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MÉLENCHON – Réunion publique à Bordeaux

February 11, 2020

Hi kids Does it work ? Is it better now ? Can you hear me ? (Yes !) Well To all of you, thank you to be present To be so many. And for a start, I will tell you the same thing I said to the ones who could not enter and who are waiting outside. I don’t know how many they are, maybe as many as inside. Well they won’t stay as long, it’s so cold outside! I went to greet them. I told them I was giving them my apologies after the thanks that I must give to everyone who organised this event. Activists, volonteers… And watch out! It is not because they are volunteers that they are amateurs. Indeed, we have in our teams the best professionals of their fields. Of course, we are the people. And there is no need to pay. But still! But still… The reason why we cannot welcome everyone tonight, – and I’m speaking to you bluntly but in all honesty – is because we cannot afford it. A hall to welcome 3000 people costs 50 000 euros. A meeting like tonight costs 12 000 euros. I want you to know it. Nothing comes out of the blue! Everything comes from effort and mobilization. More that 20 000 people have already made small donations. Our strength relies fully on our number, and on the dedication that everyone gives to our cause, with their intelligence, and sometimes their very little incomes. We are not celebrating a person, a candidate! We are celebrating ideas! And we are making a powerful demonstration… of our ideas! (cheering and applause) Those who are outside freezing, in any case they made a point, just like you since we are here but to show the continuity, the strength, the depth of what we represent in time and history. When they believed they were done with us, during all these years money was reigning with no opposition and when nobody was offered a better life goal than an ever growing wealth, even at the expense of others. Until we end up crushed in this dream, our words stained and sullied, while so many people, pretending they belong to us, dare to tell the youngest: “I offer you the dream to be a billionaire.” [quote by E. Macron] Being a billionaire is immoral! Piling up wealth is immoral! Wealth is always accumulated at the expense of others! What is the point of having a billion, only to wish for a second one? What is the point of this constant race toward ostentation? A word for the nitwits who gave 2€…twice in a raw! (laughters) [i.e to participate to the right wing party’s primary] No, don’t boo them ! We’ll suggest how they can “redeem” themselves – everyone speaks this language, right? You gave twice 2€ ! In total you gave 1.6 million € to our opponents! So…[pleading and sarcastic voice]
you should donate some to us as well ! Call for donation ! You gave twice 2€, you owe me 4! So that when comes your turn facing your conscience, you could tell yourself: “Mee…Okay.” (applause) Why did i came in Bordeaux ? Five years ago, I was in Talence. Today, we would not be as many, nor as determined, nor as new for some of you regarding your age, if we had not reassured this force beforehand by showing it its own existence. As we started to do in 2012 by being 4 millions on this vote. But I could also have come to… Come on ! Here you go. Honor to the defeated. I could have come here thinking that I am visiting the city of the one that could be the president of the Republique. Don’t forget, you the nitwits, you gave money to buy all of this. Did he win in the end ? I pity, with no mockery, those who got scared, and who still do right now, believing in the same twaddle, slightly updated. I pity them. How could you stuff in your head, that by belonging to the left wing, you had anything to do with vote of the right wing people ? Who have of course the right to organize votes to nominate their leader, their candidate. It is their right and it must be respected We should not go and cheat in others elections. We do not belong there. But many still went, and why ? The intent was good, I am sure. Not well thought, but good. So, they were going to vote for one to prevent the other one, who would then see the first one, who would then go behind the other one and the trick would be done. How smart they are… This is the basis of the useful vote. The culture of the useful vote. The useful vote is always a futile vote because the only important vote for a citizen is the one good for everyone that you have consciously concluded that it is the common good. That is to say, the necessary vote. If I present myself in front of you, it is not to say that I am the useful vote because polls say that I am leading my political family I come to you, as you know and as many already agree, because I consider that I represent the necessary vote, the one of a common future. We, we are as we are for many reasons.. and not only for what tells us our payroll. Yours, because mine is good, you all know, but exactly, I am also talking to those who are in my comfortable material situation. Those with a good situation must run in front to help others because it is them who have time and means that make them at others disposition. We are as we are for many reasons and first of all, often for moral reasons. What we call moral reason, we can’t bare others suffering. We don’t accept abandon, nor the one of human beings or animals, nor the massacre of nature. All of this hurt us deeply. We have to be like the diamond tip, never turn down on your dreams or your goals. To those who stumble on the sad and poor adventures of the useful vote, as a lesser evil, as they say and think, often honestly, bravely, “The lesser evil, never forget it, it is still evil” Hannah Arendt. I gave you this citation.. from her book “Responsibility and Judgment”, she says “Politically, the weakness of the lesser evil argument has always been that its advocates forget quickly that they have chosen evil”. So well, if I don’t come for Juppé, I could come for Montesquieu. He is from here. I am always curious to see who is a local. Later we will have better than Monstesquieu that was very reactionary. But in 1772 The light of the great revolution had not passed yet. He theorized the separation of the legislative and executive powers and wrote : “When in the Republique, the people still have the sovereign power, it is a democracy.” “When the sovereign power is in the hand of a part of the people, it is an aristocracy.” So here you go, it is exactly in what we are. We are under the power of an Old Regime aristocracy that we call today the oligarchy. Oligarchy is the government of few. There are few that possess everything and pull the strings of the politicians and the medias. I just said a bad thing about Montesquieu, but at least he was proposing this and he was an advanced mind who shined the thinking of his times. He thought that we could abolish absolutism without ending the monarchy. Just like those who believe that we can free humans and nature from predation without abolishing the tyranny of finance. No, it is not possible. We could not have ended absolutism without ending the monarchy, we will not free people and nature without ending finance absolutism. It is a reasoning and a manifesto. I am present in front of you 101 years after the 1905 law of separation of the Church and the State to propose you the separation of the MEDEF and the government. The extraordinary thing, it is still… earlier we show Mr Juppé. They finally decided, this is good, not extraordinary. And they have chosen a candidate that is Mr Fillon So here is a candidate who is surrounded by liars, it is not reassuring. Now, let’s talk about the content because it will be tonight’s topic and of the arguments that we have to enlighten our sight on the situation. It is a good thing that the right wing has chosen Mr Fillon. It is a case politically clear. He is proposing a synthesis that was contained, not very visible of what is really the right wing in our country. Two things : the most absolute economical liberalism and a moral and intellectual conservatism. And he is a good synthesis of it. It is why, on my side, I am delighted that we will be able to confront our ideas since we are the exact opposite of this. To have this kind of debates, we need people who assume their positions. He seems to be ready to assume them without false pretense, fake cap or fake nose. No mask nor disguise. I would be happy if he would accept the debate that I am proposing him. In front of all, so that, for at least one night, we hear the shock, naturally courteous, of these two visions of the world. What is at the center of the debat are two visions of the world. In the end, it is two coherences that we represent him and me, in your name. What coherence ? On one side, following the old maxim, ours, the idea that there is a future in common and that it is this common that allow a future to humans and their relationship to the planet. To summarize, we could say that it is “one for all, and all for one” It is not that we are against competition, of course not. There is a lot of competition in life, of all kind. But we are for the competition as long as it does not prevent solidarity. On the other side, we have the opposite idea. They are fine with solidarity, they are not all savages, although there is some but, just like us, they want the solidarity as long as it does not prevent the competition. In the end, their maxim, and in particular for Mr Fillon is “everyone for himself and God for us all”. The thing that will put us into action and organize the coherence of the program “the future in common”, that I ask to read, it is a global vision. Just now, I gave you its moral principle but after there is how we execute it. My friends, us, we are conscious that we starting fixing the problems from the problems. Not just from the opinion we have on it. The immediate and urgent problem, the one that will resound like a challenge for us to go forward It’s that the house is burning as Chirac was saying. Frankly, when 60- 50% of the vertebrates have disappeared for the planet When the temperature has raised by 20 points over the normal one in Antartica Do you really believe that at this time, the main question is the ISF ?(ndt, tax on high fortune) Don’t think that I am caricaturing. We always started from the demand, the politic of the progressist side was always to start from the demand. What is necessary ? Now we have a problem and we have to all mobilize on it to answer to the challenge created by the excessive predation on nature. And when we want to start, say let’s make this effort, what do we see ? That the society is rotten from inequalities. There is masses of poors, thousands of people out of the circuit, that just think everyday how they will survive until the next one. Inequality nibbles the unity of the human race and its ability to come together to face this enormous challenge. These two things hold themselves together. The political program that we present answer these two questions To face the climate change, we have to completely modify our production strategy, our way to purchase, and the distribution of wealth. To do it, we need immense cohorts of people as it is a gigantic work to do all of this So we need to create a lot of job to operate this bifurcation and bring back into society all the ones that were put on the side of the road. Those not healed, those badly educated. We still have 2.5 millions of illetrism Those sad, destroyed, broken by the violence of a social system that put them down because they were said “all for themselves” “And if you are poor it is your fault” This is a rotten moral that prevented the human mobilization that we need. When someone is talking about the 6th great extinction, think that the answer is social. It starts by saying that to all be at the maneuver, everyone can live with dignity from their activity and that his or her work is useful for society. Of course, on the other side, there is another vision of the world. We know it : fill the plate of the rich ones and there will be so much that some will dribble. It is called the theory of stream. So they are streaming, but we haven’t that a stream has steamed a lot. It is call the politic of offer. I have to summarize because not everybody have a clear mind on it. Politic of demand, I just told you : what do we need ? We answer the question and we do it. The politic of offer is produce anything anyhow in any conditions as long as it is cheap and you will find people to buy it. And if they buy it, you will have to produce more and it will give happiness to everyone. Flexibility, competitivity… So you have understood ? In summary, someone knocks the door, knock knock We are in the north pole, you are an Eskimo, you are chilling, well not so much anymore. Anyway, i could tell the same story in the Sahara. The door opens and there is a guy saying “Hi i am selling fridges” “Ha no I need a heater” “No No No it is not the question, my fridge is cheap, you should get it” This is the politic of offer. Absurd. Absurd, don’t get impressed don’t get impressed by the one saying that all of this has a meaning. There is none and the human economical activity is destined since humanity is humanity to satisfy needs really expressed. These ones are satisfying needs that do not exist, remove means to people and create new needs. This is the society in which we live in. Waste everywhere. In which 40% of the agricultural production is trashed because not conformed. It is this world that they want to make persist. With a total lack of responsability, listen to me, my friends, the biggest scandal among these debate that got our co citizens of the right wing They did not talk even a single time about the problems of the planet. Not a word about ecology. They have nominated a blinded productivist. It starts very badly, he proposes to abrogate the principle of precaution inscribed in the Constitution. Note that it is Chirac who put it in. Well, we thank him. The first time that we put this in the law, it was proposed by Mr Barnier just after the earth summit in 1992. I am so old that I was there. So I remember, this principle says that we do not do something if there is a risk that it could degrade or produce inconvenience that could irreversible. Were a lot of project blocked because of this principle ? Of course not, nothing has been stuck. So why do they want to remove it ? By pure ideology Because they think that this problem is inexistent, because he is blinded and he wants no obstacle to the free motion of the capital, to its free investments, whatever is being produced, whatever is being done, just when we know today that because of glyphosates, and countless other pesticides human life is heavily impacted. Fertility and human reproduction are heavily impaired and I am not even talking on all the consequences on the new generations health. The same man wants to prolongate our nuclear power plants by 40 to 60 years. Listen to me, frankly, after Fukushima, come on, no. No, we have to think about it seriously You know that I am against the use of nuclear energy, I never believed that we would just push a button and here you go there is no more nuclear energy. It will take 20 to 25 years to get away from it. It is dangerous right now, and saying it is not pointing at the ones working there nor those who run these facilities until today in security conditions that avoided any accident despite some dysfunctions. When it becomes dangerous, it is for good. I don’t want to scare you, but the power plant of Blayais. Yes, we have to think about it. I tell you, I will close it, but I want to tell you one thing as we are talking, the climate change is making the sea level to rise. Last time, thanks to a particularly smart engineer, we were safe because he understood that with 140 km/h wind and 7m high waves, the hydrants will be stuck and then the power plant will have an accident. Then this man understood that we had to stop the power plan and he was right as he prognosis was verified. You are just 50 km away from that story. Water is rising, whether you want it or not. Whether Mr Fillon accepts that there is a climate change or not. It is happening anyhow. Then, the sea level is rising, and so, in 20, 30 years at the end of the cycle the probability of the power plant being floated is extremely high. Politicians have to take into account such problems knowing that there is an additional difficulty :we do not really know how to dismantle the nuclear power plants. We started on some, and are still working on it after 10 years. It is difficult technically to dismantle the nuclear energy, which doesn’t guarantee our independence since we have to get the combustible in countries not well disposed to give it, among others problems, and if we want to get out of the nuclear energy, it is an immense technical and scientific challenge. First, we have to get everything started to make it work I know very well that if I am elected I can not just say to French people that we just stop this energy source without giving alternatives. We will develop all the other energies, we need to aim at 100% renewable. You know the program, we work a long time on it, I am just taking it out of my pocket. Discussions with friends, comrades, specialists, even people who are not on our political side, but who are enthusiastic to see an horizon of development of their own intelligence and their knowledge. We need, for example, that during the two first years after the elections, to install in the sea a powerful electric production capacity. In the first two years, and equivalent to at least one or two nuclear power plants. Then the French will see that it is possible, that we know how to do it We have thousands of people, young and old, women and men, engineers, technicians, highly qualified workers who know how to do all of this. It is of a high technical level unlike what believe the fools who incessantly say that we will go back to the cave and use candles, and who believes that they answer it all by saying that we will make electric cars. Ha yes dullard, where do you find this electricity ? For a million electric car, you need one more nuclear power plant. You call that a solution ? No it is not as long as we do not know how to produce electricity, when I say “don’t know”, I mean “we can’t”, in new conditions. So, now it is what this guy found : “Give the hand to the market for renewable energies” No, this is giving the wallet, we know that. It is the privatization of profit For example, we give the hand to the market for the port in our country. Port with boat, not the porks… For the pigs, it has already been a while that the market is deciding. Do not laugh, it is sad because as it is, they made immense livestock breeding where beasts are ignominiously treated and next year, as there is too much ham, there is too much pigs and everything collapse and the people and the beasts who suffered all this, all of that for nothing. Just for the invisible hand of the market to work. Well, now he is proposing to give the hand to the market for the ports. Ports have been privatized, and now the privatized companies are asking the state to pull out of the mud the ports. Ah really ? We thought that the market would take care of the problem ? That it was here to make investments. No, they are here only to take. So we have legitimate reasons to be mistrustful on the market to solve this kind of problems. And you will see, the best is yet to come, maybe you do not know. But the EU, the Europe that is “protecting” us, has decided to sell all hydro-electric dams to private companies To make it more competitive. Immediately, investing billionaire said to themselves “what a joy !” “Of course, let’s go forward to put the concrete needed to maintain these dams, 25% of them having more than 70 years. ” They were so happy to think “let’s rush to pay better the employees who made these work for so many years and let’s increase their number”, because you know, there is not enough of them. Last time, I was in a visit in a power plant, yes you know I like machines. It is because I studied philosophy so something was never satisfied in me. I like machines and people explaining how it works. So here I am, a power plant from the 60s, a wonder. And when I say a wonder, I mean it. Not only it is beautiful, in the mountains, the floor is in marble, there is an immense fresco at the glory of electricity and you have the guys and the girls of EDF (ndt : electricity state company) doing everything that must be done there. Passing by, I see three of them repairing something, so I go toward them. And I say “hey what are you doing here guys ?”, it was three guys. “We are installing a stator”. In case you do not know, there is a stator and rotor, the stator is static and the rotor is rotating. “Ah ok”, and then we talk for a little bit and then, one of them say “You know, Mr Melenchon, I went to the same primary school as you did”. The is the randomness of life, it is amazing. There primary school I went, few of you have a chance to be from there : it is the Bercher School in Tanger. And then I ask “Tell me, if you went to the same primary school as I did, how old are you ?” “More that 60 years, what the hell are you doing here ? Not retired ?” He says “No I can’t”. “Why ?” “Well, they did not renew the teams, so our maintenance company has chance countless of time of boss” “but they did not recruit so I have to come back to show the young ones how we do this.” Because making a stator, it is a work that of course you read about and learn at school, the ones that believes that only the hand works doesn’t know that there is a brain behind the hand, We hear so many fools saying this. “The intelligence of the hand”, well the intelligence of the hand it starts by intelligence. That is the brain, and if you don’t fill it, you don’t have skilled hands I tell you this, for the ladies and gentlemen who voter for Mr Fillon, he says that we have to develop apprenticeship. Of course, none of them have their kid in apprenticeship so they find it nice for others. They know nothing about it. Of course, some jobs require apprenticeship but let’s be honest, it is because it puts butter in the spinaches (ndt have a salary) One must not turn around the pot and say the truth as it is Of course, it is good for some jobs, but let me tell you, if this is their idea, to put all the kids in apprenticeship, this is a true mistake. They wanted to create 500 000 and gave 1000 euros of prime for the one hiring an apprentice, and what happened ?There is less than before. Why ? Why is there less apprentice than before ? Because parents and youngs they think about the future and they see very well that this is not the path. For me, it is the reverse. To accomplish the program that we have, in particular the ecological chapter, we need millions, not thousands, millions of people educated at a high technical level. If you do not know because you have class bias, or of caste, it was for a reason that a technical BAC (ndt : high school degree) was taking 4 years to complete. It is because it is hard, doing maintenance on automatized systems, doing metallurgy, electricity… you need theoretical knowledge to be able to do it. When you hear of a boilermaker, do not think that he is making cauldrons He is making kelsons and cabins of boat, of plane. It has to be precise at a 1/10 of millimeter. You don’t put machines worth of hundreds of millions in the hand of someone you pay with bananas when they push the right button. This is not how education works This is what they found to “develop the country, free the energy of the market” and so on. When do we talk about the people that make all of that working ? Never. They don’t know how it works, they don’t know the production. Since they never studied philosophy, they do not care about the machines. And as they have never seen a machine in their life, they don’t think about who can run it or build it. It is not their topic.. Their topic is the “fair allocation of resources”. It means “put your cash where more will come back” So, now I am on the thematic of the ecology to show you two ways of thinking. I hope that my talk is illustrated well enough in order to understand the political methodology. Next topic, agriculture in the Fillon program. I won’t do the whole program because I need at least 10 speeches so I keep some pieces and following people will watch various recordings to put everything together. Agriculture, “abrogate by decrees”, it means they want to do it urgently quick, quick, quick, so fast that it has to be done by decree “Abrogate by decree any norm added on top of the European regulations” Nobody sees it coming. It is written that way on purpose. So there is in agriculture norms added on the European texts, in the meantime we do not speak of the European texts. I will give a word about it but not tonight. Which kind of norms have been added ? Let me give you an example : Europe allows the use of GMO, genetically modified organisms. France used the safeguard clause, you can’t plant it on our territory. If you abrogate by decree the norms added on the European ones, you make possible the use of GMO in France. Good appetite, people ! Good appetite ! Same goes with the pesticides, because some pesticides authorized by Europe are forbidden in France. He is proposing to abolish it for the reason that for some pesticides, there is no equivalent natural products. So as we absolutely need pesticide and to put it everywhere, he thinks that there is not enough of them, although we are the biggest customer of pesticide in Europe. Thousands of people got sick in the farms because of the pesticides. You have cubic kilometers, I don’t if it exist, which surged in the sea, rotten to the marrow, of all kind of pesticides and soiled and wrecked everything. But no, it is not enough, we need even more. That is to give up on any modern thought, creative, trying to use techniques that nature gave to human beings to reach their objectives in agriculture. We call it, bio-agriculture, don’t talk about it to them, it makes them sick. Two people who are directly supporting Mr Fillon, Mr Retailleau, president of the regional council in Loire, something like that, and Larcher, president of the senate, are the ones who made forbidden the idea, which wasn’t even a ecological revolution, of 20% of “bio” food in public catering. Our goals in the program, it is clear, I put them next to them, 100% of renewable energy so we have to know how to do it wind turbines, on land, on sea, myself I have a preference for the sea So we have to equip the ports that I talk about earlier, because to install the wind turbines, we need service ships for their installation and their maintenance. The docks then have to be upgraded, and all the surrounding equipments. Then, when we are ready, we have to build on spot It is why the nationalization of the companies doing this, although nice for our sovereignty, is not very important. Because to make a wind turbine, you are putting a vane of 70 meters, this one you can’t bring it from Hong Kong on a boat. You have to produce it on spot. So you see I am trying to give you a glance at everything that could be done, and in the room there is probably some technicians Who understand everything and think “Melenchon doesn’t know exactly the details but he knows what we are talking about”. Yes I know, and I was interested into it. Not them I told you what they want to do, now the end of my list. “Start to put the state train company (SNCF) in competition as planned by the European directives” Is there railwaymen in the room ? Enthusiasm please. Private trains everywhere, you know what it means. When you read it like that, if you are naive you tell yourself “it is good : the private capital will run private trains paid privately with private people on board for private benefit to the company owners” And you think all is for the best, but not at all, you know how it works. If you privatize, only the really profitable railroads will be privatized. And the others what happens ? Well the other ones are discontinued, they already started and instead you put cars, or buses. The Macron buses ! Yes, all of that is always the same, two logics. The logic of the public service and the common interest or the logic of the private hand and the private capital which knows where to go. It is clear, the capital knows where to go, it goes where it is profitable. But a railroad not profitable from its viewpoint, for us it is profitable because when there is one less car or bus on the road, us, we also count what there is in addition in the nature in addition in the fact that you take less risk, in the fact that it is more comfortable. So our accountancy is global, it takes into account all the aspect of the human life, not only the one time when you come and buy your ticket. If it is cheaper or more expensive Summary I told you that for this man, the precaution principle, the nuclear energy, the renewable energies, the “bio” agriculture, it is no. He does not want it, you are warned. And us, what will we do ? Not only we will keep the precaution principle in the constitution The one that we have to write, but we will propose to add the “green rule” The green rule will be something extraordinary, that will put us on the outpost of Humanity As a population conscious of its strength, of its education level and then of its responsability in front of universal Humanity Because, the more we are of educated people, ready to work, highly qualified the more we have accumulated capital, and there is in this country more than ever, the 5th economical power in the world The more then we are responsible in front of the entire world, in front of all other human beings And it is our responsibility to develop the techniques, the means that will help others to do as much as we do. And go with them to teach them how to do. It belongs to us to propose to those who say to us “We are not asking you your money” “We are not asking for your big tears” as I heard from my friends and comrades from Africa, “We had enough of your pity”, they say, because please know, in case you don’t already, a large category of people who have been educated, of high level and we often drain them here to make them work here although they have educated over there with the money of the people from there. And we make them escape their country because we are ruining the African economies So what do they say do us ? What are they asking us ? It is in the report of the UN. It is a french women who run this , who takes care of this development issue Their are not asking 50 000 things, first and mostly “help us to have energy” We, French, we know how to do it we can propose them the machines and the patent, and then they know how to deal with it, because they are like us, equipped with a brain. Machines and patents to produce energy from luminescence, not the sun, the luminescence. We know how to do it. There were a company doing this, called Nexis, they even had a factory line, if we had used this technique, just to give you an idea, do you know Marseille, there is a big tower over there, or just take the Montparnasse tower in Paris, just the same We would have covered it with these glasses and the tower would have become “positive”, that is to say to it would not use more energy that it is producing. Not only the tower, but the whole district We know how to do it. What we have to free, it is not the capital, it is the intelligence, the means to do and it is the capital that we have to restrain. This company went bankrupt. Along the speech, I will give stories like this because I travel a lot and I don’t have my eyes in my pocket. All these people are ready to do. Well, they ask us some intellectual help, or more exactly to propose for all technical means. Nothing else. Of course, another way to do business, to organize ourselves our production circuits If we had not these crazy productions excess, we would not feel the need to throw it on others So we have to change our agricultural model, not their own. As we are doing, we tell them “what were you producing ?” “4 carrots, 3 leeks” “This is not modern agriculture” Producing more that what you need, no it is us that have to change Well they produce more Sorghum that carrots or leeks We have to establish these short circuits for agriculture. They are viable, there is plenty of farms in France working in this way with short circuits. Selling their productions nearby, and plenty of places where it does not exist and if you want to put 100% bio food in your canteen and there is nobody making carrots by less than 200km. Because we forgot, there is nobody to do it, because it is not profitable enough for the farmer to live from their work. Listen to me closely, this is why everything comes together, if you want decent food for your kids and for yourself if you want to fight against the obesity epidemic devastating our population if you simply want to eat an apple as I did None of you can get one anymore Me, when I was eating an apple, there were vitamins inside To have the same quantity of vitamins as I did as a kid, in the previous century How many do you need to it ? Do you know the answer ? 100 ! For the vitamins, you’ll have to nibble ! So we have to change our agricultural model, and if we do, first we will live better and then we will have to pay the farmers In case you do not know, it is the farmer work, and their low salary, which made that for decades, we could negotiate with the workers their pay raise and limit it. Because in parallel, we were reducing the agricultural cost, so that people were believing that they were earning more because they could buy more things. It lasted like that for 20 years, and one day we squeezed so much, that we were left with no farmers no agricultural production, satisfying our needs. We are left with 900 000 farmers in 200 000 “farms” When I say “farms”, it is to be nice because most of them are no farms for me, they are factories and these factories are not making anybody having a life, nor the beasts nor the workers. It is why in our country, a farmer commits suicide every two days. In a complete silence, because you know what is the real problem of this country ? The ISF (the tax on high wealth) This is the big question, paralyzing everything, putting us where we are. I told what we are going to do, the green rule, what does it mean ? We won’t take from now on from earth, more that can be renewed. and this is a technical challenge, you young people, you will have to solve it because it is how we will produce in this country. We ask you to dig in your education, in what you have learnt at school, and for others, what you already know, the way to reach this goal. And we will manage it because the previous generation made the nuclear industry in 10 years even if we did not know how to make a single power plant at the beginning. We made it in 10 years, and now we have to undo. It is just to tell you that unbelievable looking things, we did it. We made space rockets, even if at the time, the North Americans were saying “there won’t be other rockets that ours”. Of course, space rockets are first of all rockets, you get it. We made high speed trains and equipped the whole country with dams. When we want it and decide it, everybody puts its energy and enthusiasm. The French people can do all of this. So there will be ecological planification. We can’t make a bio agriculture Without fulfilling two conditions. First, people must have a better salary to afford this bio agriculture. This is why increasing salaries is ecolo. Those who incessantly oppose the working class to ecological claims know nothing about today’s worker mentality as they know that they are the first victims of unrespectful productions means of nature and humans. Also because they know all these realities that I just described you. Secondly, we have to prepare peoples, for a bio agriculture, we need 400 000 more farmers. I won’t find them among you “1, 2, 3 ,4 you’re a farmer, 1, 2, 3, 4 you’re a farmer”. This is what Pol Pot does. Not us, we don’t take people out of the cities to put them in the countryside. We have to propose, we have to educate. There is plenty of young people who want to do this kind of jobs. At the conditions that we don’t propose them a miserable salary, to stay in farms all the time at the cow’s ass for the rest of their life. No holidays, no parties, of course not. It is then the social and cultural condition of the farmers that we have to completely transform. And among French peasantry, we have an existing tradition to allow this change. In case you do not know, it is often in the peasantry that one find the most advanced socialist ideas. Of common work, of cooperation, of common use of the production means and so many other things. So they are ready, but us we have to plan. As I told you earlier, if you want to install wind turbines You have to think globally, otherwise you do not know what you are talking about and are not serious. So some say “outch the planification…”. Fortunately, now Mr Hulot says like me. He says “we have to plan”. Of course, he is serious. You can’t tell that we will do this or that and do not organize it. This is planning means. It does not mean that you are a bureaucrat in Paris deciding how many strawberries must be produced in Marseille. This is absurd and not what we propose. Planning must like on flexible and large mechanisms, highly decentralized. Networks must be national, but production must be local, lying on the intelligence of those who know what can be done in each place. For example, I talked about wind turbines but I could talk about sea turbines. Sea turbines are put under the sea level, we can’t put them everywhere, we need great streams. You should see it, it is an amazing machine. The vanes are 9 meters long for these ones. The ones that just got installed. It is a place where there is a hell of a stream, arriving on the blades. They have to be designed to resist to all of this, converting sea energy into electricity. The energy in the sea is gigantic. There is 75 times what we need on earth in the sea motion. As long as the moon will be here, there will be this sea motion. Next, the followers will find a way, ok ? For us it works. But it is a big word, we say “hydroliennes” so everybody take a very intellectual look, but my friends, we had tens of thousand of those in this country. For generation and generation, we did not call it “hydroliennes” but water mill. Water mill, they were everywhere and we can put them everywhere. Somebody told me you have one just here in Bordeaux, under a bridge. Of course, it’s not something of 9 meters long, but we can put a lot of them everywhere. So we can ensure this conversion toward 100% renewable if we plan properly. So you see, there is two ways to tackle this problem I started from the most urgent issue, the one we have as responsible human beings. We are forced to think about it : what are we doing regarding climate change ? Concretely, not just looking at it or whining To do, and we can do it and be a cutting edge nation. Many countries already develop all sorts of techniques so it is not so hard. Meanwhile, this is not their priority. I have a little movie presenting their priority and with what method. Mr Fillon : What I want is that the 1st of July, the 2 or 3 ministers in charge of the reforms – Economy, Finance, Work mainly – come with ready made text and, in a kind of blitzkrieg pass in front of the Parliament, by using all the means they have in the 5th Republique, decrees, blocked votes, 49.3, well everything necessary pass in the interval of 2 months, without any break during the holidays, the 6 or 7 fondamental reforms that will change the climate of economy and work in this country. It is of course, for me, the abrogation of the 35h standard work week, suppression of the legal work time and negotiation within the companies without constraints, it is a new work code, it is a reform of the capital taxation, fundamental to relaunch the economic activity in our country It is the reform of the unemployment insurance, the reform of apprenticeship and reducing the cost on the budget of the state. So when we see this, we understand that there is two topics : But before talking about it, at least you can’t say that you have not been warned. Here, you are warned, I know very well or you would not come see me, I know who you are, but now it is about to explain to the people what this is. First the methodology, you heard the word : a blitzkrieg. The quick war, that’s what it means. The climate that he wants to change is not the one that is getting wrecked, it is the business one. With a blitzkrieg. It is not an accusation from myself, blitzkrieg it means the quick war. Against who does he want to make a quick war ? Since he is making a war, it is then a social war that he prepares, and he has said it. Don’t tell me that I am exaggerating, he just said it. It it not because he uses german that we do not understand. Lot of us went to school and learned german and otherwise, you find the informations. As a summary, suppression of legal work time. Wait, wait, I need you to understand. Suppressing legal work time brings us to the European limits that is 48 h a week. If you suppress the legal work time, it means two things : One, that one can make you work 48h a week without you have a right to protest, and two, that there is no more supplementary hours. It means that every work time that you will do over 35 or 37h according to the reform that they want to implement, are made at an ordinary salary. Finished the bonus when you make extra work hours. And now, let me talk about these extra hours, when did anybody see that it is the employer and the employee who negotiate on the extra hours ? Never ! Sometimes when the extra hours is proposed, it is fortunate for the worker to pay various things. But not always And you do not have the possibility to refuse these extra hours because they are not extra anymore. You understood ? It means that, by a single vote, you go back directly in the 1900 something years, before 1910 and the first definitions of the legal work time per day. This is what he is proposing you When he is talking about the new work code, you know their malice ? They come with the big work code saying “It’s too big” One second, I was in the national parliament for years, I made many laws about work I guarantee you that it is not easy to follow what is being considered and sometimes you have shameless liars just like this guy, the president of the region North, they call it les Hauts de France now, yes, Xavier Bertrand. Unbelievable this guy He was lying in the Hemicycle, in a shameless way. Saying “ha yes yes…” well I won’t tell you this story now, but in short he was lying And us we had to rush over the work code to cross check during the lunch break Why is it so big the work code ? Let me tell you, because there is lot of special cases. And who makes these special cases in the texts, not us. We are for a simple thing, a legal work time, in the day, in the week, the month, the year and the life. Super simple. The wage per hour, month, etc etc. Very simple. But they always come with special cases and then say that there is a lot If all the books that are a bit too big should be cut in half, alright take the phone book. The phone book is full of names, full of phone number, it is big like that, ok tear off half of it. Let see if you can give a call afterward. Remove the work code and let’s see if afterward you can organize the work. Those who propose this they do not want to organize work but benefits, profits For work to be functioning, you just have to ask any team manager if they have no trust in the one under their orders if you can make people work 48 hours at the same level of productivity as they ask for. It is not possible, this will kill people at work, they will die. 565 people are dying on their work post every year. And they never talk about this on TV. You don’t see the worker who felt from the scaffolding You don’t see the one who cut his or her arms on a machine These deaths are maybe not exemplary enough to edify people in the only thing that matter for them : the fear of others. 565 people are dying on their workpost. 230 000 people every year, sick because of their work. Suffering spread everywhere And they say that people are working not enough And they compare Comparisons just to stun you rather that making you think So, the ones who work more are more efficient ? Then I have an answer, it is the romanians. Who wants a French economy like the one in Romany ? Nobody ! We are working less because machines permits to alleviate the suffering and the time spent at work The decrease of the work time to produce the same amount of wealth is permanent over the last century. And consequently, all this saved work time, either you share it equally by reducing the work time allowing for other activities, or you share it savagely, some are working endlessly and others are unemployed. Work time reduction that they abhor is a common sense policy to equilibrate work and society And it will create a lot of jobs, just like when we made the 35h per week regulation it was the biggest job creation period of all the century. Then, you will get people living better, maybe with a little more happiness And since some want to measure everything, happiness always end up by well being for the whole society. But they never account it, the importants, the powerfuls, they do not count the cost of misfortune. They are not asking themselves if the 565 people who died in the year are not missing terribly, not only affectively as it doesn’t matter for them, for society, for all what these people were knowing, for all the well-being that they were giving to others Misfortune has a cost, you do not count it. Destruction of nature has a cost, you never count it. Attrition at work has a cost, you do not count it. The blitzkrieg containing the end of legal work time, the new work code, reform of capital taxation I should not even tell you, you already know. It means that they will pay less. Reform of the unemployment insurance. Reform of the unemployment insurance. Their great innovation is the more you are unemployed, the less you are indemnified. Why ? Why ? You need less the more you are unemployed ? Why ? They think that you are people who do not want to work, this is their concern. This is why they want this degressivity. I do not go further on this. The reform of the apprenticeship. I do not know yet what they want to do, but I already know that it is a foolery regarding what they did in the past. Then, this are only the first economical reforms. You heard him. Here, I was on the content, let me talk about his methodology. There is another point that I want to talk about among their discoveries. He wants to move retirement age up to 65 years, you are warned. End of the CDI (undetermined duration contract), a single contract with progressively more rights. The nitwits, they ear “progressively more rights” They do not see that it starts first by degressive rights, because before when you had a CDI it was a CDI. Already, they added two periods of tests of 6 months that can be renewed. and then the CDD (determined duration contract) that represent 95% of the hiring Now, they put you all in a contract if which you are all in test longer, all in CDD longer and in the end you are… fired. End of the social healthcare, I hope that you are going to see the movie “La sociale” It must be seen. In it, you see how workers made a system, it is the communists who did that, with Ambroise Croizat and the CGT, it was them who where running it. Many resistants, I don’t spoil you the movie, you should see it. And social healthcare, it is an invention, he is right Mr Fillon, it is a invention very… let’s say, communist. But the word could be stuck in a party label and this is not the point It is a great invention, everyone gives what he can and receives what he needs. If you are very sick, you are cured whatever you paid. And us, we would like everything to be like that. And he, what does he propose ? ” focus Frankly, for the French language, they are not here… “Focus the universal public insurance”, that is the healthcare, “on serious or long ailments” You have to be really super sick to go to Mr Fillon’s health care and he is the one deciding when you are really super sick And private insurance for the rest. In other words, for the rest, if you have you own insurance you are healed, otherwise, that’s your problem. Nobody explained him that when you are a little sick, you can get cured and you do not get very sick. If you do not get cured, then you become very sick, sicker and sicker, Moreover, you make others sick They think they are very smart Why do you think that we are all in this room together ? and even if some were not sharing our opinions because since humanity is humanity, and 99% of human history was hunter-gatherer All the rest is 1% of the total human history during 99.9% of the time, the humans who survived are the one who helped each other. It is why they survived, because they had solidarity. The one who were not solidary, they died before the others because they were alone. As they were alone and died earlier, they had no kids and we are not in their lineage. We are the descendants of the generous ones, of the goods, of the kinds, of the sharers. Go explain this to him, a bit of anthropology would be useful. Then, you will work more and earn less. This, you know already. Then he will raise the VAT, interesting. He wants to raise by two points. From 20% to 22% 20% it is where the actual government raised it And they said back in the time, “ok 20% is less than 22% so it is good.” It is the theory of lesser evil as I explained you earlier, it is still evil. They want to raise it at 22%, it means that they will take to the people here 15 billions 2% of VAT it gives you this, 15 billions. 15 billions, so much that it is hard to imagine. It means 300 euros per habitants So if your wage is 3000 euros, you don’t feel it the same way as if it is 600 euros. And not the same effect if your wage is 30 000 euros. This is why it is an unfair tax because it is not progessive, ad everybody pays it. It costs 300 euros, in the pocket of a minimum wage person, 300 euros it is more than half of the montly RSA (revenue of active solidarity) Isn’t it Pascal ? More than a third of the monthly minimum national retirement pension I remind you that this is a man supported by traditional networks of religious people. So he wants to take half of the RSA of a poor one, a third of the minimum pension of somebody already not getting a lot and, very likely, is just over the poverty bar as described by the international organizations a quarter of a monthly SMIC (minimum wage) and half of the annual cost of the canteen for a kid. And as their friends are removing the scholarship for the canteen for the kids, it means that these kids will stop going to the canteen because the parents won’t have the money for it and then what ? the kids will be hungry I am not kidding here, I am talking about things that I know, that I have witnessed, already existing. There is already kids eating only one time a day, at the canteen. Ah it disturbs, it troubles you, it makes you feel bad And it is not new in this country that this problem keeps going of people being in “alimentary insecurity”, they are hungry ! “alimentary insecurity” it is called Tens of thousands of people are in alimentary insecurity And they already are in energetic insecurity, water insecurity, insecurity for everything for everything in life, from morning to evening So if you want this, vote for Fillon, otherwise… Here is what we are going to do We will also create a new climate for business We will abrogate the El Khomri law We will reestablish the 35 h and will make the extra hours bonus bigger We will reestablish the retirement age at 60 years old. “How do you pay for this, Mr Melenchon ? Come on, the retirement age…” “What are you doing with these people, you make promises that you do not know how to pay for ” But I do, we have an idea Respect the women What is the link ? If you pay women, like men, the extra social contribution pays for the retirement pension. We will reimburse medical treatments at 100 % And if it is too costly, we will have a discussion, seriously, with the pharmaceutical industry. Of course, we will raise the minimal wage. I hear people screaming everytime, no no no, when our side wins, we improve people’s life. And for that, we start by improving their salary And they do what they want with it, and let me tell you what they do, they spend it. For their kids, for they life, the things that should be done, and as they spend it, then they buy things As they buy, you have to replace them and then have to produce The pay raise is the fire for the growth, and I am not a partisan of the growth, and I am not in favor of blinded growth as you heard me earlier. Let me summarize what I just said and the economical strategy We have to face to challenges in parallel : improve people’s lives That is, increase their means and at the same time, we have to do it in conditions respectful of our goals of ecological durability and sustainability We have to do both, not one after the other, the two at the same time And it is because we do it at the same time that it will work Because we are going to make ecological planning, because we will develop farmer employment, because we will develop the sea economy with the 300 000 jobs that we need It is because we will do it aiming at a new ecological model of production, exchange and consumption that we will create jobs and resources Everything is coherent, it is because we are ecolo that we are socialists Then, the first one who comes and tell me “Hey Jean Luc, the constitutional assemblee, we do not understand, the social it is what interest people” First of all, those claiming to know what interest people often are wrong They think that people are stupids People perfectly understood that if this guy can tell you that he will do a blitzkrieg, it is because he has a constitution which is a permanent coup d’etat. And this permanent coup d’etat, Mr Fillon will use it to make a social coup d’etat His politics is a coup d’etat social, the destruction of social healthcare destruction of the work code. It is a social coup d’etat When you destroy all the laws, you want to pass the reforms by force, and you are proud of it in front of a very peculiar social category of French people You announce to them “I will make a coup, I will pass in force, not even a break during the holidays” He is preparing a social coup d’etat This is why the issue of a constitutional assembly is so important, understand me well The hear of the citizen revolution that I extol the citizen revolution is the recovery of the citizens of the power of their life, this it what it means and it is radically new Don’t tell me that it is easy, no ! We will need all the people to mobilize. If you vote for me, don’t expect me to do everything from the top, it is impossible. Everybody have to work on it, not only to produce but to change the life, the decision making You will have to do this So, as soon as I get elected, article 11 of the current constitution, we convene a constituting assembly We will elect people to write a new constitution Some will be elected and I propose that we randomly pick some others We need both, not one, both. People elected, because there is a debate on the constitution Do we want a parliamentary system or a presidential one ? A parliamentary system tempered in some areas in which the executive is strong, or the reverse ? There is a normal and legit debate to have on this, often one is himself or herself divided. We organize this assembly and it will do only this People elected there should have never been elected in a former assembly Why ? Not because we want to point on those present in the previous assemblies, it is not the topic. It is because we want a new sight, without the routine from the past Even myself, I don’t want to be part of this assembly, well I would already be president anyway so I can’t do everything But it is important that we have people with a new sight And it is not because they are new that they are not highly conscious, highly responsible When you randomly pick a trial jury you trust, because you think that the person there is honorable if he/she fulfill the criteria Attorneys kept that person, so you trust that this person will put all her heart to try to judge well to have a good opinion. So we have to have trust in the popular action, not mistrust. Me, I will propose something to this constituting assembly, I talked earlier of the green rule But what I want to make you understand that our method, our revolutionary strategy It is the largest possible implication, the more there is people involved in the decision making, the happier we are So we start by solving some issues, there is 3 millions of people not subscribed on the voting lists in this country 6 millions are badly subscribed, it is 9 millions of people that will not vote on the next election if you do not work on it We made a caravan everywhere we can, to make the people subscribe Check around you to see if everybody is on the electoral lists And check if they are well subscribed, because sometimes they think so but they change their address I look at this in Strasbourg, the Alsacians are serious people, they looked at it. 176 000 enlisted, 17 000 that they had to disbar So they looked at where were those 17000 people, where they are really living to tell them where they can enlist for the vote So, in our way of doing, we will first rectify this Secondly, I want to propose the compulsory vote because voting is not a favor that we are doing. We are part of a society, and everybody profited from the education by the free school So everybody must put they brain and intelligence at the common service. Of course, if we want to make this, we have to accept that the blank vote be counted because citizens have the right to say that they don’t want anybody. Another point to enlarge the basis of democracy Evidently in companies, forgive me, I won’t talk about it tonight, I will in another speech specifically reserved on that question Enlarging the basis of democracy, for example, this idea may be difficult for some of you It was difficult for me too and I will tell you how I got convinced : it is the right to vote from 16. When we change the right to vote from 21 to 18, everybody was saying “Pff 18, they are just kids” Well the kid in question was happy, and he took his responsability When we talked about it, I asked “why should we do it?” “it is an old claim”, this I don’t care. Where is it done already ? It is done in 6/7 lands in Germany for local elections. It is done in Brazil and Argentina, “Ah and it works ?” yes it works I asked “what are the right of a young one who is 16 today ?” A young who is 16 today can already exert parental authority So if he is able to exert parental authority on a young one, he is capable to think about what is good or bad for everyone Secondly, at 16, you can be emancipated Thirdly, at 16 you can work because compulsory school stops at 16 and if you work, you can vote to professional election So you can take care of a kid, you can pay taxes, you can be emancipated, but you could not vote ? this is not reasonable Give them trust, and you will see that the young ones that you acclaim when they make protests for various causes as they did for the work code and your work as a father, a mother, an educator will be increased compared to before to make them able to pronounce themselves at 16. And I tell you that the youth of our country are able to do it, I have been convinced and I hope that we will make it. Ahah, not everybody applauded Of course, we have to cogitate, it is also why we meet each others But you understand the general principle : the more people get involved, the stronger we are The more there is people feeling responsible about society, the stronger our viewpoint is. The more they understand what we are talking about, the less they will want of these people I just discussed because they will understand exactly what we are talking about, and they won’t think “ah Mr Melenchon is a bit agitated whereas Mr Fillon is calm and has a pretty tie” There is… There is… But you understood, my message is not myself and you won’t change me And I won’t change, my message is the program that we hold together, the time we took to think about it Let me finish with Mr Fillon because you need everything This one, in the international issues questions You know that he voted against Maastricht in 1981 I voted for back in the time I tell you, I thought that as we would have a better economical integration within the EU there would be, mechanically, a kind of enlarged citizenship, a political progress. I was wrong, was right in that time the syndicates, the communist party, Mr Chevenement and some other people from the right wing. They were right, and I was wrong. I was not the only one, we were a majority voting for this. That is to say that we have to make a balance of our actions, there is nothing worse than a fanatic who starts from an idea, never changes it, thinks about nothing and repeats always the same thing. Then when I did understood, I was present : I voting against the status of the central European bank voted against the euros because I know that it was crazy to do it with such a central bank and I have the honour to tell you that for these two votes I received a blame letter from the socialist party signed by Francois Hollande. Who already was in charge of these questions Then in 2005, I voted like many here in this room, we voting no against the project of an European constitution, and I think that we were right. The proof is that they took back the project, lacerated it, throed it in the air, it felt on some glue and they said : here you go this is the Lisbon treaty. Yes, the French people voted no, and they modified it in a yes. Do you agree ? Who did it ? “Sarkozy !” Who was prime minister ? “Fillon !” Who then did this forfeit ? to cheat on the word of the French people if not those two ? And all of those who voted with them at the parliament, at the Versailles congress and who then betrayed the vote. Then, when we got the debate about the budget treaty. Mr Hollande said that he would renegociate it. Well, he did not. Nothing ! What is their mistake ? Not only they are deceiving you, they are making another mistake A geopolitical one, all the other countries are watching us, their leaders and they think “the French people can vote whatever in the end, their leaders agree with us” “And then we do what we want with the French” So the immense deterrence force that our number represents, our thinking, our extraordinary reputation in the whole Europe All of this reduced to nothingness by people who deceive us, despoil us and give the wrong habits to others to think that they can go over us. Tell me why Mme Merkel should any other behavior She is not in charge of the will of the French people, she is in charge of the will of the German people It is why she has been elected, and on top of the German right wing, and you’ll that as she manages with the socialists, there is not so many outside left. There is still our friends. Do you understand me ? Why does this woman who meets two French presidents elected to refuse and renegotiate, they come and say “Hello Madam, where should I sign ?” This is what happened, and we still pay for that mistake when you have an European commission which thinks that it can raise the voice in front of France. And to tell us, “what ? you do not want to privatize your dams ? No I give you a formal notice to do it. Where do they find the audacity to talk to us like this ? This audacity to give us a formal notice ? To sell what was built by the previous generations, by their efforts, their tax, their collective intelligence, where do they find this audacity ? If not in the constant resignation, the capitulations of those supposed to represent and lead us. And Mr FIllon is one of them. Consequently, we have no reason to have trust he him, even more that he is weird. The less it works, the more he is for. He was against the Maastricht treaty, he was for the Lisbon one. How do you understand this ? Either his convictions are of variable geometry or he never stopped to be somebody who believes that the best way to alienate the strength of France is to do in one way and then in an other. In the same way, you will have next year, 2017 and 2018, Firstly a new European treaty The five presidents decided to propose a new European treaty. When I said this to Hollande, we discussed after the brexit, I asked him, where are you with the new treaty ? He looked at me and said “Nobody talked to us about this” Seriously, Or they really not talked with him or he does not read newspapers, and in both case it it a problem. Instead of making confessions with journalists, he should read the journals To know what is happening There will be a new treaty, think wisely about what you are going to do If you elect somebody already ok with it even before being elected, or if you elect a hard head. who will want that we change the rule of the game completely or we will have to do what we do not want to do but we won’t be constrained into the opposite, that is waste our own country, waste our own democracy because just behind this new treaty, you have TAFTA in 2017 2018 and do not tell me that Trump does not want it, we do not know, only one thing is sure, it is that we do not want it. And if we do not want it, it will not happen if I am presiding. So you have understood ? I am not just the grumpy one here, the party pooper all these issues are coming in 2017/2018 I am not bringing them, it is the life. Michel Rocard was saying that if we do TAFTA, there wont be any Europe As you will be constrained for all the environmental and social norms by the content of the treaty and because multinational companies will have the power to bring states into trials in private tribunals that is outside of the law that you will have voted. These people will have another law for them with their own tribunals to make lawsuit again the State while so far, these tribunals were made to fix the problems between them. In that way, they will not only make lawsuit against what you will vote but even before, when making the law, somebody comes and tells you to not do it “if you write this, if you propose this, they will make a lawsuit after” and then you will say “ok i don’t do it” How do you want to resist ? A big power maybe. Think of the leaders of Suriname, a small country with 450 000 people with a gigantic forest, what will they do when a multinational company will tell them “if you move a finger, we make a lawsuit and ruin you for two generations” As they already to many countries, you know it i hope, that multinational companies are making a lawsuit against Australia because they voted a law against smoking. And cigarette companies want Australia to reimbursed them the unsmoked cigarettes And in Canada, they are making one because they forbid the inspection of schist gases Or in Canada again, the lawsuit because the forbid a chemical product that you can put in gasoline so that it carburizes more, clogging the engines and the lungs And they won in the end, not only they had to pay, but also they had to reestablish the right to poison people. This is what we are talking about, it is know abstract ideological constructions, although you have the right to have abstract ideological constructions that make you prefer just like Montesquieu democracy of all the people rather than the power of few. This is what they want to do, is Mr Fillon against TAFTA, no he is for. Is he against CETA ? No he is for Against TISA, the one on public services, no he is for. You see that it is two visions of the world that will fight, not only persons costumes and words Our program is called a future in common, there is the word common in it and there is the taste for the future in it His program does not even have a name, it is called a project for France He can not name it, we will see what he will say. Anyway, if he debates with me, I will make him say it. And now Remember one thing Remember who refreshed your memory on all these European treaties and I will pursue I do not want any war, nor do you. Maybe you are less conscious than I am and some others, of the risk of generalized war spreading over the planet. Here we are, notably in eastern Europe with this Ukrainian story With the endless provocations that the USA are doing in the NATO framework by installing anti missiles rockets in Poland That not only cancel our own defense system but are also a direct threat on the neighbour, guess who ? They came back to the cold war mentality with all the related catastrophes You know that in Ukraine there is 7 nuclear power plant, including Chernobyl ? You think that it is a place where we can fight ? We have to do everything to prevent war to happen. I am not afraid to say that, in my opinion, russians are partners, not ennemies I think that they are partners, think about it I know that you may be under the influence of many arguments that go against them, but not the war, not the war ! Not a little, a bit or a lot. Not even a little, no war ! The opposite, and it is the reason why I claim that I am in favor that France exits NATO which is a military organization, destined to war I am in favor of another alterglobalist, with other countries And I am in favor that France should be a pioneer to say, as imperfect as it is, the only international organization that we must respect is the UN because our ancestors fought for the creation of a league of nations and the end of wars No I do not agree with the G8, G20 and so on, ruling over the planet UN, with all its problems, the UN where France has a permanent sit at the security council Membership that I would never give up on in any circumstances So is France and she can play her role But it is the opposite for this man who put back France in the integrated military command of NATO “Sarkozy” Who was prime minister ? “Fillon” Very well… About starting wars, let me not talk about the current one who started 3 of them Yes, we should remember this But who started the destruction of Libya, please ? “Sarkozy” Who was prime minister ? “Fillon” This are issues extremely important If you want again to entrust France, with all its considerable military power in the hand of people who were able of such a foolery that was the destruction of Libya then to engage France in a unlikely battle in Irak, following NATO with as debatable allies as the Qataris and the Saudis hand in hand with Turks that are shooting us in the back if you want to entrust France to such people, think about the dangers that it represents because nothing is easier than to empty the toothpaste tube but then you can’t put the paste back in. When a war is started, everybody can do it, it is very easy, especially with the tols of power But it is very hard to come back to peace, because in the meantime, millions of people jump on their throats, hate each other Sometimes for multiple generations and they have reasons for it It is why peace is a precious things And you all, if you want to help me, it is the most important thing that we have to develop in the mind of people surrounding us Enough of those so called efficient solutions because they are violent It is not true, violence calls for violence and always more violence We have to stop at some point I am coming to Bordeaux I am here in Bordeaux and talked about its current mayor I salute him in a good republican tradition, but He is not my favorite Bordeaux’s mayor A little bit of philosophy to finish The best mayor of Bordeaux 1581 – 1585 Montaigne ! Montaigne of course and who else, his comrade of course, La Boétie and his beautiful book, a little complex but not too much at least, you the young ones, you should read it, otherwise what it the point to live here And not only because you live here : “Discourse on Voluntary Servitude” Well Laurent, where he is, earlier we were looking for citations We could have taken some La Boetie who says that “Tyrants take their strength from only one thing, the submission of those they dominate” if they accept it, another sentence, I won’t annoy you because it is Machiavelli But Machiavelli is not as it said, he was a republican, he was taking god out of the political decision making so it was putting him on the land of humans It is not always glorious, but he was saying “The fortress of tyrants is the inertia of the people” If you are inert, your tyrants will do what they want with you First a lesson of life, I was loving Montaigne, not as a kid because I thought that it was naive I thought that it was… soft, and time passed, I see things differently For example, Montaigne wants to show nobody is a better expert of oneself that oneself The philosophical lesson is to not ask to others what is good for you, think about it for yourself And he gives this witticism, when you feel itchy, only you know where to put the finger to scratch It is a good image, isn’t it ? Then, it is very materialist, philosophically, and he says something interesting in 1581 We found that earlier and we were happy about it Since there is those two coherences, would we find in Montaigne these two ? Yes we did This is what he says “The goods of fortune, it is still necessary to have feelings to savour them” “It is to enjoy them, and not to possess them, that makes us happy” In other words, life is worthy only by what we make out of it and of all the satisfactions that we can take out of existence, the first one is to do how to do it, and to want it. And how ? “Enter in yourself” It is a funny kind of speech ending by Montaigne isn’t it ? Here is what he says “who knows himself also knows others” “Because each being is holding the complete form of the humane condition” He says this in the 16th century, and us, the stubborns 4 centuries of fighting against everybody to defend this idea That human beings are similar, and for so many generations they said “what are you saying ? what you say does not exist” “There is tall ones, short ones, big, slim, man, women, some smart, some very stupid. Not two are the same. Equality does not exist” “You are crazy Mr Melenchon” “What are you saying ? if you found a political system based on equality, you would go against nature and consequently any egalitarian political system will be a violence” Here is what they repeated for 3 centuries And in the end, we had everybody to understand that, as the unique ecosystem compatible with human life is in danger Then you have the demonstration that we are all similar and equal by our needs and our humane condition as Montaigne says He also says “True freedom is to be able of anything on yourself” Disposing of yourself is to be emancipated That is to say that there is no more the hand of the mancipium on your head deciding for you who tells to women that your body does not belong to you but to your men or your kids or to society The hand that tells you that you can not have the right to decide by yourself the time to shut down the light because this right belongs to society, the doctor, or the priest The mancipium is all what prevents you to be your own master in any circumstances It is the hand that tells you that you can’t do this or that, you can eat, drink, have some light, you can’t move because you do not have the means because I took them from you, so that few people have a lot, and a lot more until it will stream on you. Here we are back to our starting point, the foundation of what we advocate in the program “a future in common”, it is freedom, freedom of one on oneself the complete control on oneself, reason why we will put in the Constitution if we can have a majority at the constituting assembly We will put in the right to abortion and the right to euthanasia to stop, at each election, to dispute these fundamental rights to people because that you know that, once again, these questions are disputed. let’s get rid of that with a good constitution, and a good constitution is all the people mobilized for it The last citation and then we are done How will we do all of this ? “Why don’t you join the socialist party primaries, Mr Melenchon ?” You know, there is a martingale, if you go to the primaries, then you have won. And what if I don’t win, because who will come ? It is not a solution this thing, the only solution we have is to convince I am not a showman, I am not making a career at my age It’s done You understand, I got everything, I am happy, I have been loved a lot, I loved a lot, everything is alright. It is not the topic, the topic is what preoccupy you enough to come in a room at night a guy talking for two hours It is the great ambition that we have for all of us and the thoughts we have for those who can’t be among us to do things because they got spoiled of everything This is what makes us move Whatever it costs, how big is the difficulty, anyway we will go. There will be strange times. when things will look like they get organized totally out of our control and then we will come back to ideas Do not believe that you will convince millions of French with a wangle Do not believe that it is by participating in a futile agitation that will last for few weeks, when people will insult each other and just look at the polls to be the lesser evil that i mentioned in the beginning that we will convince millions of people that can’t stand this anymore. Somebody said we have to come back to normal, no, the normal is unbearable Something else, we have to move to something else And this other thing is great, beautiful, many others are ready to do it We need all the intelligences to do it, so stop whining They say if we continue like this we will loose, no it if we continue like this that we will win If you are convinced and maybe you will only be convinced tomorrow, thinking about it, because it is a lot for tonight then there is little things to do it is a big work, everybody takes its part Me I do this work here with others, why ? What is my strength ? I worked seriously like any of you My strength is that last time, 4 millions of people already gathered My strength, I take it from this number, it is what gives me authority, power some obligation to respect me for our competitors But my strength is the one we have altogether, I do not say “come vote for me” Come vote with me My message is not myself, my goal is not myself, it is this. And this mayor of Bordeaux concludes the mayor of Bordeaux, Montaigne “Things are not so painful, nor so hard by themselves” “but our weakness and cowardice make them so” I don’t see here any weak nor coward. Be brave ! Music ! Ah no, don’t start with the bad manners We make a campaign, you never scream my name, slogan if you want but not my name We are better than that, even me.


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    Quand je vois des places libres au 1er rang alors que trop de monde n'ont pas pu rentrer et qui sont dehors, c'est moyen….

  • Reply nico Partisotti December 17, 2016 at 8:34 am

    moi je suis choqué de voir comment mr melanchon est un bon acteur il a bien apris son texte par coeur les cour de theatre qu il a recu lui serve bien au lieu de politique il devrais faire du ciname comme tout ces politicard qui nous promettent mais ne font rien une fois elu droite gauche centre c est la meme on l aura dans le cul la france est perdu alors que ces mr vont avoir des salaires a vie ils veulent retiré les allocation diminue le chomage ect la france devien un pays pauvre et rien ne changeras graace a ceux que vous idolatrer mr les riche vennez vivre dans nos quartiers …. essayer de vivre avec 461 euros par moi en payant votre loyer votre assurance votre ssence votre internet votre telephone je ne parle meme pas des course alimentaire !!!!
    qu avez vous aujourdhui pour 100 euros dans le caddis ??? vivez pauvrement comme nous petit peuple pour voir ? et pourquoi un migrant peut il avoir des aides de l etat alors que nous on passe des anneees dans la rue sans aucune aide a nous laisser mourrir de faim et de froid ? sans nous laisser glanner pour survivre ? oui car les hypers grâce a vous s enichissent !!!! jette de la nouriture a tous va au lieu de laisser les pauvre sdf comme nous les récupérer pour ce nourir ou est l humanité ? non on prefere jetter et laisser crever le français tout ca pour l argent alors melanchon a un beau discour mais il fera quoi pour nous :!!!!! les sdf les rebus de la société comme ils disent ? 15 ans dehors jamais rien eu et aujourd’hui je suis plus pauvre avec le rsa qu a la rue … ou est le soucis ? a bon entendeur ….

  • Reply Christian Pleineforme December 19, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    Ce serait bien de faire un sommaire chronométré, avec éventuellement des index sur la ligne de déroulement.
    Cela permettrait de diriger nos concitoyens sur ce qui les interesse le plus et/ou ce qu'ils auraient le moins bien compris

  • Reply Ugo Dovchan December 19, 2016 at 8:28 pm

    il y a une coupure dune minute à 11mn43 lorsque JLM parle de Fillion

  • Reply Bruno December 19, 2016 at 10:37 pm

    À toutes celles et ceux qui liront ce message, compagnes et compagnons de luttes, j'ai une petite question à poser, un petit problème perso à résoudre (et comme je ne sais pas, plus, à qui m'adresser, je vous en fait part ici) (merci d'avance pour vos éventuelles réponses) : Voilà, je (et on) me définis généralement comme étant un libertaire proche de la mouvance autonome. Ce qui, vous vous en doutez ne fait donc pas de moi un des premiers à courir aux urnes à chaque "grand rendez-vous" merdiatique, grand cirque électoral. NÉANMOINS, il m'est déjà arrivé d'aller voter ! (suscitant alors le désarroi de mes proches "camarades" totos, mais je m'en fous je fais bien ce que je veux !). En 2012 par exemple, j'avais voté Mélenchon au premier tour de la présidentielle, entraînant au passage mes deux vieux parents, mère et père à la retraite, père hélas tenté par le vote FN, à voter comme moi) (je précise qu'au deuxième tour nous étions tous alors allé pique-niquer au bord de la rivière, bien-heureusement).
    Aujourd'hui, je retournerais très probablement revoter pour Mélenchon en 2017, avec encore ma mère c'est sur (mon père faut que j'y RE-travaille car la Marine ici dans le Sud-Est de la France où l'on habite fait des dégâts dans les cerveaux). Mais aujourd'hui surtout, ET VOILA "MON" PROBLÈME, j'ai un fils de PRESQUE 18 ans. Il aura 18 ans précisément le 1er mars prochain. Or, lui aussi il VEUT voter ("le salopiot !"). Mais il ne peut pas s'inscrire, ni ne sera automatiquement inscrit sur les listes électorales avant le 31 décembre. Il aura pourtant BIEN 18 ANS en avril et mai prochains au moment du vote !!! … Comment faire ?!?
    Salutations libertaires. Bruno.

  • Reply Bruno December 19, 2016 at 10:40 pm

    ps : au passage, moi NON cher monsieur Mélenchon, je NE suis PAS pour le vote obligatoire ! (Pas plus à 16 qu'à 18 ans).

  • Reply achile008 December 21, 2016 at 12:43 am

    Soral détruit tout le monde au passage

  • Reply Ben Nadia December 25, 2016 at 11:59 pm

    encore bravo

  • Reply akalay hicham December 26, 2016 at 8:22 am

    Y a une coupure dans cette vidéo

  • Reply MrAuz8 December 27, 2016 at 2:09 am

    la force ! notre mouvement ! nous les insoumis !!

  • Reply MrAuz8 December 27, 2016 at 2:10 am

    LA FORCE !

  • Reply sophie de miscault December 28, 2016 at 11:02 pm

    Merci…trop bien…

  • Reply phil jar January 3, 2017 at 2:59 am


  • Reply Biche January 5, 2017 at 10:11 am

    "C'est nous le peuple": mais quel arrogance! Mélenchon est un professionnel de la politique il n'a jamais rien fait d'autre.

  • Reply MR AND MISS GOULDIAN January 9, 2017 at 9:52 pm


  • Reply LoFa January 11, 2017 at 9:17 pm


  • Reply Minh Tran January 13, 2017 at 10:50 pm

    Merci Mr Mélenchon et bravo quel homme intelligent !! et Humain avant tout et je suis fière de soutenir les insoumises et insoumis!
    Il est digne d' être mon Président et ceux des Autres personnes de France.

  • Reply Near Sparrow January 17, 2017 at 12:45 am

    J'ai vu Ganesh à plusieurs reprises dans la salle, au centre. Ah ah, regardez bien et trouvez Charlie !

  • Reply Vendetta Patrick January 17, 2017 at 10:34 am

  • Reply jean topenot January 21, 2017 at 6:38 pm

    faire une démonstration de force de nos idées ! l'humain contre la Finance ! rendre à la Terre ce qu'on lui a pris ! A quoi bon s'enrichir ! A quoi bon avoir plus ?

  • Reply RACHID BERRANI January 25, 2017 at 8:36 pm

    J'envie Mélenchon à la France…

  • Reply Pomme-de-terre January 30, 2017 at 8:35 pm

    "Forcemment c'est nous le peuple " wtf vive le raisonnement populiste generateur de haine comme le fn

  • Reply Pauvre France February 7, 2017 at 4:22 am

    entre nous, hamon, fillon melenchon, ons nous rend pour des cons ?


  • Reply Fabrice Dufrenot March 8, 2017 at 5:08 pm

    Une vision de la France ou je veux vivre autant national qu'à l'international

  • Reply misscoquelicot April 15, 2017 at 9:21 am

    Je comprend maintenant pourquoi les J J Bourdin est ses acolytes de journalistes préfère parler des autres! ben oui quoi faut bouffé consommé et pollué avec nos 65000 t de pesticides balancé prés des écoles de nos gosses et peu importe que le reste de la planète crève moi je veux mon Nutela et mon mc do…

  • Reply Sisi Akh April 17, 2017 at 8:18 pm

    Mélenchon et imbattable !!!!! Lui président votons tous pour lui pour que la France redevienne France 🇫🇷 la vrai France !!!!!! 💪🏻

  • Reply Célia Panda May 5, 2017 at 11:39 pm

    Je ne le supporte pas ce populiste lui planquer pendant 30 ans à l'assemblée, puis s'impose comme celui de la situation, ce Monsieur qui prétend avoir le coeur sur la main à en 2012 remis ces vote à Hollande sans concession alors oui il me fait Gerber avec sa grosse tronche de manipulateur de masse qui ne veux que détruire la seul chose qui vaille la peine de vivre Dieu car c'est bla..bal les animaux, la nature il nous prend pour des pathos, des gamins, bref qu'à t-il fait réellement rien et puis lui aussi à fait à petit échelle même que Fillon renseigne-vous mais quand je le vois avec ces diatribes il n'attirent que les gamins en manque de révolution il vaut que dalle natta que de la flûte payer et bien payer par le système alors à vous tous suivait votre chemin Ah ! L' Idéologie il regorge d'idéologie puisque progressiste dans le concepts tout est contre Dieu mais évolutionnistes pour toujours comme son père avant lui rien de nouveaux sous le soleil un éventail du système.

  • Reply Matt' Aftr November 29, 2017 at 8:30 pm

    Tout est à gauche chez cet homme, même le son de la video.

  • Reply gurjit December 9, 2018 at 2:50 pm

    Mélenchon, richeton menteur qui cache sa fortune, mélencon franc-maçon JAMAIS! PLUS JAMAIS CES MA9ONS QUI RUINENT LES PEUPLS, BANDES DE PEDOCRIMINELS!! DEGAGE

  • Reply Mark Jamson February 11, 2020 at 12:59 am

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