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November 9, 2019

buddy its homestead tessie and I can’t
wait to share with you what I got at the thrift store yeah hey everybody and
welcome back that is an old saying that I used to do three years ago hi
everybody its homestead Tassie I kind of got away from that but you know what
that is something that is my slogan and I think I’m gonna bring it back once
more it just shares with you a little bit of my excitement on my channel and
the excitement that I have in life and today is 50 Thursday and I’ll show you
what I got this week but first I want to share with you that I finally got that
whole case of limes finished this is only just one and I’m gonna share with
you in an upcoming video the potpourri we’re gonna make it all the Christmas
decorations we’re gonna use with these limes and they smell amazing
in fact they smell just like a lemon you can’t really tell much of a difference
but I know we’re here to see what I got this week at the thrift store so the one
thing I got which was very unusual for me was this I paid a dollar 50 for it
it’s very hard now the reason why I got is my surface are very old and so
decided myself where the arm is it’s kind of being pushed away and my pillows
that I had they’re my little pillows they’re getting stuffed down to the side
and so they’re not they’re not staying fluffed up and this here is hard so this
here is going to be able to work perfect it’s not gonna get pushed down and I’ll
show you where I put it so I paid a dollar 50 for it working on
not spending you know for things that I really don’t need or don’t use I know
when we go to the thrift store it’s so easy to go and see all these things and
most of times they’re reasonably priced and you think oh I love it and then you
get home and your house is getting so full so try to focus on things
that around my channel around my lifestyle and things that I am really
going to enjoy I got this and I paid a dollar 50 for it it is vintage it’s a
coffee can I don’t know what it was used for it was with their vintage things and
I just like it and I’m going oh my goodness I’m gonna put my knives in it
to use it in my kitchen I think it’s just so cute it says it’s vintage I
don’t know if it’s vintage or not has anybody ever seen a coffee can like this
back when you were a child I mean or did they make it like this don’t know I
can’t see anything with it another question I need all of you is I did a
video last week on my eggs and freezing eggs and a lot of you said that you
freeze eggs and muffin tins I have a question so when I freeze my eggs and
muffin tins do I line their muffin tins or do I just put the eggs in the tins
without lining it for 50 cents I got some of these baking cups do I break the
egg into one of these and then pop it in the freezer or do I put the eggs just
plain in a muffin tin because I would think it would stick I need I need you
guys to let me know about this if I can’t use it for the eggs of course I
will use it for cupcakes and then I got two pieces of fabric because they were
on sale on they were half off and so I got this one for $0.50 yeah I know it’s for pillow I think but
I got an idea for it you know I have to share that with you next I’m not sure if
it’ll be this week anymore but I thought it’s really cute 50 cents for this and
then I got this one for 25 cents this is a little bit like what Owen gave me a
kinda a little bit of one of Owens pieces of fabric you gave me at one time
but I haven’t I have an idea for that as well and then
I went to the Dollar Tree and I really don’t spend a whole lot at the Dollar
Tree but I did get these socks they are adorable
now listen they only had one pair or I would have got more look look look look
are they cute I love fuzzy socks uh it’s a deer I think and not a deer I don’t
know when you get these kind of stuff from China it’s like the animals don’t
look like the real animal but that shirt was like a deer to me but they only have
one pair and my daughter was eyeing it up and she said no she says she doesn’t
mean him I snatched him up and then I thought this at the Dollar Tree but this
was so unique you know you have to be you have to really look because they
have red and white I mean they have red and green so they hardly ever had the
white but it’s a light like that on a rope and it’s clear I want to be clear
so if that’s a light on a rope and it’s clear so that’s gonna be neat I’m gonna
put that on a little Christmas tree I all do a lot for Christmas as you seen
in my last year’s videos I have a little tree that was free to me from my
neighbor when his wife passed away he gave it to me it’s just a little pine
tree and then I have a couple dollar trees that I use so I don’t know I think
that’s cute or I’ll put it somewhere I’m gonna keep looking because this was the
only clear light I like the clear and this was the only one so we’ll be
working on the crafts for that so I think I said it all I think I’ve said
enough for today it’s just such a beautiful time of the year the frost has
hit and so everything is pretty much gone from the garden and now I’m stuck
indoors and stuck around the house here doing things and I’m really having a lot
of fun it’s been a long summer and I enjoyed my summer immensely but I’m
ready for the fall I love the fall time of the year it is my favorite time of
the year I just love the putting everything away outside and cleaning up
and just snuggling in my I enjoy making my home my little heaven
on earth so to speak and I love the old ways and the old things and I’m really
excited to share with you in this holiday season I don’t go too much for
the commercialism of this world my decorations are all going to be natural
they’re all going to be things that you can find just even driving out in the
country a little bit you can find it for free and that is how I like to decorate
so here’s what it mean so I have two pillows here and see how that one gets
pushed down because this is bent like that so let’s go ahead and see once if
this makes a difference so this is my pillow that I got and so that’s hard so
it’s not gonna push down like my other pillows so it gives more of its makes it
more sturdy like that I think that’s gonna work out perfect you know this pillow probably would have
been really expensive at one time bought new and that’s one thing I love about
the thrift store you can get stuff you know even though it was a dollar fifty
it still was a lot cheaper than buying it now and so there’s my sofa and you
know what it is what it is and you make the best with what you got and so I
think that works out perfect I wish you would have had two of them so I’ll keep
my eye out maybe another one will come up this week this week I got this little
box and I got two cards so excited so the one card is from Kim and I got some
garden seeds and the other card is from Peggy I really enjoy Peggy her letters
that she writes to me so this little this box full
treasures is from Brenda and Brenda has a talent that I wish I could have Brenda
crocheted all of these well let me tell you one thing these are beautiful how
precious are they I wouldn’t smell so good well you know
what Brenda I know that you made these to use
but they’re too pretty to use and so I’m going to use these as doilies in my
bedroom I am I’m gonna use them as doilies in my bedroom because they’re so
precious and she gave me these bars is soap
lavender and oatmeal and almond it’s so adorable
these are doing I’m just gonna use these all for to Whaley’s I’m I am they are
just so precious that me I might have to keep this one in my kitchen though so
yeah thank you so much for these crocheted items and you too girls thank
you so much for your cards and I thank you guys so much for watching we’ll see
you guys tomorrow

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