Minut vs Notion Security System Review

October 9, 2019

Gabe: Hi folks, this is Gabe at Security Baron
and today we’re looking at two camera systems go head to head; Minut versus Notion. [music] Gabe: In today’s comparison of Minut and Notion,
I’m going to go over the key similarities, key differences, installation processes, monitoring
options, customer support and, finally, their mobile applications so that you can make the
right decision for you. If you want to see a list of our favorite
home security systems, Google Security Baron, Best Home Security Systems. If you have a question about today’s comparison,
leave us a comment and I’ll get back to you. Let’s start today’s comparison of Minut and
Notion talking about the key similarities between the systems. Minut and Notion are both do-it-yourself installation. That’s pretty straightforward and easy to
do with each system. Neither system has professional monitoring. Pivoting to the main difference between the
systems, Minut is an all-in-one piece for security system that is replicable if you
have a larger home, whereas Notion starts out with at least three to five pieces, and
that too can be added to depending on what you need throughout your home. Let’s pivot to the installation processes
for both Minut and Notion. Right off the bat, I want to say that they’re
both super simple processes. I really enjoyed putting them together. It was honestly fun. Let’s begin with the Notion. The Notion has a few more components than
the Minut. You take your bridge, plug it in, take your
mobile application, connect it to and then begin syncing your sensors. With Notion, you’re going to have to give
each sensor a job. Before you can do any of that, you’re going
to take out the tab to let the sensor know that it’s about to be activated. It starts to sync, then you give it a job
and you’re ready to go. You do that for each sensor that you have. Pretty straightforward. In terms of pure time, the Minut wins here
because the Minut is just one piece, and does a lot of the same things as the Notion system. You take out the Minut, you push this button,
the button allows you to sync it to your WiFi. I was able to do that right out of the box
because it does come precharged. If you wanted to give it a full charge, before
you put it up on your ceiling, it takes about five to six hours, and you’re ready to go. Full charge and that’ll last for what they
say is six months. That’s a pretty long time. Now, you’re thinking, “Well, I’m putting it
on my ceiling. Is that not going to be burdensome?” Not at all. When you get your Minut, there’s a magnetic
plate with 3M Adhesive on the back. You peel off that 3M Adhesive, you just use
a ladder, go to your ceiling, put it up. The magnetic plate in the bottom of the Minut
disconnects easily. You don’t have to worry about falling down. It just works like a charm. Despite them both being really easy processes,
in terms of time, I’m going to have to give the nod here to the Minut Point Smart Home
Alarm. At Security Baron, we love to see professional
monitoring options with our home security system, so that you don’t have to do it all
yourself. With the Minut and the Notion, you’re not
going to find any professional monitoring options. They’re both self-monitoring systems. That is minimal and simple, but it’s just
something we want to note off the back. With Minut and Notion, something that’s interesting
is that, there is no contract because there’s no cellular backup, there’s no professional
monitoring. Once you buy your system, you’re ready to
go. When it comes to the moving policies, it’s
just the difference between taking down one component and taking down a few components. With Minut, you’re going to take that magnetic
plate off your ceiling and just put it up in your new apartment, your new house. With Notion it’s the same process. Pretty straightforward and really easy. In terms of picking a winner from monitoring
options, we’re going to have to call this one a tie. Hi all, quick break. I hope you’re enjoying the Minut versus Notion
Home Security comparison. Make sure to subscribe if you want to get
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every week, right here with us at Security Baron. Let’s get back to the video. Let’s talk about customer support with Minut
and Notion. Minut and Notion actually give you pretty
similar ways to get in touch with them. They each have an online support center, with
troubleshooting guides and FAQs. They each also allow you to write them emails
with any questions you have about your system. Where they differ is that, Notion has a phone
number you can call. You can speak with the customer service representative
to get the answers you need. Whereas with Minut, it’s just a live chat
and no phone line that you can call. That makes sense because Notion is based here
in the United States, and Minut is based in Sweden. That actually bore out with our own questions. We wrote emails to each company asking questions
about our systems. With Minut, they got back to us within a day,
which makes sense because they’re about seven hours ahead of us in New York. Whereas Notion, they got back to us within
two hours which was pretty impressive. That’s our experience with each company. We wanted to see if we can get more information,
so we went on Amazon and looked at the Amazon reviews. Here it was interesting because neither of
these companies is very old, so there’s not too much information out there. We will note that Notion did have really positive
customer reviews that specifically mentioned customer support. It has a 4.1 out of 5-star rating on Amazon. Minut as well has a 4.1 out of 5-star rating
on Amazon. However, it has very few reviews. The sample size is just not there yet. When it comes to customer support and comparing
the Minut and Notion Home Security Systems, we call it a tie. Let’s finish today’s comparison of Minut and
Notion discussing their respective mobile applications. With self-monitoring systems like Minut and
Notion, it’s really important that they have strong mobile applications because everything
is done right there. Everything you know about your home security
is going to be right there in the mobile application. Fortunately, each of these systems has great
mobile app ratings. Even in our own experience, we really enjoyed
working within the mobile application. Minut has a 4.2 out of 5-star rating in the
Google Play Store, and a 4.8 out of 5-star rating in the Apple App Store. Honestly, Notion is no slouch either. It has a 3.5 out of 5-star rating in the Google
Play Store, and a 4.2 out of 5-star rating in the Apple App Store. That’s pretty impressive. However, we do have one concern. Many of the Android users did say that the
app was crashing a lot. That would leave you without the ability to
see what’s going on within your home. The winner here for mobile application is
the Minut Point Smart Home Alarm System. Let’s do a recap of our comparison of Minut
and Notion in each of the elements that we looked at today. Installation, we gave this one to Minut. They’re both very easy processes, but Minut
is simply one piece and it was ready to go. Professional monitoring, this was a draw. Neither of these companies has professional
monitoring as an option. You’ll self-monitor with each one. Customer support, this one was a draw because
Minut and Notion are pretty new companies and there are not a ton of reviews out there. Anecdotally, we had really positive experiences
with each one of these companies. Mobile application, the winner here is Minut
with its 4.2 in the Google Play Store, and 4.8 in the Apple App Store. It clearly has the superior mobile application. We’ve gone over a lot of elements in our Minut
versus Notion comparison. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll note
that we do have a bit of a winner here. Minut edges out Notion when it comes to installation
time because it’s just one piece, and it does have a superior mobile application. I’ll be honest with you, these systems are
both really remarkable. I actually really enjoyed putting each of
them together. It’s hard for me to pick a winner. If you live in a studio or a small one-bedroom,
you might want to go with the Minut. You can place that on your ceiling and not
have to worry about doing anything else. But if you have two-bedroom or a house, you
might want to go with the Notion because, with that bridge and those sensors that are
very easy to replicate around your home, you’re going to know everything that’s happening
with those multifunctional sensors and that home environment monitoring application. I’m impressed with both of these companies
and excited to see where they go from here. That concludes our comparison of the Minut
Point Smart Home Alarm and the Notion Starter Kit. If you appreciate today’s video, give us the
like and hit that subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure. [music]

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