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September 12, 2019

Subscribe Intellectual Indies, press the bell icon and never miss an update Hello friends, my name is sahil khanna and you are watching intellectual indies. and today we’ll talk about the biggest mistake of marketer Which is called marketing myopia I won’t dive deep in the history You can check this in the description Who started it and how Talking about Marketing Myopia it’s an attitude of markter that his thinking, strategy is perfect. Here company Thinks about his products Not about the need it satisfying. of their customers. They just care about the new innovation not whether it satisfies a need or not One word comes in this definition Which comes in it’s definition which is called short sightedness. Means we did not look farther We think our thinking is perfect Our growth is guaranted We won’t do any innovation, our product is best There is no substitute of our product. We don’t have any competitor. We are the best in our market. Just like we have talked in the last video Difference between marketing and selling Normally marketer misunderstood this They think marketing is selling, we have sold a product that’s it In starting, Micromax had a name in themarket Because they tried to understand the need of the customer. BIggest example is nokia Nokia was the leader They had the best products. There was nothing like iphone Because nokia was the leader of all the category then android came Android approached the nokia first That they can make something big But they believed int their own symbian They thought it’s the best and no one could compete it So there attitude ate them But on the other side, samsung accepted this and starting selling android phones. In starting, samsung worked on low price phones and their sale started increasing. Nokia vanished literally Because people were aware that android is better Still nokia didn’t collaborate with android They sticked to their terms when they were at the verge of big loss They realised their mistake and at this point, their name in the market was vanished. Now they are on android they are still doing some mistakes. tell me in the comments, are they trying to satisfy the need of customer. or not Nokia phones are brick which is their positioning that their phone won’t even get a scratch if you hit a person with it. Their new phones Range is fine Camera is good too, it’s their positioning that camera of nokia is amazing Maybe camera is better But before buying you say that nokia phone are better. Let’s consider another example- codec camera Reel camera lot of headaches Sony brought a digital camera Where there is no need of films Directly connect memory card And we can delete pictures also. But codec is codec, that their camera is perfect Our strategy is the best Today no one remember codec. Infact no one knows sony too Because there are many other compaines. and they worked on different modules. Now what did sonu do Sony had a walkman series They came with this music solution But Ipod crashed their sales. Because they brought so many new things. CLoud system and many things. So this was the reason, their sales were never affected. Now there are many companies whose strategy are on point and they can not be vanished no matter what Example- pepsi Pepsi alternative product is coca cola Both are same but they also satisfies their customer’s needs. they know They knew their competitor is coca cola They started more brands in pepsico like lays Innovation So these things protects you from loss long ago apple was doing the same I’ll say they are still following the crowd Initially iphone was an innovation and with it’s growth slowly But they did not bring any changes In samsung, they brought OLED pannels Curved and many other things. But iphone sticked to their plan If they don’t focus on innovatioN their end is near Because consumer is selfish, he’ll go wherever he finds quality and affordability RIght now iphone has a good Software optimisation system, their phone don’t hang Relatively reliable than android I won’t say android I’ll say more reliable than samsung Because of their touch system, it gets little bit slow If you compare it with pixel. Both are same and outstanding phones But their postitoning is difffernt I don’t understand their marketing strategy If google wants then they can launch a phone within 40k and no one can compete with them But it’s their strategy Okay friends, video ends here I hope you liked it, if any doubts do ask me in the comments section Like and share If you are a student of marketin, you can check my marketing series You may learnsomething new You can dislike too Bye Goodnight Goodmorning Goodafternoon whenever you are watching this video.


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