MNL48 High Tension Reaction They Leveled Up!

February 22, 2020

hey what’s up everyone its Dennis here
back with another reaction video and today I’m gonna be checking out mnl 48
high tension I know all of you guys have been commenting on my previous videos to
you know check out FML of FML FML 48 there you go Eminem Ford hates latest
music videos so yeah that’s what I’m gonna do today it’s been a while since
actually you see watch them big group girls basically following the same
pattern or I think it’s a sister group of the original Japanese go group
Akihabara for date hopefully I’ve got that right akb48 there you go as always
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first to see any of my new videos alright now that’s out of the way let’s
check this video out so here we go FML 48 high tension just got released not
long ago so yeah let’s check this out oh I like their what they’re wearing
their old dark colored leather their music production video the music video
production here looks really good it’s a level up from the previous one oh I’m
saying you know the Gangnam check typical pop song as usual but you know
is still looking gorgeous every one of them please that’s a lot of girls tenshun max damn that’s a lot of girls
in there dancing I like the look I like the costume
design in here how’s that catchy lyrics as well we
definitely danced into this song Oh black balloons not bad
fool like a puzzle ah okay they’re hitting really hard in here
this dancing okay they doing there you know hand movements doing a lot of cuteness movements in
there stop bad it’s not bad song comment down
below if you guys liked it Wow they absolutely gorgeous in here ah all right bit of a wrap in here as well
they’re definitely leveling up ah I wonder how they can manage to capture
everyone likes you know screen time because it’s like well more than 20
members in there now like they’re dancing everything
everything’s just feels right in here and the way they look at doing the
camera as well again their eyes oh the hell is that
are they popping all the balloons with no okay right nice last piece of the puzzle a Thanks they have the contrasting sort of
costumes they’re all black in the old white there you go high-tension mnl 48
I’m guessing I’m gonna assume high-tension is that original Japanese
oh and they just convert not convert but translated into Stuart Filipino song
with this one so I’m a little forty yet it’s a lot of credits in there as well
hair stylist wardrobe choreographers yeah okay I’m just gonna skip that I
think that’s gonna select things in there like before what am I trying to say
Liam behind the same street there you go just couple nice-looking shots in there
this is a really nice wide angle shot in there that’s all I’m looking at now
yeah I’m naturally not gonna skip this I’m just gonna check this out get
another wide angle pulling out shot in there all right okay I’m gonna skip now
because this is the end there you have it high tension by MN l m
n L m and L for they they keep messing that up comment down below what do you
guys think of their latest song a latest music video I actually enjoyed it
this song is quite nice to listen in so you definitely sing along you know
definitely dance alone it leveled up their music video production here are
two vet our consents they definitely put a lot of effort money and time to create
this music videos so well done I liked some of the cinematic shots in there
some of the shot selections that the editors and videographers did so overall
it’s just nice it’s just a nice music video to watch it’s not distracting
although they’re very distracting because they all look gorgeous in there
and they’re looking to you with their eyes you know intently so intensely
there you go but yeah other than that yeah good job FML FML FML 48 there you
go keep messing that up FML 48 good job on that one thank you
guys for everyone is commenting to me to my previous video sorry that I’m another
48 is the latest song yet really appreciate that one thank you for for
your support and for watching my videos my reaction videos try to be better at
it obviously if you guys have any special requests I’ll try to accommodate
it so your comment down below okay alright that’s it for today thank you so
much for dropping by and hanging out with me if you enjoyed this video
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channel for more videos cool I’ll see in the next one

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