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November 22, 2019

Hello and Welcome, My name is Keshab Raj
Today we are going to discuss THE BEST ALTERNATIVE TO GOOGLE ADSENSE. I did cover a couple of months ago a blog
post on, under the review section. I wrote a blog post on 28th of Dec, 2016. It is about the, one of the best
alternative to Adsense. Today I will show you rather than talking,
all the information I have cover in my blog post. Why you should choose the, what
could be the benefit. Actually, I would rather call, is
NOT just an alternative, you can run both of them on the same page so, rather than calling
them alternative to Adsense, I would say, it’s companion. you can run together with AdSense. it will conversion good percent of revenue
from your blog post. A couple of points I would like to say here
well, I also wrote in my blog post! Normally, if you are running AdSense directly
from AdSense server, you are allowed only 3 ads on a page. These days google have lots of things to talk
about, a minimum of 1000 words and could of other things to get ranked well in search
engines. and bla bla.. if you takes these things into
the account you also need to think about the position of your ads. Increasing in your length of your blog post
mean you have lots of ads space avalible in your post. so, think about adding couple of more ads,
if you running ads from google Adsense, then you are allowed to have 3 ads on a blog post
and if you are using DFP you probably going to add 1 more ad spot, even if you are not
running ads on AdX, or if you are running ads on AdX it is worth trying. So I would suggest, you should run
in your empty space. At the moment, I would like to show you a
couple of information regarding the, how to setup the code, how do the payment
setting and everything should look and what is the minimum threshold for the payment. the best performing ad units and
lots of other info. let’s have a look in details. I am using from last few years. first few years it was performing pretty well
and then I decided to jump out to some other network and realized that it has lots of potentials
than I could have a think. it’s well-organized ads network. can perform really well, if you place ads
in the right area. so this is my live stats, it says that I have
quite a lots of people visiting the website right now. I run these ads on my couple of websites. the one is and it’s
not on the home page. if you go to the content page somewhere, just
go to one of the pages. the header area, like I said, I have Adsense,
and then I have also adsense and right sidebar Adsense, this the where I have the
ads. It’s very contextual, the ads are related
to the content of the page. The is more about the quality website, webmasters..
you see the ads exactly pointing towards context, I am not going to click on the ads.. just
wanted to show, this is where I placed my ads. if you see the stats, now getting about
4-5$ per day. its ok at the moment I guess.. last month
it didn’t work well, this month is ok, yesterday was 23rd so, I think it gonna go around $120..
it’s ok.. it will cover a bit of hosting expenses for me. Yes .. if you go here, I have on
the top also in headers… I am flipping ads with AdSense. I have alternative to the AdSense. performing well, I am happy about it. these are the spots I use – and
remember: also only allowed you to have 3 ads on a content page. Basically, 3 from Adsense and 3 from
and if your content page is a bit of long (1000+ words) then it gonna be fine I guess. So, Let’s go the report. Like I said that I run alternatively with
AdSense so, you can expect the amount to be a little bit less but that is ok because I
am happy with the performance from Adsense and a little bit extra from Let’s go and see the report. I think this will be much more interesting
for you. You see the 600×250 the one ads located on
the single page. this is the only one on the page and it is
located on the central place and it has decent RPM. 0.35 and 65$ a month, I guess and wish,
it should be better but it’s better than nothing. Let’s create a ads unit. Hope this will help you to create new ads
units for the first time. First of all, when you signup for
via the description link as I said before you will get 10% extra for 3 months and it
usually takes up to 48hrs once you applied to blog to publisher. once you get a response as approved, you should
probably see you site listed under site management tab. you can always add a new site, just choose
the category and choose the current estimated revenue. The 2nd steps after adding your site to site
management Go and Create a new Ads Units. I have quite a lot of ads, basically, I was
testing the different kinds of ads, you can see I have various kind of ads size. the kind of template I have 600 x 250 size
is the best suit for me, However, this will be VERY for different sites. For the first time when you log in you will
see that the button Creates Ads Unit – click the button, you first have to choose the size
of the ads – and these are the most popular ads size. however, they have a square, horizontal and
vertical rectangle as well. the best performing ads units are listed on
top. For me, 600×250 works better but for your
case could be some others. based on your website template or based on
your content area, and location it will have an impact. So, it is always good to test different size
of ads on a different area. The good things are have pre-designed
skins, you can simply choose. However, if you don’t like the color, you
can always customize the design and color. Let’s say this one. I don’t like this color, and I can test the
other color. you can always design the style and color. On the advance option, if you don’t want the
small mobile bar ads visible on your phone, you can disable it. I would recommend you to enable as
also said that we should enable this one, it has the huge potential revenue model and
the skin optimization level. if you are not sure just leave it like this. The best practice to name your ads unit in
a better way, header, footer, rectangle, top, down button, these namespaces will always
help you to organize in the better way and simply preview before saving. save and get the code. How the code going to look alike… for the
first time you have this kind of code. JavaScript code, when you signup and approved
you will have to fill this payout setting, your payment information. You need to get in touch with your payment
manager. One person from especially connected
to you regarding the optimization of the site, the content, ads placement and everything. I was talking about the code you can always
ask for manager for asynchronous (Async) code. Like, share and comment, please do subscribe
for more videos like this. thank you


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