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Make Money Online 2 Ways With 1 Website

October 6, 2019

what’s up YouTube family it’s a boy
Kevin coming at you today with another kaboom exciting video in today’s video
I’m gonna show you how you can make money two ways from one website you’re
gonna want to see this stick around we’re going to get started on that here
right now hey guys welcome back to the video my name is Kevin Langer with
freedom motivator calm and if this is your first time here to my videos or to
my channel what we do here is we do affiliate marketing videos anything to
do with making money online videos to help you out and once in a while we
throw in a motivational video for you guys there too as well alright alrighty
great well like I said earlier the intro we’re gonna I’m going to show you how
you can make money from online from home in two ways on one website alright so
let’s go ahead and get started right in on this and what we’re going to do is
come over here to a site called pro blogger if you if you like to write or you’re in
you have a passion to write and you’re good at writing and good with all those
types of things this is going to be probably right up
your alley actually anybody can do this but if you particularly have a passion
for writing this will be right up your alley
alright so come over here to pro you see it up here in the in
the address bar here and what we can that problogger com is a place where you
can get started in blogging you don’t even help you to get your own blog and
website and get it up and running and different things and also teach you how
to blog to make money online and grow your blog with traffic and SEO and so on
and so forth they have a lot of resources here and it’s not free to join
problogger itself they have different priced packages
yes on here but but you can it’s enough information here that they give you that
you can start your own blog for you know fairly little to no money I mean it’s
not real expensive to get started in blogging you know basically you need to
have your you want to have your hosting and you want to have a domain name
related to your niche particularly in
or if you can as far as domain names goes and you can also get
different sources and tools here as you see here and click on clicked on there
resources here and one of the ways that you can do here the first way we’re
talking about making money here courses through body so if you want to start
your own blog and you can make money now will take time because you’re gonna have
to build up articles and and write a good helpful content in articles of
which you can either sell on their on your blog you can either sell your own
product if you have your own like eCourse for example or something like
that or if you’ve written an e-book that you want to sell which by the way it’s
dentally talking about writing an e-book if you look down in the description
there below you’ll see where it says to click on the link to get scribble it’s a
high engagement professional-looking ebook program that you create ebooks
very easily with normally ebooks are like you know or like blog post or
something that takes a long time to write an e-book well with scribble you
can actually create one very quickly in just a matter of a few seconds in fact
it will scribble will do it for you it’ll actually write the ebook if you
want to curate some content from other websites or other blogs and you can spin
it in in scribble will create a ebook for you with the information and they
also have already have different niche information on there too that you can
create ebooks professional-looking shiny professional-looking ebooks
in a matter of just a few minutes look down in description area click where it
says get scribbled it’s called scribbled ok click that will reject that out now
as far as coming back to blogging here they would they have their some
resources and tools here and of course they’re talking about blog platforms
most WordPress is the probably the most popular one I mean you can get you can
do it completely free with which is Google’s blogging platform it’s
that’s always been free but WordPress is probably the most popular and you can do
it either and have it hosted by them although it doesn’t have
as much flexibility doing that way is that what if you hosted your own
WordPress blog on your own hosting and so on and so forth so you can you can
you get yourself a wordpress blog ok and if you need hosting probably the best
hosting is is Bluehost Bluehost hosting here you can get it for cheap here look
you can get right here on their front page this is Bluehost here you get a
free domain name for a year you need to get a free SSL certificate that’s the
security that you see right here it’ll make it so your website shows secure to
everyone and it does secure it make it a secure site for people to you know be
feel comfortable about entering any information such as signing up for your
newsletter or any kind of a thing that you a contact form or something like
that alright so you get that you can get it’s one click WordPress install it’s
just that easy they use a program called I think it’s called soft delicious or
something like that and it’s literally one click to install your WordPress blog
and it’s just that easy in 27 24/7 support here at three dollars and ninety
five cents a month that’s that’s pretty cheap that’s what’s in anyone’s reach I
mean literally could have a a hosted wordpress site for
pretty cheap so Bluehost is the one but also I’ll have the link if you want to
come over here to Bluehost right down there in the top of the description
you’ll see where it says click here to get Bluehost just click that link and
bring it right over here and you can find out some more information about it
and get signed up if you want okay and they have lots of different things here
this it Bluehost is probably one of the best I’ve always thought that Hostgator
and Bluehost for about the two best hosting companies in the world I mean
you can get hosting through like GoDaddy although that’s a little more expensive
and or Namecheap or some of those other domain sites they’ll they’ll have you
can get hosting through them as well too all right but Bluehost and Hostgator
probably the top in the world I’m gonna say Bluehost is probably the best of all
most popular and anyways so yeah blogging come to blogging and they have
a lot of resources here like I said you’re gonna get to cedar hosting it’ll
tell you about how to get a good theme for your blog there’s also plenty of
free themes that are really good or you can if you want to purchase a good theme
you can also do that too and now they have tools for graphic design for your
blog if you want to start it up and then now PicMonkey if you look back I did a
video about three or four videos back on my channel where I reviewed PicMonkey it
so it’s a very good tool for creating visual content for your blog like it
says here you can go back and check that video out as well also and if you need
email marketing if you for your business you’re going to do you’re going to
connect your email to your blog for your your business because you’re after all
right you’re trying to make money through blogging right and so there’s a
several that you can get here now I have two ways now there there’s one that you
can get free email marketing up to 100 subscribers there’s a video I
did on that here just just a couple of days ago about that now to get free full
email marketing all the full tools that you need now if you want something a
little more powerful then you can look down there in the description to where
you see the one about the free hosting I’ll have that link there too
and but there’s another one down there where you can get your free 30 day no
credit card required trial of get response that’s the email excuse me
that’s the email platform that I use from my blogging and my affiliate
marketing business and it’s it’s very good no doubt about it Frank it’s 15
dollars a month for up to 1,000 subscribers that you can have and then
it goes up from there depending on how high up of subscribers if you have one
here your email contacts list also down here you’re going to need probably you
want to get involved in your own affiliate marketing if you’re doing
affiliate marketing through with like your blogging and your web WordPress
site you’re gonna need landing pages to build your landing pages or a funnels
your your affiliate marketing funnels right to drive traffic into the funnels
that make sales off of whatever it is you’re selling either your own product
ebook or other people’s products and affiliate marketing off of your blog
right because the whole idea is to make money through your blog now hey so
leadpages here but if you look also I’ll have the link down there in the
description as well I show you how to get instabuilder 2.0 it’s a it’s a
landing page and a funnel builder you can do right on your WordPress blog for
cheap now it’s normally seventy seven dollars for that but I’ve if you watch
my video in my on my channel I show you where you can get it for five dollars
you can get instabuilder 2.0 landing page builder or funnel builder on your
WordPress blog site in you’re hosting as to your funnel
building site to drive your traffic trips so click down there in the link
where you can see it says you know for the check out the video on insta builder
it’s wear out the name of the video there is the the number one the best the
best landing page builder for WordPress or something like that I’ll go here let
me just see if I can show it to you here and I come over here to my channel it’s
right right here right there best landing page builder for WordPress click
that link down there below I’ll have the link for that in the description you can
come over watch this video and it will show you how to get instabuilder
installed on your WordPress blog for just $5 ok alright and then here’s the
other one I was talking about how to get free email marketing and someone I did
about two days ago brought earlier than this video here and you can get up to
100 subscribers that’s enough to get you stump started and get you going good on
your in your marketing your affiliate marketing through your blog or your
website okay okay now and then it come down they’ve got other other tools that
you can do for like social media management so on and so forth tools for
product productivity team management Evernote slack and Trello fantastical
and wonder lust lists other blogging resources and tools that you can look at
too and see in and how to monetize your blog with like Adsense if you want to do
Amazon Associates affiliate marketing through Amazon’s website you can add
that to your website and also genius links is a tool for managing all your
affiliate links that you have so yeah there’s a there’s a lot that on this pro
blogger site that can you can look into and get you jump-started into blogging
now of course blogging you can make money with that obsolete you can well in fact I’ll just show you I looked
up a thing here about success stories of bloggers earning more than a thousand
dollars a year so some of you may ask the question well can you really make
money with blogging well right here is your answer the answer is yes you can
and does you here on this site this is clever ISM com clever ISM here and they
show you down here the top earning blogs online right here and so on and so forth
there’s a lot of different ones Pat Flynn tasting table comm just a girl or
blog Ile fire com so yes you can make a full-time living and make lots of money
doing blogging okay so yeah it takes time though you’re going to be you’re
going to be constantly adding content writing blog posts and then it’s the
more blog posts you write yours your your WordPress website will get ranked
up in the search engines from SEO that you do on your site right and then that
will drive traffic into your website and consequently sales all for your
affiliate links that you have in your book right so I already guys that’s one
way now let’s get on to the second way let’s say for example that you that you
don’t really want to have your own blog you don’t want to fool around with
setting up your own WordPress website or anything like that
well here’s the second way that you can make money on this website right here
bro blogger but you let’s say you’d like to write right you have a passion for
writing but you don’t really want to fool around with having your own website
alright so what we’ll do is we come over here I’m pro blogger and we’ll click on
where it says jobs right here if you click on jobs this is similar to Fiverr
or up work where people will come on and they’re asking for help and you will get
handsomely paid for jobs that you do here is you look come here and you click
on there’s literally hundreds hundreds of people
looking for other people like you that have a passion in writing to complete
their projects for them like you can see here blog article writing most of these
are what blog article writings and what the job is they want now the nice thing
about this is you don’t have to sign up for any account on problogger to do this
not only can you you can also view the jobs and and accept jobs or apply for
jobs on here or you can even post your own job let’s say you have a wordpress
website and you need help writing an article because you don’t have time to
do it or whatever but you want articles post it on your website right well you
post a job here and then people will write you back
and apply for your job if you have okay you come here there’s literally hundreds
of people asking for help from people that are writers people that have a
passion with writing and love to write and you can see that there’s just all
kinds of them here digital marking SEO outdoor coffee content specialist
healing a resource writer dog writer needed it if you like to write about
animals and dogs and stuff I mean it list just goes on and on and on and you
basically just you can just for example let’s take the dog one for example and
you click on that it comes down here and it tells you a little bit about if the
person that posted the job and it’s a contract type job you could actually get
get ongoing work with this to I would imagine if they like your content and
then you just gives you a little description about it right here that the
person wrote it looks like they’re writing about dog food product reviews
and dog dog food reviews types of comparisons and things on this
particular one right here and so then you can apply for this job right here
just click on apply online and then put your name in your email address for your
contact and then write your credentials in here what tell them about yourself
about how good you are passion for writing and sure good with
writing and you can even give them examples here by giving uploading files
to let the person see some of your writing if you have examples of your
writing and a file just upload it here and the person that will check this out
will check out your writing and see your abilities and how good you are and then
you can just simply check the box I’m not and we’ll catch a thing here and
then click send the application and you can apply for as many of these as you
want I mean it’s just unlimited basically it literally is it’s totally
unlimited here but there’s job pages and pages as you see here it’s just pages
and pages of people it gives the date of when they posted the job and you can
just come through here and apply to do these blog article writings and this
ghost writing and things like that for people that need you people that need
your talent and your passion for writing so that right there folks
is the second way that you can make money off of this one website alrighty
guys well that’s what I have for you today if you got some value out of this
video reach down there and smash the hell out of that thumbs up button for me
if you would and also don’t forget to click the link down there below them in
the description were you for my number one recommended business affiliate
marketing business that you can check out click where it says mentor with keV
comm and go over and check that out and see what all you get for checking that
out ok alright guys well I’m gonna let you
go for this and I’ll see you again here on the next video here in a couple of
days you guys just have a super day today ok thanks a lot bye bye

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