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Make Money From Your Phone The REAL Way!!!

September 12, 2019

hey what’s going on is Rakeem Addison here my friend and in this video i want to talk to you about How To Make Money on your smartphone so there’s a bunch of different ways out there’s a whole bunch of different ways that you can use to use it to Make Money Online or Make Money On Your Smartphone or whatever right there’s a whole bunch of different methods but before actually you know get into those methods i kinda want to give you a little backstory on who i am you know what inspired me to do this and you know how is this going to actually beneficial to you right because that’s why you’re here so first things first I kind of want to give you a little story by myself so I’m 25 years old I’m a four-time active-duty military soldier I have a wife into kids that I love very dearly and and the that is that’s my wife that’s my core value that’s why i do what i do so that’s why i was inspired to not only share this information with you about how to make money on your smartphone but give you an opportunity to you know be able to do the same so real quick and I said I married I have two kids and I have my wife my very beautiful wife now the thing about this is you know the most important thing that we that we don’t seem to have very much of this you know time is very important it seems like it never stops so you can’t let your time go past can afford to do that especially if you’re trying to create you know in income additional income stream so that you can you know spend more time with your family you know actually see your kids grow up you know like different things like that whatever it is that you want you know to create inside of your life because you have to keep in mind that you already have greatness inside my friend you already have it inside so you just have to lift it up and take action take action on what it is that you want in your life so back to my story or fast is you know I pretty much got started in 2012 with April into the army and you know I ended up you know pretty much progressing through the ranks pretty fast but here’s the problem see within our me there is something called time on time in service so what that is is essentially this you can basically hit a rank once a time comes so it’s all based on time so you could be waiting for forever right well well at least until you know you actually that time actually comes now why was that a problem for me well within that first four years i’ve created the family right i keep in mind i said i have a wife and two kids right so that’s my family so that means that they cost money to be able to provide for although wife had no job at that time I still me as a man i feel like you know I need to provide for my family so what did I do long story short once I seen that you know it was going to cost more money and actually having a family is just it’s a lot more expensive than just being on your own so what did i do the first thing that could come to my mind is to go out and get a second job now why didn’t I think of that probably because at that time i didn’t know that there was more opportunities to make money I just didn’t know right most of us we’re pretty much come up just the exact same way we didn’t know so that’s what I did long story short I ended up applying for a bunch of different jobs nothing happened for about a month and then about a month in month and a half and i got a call and saying hey you got the job is coming for the interview so pretty much you know kind of fast forward a little bit oh I started working there and to pretty much two months in I realized that this was not what I wanted to do to create that additional amount of income because what I found out is pretty much already i was working from five in the morning then i will go to work out by six-thirty so about an hour and a half later i will go to work out now Matt workouts and army are mandatory in the morning right so 630 2 730 or 745 depending on I which base or post that you’re at right so that was the time schedule for workouts then I would pretty much you know do the whole schedule where you’re brushing you pretty much your morning duties are brushing your teeth you know getting ready taking a shower at the workouts all that all that stuff right all that jazz and then not a clock Cain went to work then got 1130 break between 11 13 1 and then i will work pretty much all the way into five in the evening right so now keep in mind i said i had I ended up getting a second job so that second job started between six i would get there at six and then go into 10 so I was four hours so that was a total of fourteen hours already so from five in the morning until ten o’clock at night now because I have a second job so what does that do for my family how much time that does that allow me know does that allow me to actually get to my family not very much because now i would get off at five and then it wasn’t exactly at five will be at like 50 50 5 15 so that means that i’m literally pushing time forward trying to get there it pushin it because it was 20 or 25 minutes away keep keep that in mind right so now I’m pushing forward and I finally get there and now i’m standing up you’re dealing with other people throughout the day you know sacrificing my time for muddy now if you’re familiar with how know most jobs are is they have a closeout process so when it’s time to go to go home they pretty much you know they have the process you clean of you clear the register all that that entire process right so now let’s not let’s think about the people that come into your store 955 or 956 when you close at ten o’clock now keep in mind you’re going to still have to deal with that person you did they’re not going to just leave because it’s ten o’clock that you’re close so let’s say they stay in there for about 10 or 15 minutes now you’re pushing 10 15 10 20 and you still have to do the closeout process now at that particular job the closeout process was 15 to 20 minutes so that means you’re pushing 1040 at that point right so i was pretty much used to getting home by at least 10 45 eleven o’clock pretty much every night after having a second job every single night so keep in mind i have a two kids and a wife so that means when i got home the lights were off in my kids and my wife were in a bit regardless of my wife was sleep or not the fact was I wasn’t able to give any time to them so little just think about that for a second every single day working that job and coming home to a dark house and just and it’s like I was sad I was sad like I was depressed and I was worried about it because I was like I didn’t you know starting to see different changes you know happening inside my house like it was just disappointing and that’s not what I wanted so about after four months i ended up quitting the job because you know I realized there were there had to be something else out there that wasn’t going to require me to take all my time and sacrifices they after day I knew it was something out there better so you know I I just continue searching online for all these different things in different ways on how to make money online how to make money with your smartphone all these different terms right like all these different terms and finally granted crosses you know a few things and the first thing I ran across was making money with surveys now if you’re familiar on make I like if you’ve ever taken any certainly and actually make money from it then you know that you go through a bunch of different questions before you can make money make money and most times a very small profit right it’s not very large and if it is large it’s going to require more of your time so that literally became like the job now even though i was in the house with my family it was taking so much time I mean it was so frustrating like if you ever took in a serving you know that it is frustrating is thick like oh my gosh I don’t even want to think about it right now right so you know pretty much long story short I ended up giving a cerveza that was just not for me that’s not what I want it right i wanted something that can be passive and on a month-to-month basis without me actually always putting the working in that makes sense right because i’m i’m all about work but the thing is those surveys were crap I’m sorry alright but besides that you know I pretty much got rid of that kept searching and i found an opportunity that allowed me to supplement my income to be able to make more money so I can take my family out more more more dates with my wife like different things like that because that’s what you know out of all air out of everything my family is my core value quality family time if I if I can’t be quality family time and I’m just not who I am right i’m i’m i’m pretty messed up if that makes sense you know because that that’s what matters to me most the most and i could tell you that party part time job that I had was not aligning with my core values which is quality family time and either words those surveys but you know I don’t want to waste too much of your time with you know telling you all of my story for the most part that was pretty much my story I I I realized that I needed to create some income because i had a family right and they meet they met the most they meet they mean the most to me so I realized i needed to create an additional income now you may be watching this and you need to create an additional income yourself right you want to be able to take your family on more trips right to to actually see your kids grow up no spend more time with your people or whatever it is that you know it’s more important to you maybe you need to create additional income stream as well maybe that’s why are you on this video well I want to give you opportunity to do the exact same thing that I’m doing consistently on a daily basis so what I want you to do if you’re serious if you’re going to be culturable if you’re gonna take massive action you actually no serious and actually doing this and taking your life to the next level and what I want you to do is I want you to click the button down below and then click the link down below in the description box and then from there it’s gonna take you over to a page where all you have to do this is all you have to do into your real email that’s it into your real email once you enter your email i want to send you over some information just make sure you check your inbox you know so you can actually get my message and that way you know we can go from there we can pretty much go from there if you want to get started if you don’t that’s fine too but i’m looking forward to helping you crush it in your business if you get started with me today and the only way to do that is to click the link in the description box and i look forward to seeing you want to other side my friend and uh real quick subscribe to my youtube channel this is your first time here so that way you never miss out on what it is that I’m doing so if it’s further along the line that you feel like you want to join me hey that’s fine too as well i’m always looking to help other people and with that i’m going to go ahead and sign out peace and i look forward to seeing you on the inside of the inside my friend all right


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