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Master of Software Launch Funnels – 100% Record | Jai Sharma | DigiTalksbyDigiperform 008

January 14, 2020

Now you don’t know, where we are sitting actually, we can show that yeah yeah if you get if you Guys, can see if you are sitting on this benches and Yeah, that that’s the thing all right, yeah that’s the thing So, we are actually sitting with took, this risk, and we want it to be as natural as possible? With this, digital With this, digital spy digi perform and we just jump into the swimming pool as soon as We were supposed to sit over here the waves started In this digit, oak, we have jai sharma with us and he’s right now taking me through the entire building Apartment or whatever you say Forex j, now battle in december 2015 when you jump into this digital space Especially, we talk about Jvzoo, how, did it all start it did you pick up one product to launch a Specifically with the strategy behind that or how, did you pick up the things how, did you start and how Did that journey veins into millions of dollars in this just first and then started having information On cp. Offers i did some testing i, was some research and although something i’m all set in december 2014 Was for work, sybilla 2015 back then i had this idea? so To, tell the viewers how to start affiliate marketing how, to start assist this Vendor thing because a lot of people don’t know When they start on jvzoo the only thing that they can remove something they don’t know That they can actually create a product of their phone and then they can just earn commission’s on that as Well didn’t they have a lot of different affiliate marketing is promoting that, same product alright so how If somebody, wants to start their journey with This, vendor, thing if they, want to start as an vendor on jvzoo what would be your step, by, step process for our units okay, so very brutal i think i should be You, actually mention very good points you know starting as a vendor, because that’s what kids you know That’s what, we needed are you planning for the long-term career but, people say to apple poverty i mean Again it it depends what’s your strategy, do you have a long-term strategy Like, suppose if you have a strategy to bring traffic, when you’re powerful Using prisoners is that your strongholds if not you know. I think it’s, my time everyone Even if that’s your strong, still solid you know excited i mean everyone should think about being in vendor please you know you should have one of the products of your own rap ready Recurring products if you, want to make you career long-term into the online space so what, what do you mean? By, that reckoning on clicking mince widow. For something, which charge people So monthly that that’s basically if you are brand, new be and if you don’t know, reg the rain Thing it’s a monthly fee all right every month you get paid for something, oh you’re Basically you should have your plug in you should have something, which you get all four engines and that’s what you taught your whole entire year if you have to give example how, i started back then in 2015 Okay having no you know. Connection into the interesting you know into the software thing Because it was a crazy, idea which which what, we started back then? You know alibaba was index into new. York stock exchange Launch plug it on amazon affiliate sites you know, making amazon appear sites you know. That’s how You, make! Your, passive income right and amazon who’s giving up to eight percent of paid commission’s Oh, and leave about being you know. Chinese company the people into you was into north america into you Issues with alibaba, group but as soon as i leave according that index into rock Swab exchange people started believing in them and you know I live about groups you know that the poor are the express language is routines in this you know Ecommerce stuff they were offering up to 50 percent Set up so high time for me to make a. Play game The express of your, sites, okay? Panic attacks that is 5,000 cells in five days? So imagine a newbie you know having, no connection to the industry you know coming up with something but if you know That every fresh fish in the sea needs a better solution So if you’re starting out it does not matter gpu, does not buy the click down one plus you know, sorry part You have to have innovative idea, which you know. And that’s where people will support you that’s, where people will buy the suppose, that’s maybe You know they’ll promote Something, new to deliver to the table, which can be valuable exactly exactly and One more point to add over here it’s it’s always About an innovative idea but more importantly execution is also the game all right you don’t have to sit with the idea for one year just to wait that somebody else is Going to act upon your idea, because like Like there are a lot of people who just say that yes even i had an idea of over i had the idea of ola? bullshit Interesting story, about this long So, my best friend in real life whenever i was getting managed on 12 february Okay, this launch, was planned for an hour fifteen to thirty and i had to be at his wedding there Was no question? About you know missing us and i just really want you to do this launch i had the developers from you know from beasts so i was uncivil to the team as, well and i Actually took a morning flight or at 4:00 a.m.. You know on 12 i was Superman, swami that tyrone as i keep it from the wedding i access $40 and i can Do all the sales within the original and designing and all those stuffs you know Sleepless so like you rightly mentioned execution you know He owns a villa right now over here on a serious note, we were just kidding About the swimming pool thing and all those things he’s actually staying at. This wonderful place which is a township in greater noida and? Like he’s owning. A, villa which is almost like six to seven bhk right now And that’s a great place to live By there is a swimming pool there is plenty of things it’s a township all right And that’s just because he started back then in 2014 with This, digital space and he executed a lot all right more than ideas he executed on every single one of them with speed And execution so great great jay and and now jumping back into the segment, wherein, we talked About affiliate marketers let’s suppose and as soon as, we said affiliate marketers the waves stopped i Suppose that vendor thing is always Away everything it’s a little bit risky to wave to sale and all those things so see natural things are Also, supporting us but most most fruitful because if you survive in those waves which a, we did just now. You don’t know Where, we are sitting actually, we can show, that yes yeah if you if you, guys can See, we are sitting on this benches and he? Yeah, that that’s the thing all right yeah, that’s the thing so we are actually sitting, we took this risk And we wanted to be as natural as possible with this digit By, digit perform and we just jump into the swimming pool as soon as, we were supposed to sit over here the waves started We had no clue, about the waves but here, we are alright so On the under part where or you mentioned all about vendors let’s suppose somebody is not Willing to take that bunch of risk in the initial stage and he simply Wants to start his or her career as an affiliate marketer, wants to promote some products Maybe one one a couple of bucks a couple of dollars $100 $200 extra income and they are just Frustrated out of that office hours and coming back to home sitting on laptop 100 bucks a month is more than enough What could be your step, by, step plan how. They can just build an successful affiliate market ear thing on jvzoo okay This is actually a good question to start with Online you know if you’re you know if you don’t have that kind of innovative idea Definitely you can sorrowfully as an affiliate marketer then you know, after that you know You might, want to shift to the vendor side but if you have to start as an affiliate marketer you have to three ways Okay, the good thing is you know, the products you know
Which be launched or you know Other windows launch around the world on these platforms are actually you know – enough right so it’s very easy To, get that kind of audience to buy Those stocks right to give an example like a dope has image rating you know, their suit right they have a marketing suit red Which is very costly so we guys are, offering the same thing you know Those kind of solutions so for sound all the nineties on the law And the fronton right the kind of aggressive sales pages so what you guys have to do see either either learn Few strategies either learn facebook, ads right completely so that you know you can run, ads to these kind of shop you know These kind of offers try to make your list as, well you know, try to have that rich page where you obtain These leads, which are running from facebook, ads then sending it to the offer with your affiliate Link, second thing if you’re, good into content writing seo right give an honest feedback honest review. About each and every product side if you’re If you’re, presenting something very valuable and very unique and you know A very honest opinion, you know transparent opinion, about and if the products if people check it online or the field you know They’ll go through, your link, and they’ll they’ll buy it a watch from it this another you know Step which you can check is is make an account on warrior forum that’s where you know you can, buy, ads that’s Where you can get that kind of audience which is interested in to öland mark no products You, give, again, you give your honest feedback on a cv or the amount of products making video, ok Try to get you know. A recount from the vendor right and make an review. Oh that product Site offer some bonuses it could be simple as graphic. Graphics or it could be simple as you know Anything, which they can, use into online space and order your customers That’s the way you know you you know you guys can start obviously it might not be easy For all but it definitely works i have example you know. There’s this one person into Online space from last two Years he’s doing just it from what Name is a beach from kolkata So that guy is doing wonderfully he he does twenty thirty sales every, day nowadays you know so that Means he is making 300 to 400 dollars and he has never launched a product Okay, so that’s an easy, way to see you might have to struggle for a month or two but having patience is the key here so When you mentioned that 300 500 dollar or day And the patience thing so listening to this don’t just get motivated about that and just jump into that as if you wanna
make 300 500 dollar over the night it’s definitely gonna take you a couple of months and if you are brand new beer you have no? Clue, above that definitely it might think maybe six months as, well it might take six months see it might take one month as Well it may take six month as Well it all depends on how smartly you work right i mean if i have to give you My, example i mean i don’t, want to brag About it but you have to give my example starting in december 2014 you know coming to now It’s been just more than three years and i was able to hit you know four million revenue and another pastors into the first year right and More than sixteen Launches products, we have done hundred thousand dollars and more revenue right and it’s consecutive right it’s let Us seek so it was all because of smart force to give you an example this one person in kolkata abhijeet Saw so that guys never launched a product in last two years and he’s just doing a flat market change using the strategy Which i was just sold you know. Using warrior forum You know buying, ads on one forum you know, using su as, well using facebook, ads as? Well and you know that that person is easily making 300 to 400 others every, day Voting just these props and he has made his list as, well so Not a necessary, you know that you have to launch your, own you know product You know when you’re into this industry and again you know You might have to put in one one month maybe six months megan yeah you You might have to put in one month or maybe six months it all depends on how smart t you Work right like if i have to give you My, example i mean i started in december 2014 you know coming forward to you know Today it’s been just more than three years and i was able to do more than four million into revenue and it was 1.4 Million the first year itself became one of the fastest, wonders when people, ask, me you know. How He, was able to achieve such results in such a short career right you know Which people, do maybe in 80s or 90s so my answer was simple you know i do not count the number of days you know, which i have put in I was literally working 20 hours a day as Well and you know it’s all about smart work so if you you know Work, smarty you know have patience as, well i don’t see reason, why? You, won’t be successful here great great great that’s a great people here. Guys just make sure you apply these Talks, over here which are being mentioned by, jury because just just don’t get motivated By, these talks do something about the motivation Which you are getting over here or maybe it’s affiliate marketing on jvzoo or xyz platform all right so jay To, cut, down over here we’ll just have a few points for our viewers and we’ll just let Them know i have heard a couple of things about munch i have personally done but let’s say if somebody has not done anything Munch eyed outcome is something for people there is so how A person can connect these two And make it an effective affiliate commission maybe in just two months or three months for a single product Okay, so muncha is actually calendar launch pin under where you can, see the dates or what are the launches Which is coming into the industry into different market you know into different market, base which is going to get launched you know So muncha if you see the blue portion. You know if if interest is in blue that, means is the prima mentor can See, my, name or their Share my, okay so you have any upcoming product, yeah i have one coming up in two march 17 sell a messenger you can Sell everything into messenger okay, we have this approved. By facebook that’s, okay so So try to promote you know the blue chick because that’s, where the authority is you know That these are the people you know, who will not who will do justice to you or you know. Visitors and you know They’ll, make, sure they convert, well and they take care of paper streamers very Well okay and do check the track record of them and you know, when you’re promoting them and? you know Once you click on that link into muncha and it will go to the you know Jimmy, page joint-venture page okay, well they have all the information regarding you know Absolutely, no swipes email swipes you know, which you can, use straight, away or the graphics so you Have all the information regarding the launch and you know the material which you need to promote that particular product Okay, so from there on you know if it’s a video you know You just apply to the link you know request the link to promote it it could be from very place as Well from sam card as, well from you know Big star as Well from different different marketplaces you know to supply the link over there have swipes you know try to customize it in your Own words you know to make it unique because obviously you know all of the newbies are gonna send the same emails with a list Have graphics you know do the proper research About the product see the sales page you know what kind of angle the you know the ventura is used so? Just give i think a 30 minutes or maybe are to the offer and you’ll have in and out You know inside of water park is all about you know Try, to have the review ponds from the vendor, making video like a you know i again said you know other you know Put the review review on the youtube you know it might rank and you know You, you got affiliate sales you know or do run the facebook ads as, well to these videos Yeah, opportunities are endless you know how are you you use it you couldn’t be as creative as possible yeah and you have left mother So you mentioned that messenger product, which is coming in march and you mentioned the need? 1770 in advance 2018 so tell us more about that product probably what We can, do is we’ll just put up one another video especially exclusively for this viewers of this video digit ox by Did you perform and we might have that is a premium content wearing, we are showcasing how You can, start promoting if you are a brand, new Be be it like anybody, who can, promote that particular product Which you’re, going to talk about on jvzoo looking at munch i from this point onwards let’s talk, about that, what’s that product And what’s the name of the product? How. People can look on munch i if there is? So as we go on the muncher calm right You, check the calendar on march 17th you’ll find, my name but this product selling messenger so or to give you brief About what this product to It actually leverages super messenger platform to Let you sell anything and everything right inside the messenger so imagine you have this messenger selling messenger you know App on a website even if you are sleeping right it will showcase the product to you know Your website visitor if they buy it it will show up sell it will show up sells as, well if you know There’s some visit on your website know, who is already previously bought the product side and they want to You know they won’t support so this app will support them as, well you know Actually if transaction id in everything so it’s kind of automation of support as, well into customer engagement as? Well it sells for you as, well it chad it engaged itself to website visitors and into into facebook ecosystem as Well you know if anybody’s coming to your facebook page so this app is approved By facebook, and one of its, own kind you know one of the most intuitive app into the industry right now And it’s actually part of our bigger Messenger mugging suit which is known as messenger mix so, we have selling messenger We have previously launched one messenger, which used to convert your website Visitors into messenger subscriber like email subscriber and short messenger which is to do the same for facebook ecosystem and all three apps are grouped, by facebook, and It’s kind of our dream project Which is going on so just go to munch i go to the jv page you will have all the details regarding Messenger you’ll find the gb swipes as, well as a link to request Video demo video of this products you have you know end-to-end and how you can promote it So all the direct links for the resources would be mentioned right in the description below. This video Funnel messenger is the product. Jvzoo is the platform on which is going to be launching and? Selling, cell. Cell in messenger yes so a Cell in messenger is the product within, which ladies funnel messenger and messenger mix is a bigger platform Okay, follow messenger and shot messenger are You can, say sister Three of these combined, make messenger mix okay cool Great so all the links once again are in the video description below And you might get some commission So even if you are spending $10 in your facebook ad and you are getting one sale You are earning a profit of somewhere around 30 $40 on one sale alright So that’s not bad for a newbie so definitely go for it and if you have never ever done your Affiliate marketing thing on jvzoo this is the right thing to do because in this they’ll definitely get an experience of facebook marketing as Well then if they have never ever applied, facebook marketing they’ll probably apply that strategy For you know deflating you know. These do mention bg perform so that you know, we can approve you understand because because i’ll, tell you what happens is whenever you Want to promote a product on jvzoo you have to send a request for the approval only if the vendor is Approving your request only then you can Sell that product and earn commission on jvzoo but just because you are our viewers you are, ad specially digit ox By dj, perform you will have special privilege over there mentioned Digi perform so that you get an instant approval from jay sharma alright Only, for digi, perform guys digit aux, by dg perform rocks And by the way when you are promoting this thing there is one good news? Which joy, is going to share which is like funnel messenger thing Things because you are watching us right So, we have this? Messenger, which you know Converts all the website visitors you know into your Messenger subscriber which is like having email subscriber so imagine in emails you know Whatever least you have you get 10% openers right in messenger you get over ninety-five percent right so This, is what we’re? Gonna give free to. Your sub, server the market prices for its own dollar per month This, will be free for all of your users you know. You just have to check funnel messenger calm All right funnel messenger calm just visit that page and create your free account Because that’s a product which is right now going if you as a Normal visitor, go and purchase that that would be forty seven dollar a Month all right reckoning fee and you are getting it absolutely for free so that’s a freebie specially just for this viewers of digit, ox might be cheaper form and Thank you so much jay that was a great freebie and i guess i didn’t? Push him anything and that was nothing like a freebie he is so kind enough to give this absolute apps absolute great product Absolutely for free all right so That’s it thank you for having me on the show by, the way guys, we Just thought of having, some food and we were just having a word regarding something else as Well because you already got one freebie which is a funnel, messenger, which, was 49 or 47 dollars a month recurring fee but now We also have one under freebie, which is million dollar movie, so i’m coming up with this book Million dollar newbie, which is based on my soui from december 2014 current it’s about, my business life, my professional life, my personal life, and it actually is A good, motivation for someone you know, who sign should start their career online because, no matter how Much motivation video you see you know much you know, what does not matter i know how much you attend the events? Master once you get motivated you the thumbs up what they are you know You, look, to the booties of tony robbins and other speakers online but as you get on the work you Know you, again, you know feel lazy, you get distracted from other things right so I’m talking, about my journey here, well you know How i got distracted you know from you know, from my environment From people around me okay, because people do play a very important role in to your journey as, well your mindset as Well so how i was able to cope up with it and you know what you know the kind of results i have right now and It’s it’s not just marketing stuff it’s not just about strategy And it’s not just personal philosophy allsop it’s combination of everything, which will definitely help you out you know Understand the very basics of human nature which will help you understand very basic. You know strategy of marketing as, well and you know How you can grow. Your career Because it shows my
group In korea where basically i was thinking about having hundred although at one point of time in month okay And today i’m talking, about, sass i’m talking about delivering stuffs, okay, having those million you know. A million dollars of revenue? Per month you know and you know in a year you know in a. Year or so that’s what i’m working on So as a journey as a marketer i’ve grown Okay, from newbie to who i am right now although i feel i’m still a newbie so that that’s a world Reading and it will definitely help. You guys so as it’s just listened as you just got to know. About this, new Book, which is gonna come in late april 2018 you check out the book at million dollar, new Be calm and do is it the leg, which is right over here or in the description below. This video okay So in this watery scenario, we gotta do this jimmy J, bolena We’re, gonna do this jvzoo Especially for jvzoo people and this is gonna be digi talks By dg perform episode number zero zero eight i guess the mic is getting wet a little bit This is definitely gonna go into the pink this Is a rich guy i Send you the address whoever knows, or doesn’t know. His address drop a comment, below i’ll send you the address


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