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Mis prescindibles, errores a la hora de comprar herramientas de scrap

February 28, 2020

Hello! princes and princesses Well, I told you that was also going to make dispensable. I’ve taken a few few I have some more good out there but these are the ones I have saved and not I use never never never, we do not think the use I believe that I have ornaments lvale? I’ll start it seemed I bought this magnetic shear WE R which has eight different cuts buy them thinking how well … it would be fantastic. good if you make a different cuts, makes several cuts, and makes a mark also perforated. and what happened? that to use This magnetic rule because you have to have the base is magnetic rose WE R. in if it is not very expensive, is full of dust because you I say I did not use it. this is fairly inexpensive, is not very expensive but the table cutting It cost me 35 euros promising me he could remember, that not spoiled, well it is not. my table is shattered, not worth Not at all. nothing more I started cutting saw how cuts rose .se opened, a black stripe is in the middle. I turned to compensate see if that memory they said had worked and the story of this magnetic shear is that every time you have to make a cut because you have to remove all ie all those who used to get him back, cut … this magnetic shear is that every time you have to make a cut because you have to remove all ie all those who used to get him back, cut … good for me it is a bummer, I mean .. do not know if you do not have other weeds or otherwise You have things to have, a weed or scissors such as the lidl, lidl guillotine has three different cuts and really of these as I think I will have used the scalop once drilling again nothing. I do not find profitable to buy it because and I say take all added. generally these things always take added. buy an extra to use, good order .. it is not comfortable or practical okay? for me, I do not know the people who may have, but hey, particularly not for me. to me I stressed out because it gives me more work to remove me and I need things that people may have, but hey, particularly not for me. to me I stressed out because it gives me more work to remove me and I need things be practical. this is another dispensable. this die cutter hand of tiger good, with a monkey picture is worth? but we find that each Once we cut we only drilled one. you spend your life with this, not, you get to cut it and you spend your life you know? that to this you have to give fifty times maquinita and end as happened to Ana that leaves nothing else to do I think 17 is spoiled, I mean, he not helped him nothing. I honestly yes they are very good baratitos and the drawing is not bad, but I think I’ve used this, just once and I got tired. nothing. I honestly yes they are very good baratitos and the drawing is not bad, but I think I’ve used this, just once and I got tired. I got tired because if I have to die cut sheet 20 as it passed a eternity. to be in no hurry. to make a couple of doilies different and change a little, it may be, but I do many toes and this truth is that I lose much time. also another thing you buy that I imagine many of you have done is the game is to stamp stamp of lidl. Well I have not used, I have not even premiered. I think a tremendous bullshit, I mean .. waiting for them to do one enbossing and tried it one day but only to make a embozado marcad6 or something, but does nothing, has marked us a little bit on the leaf and the and but only to make a embozado marcad6 or something, but does nothing, has marked us a little on the sheet and and drawings brings, as a butterfly, tie, smiley a musical notes, a mushroom, an ugly flower, not I also enjoy four-leaf clover and a heart. here I do not see practical either. There are 100 thousand ways embosar that these are not to make a leaf seal almost I prefer to put one embossing of this kind. and this neither used nor I will surely use to nothing at all. It is that I am clear. Plus we have more, we return to lidl. to the As has good things I like to buy, as Sharpener the lidl, things really well … I do not like. because I also bought the kit troqueladoras of valances. It is tested in the same paper to see how they were I killed, I mean … I killed to make these dies, it takes were I killed, I mean … I killed to make these dies, it takes a lot and not really. I see no utility. also cuts are very small, they have a super small plot to make a sheet also have to make many cuts and is super tough, is super difficult and take what you put here, but it … you have to put a plantitas who come here to continue OK? but it’s super hard. I’ll drill a card and spend life is worth? then neither, neither nor I have used more than one day to try here, or I’ll use it again. It was of course money wasted. this as toy for children exactly like it. no not recommended, I especially do not help me at all. well they have allowed me to spend money on these things. I have more, the set applicator rhinestones. terrible, terrible mistake buy why good is clear that if the rhinestones have no glue, adhesive and directly, often bought rhinestones that we glass paste with glue or glue, or tacky right? but this logically only serve to let … you see? as this new brand and it only serves precisely for that come with glue adhered okay? I find life difficult as well. and truth purchase and terrible terrible terrible bullshit I’m not much of perlite or rhinestones and pearls the quick hit with stick now you know that lame with quick again made the mistake it buy and I was wrong okay? and also one of my recent purchases. is this Stamping is epiphani pennants crafts, and they do not know good buy and I was wrong okay? and also one of my recent purchases. is this Stamping is epiphani pennants crafts, and good because I do not know When I saw … well came a box that said you were the super pennants monkeys, so in 3d right? as when cameos us Well I compreen an offer from a facebook page a girl it was liquidating everything. and if yes, I find that I buy, it does some pennants I’ll show you how good, for the books are good, you save enough. work is not hard, tough following see? this makes a Pennant okay? as if, for the same role as do a lot of pennants but of course, the effect he wanted was precisely the glossy 3d this, I’m not much of them but for these pins I liked and that happened to me? as what I had to go abroad to a page from abroad after six days of searching to buy what are pins capsules and cost me each packet of these, packets each of these 10 euros. that is terrifying if I want every evez they make a pennant, with this I’ll show you how each of these packets is 10 euros. that is terrifying if I want every evez they make a pennant, with this I’ll teach you how it’s done we will catch one. It gets here because there is no going capsule I will put foot. and here it is if he leaves the capsule, but of course leaves you we’re going to catch one. It gets here because there is no going capsule I will put foot. and here it is if he leaves the capsule, but of course you leave the caplet what we say … a rabbit, I mean 10 euros 25 caplets … we are thinking of hair save on many things … I bought them because I say .. I have to try to rabbit hair, bone 10 euros 25 caplets are thinking … save on many things … I bought them because I say .. I have to try at least as it here? because at least try but good and I tell you to do this kind of pennant as I do in the videos is cut a strip and make the peak, without capsule ye need even We could fill the pennant with crystal glue right? with glass cameos. also terrible mistake, did not have to have bought it, and I can see eyes well, most of us but of course I will try to tell you that it is what which compensates and what does not compensate this especially I got there as dying because of it. this and good is a failed investment as I say, but also helps me as dying because of it. this and good is a failed investment as I say, but also helps me to make a tutorial and that you may know that ye shall see it necessary and it is not necessary. I have something rather than not have them use them as hidden, as losses from the hand of God. because then when you go finding some weird little thing and have and do not use I’ve put a video I make and I vais me telling you also that result has given you, if you have too for example those of lidl which is very common to be there at 9 in the all morning to queue so that when there is no longer enter the the lidl for example it is very common to be there at 9 in the all morning to queue so that when we go there is no longer any. I say that bought all the girls who then sell no .. but it is true that many times we buy without knowledge and undeserving worth much waste because among all that I have spent here, everything This is not because a calculation … quietly sixty-odd 70 euros I could have bought for any corner, any table, any collection of papers, any good hand punch, then we will measure a little what we buy it? here is the video ho, do not I bother, if you liked him to like, share facebook greet by which you will, and nothing we see in the next tutorial will be the project that I have for Mother’s Day. a kiss for all


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    Quizás sea un poco tarde para escribir esto, pero de los prescindibles que as mostrado ay uno que yo tenía parado y le e sacado mucho partido. Se trata de la maquinita de colocar strass, el caso es que desde que la compre no la había utilizado para nada, hasta que descubrí que le encajaban perfectamente las piezas sueltas que se venden para la fuse, así que en uno de mis pedidos me las pedí que me costarían 7 euros por ay, y la maquinita del lidl fueron unos 8. El caso es que le acople los tornillitos de la fuse y me sirve perfectamente para cerrar bolsillitos o hacer proyec live.Vamos que ahora si que le doy buen uso. ☺️

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    cual es el afilador de lidl y para que lo usas xfii

  • Reply bebe sstrpsnr November 14, 2017 at 9:24 am

    El aplicador de strass del lidel lo puedes usar con las puntas de la fuse

  • Reply Africa Luna November 29, 2017 at 11:41 pm

    ha ha. Qué bueno con las troqueladoras de Tiger. me pasó eso al principio. ya no las compro. Tb. necesito agilidad

  • Reply Africa Luna November 29, 2017 at 11:43 pm

    Joder con el Lidl. A mí me pasó con el pack de las troqueladoras que es un rollo de usar, nada pràcticas

  • Reply GLORIA GARCIA MORALES December 11, 2017 at 3:06 am

    Los tapetes de MK salen malísimos.

  • Reply Ely Margarita A January 20, 2018 at 2:22 pm

    Yo compre la regla de we r memory keepers y la verdad algunas cortadores de sirven. 😠

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    Hola, Muchas gracias por los consejos!

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    La cizalla de we r es una porquería! No corta nada y si arruina el mat porque hay que apretar un montón. Bueno vuelvo a repetir, NO CORTA, pensé igual que vos, la compro y tengo una "cizalla super cómoda" y hoy solo uso la regla. Me salio cara encima.
    Bronca 😂

  • Reply Con las manos de María - A. Babarro April 24, 2018 at 8:13 pm

    Lo del lidl tienes 3 años para devolverlo creo.

  • Reply Vanessa Soto June 4, 2018 at 8:17 pm

    Deberiamos crear una web de segunda mano donde compartir todas estas cosas, que a nosotras no nos sean útiles no significa que a otras no!!!

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    Tengo varias cosas que no uso, pero me pasa por consumista jajaja

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    Hola Marién, yo el aplicador de strass me lo compré como sustituto de la “fuse” y es perfecto, tiene la misma potencia, la misma rosca para las puntas de la fuse, y cuando yo lo compré fue una época en la que la fuse venía a españa contadísima y siempre estaba agotada. Y además valía más barata la del lidl. Así que me vino genial.

  • Reply Katia November 5, 2018 at 5:15 am

    Me paso con la fuse no es tan práctico para utilizar, si querés hacer en cantidades, hacer bolsitas con eso lleva montón de tiempo.

  • Reply eliana kwiatkiewiez December 18, 2018 at 5:46 pm

    Hola yo tengo 4 troqueladoras para hacer puntillas y la verdad siento que son muy útiles. En mi ciudad no venden herramientas de scrap y traerlas es carisimo. Los poquitos troqueles que tengo para mí son oro. Así que para las que no tenemos presupuesto algunas cosas valen mucho

  • Reply anita 3218 February 20, 2019 at 7:12 am

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