Maple Oat Bread Recipe

October 3, 2019

Today we’re making maple oatmeal bread [ music ] Come on in. Welcome to my home. Super super busy today I mean super busy today so I am NOT going to kid you
working to this recipe really fast I’m gonna let my bread maker do all the work
for me if you have maker put the ingredients in the order that they’re
supposed to be in but let the bread maker do all your work because like I
said it’s crazy today and this time of year is always crazy for me so let’s get
going right away I have all the ingredients listed down
below it’s just so much easier that way and so we’re gonna add our warm water
our warm milk now hopefully normally I would have had
this even open but but today that’s how busy we’ve been today butter then maple
syrup. To that I’m going to add a good healthy pinch of sea salt the surprise ingredient this is one cup of the oats that I use to make my oatmeal
and it’s been the oats that had been soaked so I saved one cup and put that
in there of course it doesn’t want to come out there we go
to that I’m going to add my whole-wheat flour my regular flour get in there make a well down in the center, and add my yeast. I’m going to place this into my bread maker and I
know you’re gonna be shocked but I’m actually going to cook this in the bread
maker and let it do every single thing that it had that’s going to have because
I don’t have time to do this today I’m going to set it on the whole-wheat
setting it’s a small loaf of bread and we’re going to go and let it do its like
and four hours later our bread is done it is delicious it is soft it is
wonderful it will go wonderfully with the soup that we made if you haven’t
seen that episode click that “i” in the sky. it’ll take you to the day where I
make chicken noodle soup using the noodles homemade noodles and I went for
nice big thick noodles because this is nice big thick bread it is wonderful
took me no time now we’re just going to sit down eat and then we have to go I
know this is one of those days where it’s just been non-stop going but making
these kind of meals is so easy to do use all the equipment that you have in your
kitchen to go ahead and make them and go ahead and make them remember if this is
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also share this video so that we can grow our neighborhood if you make this
let me know you can get a hold of me on most social media at @cmcolemanhome I
hope we get to see you again next time and check out these other videos I
picked out just for you. [ music ]

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