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Make $100/Day From Whatsapp With This 1 Trick

February 11, 2020

I’m going to show you how to make $100 in a day
on whatsapp with this one trick in this video. And this requires no technical
skills, no following. Doesn’t require you to talk to anybody. Anybody can do this
unless you’re in Nigeria or Bangladesh. But otherwise, I’m going to show you how you
can make a lot of money. Let’s get started. All you need is a phone, whatsapp
and access to the Internet. Let me show you how. Making money on the Internet is
easy folks. And in this video I’m going to be showing you how you can make $100
every single day using nothing but your smart phone and
whatsapp. The messaging app and I’m going to show you a trick of how you’ll get paidm
how you can get the money and all that just. So, I’m going to dive right into it
on my computer. But just to be clear, you can receive the money one of two ways.
The way you will receive the money, you either need an address where somebody or
the company can send a check to or you need a bank account where the company
will literally wire the money to your bank account. So, you need an address or a
bank account, a smartphone and the Internet to make this happen. Now, the
first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to go to a site called, okay? Not quick bank or
not click bait. And you type that in you go there and what you
want to do is you want to sign up. You’ll click create an account right there and
you’ll create an account with Now, the next thing you’ll
do is you’ll go over to this area called the affiliate marketplace. After you’ve
created an account, you’ll go right here and you’ll click that and you will be
able to find products to promote. So, this is called an affiliate network and it’s
a way you can earn commission’s without ever actually having to do any
product support or actually owning the product or shipping anybody anything or
knowing any technical skills or talking to anybody. Literally, it spits out links
and you send those links to people and you make money. So, let’s go right over
here so we’re going to click search right here. And we’re going to search for the top
products. Now, you’ll see over 4200 products right here which you can
advertise and the column on the left side shows you how much money you can
make every time somebody buys that product from you. Pretty cool, right? A
marketplace which tells you how much they’ll be paying you, right? Okay. So, what
we’ll do is we can go over to this section right here called ebusiness and
emarketing. And you can select there or you can go over to page 2. And you’ll
see my program is number 11th. Out of 4,000 products, this is my training
program on how to start your own business. Now, my training program has
changed the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world. You can
enroll in it too if you want but I’m going to show you how to make money doing
affiliate marketing first. Now, my program goes over paid traffic methods and my
assumption is you don’t want to pay any money to you know on traffic. You just
want to advertise for free and make money first and that’s a great way to
get started. So, I’m going to show you these free promotion methods of how you can
sell my product so I make money, you make money and we all win. Is that a deal?
Type in “deal” in the comments if you’re game. Let’s both make money together. Okay.
And the way this works is you’re going to promote my product. And every time you
promote it, you will get paid $469. So,
without going too deep into my program, you’ll go into and click that promote
button and you’ll come up with a screen like this. And your account nickname will
show up. You know, in this case one of my accounts is this. And I would click this
button right here which says “Generate hop links.” And here’s our link that we
can copy. So, you can right click it and click copy.
Or you can click this button right here which will copy the link. Now, before I
move on to step number 2, if you are from Nigeria Bangladesh or some various
African countries, Clickbank won’t accept you. I don’t know. It’s discrimination.
They think you’re scammy, okay? But I’m not saying you are. I’m
saying Clickbank thinks you are. So, what you can do if you want to still do
affiliate marketing and make money during this method is you want to go to
digistore24 and there should be a link in the description and you can get
started. Digistore24 right here is a affiliate
network that accepts people from all over the world no matter what country
you’re in. So, if you’ve me from Pakistan, they’ll accept you, okay? You just click
register right here and you click register and you can sign up as an
affiliate, okay? So, I’m not going to go too deep into that but that’s for the
international people. So, we’re over here on as you can see over here.
It’s called bitly, okay? And it says create click worthy links. Now, what we’re
going to do is we’re going to scroll down and we’re going to go over to here where it
says “shorten your link”. And we will paste our link right in there, okay? Right there
and then we’ll go over here and click shorten, okay? So, right there. And then we
click shorten and we come up with a prettier link. Oh, it’s so pretty.
Now, I copied the link right there and we’re going to go over to whatsapp now, okay?
So, this is where we start getting our link out and making money, okay? Now, what
you’re going to do is you’re going to send a message to people via whatsapp. Anybody
whose phone number you have, anybody whose phone number you can get. Anybody
you can find a way to message on whatsapp. Write them a message and
message them this link. And let me show you examples of messages I get every
single day from other marketers because these messages work. Now, I don’t… You know…
You should never say anything that would get you in trouble.
But let me give you an example of a message that might work. Now, here we see
examples of messages that I’ve received via text from marketers. But these are
messages that would work similarly on my product on whatsapp. So,
here’s messages that other marketers are sending. “Alert for John. There’s an
opening in your area and then they include an affiliate link.” Okay?
“Good morning, John. Come in for an interview. Please connect today and set
up an appointment together.” And then a link. “Come in for an interview, John. John,
my daughter showed me this and I love it.” And then it gives a link and it says,
“Sign up by” you know, a date. And then here’s another one. “You said you need
extra income.” You know? And then it gives them a link. “As of August 26, it’s
available.” So, these are all examples of messages other affiliates are using to
message me to get me to buy from their affiliate links. And here’s some more
messages that you can use or examples of messages that would work with this link
that I just showed you to copy. So, we see, “John, this blessing is all yours. Enjoy it
and use it for whatever.” “Hey, Monica. This is yours. Keep this between me and
you.” “John, come in for an interview. Please connect.” Jessica, “Hey, it’s Jessica .This is
for you. Please keep this.” You know, “Here’s the link you asked about.” All of these
are great ways to get the affiliate link out. Now, here’s an example of. One of the
programs they’re sending me to, okay? They’re sending me to another kind of
make money online program. But what you want to do is you want to take one of
those messages and just change out that link with your link that you copied from
bitly, okay? Does this make sense? Type in the comments if this makes sense in the
comments. If this is crystal clear. Now, using this method you can make a lot
more than $100 a day. You can make $469 in a single day. Now, you can promote programs between me and you. You
can find other products which you can advertise that pay you less money. But
you come and you find a way you come up with your own text message to send
people. But this marketplace –clickbank gives you a lot of products
which you can make a lot of money with. Now, I gave you a working way. Let me show
you one extra method of how you can make money without people even purchasing
from your affiliate link. Check this out. So, this site is called adfly, okay? AdF dot L-Y. See it right here. And what we see here is that you can actually get paid
just if people click your links. So, you literally get paid no matter if people
buy or not. Now, you might not make $500 from this but you can
easily make $100 a day just by sharing these links. Now, what’s even
better is you can take your link that you got from bitly or whatever. You could
take your affiliate link and you can promote my program, okay? Generate hop link.
You can copy your link in there and then you can post it in Adfly. See that? So,
this bonus method includes you’re going to paste your link in here and then you’re
going to click the shrink button right there. And now we have a new link. So, we
going to copy this. And now, if somebody goes to this link, what happens is it shows
them an ad, okay? So, it shows them an ad before it takes them to my site. And as
you see, it’s showing them an ad for a couple different seconds up here. You see
the adfly logo and it shows them this ad and you make money just because they
saw this ad, okay? You don’t get paid that much but each visitor is worth about
like 5 cents, okay? So, each visitor is worth like something like a penny. But
either way, you make money no matter what. Now, once the ad is done and they skip
the ad, so you made money no matter what. Now, they’re going to your affiliate link
right here and you still have another chance to earn money. You can earn up to
$470 if they end up going through. You’re giving them
a free training and they go through the free training which is how to do
affiliate marketing and paid advertising. How to do affiliate marketing with my
secrets. And you will make money and we both make
money. So, I just showed you a guarantee way to make money no matter what and on
top of that, you can make an extra $500. And if you make one sale
a week, you are making an extra $100 every single day which is
amazing. Now, make sure you type in whatsapp money in the comments area
below. “Whatsapp money”. If you got value from this and if you’re going to go out
there and use this method to market, type in “whatsapp money” because this is
exciting. We’re making money and we’re doing it
easy without spending any money ourselves. So, make sure you subscribe to
my channel, hit that notification bell and comment
“whatsapp money” or whatever. You know, let me know what questions you have because
I’d love to hear from you. Love to talk to you soon.
But before you go, let me show you this which is kind of crazy. This is a
testimonial I got just the other day and I blew my mind. Look at this guy, okay?
This guy Mike Spencer sent me this. He was a student of my super affiliate
system course and just to show you how easy and step-by-step. This is good
content. Wait till you join my 6-week training program. Now, I think is cool about this is this
is an example of a student with the right mentality. He’s making money, he’s
covered his costs of the program and he’s moving forward and he’s moving even
higher forward. He’s really trying to take his business to the next level. And
if even somebody as old as my grandpa can do this. It shows that anybody, no
matter what range of skills or experience you have on the Internet, you
can make money doing affiliate marketing. And it’s very easy. You just need to get
started. So, this trick I showed you, go out. Apply it.
Whatsapp money in the comments area if you’re dedicated to applying this. But
also, if you’re looking to get rid of your job and work for yourself and
really take your life into your own hands, go sign up for my training course.
There are links in the description and get started because I’m going to show you a
systematic way to create your business and take you to the next level where
you’re able not just earn an extra… Some extra money if this whatsapp method but
I’m also going to show you how to be able to make enough to cover your job
and quit your job so that you can work for yourself as a full-time affiliate
marketer. Thanks for watching. Big thumbs up. See you soon.


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