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Miami Bound! 🌴 DecoSummit Conference at Ricoma HQ | SEWING REPORT

August 25, 2019

welcome to the Sewing Report I’m Jennifer
Moore helping you discover your love of sewing crafts and DIY projects and I’ve
got some very exciting news to share with you soon I will be headed to Miami
and you can too recently I did a collaboration with Henry Ma CEO of Ricoma embroidery machines and they have invited me to a really cool very special
event they’re doing for the very first time this October in Miami at their
brand new headquarters so what is it it’s called deco summit and it is a
conference and a learning experience for anyone who is into the apparel business
custom stuff or if you just want to learn about embroidery machines like if
you’re all in on embroidery machines and you’re interested in getting one of
those really fancy multi needle versions that is what this is for and I’m really
really psyched because I think this is gonna be a great time deco summit has
quite the lineup already of speakers and experts anyone from teaching you how to
do embroidery basics to teach in a class on how to grow your business on Etsy so
there’s gonna be a lot of variety and there’s gonna be dozens of sessions to
choose from now I’m gonna give you some details on
what I’m doing a little bit later on in this video but if you’d like to get some
details right now I’m gonna link it below in the description box and there
are two different types of tickets there is a regular ticket that runs from
Friday to Saturday October 11th through the 12th and there’s also a very special
VIP ticket and that’s what I’m gonna be doing apparently and that is from
Thursday October 10th through Saturday October 12th it does have quite a few
more perks and there’s a whole extra day where you can get certified in using a
commercial embroidery machine so that is really cool if you are just getting into
embroidery and you’re hoping to make this some type of business so this
conference is gonna be different than your standard song and retreat or
something like a quilt con this is really focused on people who have a
business or want a business in the custom apparel and home decor space so
if that’s you you might be interested in this so definitely check out all the
details and I am so so excited I really like working and
talking to the people at Ricoma they seem awesome and they’re gonna be in
their brand new headquarters in the Miami area so I mean who doesn’t want to
go to Miami it’s been probably like eight to nine years since I’ve been in
the area there’s a lot to do a lot to see and of course great weather and if
this is something you’re considering maybe you make a long weekend of it stay
through Sunday sleep in check out Miami Beach and maybe some of that that Beach
nightlife now I’m kind of boring I’m a hit like a McD’s or something who
knows but of course if you do go to deco summit you will certainly see me there I
will be out and about hopefully doing a little bit of vlogging probably eating
some junk food and I will be teaching a beginner sewing class where we will be
making DIY pillows just like the one I made in a recent video and that is a VIP
only experience I know pre premium here yes the I I just scream VIP right I’ll
also be participating in a Q&A session with the speakers I think we’re gonna be
talking about YouTube business social media that sort of thing so lots to look
forward to and I am so so honored to be invited to deco summit especially for
the inaugural kickoff event so I’m gonna leave all the details below if you want
to check it out you can and if you’ve been curious to see what I’m like in
person you know I mean now it’s your chance but in all seriousness it’s gonna
be a great event and I’m really looking forward to learning that this thing I’ve
never used a commercial burning machine or even really like been super up close
to one so that’ll be a first for me but I’m looking forward to all the sessions
and actually they’ve already got them listed on the website all the price
information is there so if this is something that intrigues you definitely
head right there and see what it’s all about and let’s be honest here if you
live at a cold climate this is a very convenient excuse to get you down here
in Florida anyways i’m jennifer moore here with the Sewing Report and hopefully
i will see you in October at deco some in Miami Florida


  • Reply Sewing Report August 19, 2019 at 4:26 pm

    Excited to announce I've been invited to the DecoSummit conference in Miami, FL at Ricoma Embroidery Machines HQ as an instructor / speaker.…

    Thursday, October 10 (VIP day)

    Friday, October 11 – Saturday, October 12, 2019 (Regular admission & VIP)

  • Reply Ricoma Embroidery Machines August 19, 2019 at 7:27 pm

    Thanks, Jennifer!

    We're looking forward to having you!

  • Reply Ana w August 19, 2019 at 8:28 pm

    So cool. I’m going to look into it. Since I live here in Miami I’ll have no travel expenses.

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