal them to you today because
I have previously done loser product videos on my channel last year and you guys have
absolutely loved the feedback that I have given you. So in just a little bit, we are going to dive
inside of my laptop so I can show you and reveal to you and explain to you why these
products are products for you to stay away from in 2020. Now, if you are one of these sellers who are
selling one of these products that I am about to reveal to you, do not worry. There is a way to liquidate your inventory
and hopefully get back your initial investment even if you don’t live in the US. If you are selling on, of course
you can do a removal order and have your inventory shipped back to your house. But if you are from elsewhere around the world,
you can also get the inventory shipped back to your house simply by hiring a freight forwarder. Now, I am not going to dive into detail about
that in today’s video because that’s not what this video is about. But I just want to let you know that you should
not feel so bad about losing money on your first product. It’s actually very common, believe it or not. I have lost thousands and thousands of dollars
in my first product that I have talked about on my YouTube channel. And you know, you know what the biggest takeaway
was? Was that I learned a ton of valuable information
to cause me to not source anymore loser products. The number 1 biggest takeaway that you have
from your losing product is that you learned something. And knowledge is very powerful if you know
not to make the same mistakes the next time around. Alright guys, enough talking. Let’s dive inside of my computer so we can
get started and I will analyze for you why these products are loser products. The very first, number 1 loser products that
you must stop selling on Amazon is eco friendly food wrap. Alright, there is 1 top seller dominating
this whole entire niche and it’s impossible for you guys to beat them. I know I’ve been receiving a few calls regarding
this product and you guys have all your differentiating ideas but the truth is, this top seller right
here is taking home a huge chunk of the market share on Amazon. Let me show you what I mean by that. I am going to pull up my extension, sort this
from biggest to smallest in terms of revenue, remove the sponsored ads because these change
all the time. I am not going to spend too much time going
through this whole list because I want to get my point across. But as you can see, the top seller here has
over $200,000 in revenue per month. And there’s $346,000 on They are taking more than half of that marketshare
right here. That’s a really bad sign and extremely hard
for you to compete. Now, if this amount was spread amongst a lot
of other sellers and everyone’s kind of doing $35,000 a month in revenue up here and it’s
spread amongst more sellers, I would say, “Okay, there’s a greater chance for you to
sell this product.” But there’s one big guy just dominating this
whole niche so you should stay away. Also, they have 1,300 reviews which will be
greater by the time you get into Amazon. So you guys, please, please do not source
this product. This is not a good idea. The second loser product that you must stop
selling and not sell at all is… alright everyone, I don’t know why this product keeps
popping up for a lot of new sellers, silicone stretch lids. There’s absolutely no more room to differentiate. This seller right here, I’ve been keeping
an eye on them for the longest time and they are one of the top sellers with a very, very
low retail price, meaning their profit margin is already pretty slim. And if you were to make your price greater
than theirs, it’s going to be a little hard for you to sell because they have so much
social proof already selling this product. This image is also really good. I actually really like this seller right here,
they know what they are doing. But everyone else is pretty much selling the
same thing whether it’s 14 pieces or 12 pieces. And then we have a best seller right here. And if I pull up my Chrome extension, it’s
just not a good idea. Let me just remove the sponsored ads on the
left and Helium 10 always tends to slow down every time I am doing something else on my
computer so bare with me. But the biggest problem with this product
is that there’s just not enough marketshare on for you to make any money. We are going to sort this, alright. We have a top seller here and here and…
where’s my guy, where’s that guy I like, right here. And they are only doing $23,000 in revenue. Revenue, alright. Not profit. And this is below my $300,000 rule. If they are making this low of, sorry, if
they have this much low revenue on, it means that this is all the money that’s
out there for you to take when you come into the market. And it’s already being dominated by a few
big sellers here with this little total revenue. So this is a bad product and after going through
a lot of the sellers, there’s almost no more room for you to really differentiate your
product. Everything is just being repeated over and
over again. And the retail price is way too low. If you guys were to sell a product that was
$11 or $12 a few years back, it would have made sense. But today, when fees have increased a little
and with the latest tariff increases, it is not a good idea to sell this product. Please, please stay away from selling silicone
stretch lids. If you guys are enjoying this video so far,
be sure to hit the subscribe button and give this video a big thumbs up. I would greatly appreciate that everybody. The third loser product that you should stay
away from is car seat covers. You guys, there are gazillions of this on Not to mention it’s extremely heavy. It’s pretty heavy to ship these guys and there’s
already so many of them on Amazon. I also did a demo on this product last year
when I was talking about comparing cheap products versus expensive products. I’ll link that video right here if you want
to see it. But this product is overly, overly saturated. Let’s check out what’s happening here. We have a best seller already right here and
there is a lot of money in this market but believe me, this product has been differentiated
so many different ways now. I don’t know how else you can differentiate
it, especially when the colour is black and or maybe beige. There’s just absolutely so little room to
differentiate. They’re heavy and they’re very expensive to
source. If you guys are watching and you want to source
your first or second product, I highly suggest you start with a product that is below $3
to $4 to source on Alibaba. And don’t tell me that they don’t exist because
they do. I have many students doing really well sourcing
products around the $4 mark. Alright, but here it is. This is being dominated by 2 big guys up here
who are, added together, they are making over $500,000 in total revenue. Again, they are dominating a lot of this total
revenue and a few sellers are doing pretty well. And then everyone else is basically selling
a very similar product. I know this because I have gone through this
product many times with people that I mentor 1 on 1. And you guys, please just stay away from this
product. It is absolutely not a good idea. The fourth Amazon FBA product you should not
sell is… drum roll… oh dear… squishy toys. Okay, when this first came out, I believe
it was maybe early 2017. I, myself, thought about selling these. I was like, “wow, these are so unique, so
cool”. And to be quite honest, I think it’s pretty
trendy but now, the margins are so slim on these products especially for this guy right
here, the Amazon’s choice selling at $12.99. Unless they are sourcing it for under $1,
maybe under $1.50, they are barely making any profit. And this market has been extremely, again,
saturated with sellers. It’s probably one of the easier products to
sell because, I have to admit, there is room for differentiation. I mean you can sell so many different kinds
of these squishy toys but there’s so many of them that are already out here and I don’t
know how it’s possible to make any more money from this product. Here’s someone that’s liquidating, right here,
$5.99. I don’t know how they are selling at $8.88,
$9.99. A lot of people are liquidating. $8.99 again here. $9.99 here. $11.99. These are just super… $9.99. Super low priced products, right? And if you do end up liquidating this product
which I can see a lot of people are, customers are going to buy the product that costs the
least. I don’t want you guys to sell this product
anymore. It’s just way too saturated. I know this product though has, it is making
a lot of money but I do know of a few people who had to liquidate this product after trying
to sell it. Oh wow, this total revenue actually dropped
a lot because when I was looking at it last year, I think late last year, this revenue
was probably close to $1 million. And now it’s at half of that. This means that less and less people are selling
it because it is one of those trendier products. Is trendier even a word? Okay anyways, it’s a more trendy type of product
that you must stay away from. So squishy toys is a big no from me. Do not waste your time and money on squishy
toys. They kind of feel kind of odd as well. Alright, moving along. The fifth product you need to stop selling
and I’ve been seeing this. This woven basket, right here. I’ve been getting a few questions about this
product and let me explain this product a little. First, all of them pretty much are the same. You can’t differentiate this other than size. By the way, it’s pretty expensive to source
and it’s heavy and it’s big and there’s very limited differentiation. I am not sure how you guys are finding this
product because I believe it is over 2 pounds. I do have a 2 pound rule for new sellers. I mean, this one is above 3 pounds. That’s heavy. Just so you guys know, if you guys source
something that’s above 2 pounds, it will cost you a lot more in terms of FBA fees. And you want to lower your fees as much as
you can, especially if you are still a newer seller on Amazon. But it’s just heavy and people are already
selling this product. I mean, these are, they look the same to me. They really look the same to me and if I were
to choose one, I’ll probably buy this one because the price is a little lower and they
have a lot of reviews. I am not sure how these 2 sellers can even
compete. It’s just extremely competitive so if you
were thinking about selling a woven basket, there’s little room where you can stand out
on and just don’t do it. It’s extremely heavy for a product to sell
on Amazon. Last, but not least, this is one of the most
common products I see sellers in 2019 trying to sell. And I am not quite understanding why. I know a few of you guys have talked to me
before and really want to sell this product. But you must stop selling this product. Margins are beginning to get pretty slim for
this product. It’s the pacifier clip. There is some room for differentiation but
after customizing the package and after shipping it and putting it into a box, whatever fancy
thing you are trying to do, your margins are extremely slim. I keep on using the word extremely today. But anyway, your margins are very slim and
there are people liquidating this product or I don’t know how they are making any money
from $5.99, $6.49. There are already really cute pacifiers at
a very, very low cost. This one is $8.97. And unless you guys have an awesome PPC strategy
to launch onto page 1 for one of the most competitive keywords, pacifier clips, this
product is going to be nearly impossible to sell. Do not sell a pacifier clip. I find that a lot of new parents want to sell
this product because they think it’s cute but you guys, you have to be doing the math
and the proper keyword research to find profitable products to sell on Amazon. Not just products that you can sell for more
than $10 but we have to think long term and think of all the possibilities where your
product may not end up to be a good product long term. For this one, I noticed in the last year,
it’s been getting very stuffy in the pacifier clip niche. Wow, $3.99, that’s just insane. If this seller was continuing to sell this
product, I don’t know how they’re making money. They’re losing money. Everyone who is selling under $10 is losing
a lot of money. But sometimes, this is what you have to do. And they’re running PPC, I cannot believe
it. Sponsored for $6.99. Alright, but this is desperate times lead
to desperate measures. If they have to liquidate their product and
they don’t know how to do a proper liquidation, then they’re running ads to liquidate. I am not quite sure what they are doing. But they are losing money every single time,
a lot of money when they are advertising and selling a product that is this low priced. Please stay away from pacifier clip and never,
never sell this product again. I think it’s just going to get more and more
saturated. But there you have it you guys, these are
the 6 biggest products that you must stay away from in 2019. If you have any questions, comments for me
about today’s video, be sure to drop me a comment below. I hope you found this video useful. Of course, you should subscribe to my channel,
I really appreciate it. Give this video a huge thumbs up. And of course, you always know what I am going
to say next, I’ll see you in the next video.


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